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SearchThisVideo: ASTRO'S PLAYROOM PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 4 – MEMORY MEADOW

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Watch video at 00:00

hello guys and welcome to astros

playroom part four

we have one more area to visit

it is called memory meadow

if you guys could be awesome i

appreciate all the love and support the

likes with the comments below

subscribe to the channel and again thank

the playstation who sent me the ps5

a little bit early so i can show you the

guys about the console in action

the gaming action oh

i love some of these levels they're so


anything behind me no it's worth


um obviously i would love to get every

artifact every puzzle piece

i will try my best we will see what


uh probably won't do it but you never

know big climb baby

i don't know if there's gonna be another

level after this or not i have a feeling

there might be

like a little special final level oh

sneaky i can basically

float on the clouds that might be worth

thinking about

as we progress try and look for those

sneaky clouds

puzzle piece good start

very good start do i have a bow

let's shoot that man down look at him

floating they're waving at me

am i waving back oh

asgory flower yes

i hope you guys i just realized that is

actually a ps1

uh controller input thingy

that makes sense i don't know if it does

make sense just realize that

whoa pretty necessary

whoa that's weird

so good no also you can hear the

controller making the sound

but the vibrations the haptic feedback

ow what was that

who did that i got a trophy for that


i'll take it there's definitely nothing


around that is scary

i'm gonna miss anything

good hang on guys

i thought there's a way for me to stop

the cloud from doing that

oh it's over oh you know what this is

is that um

siren on the head with a net should know

what that is

i'm disappointed in myself for not

knowing that

oh it's like sludgy gooey stuff

oh it does make clearly enemies a little

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

the sludge as you can tell because i

went horribly wrong


oh medieval i think yep


there we go a little bit easier

any naughty little oh need to calm down


oh he's lost his head

it does happen occasionally okay

little platform

okay let's see what he did there thank


uh how did i take these things down

before we go


around over there

i'm guessing there's an artifact there

and some coins of course


this is gotta be something surely

yes ps1 controller

my first ever controller on the

playstation console of course

i think my first ever system was

probably the mega drive

i think he was

one ah close though as well

yes leave me alone

okay i can get up there


let's definitely stuff up there how

would i get up there

on that very top top platform

i don't think we can climb those those

vine things

no definitely not

how do i get up there help me

please let me get up there such a tease

there must be a way to get out there

for now and then hope we can work it out

ah death standing

puzzle piece here grab that

oh it's like a moving cloud platform

is that um last guardian

maybe i don't know as far as the cloud

is actually a controller

epic so this is um basically the ps1

level i guess

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

you can call it i don't even know what

that is

i'm not gonna lie no idea

what extract that is have you got an

envelope on your head

madness is that

try it get over here yes this is how you

get to the top

we did it yay i think there might only

be coins up here oh i take that back

there might be more

i'll do this first before we uh

oh yes a mouse

i knew it existed again never had it

but did anyone even did anyone buy that

was it even worthwhile

let me know i guess right

i'm going to take this factory oh

this dude over there the last balloon


hopefully i don't die on my travels

hold me up oh

so windy what's that

floating towards me

this guy's been smiling to me for ages

i'm gonna take him out once and for all

here we go there you go exactly could i

use this i swear that that's a battery

ah done earlier

so annoying but we can now

look at that side we can keep actually

moving forward

i've been distracted for a long time now

you can focus on going forward yay

don't go for me helps me send someone

yay precious coins


another glowing clouds stop doing that

definitely nothing on the edge oh

yeah they get to get the occasional um

item that

keeps you in the face ow

but you do get trophy for that so

checkpoint anyway

is it raining it is raining

random what is this

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

right i'm missing a puzzle piece right


i hope not

oh what was that

blowing the stupid clouds

try to look on the edges because there's

any little secret

little cubby holes

i think we're okay

just realize i can feel the rain hitting

the broadly

what the hell oh this is madness

imagine that food like left stranded or

something like that

you look a bit cool

kill him oh that's pressing square you

see me pressing square but nothing was

what is going on there origami

i feel like i should know that one

he said oh there's a puzzle piece up

there hmm

that's quite high up right how do i get

up there

yes i can reach it huh i'll save you

i'm so mean i'm so mean

yeah that's gonna be last guardian i

know the bird looks a bit suspect



oh that was so close down at the wrong

time there a little bit early and i

would would have hoped

uh how are you doing on this very first

one yes okay we're good

i was getting worried guys um

how are we gonna do this


can you guys hear the rain

oh it's crazy


one more to go don't die now don't die


don't die now i can't speak properly

here comes the big one should access the

next level hopefully

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

a big fan and all the way up

it's asto screaming


we've arrived it's so pretty


oh another suit be nothing behind us

no i'm so paranoid about collectibles


i'm invested i want to get all of them

but we know what this is yet so excited

to try it out

i'm a bull so i use the touchpad


oh that was the uh the open disc tray

for the ps1

do i use any motion at all no it's just

the touchpad


i'll get on here


a little bit of an explosion it's a

little a little bit odd

sorry guys i'm trying to play baseball

everyone do a good time i apologize

it's literally just a touch pad as far

as i can tell

big coin baby

over this little hill

up and over up and over

yeah oh i missed a couple damn you


also missed a couple it is uh yeah

quite tricky i've never used a touchpad

this much in my entire life

let's see a puzzle piece already make

sure i grab

oh nice little chin

there's so much going on right now in my

hand it was that sounds weird there's so

much vibration

feedback so much going on

so intellective

every strike over there i don't know

what that is

what is that popcorn

something a little bit toasty


i feel i've missed a puzzle

or an artifact already might come back

to this one

bumpy very bumpy oh

getting wet as well

that's incredible there's a big

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

pin right here and i'm gonna smash into


if he lets me oh what the hell you

kidding me

that's embarrassing can i go back

please let me go back it does look quite

tricky though i'm going to be on it

that's why it's got a little uh little

skull there which you can

easily fall off let me spread in the mud


why they make it so hard let's be a demo


it's all good i did it i did it i did it

i did it

yes the ps1 memory card how much space

does it have so the ps210

had about eight megabytes how much does

this one have

all the details it's a perfect render

perfect window

let's try and get this stupid pin again

i don't know this is absolutely bat you

don't know

i didn't really get anything for that

but still

i'm gonna try this again oh

no no no does it say

press so let's stop it

all right

okay so if i press the touchpad it stops

it basically

it literally stops flat go go go

yes i'm hoping that's both the artifacts



ps1 disc in the back

quick look at the map again so we

haven't found many puzzle pieces but we

have both the artifacts normally the

artifacts are harder to find so

that's a bit bit of a worry


a big i think i've worry something



over here go slow down slow it down

yay you found one

i've definitely missed something i hope

i haven't


big coins coming up

puzzle piece no how do i get over there


no game that didn't do this

all right so somehow just stick here to

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

puzzle piece here i come yes

i don't even know i probably still miss


i think we may have missed one still

yeah oh i missed a puzzle piece no

i haven't read on the whole level and i

couldn't find it all right

damn can't just do like a whole stage

without having to go back

or screwing up if anyone saw where it

was let me know

they need to know leave a comment

this is the last part isn't it at this

level no swim after this

got it i got it i got it i got it




what are you feeling that might be ice

combat i guess

or what maybe i don't know

no ace combat must be

these are normally ps1 references

going up


why do you go up there how the hell

would i get out there

ah that makes sense oh what's this

okay almost missed this


uh let's go okay maybe isn't

ps1 references there's got to be


surely hey


why why did the cloud disappear

you going it's basically like a little

shrine to go

which i love and we've got an artifact

as well

see at one point you could put a led


onto your thing was that the small ps1

uh the slim version basically

i never had that but still very very

cool whoa

hello rubber ducky we're blowing it as


don't blow on the ducks ass great

no there we go


[ __ ] work off my lungs

point you

what does that mean can i move this oh

let's go trying to avoid the electricity

it's raining again

puzzle piece need to get that if not i'm

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

going to die and do it again

the perception

we made it oh

scary yeah again i can

move the rain on my broly what are you


uh infamous man what i think that was

absolute classic underrated

i always forget how many ps4 games how


patients placing games we have in

general it's crazy

like that piece is that in the middle


i got it

made it first time so

which way is the right way

good question

must be this must be the optional

that's again goodbye lightning

come on

leave me alone


some kind of scary game with a torch

the hat i don't know come on

artifact though the adapter again

so the the multi-tap adapts are going to


four players basically


so that was the optional ropes wasn't

exactly hidden but

swam by me oh that's scary

there's a big fat tv

i do not want to be in the middle of


i feel like there's something here might

be wrong

there's one more puzzle piece so i've

got both the artifacts i guess the

artifacts are probably the coolest

things to get i guess


hurry up the clouds eventually disappear

i enjoy it

if i miss a reference i'm so sorry oh i

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

think it was the puzzle piece again

oh you're kidding me

damn you game


very sneaky i'll back in the ball again


oh no

i've never used the touchpad this much


i'm so semi surprised they kept it i

guess in some ways

this is oh

i wonder what happens oh


i'll puzzle peace if i still

charge these up oh there's a possibility

something there get it

yay any more here

that might be

coins two puzzle pieces already

game mission about let's get up here

let's go onto the next area past the


that's so cool no no no no no no no

come back go back go back go back

no no no it's an obvious one

uh up here oh and it's death valley here

that's honest now

and you really sense it as well

it's it's really hard

as you can tell come on how do i get out


come on ah

keep spinning

come on i need this artifact

i needed

oh don't you dare fall off now

don't you even think about it

nope nope nope nope nope nope

nope nope nope

come on do it

do it for the gram artifact yes

i'm so happy so happy the dual shot so


if you got the ps1 the dual shot wasn't

even a thing

didn't exist it was just uh without the

analog sticks

analog sticks weren't there i know

sounds mad doesn't it


sounds so i definitely got that

controller i think i've got day one

i'm getting this baby hell yeah

another death trap great i fell straight


couldn't even get to it right stop

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

go forward a little bit


stop again and get

into this



that makes it worthwhile it really does

what is that

big in japan pocket station what

nah i've gotta buy that

what is it what does it do

i'll keep getting to do that actually

you can interact with it i'm such an


what is it okay

i need to um do a bit of research on


100 yeah never heard of it


i'm guessing there's going to be a boss

into this

an evil boss or is that it that might be

just it

might be done

how pretty did we get all the yep

there's one

big artifacts to get

boy guys oh that sounds oh my god

it's literally my childhood in one sound

i thought that's depressing or not but


that is so pretty

it's not exactly i don't care what

people say that is an incredible sound

there we go done

new artifact found do it do it real good

yeah i'm taking a bait i'm going to

break it i'm going to break this tray

zoom in as well beautiful

that is one of the beautiful artifacts

so i don't know if that is the

end of the game or whether there's one

more levels to go i don't know

i'm not sure

i'm celebrating that's so cute


so good you've collected four key

playstation artifacts congrats wait

what's that sound

is coming from the basement of the cpu


you better go back and investigate oh

okay perhaps i will


perhaps i will


it was insane yes i think we got every


um in that particular stage

yes we did

that's the first time i've done that i

believe embarrassingly

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

yeah i'm 100 gonna go back and find them

all don't worry about that

i do like an artifact level i'm pretty

gonna interrupt them all as well


puzzle piece


no playstation i'm such a fanboy

i love xbox as well i played my 360 so


but there's always a soft spot for me

with playstation

artifacts the slimmer

ps4 i'd start to doubt myself though

yeah that's the slimmer version

yeah so not all of them you can interact


i guess i haven't noticed that

the ps1 that's the slim one the small


beautiful so tiny


i'm sure there will be a slim ps5 at

some point no doubt or a pro

maybe a slim pro combination of both

the microphone on the psp

so many [ __ ] attachments for


no one bought they weren't very useful

it's so true


last puzzle piece we should be we should

be able to add to the puzzle behind us

quite a few coins there


i can't wait this the whole area is done

i'm actually excited for that

beautiful beautiful

right hope you guys enjoyed this episode


expect another one it seems i think

there's gonna be one more level after


so uh yeah be excited for that thank you

guys for watching leave a like on this


and bye bye

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  1. PocketStation is basically Sony's first handheld gaming thingy and a memory card. Via an infrared interface you could play with other PocketStation owners or exchange data.

  2. 30:16 If you didn't know, these models are actually references to the history of playstation's developers and the milestones the company has had over the years. One bot is making the tech demo, this one is the team deciding on a logo, and the one the bot is holding is the one that got chosen and is still used to this day.


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