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SearchThisVideo: Autumn Mountain! Bob-omb! – Paper Mario: The Origami King – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6

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what is up guys zack scott here playing
paper mario the origami king thanks for
returning to this series i really do
appreciate your support thus far
you guys left over 12 000 likes on the
first episode alone
so thank you so much for your support
that episode now has over
400 000 views that's amazing thank you
so much
you guys let me know that the toad i was
missing was behind here i wouldn't have
known without your comments so thank you

so much
let's get these guys out oh that's a lot
of toads that's a lot of toads indeed
uh let's see uh oh my gosh i can't read
all that at once
being bundled was kind of cozy all right
can one of you sum up all that for me
in summary how could i possibly sum up
the torrent of toady motions other than
to say
thanks oh thank you uh and again
there we go all toads rescued thank you
for that tip everyone who left that in

the comments i really do appreciate it
and i mean like another thanks goes out
to everyone who's been buying my
t-shirts lately
the t-shirt sales have been doing pretty
good for those of you who did not know i
was selling shirts you know it's
it's at the bottom of my video it's at
the intro of my video it's in the outro
of my video so
i've just been trying to make everyone
aware that that was an option for those
of you who would like cool merch
from zack sky games i think that uh
you're gonna like it
i have some merch myself i wear the
shirts myself sometimes
not all the time but uh okay where are

we gonna go now
so yeah we gotta go see the streamer has
uh cleared up some things
uh also i think you guys have pointed
out i got this one
they mentioned there's a goomba holding
one but i think they were talking about
this one so i already got that whoa
hey hey guys hey guys hey guys okay oh
no oh no
oh no okay also here's something that i
and i didn't know but now i know and all
item blocks are complete as well

looking at the map i think oh man i
don't mean
someone in the comments said don't don't
just throw your graffiti when you don't
need to and i completely agree i just
accidentally hit that button sometimes i
keep expecting it to be the hammer or
um if we look at the map we have
a at least one collectible left and i
think it's gonna be
in the water you guys said uh it just
involves more fishing
so we'll get back over there and i'll do
some more fishing
and uh then hopefully we will i'm gonna
try to avoid these guys help

they fell flat on their faces so yeah
let's finish this up then we'll move
down because the you know streamer has
um has been destroyed the red streamer
and thus i want to make sure that i got
everything taken care of in the next in
the area down below as well so
uh let's go down here let's see if i can
find it there's apparently a collectible
i don't know if it means i have to clear
out other fish or what
no more fishing lessons though

so yeah which one of these would be the
i don't know did i not
already get it let me check i'm done
if i can check my can i have a list of
the collectibles
is that listed i don't think it is i
think i gotta go to the museum to look
at it
major bummer

so uh let's just fish let's just fish
maybe i'll find it
and if i don't find it here i'll just
edit it out oh my gosh it's glowing okay
hold on
that that's gotta be the one then right
that's gotta be him
so no not you don't yeah you you you oh
my gosh
i got it i think holy cow
all right knocking a few collectibles
out off the list

immediately folded bowser for a second
there i thought i discovered folded
bowser but now that's
the collectible of folded bowser way to
go you cut a collectable treasure
you've got all the treasures in this
fishing spot thank goodness it told me
i'm done fishing yes i'm done fishing so
and there we go 100 wow so i just had
of each thing left and sure enough
looking at the at the map here
overlook mountain is now 100 complete um
there's a different story with picnic
road though

and also toad town and whispering woods
lots of stuff but
picnic road overlooked tower we
apparently can't get it yet i guess
uh we'll we'll figure it out soon
there's a collectible
somewhere but
if i can you know let me know let me uh
travel i wish there was fast throw there
is fast travel
never mind there there's a warp pipe
over here but i wish there was even
faster travel like i wish i could go
directly to picnic road from here i
don't want to accidentally encounter any
boom break that add a few a little bit

more confetti to the to the list here
oh there we go there's a confetti bag
all right hey hey hey
hey there's a toad there's a toad so
this this area up there was is done
we got it now over here
different story um what do we have left
we have uh collectible treasure toads
blocks hit there's an arrow

and there's a block okay that one was a
little bit obvious so we got all the
blocks hit
okay great so we still have a toad and
it's it's ringing right here
there's a dirt he is all right there we
are you hitting all of the trees around
here or just mine
all right great so there's more toads
but we're gonna probably find
the toad let's see there's like oh no

nope nope nope nope
nope nope but hey if i hit you it's like
a free coin right because i
yeah you guys can be taken care of
easily now did i get all of these
this streamer thing is gone from here
there's a toad here somewhere we can
pull this off though
this is uh this is kind of the fast tear
off there you go
good what
do you want to bet it's like behind the
sign what is the deal with toads behind
the signs
there we go mario i should have known

thank you
all right and then here's a treasure
right here
excellent uh it's the sensor lab
awesome um
let's see
i might be missing a an item block i
that anyway let's go in here

yeah clearly clearly
all right sensational you found me mario
this is perfect i finally found a
suitable tester
see i'm the head research here at the
sensor lab we developed technology
capable of detecting all kinds of things
that are otherwise difficult to see that
sounds perfect
since your tech is changing the world
we're breaking conventions and shifting
all manner of paradigms
what is this because you've shown an
aptitude for toe detection i show
i'll let you test our new creation toad

radar with this little beauty you can
suss out hidden toads without suffering
even a single crease in your brow
okay that's awesome what is this
what the heck is that hop down that pipe
and i'll give you the quick primer on
how to work the toad radar
all toads rescue that because he was the
last one let's test out the toad radar
although there aren't any toads to
rescue here but let's see
all right um testing one two one two can
you hear me mario let me walk you
through a quick test of the towed radar

you can feel the device on your head oh
can you feel the device on your head as
you may have guessed that's the toad
the dish will scan the area and react to
any hidden toads you may be facing
all right there's definitely a toad
right there the closer you are to a
potential toe the stronger the toad
radar will react
when you think you found one try
whacking nearby objects with your hammer
to unfold the toad
this advanced level of detection uses a
massive amount of power so the battery
will drain quite fast
no power no towed radar got it keep an

eye on your battery
okay that's enough explanation let's run
some actual tests
okay i mean i already get it
find the hidden toe before the battery
runs out ready yeah i'm ready
there he is okay
oh wow oh wow okay

well clearly there's one here like i
don't even need the
but there's probably
there's a toad over here
okay i mean i feel pretty good at this
whoa what is this

there's one
there's another one
got him okay got em all toad's found

amazing it works thanks to you our test
was a total success
i want an item block locator though
i must say that when exceedingly well
the toad radar didn't even explode this
time how lucky
all that remains before certification is
a robust field test
go into the world mario use the toad
radar to rescue some hapless folded
all right great nearby toads in trouble
i would i do wonder how
tough they're gonna be defined when the
battery runs out you can use your our
proprietary device charger to juice it
back up however

its use requires a modest donation power
isn't cheap and funding is hard to come
my work here is incomplete there are
paradigms yet unshifted so back to it
all right great so wonderful i just wish
i had other types of detections other
than toad based ones
but we got that done
that isn't so bad um and all
all the toads are found here right
so we're still missing a

oh we got all the blocks here so we're
missing a treasure you guys said that
the that that store
will sell a second treasure and i would
have known
known that had you guys not told me so
again thank you for all of your support
on this this is a
a hugely collaborative series you know
sometimes i don't really need your help
you know sometimes i already solve
things before you know you guys tell me
but this time i i need your help because
it would just take me a long time to
find him or i have to like look him up

or something but you guys are telling me
so let's see
yeah there we go welcome he's selling it
looks like he is selling another one
so i'll buy it this is a vellumental
idol yes i'm ready to buy so there we go
uh we 100 completed this area and the
uh mountain area that we were trying to
oh the membership card hold on what a
membership card what is this
a 20 discount that's cool before you
shop go to access okay great membership
card sounds awesome if you maintain the
shopping streak i'll bump your

membership card up to get
better deals all right awesome that's
cool let's look at the accessories here
there we go that's cool
now uh was this guy selling anything
else or was he still out
oh he's still waiting for a new shipment
so what we're gonna do is we're going to
take the tram
back to
uh just just back oh my gosh
i got him i'm gonna run i'm gonna run

so it feels pretty good to have some
more completion that tower still needs
to be completed but i don't really know
how to do it yet
because there's a treasure there
toad town needs to be completed of
course um
what else
but we'll we'll get back to tow town
eventually what i want to do now
uh is man it's a long journey it's a
long journey but
if we travel up there no this is the way

this is the way if we travel up there
that we will be able to take the tram
onto the next
world so let's uh consider doing that
i'm trying to fight anybody you know
there's there's no like experience that
you gain
by engaging in battles you do get more
coins though and and coins in a way
um can function as experience
in terms of you know you need more coins
to do to buy more things

but typically i try to treat currency as
something separate from experience
points you know
but anyway uh let's go up over here we
are heading towards the blue stream or
the autumn
area here what is up are you catching
this ride yes
hey what's the hold up everything okay
out there everything's fine sir just
getting these final passengers ready off
off you go to on a mountain enjoy
what is this guy

who is this character who's riding the
tram with me
wow this is amazing it does look pretty
we're up so high the view is so vast
these mountains are so huge
are you seeing this mario mountain's
here mountains there it's mountains all
the way up
why didn't anyone tell me that the world
could be so wonderful
it's a bomb is this your first time out
of the house or something

oh were you asleep i'm so sorry i didn't
mean to wake you i'm just very excited
my friend mario and i are on a quest to
follow a big blue streamer
what's your story what brings you aboard
this tram today
me well i'm ba-bomb and that's about all
i remember
you know that memory loss thing what's
it called ambrosia amnesty
think you think he panic whatever you
call it i've got it big time so i'm on a
solo journey to try
and remember well anything my home my

purpose all of that
you have amnesia you don't have any
memories oh you poor thing
i have a great idea you should join us
on our quest
we can help you recover your lost
memories and make a ton of new
new ones along the way what do you say
mario wouldn't it be great if this guy
joined us
wow really gee i couldn't i couldn't put
you two out like that i mean it's a kind
offer but
i don't even have any special moves i
just be in the way

i mean i could probably be talked into
it if you really want it but
okay never mind you raised some great
points it's probably better for you to
travel alone
sorry to bother you have a great journey
he's like i could probably be talked
into it if you really wanted you're like
i don't know
nevermind he's inching closer
and she's ooh and on over the mountains
hey is that offer still on the table you
know just
to join you two because i might be

considering it
joining you that is on your quest you
with the cool stash and the big
m your name was mario right that sounds
so familiar i feel like you're some kind
of pro with this adventure stuff
so uh can i join you know join you that
is please
yes hooray
oh check it out the top of that mountain
is bright red that has to be autumn
wow you're right that mountain
practically screams autumn this has to
be it

that means we'll be stopping soon i
can't wait to stretch my legs assuming i
have them
somewhere now that we're traveling
buddies let me introduce myself for real
i'm the bomb
i promise not to slow you down big m and
you too man
my name is olivia nice to meet you
alright so we got a bomb on our team
this guy's the bomb let's see
uh what autumn mountain is like gonna be
a new journey to get this blue streamer
whoa this place is very autumny

very mountainy there's already a toad
here who
is uh suffering a little bit
we're here on a mountain it is a thing
of beauty the leaves are such a
bright shade of red it's so beautiful
this looks like the perfect place to
make new memories right
bombert uh the name is babam
ma'am anyway we should probably start
following that blue streamer
so what is this guy gonna do for me or
what can i do for him
maybe i shouldn't be so selfish welcome

to autumn mountain up in autumn
oh mario thanks for the save come see me
if you want to ride the tram okay
okay i'll do what uh what is requested
of me
this is a new place there is a probably
a tow
there we go phew flaps for flapping me
flap i mean huh it's mario thanks a flap
or a lot
i've been stuck on this mountain for
days longing for the open sea
see i'm actually see captain toad i'll

be trending
i'll be tending to my ship by the port
in toad town stop by and give me an ahoy
on your next visit all right oh a sea
captain i just love the idea of cruising
around the open ocean it sounds so
elegant next time we're passing through
toad town we should definitely stop by
the port to see his boat
agreed let's cover up this hole
the whole hole with one go
and then a couple couple more holes
there's also this and in a toad

we'll find out where the toad is don't
worry we'll look at different
there we go this could be this could be
something here
it's at least coins there's a leaf on
the ground it's a toad on the ground
hey thanks no problem
all right so um
yeah no other uh no other toads over
here probably
oh nope it's ringing again oh there's a
yellow leaf haha

just look at the different colors on the
ground you saved me
all right all right
let's see if anything else ring the
dings it it does
i'm going to cover these holes here
there's one
and i know there's a toad somewhere
maybe on this very tree
uh so far do not see it

but it keeps ringing over here
i could uh you know employ my my new
item that i have
he said i just feel like it should be so
obvious where he is but i don't know
where he is
okay how do i how do i use this item
let's see
items toad radar
it's up

okay we can take that off
so he's up there so we'll get to him
okey doke
all right hey this must be the streamer
you two were talking
about looks like it's a uh looks like
the source of it is to the left
somewhere else scout up ahead
so you're just going off in his own
careful bumbus
please don't call me bom thomas my name

is babam
and olivia's a real jerk sometimes don't
worry i definitely heard him this time
i'll be sure to get bobby's name right
from now on at least she remembers my
uh so where to where to
we're we're going to this way are you
sure it's okay to let bobby wander off
on his own like that
i mean i guess i was fine with it
i mean i don't want to like you know but
maybe he maybe he needs to should i go
can i go up here can i fight this thing

no she wants me to definitely go down
this way no no leaving bobby on his own
bye-bye bobby's a shortened version oh
there he is
hey big em check this out
what the a dead end how are we supposed
to follow the streamer now curse you you
lousy dead end
these boulders are way too big to jump
over even for a guy like you big him
maybe he can blow himself up and blow up
the boulders if we can't go that way i
guess we can see what's up
the mountain dude just blow yourself up

of course he may not remember his
purpose is to blow himself up
all right let's go i'm gonna go i'm
gonna head up this way really quick then
since obama's with me
all right this area is like totally
blocked off whoa you coming you coming
at me
yeah right yeah right yeah right
oh who's this another potential
traveling buddy hey pointy wanna make
some fun memories with us

bobby stop be careful those folder
soldiers are dangerous
this little guy really i guess those
spikes do make him look tough
all right i'll try to steer clear of
these folding foldy guys
not me though i am coming in for the oh
i got hit
i thought i was going to hammer them
all right so we got a bomb here uh we
got all this stuff extra time all this
to line them up
so they are already um

my god what happens how do i do this
uh honestly
i don't know well here i have an idea
that looks pretty good
oh why i thought i won more oops
let's use uh let's use shiny hammer on
these two

here we go
it's great good enough let's use uh
shiny boots
this will be a little more powerful
not powerful enough to take them out
though unfortunately
oh dude he's gonna make him move whoa
that was a strong move i didn't realize
he was gonna have his own move

nice all right these are all in line
so this is great for me just use regular
boots for this one
here we go
oh one of them still alive that's okay
we got the bomb bump
and there we go clear bonus that's all
we got the clear bonus we didn't solve
the puzzle
the puzzle uh but we uh oh there's more

of them you gotta be joking kidding me
sneak attack oh someone else joined in
we got a wave battle okay i'll keep in
mind that we have a bonus attack
with my little buddy here
what the heck is this
what hey give that magic circle back you
can't even use it
if they won't give it back you'll just
have to take it back mario
all right we'll do uh so

there is a bit of a problem here in the
sense that
oh this is no problem
problem solved great lineup i'm gonna
use iron boots of course on these guys
they have spikes on their backs
beautiful and then we gotta use uh
just use a shiny hammer here because the

regular hammer would probably work
that's a great hit though there we go
last wave coming up
and now i actually have a move i can do
i guess developmental power
let's just do it magic circle on what
the heck is this
oh boy oh boy earth filamental is here
ready to fight
on my behalf holy cow what the heck

this is pretty bizarre i haven't seen
this mechanic before
whoa whoa they should have never gave me
that because we totally won
that was a good fight all right look at
that look at that
i know i see these guys too i know i
ah man it wasn't enough to take him out
lots of fighting
let's see what we got

now you know i want i think i know
exactly what to do
there we go uh let's use
what do you think shiny boots
here we go
not bad another excellent move
now yeah we got three moves this is

great here we go
mario's turn again
i probably could have used it right let
me just use the regular hammer for these
guys maybe i don't know
i think regular hammer you think a
regular hammer will work if i get an
excellent maybe
boom regular hammer works
that was great that was a good
performance right there

and there is also a toad nearby
i don't fully know where yet
again i don't know how to get up there
oh boy oh boy uh
some cans what is this oh hi there
little fishies
these mountain fish must spend their
whole lives flopping around on the
surface how interesting
uh i know i lost my memory but that

doesn't sound right does almost fish
kind of need water
maybe can we just can we just there we
dead no they need water okay what is all
these cans
there's like a monkey up there with cans
or something what the heck is this
whoa a boat all the way up here oh bobby
you poor thing
i may not be well traveled but i do know
that boats float this thing is just
sitting here it can't be a boat

the amnesia must have snapped your
memories and your brain power how cruel
i know what a boat is man and if there's
a boat here then it's supposed to be a
and if that's the case this lake must be
all dried up wow that's astounding so
this is a lake
wait isn't that dangerous we we could
get soaked we have to get
out of here before we get pulped this
lake looks dry so we're probably fine
but if there was water we could ride in
this boat

and if we could do that we could float
right over to that dead end and follow
the blue streamer
so we just have to fill this lake back
up i i don't have a clue how to help
with this one where should we even start
oh he got me i was trying to sneak up on
oh boy how are we going to solve this
let's find out

line them up they're not even moving
around um so a couple of them
actually i think all we got to do is
this one right
you only got one ring move there you go
they're all lined up
uh let's use boots for these boys
there we go hammer time for the other
and my bomb guy is asleep

boom and then once more for these
fishies here
a good performance all around
all right more boats over here and
there's a goomba
now the thing is i don't necessarily
need or want to fight
everything but i might have to

oh i was like i won't let me up so
clearly this is a toad here
there you go there's like a thing up
there i came here to see if i could get
a job with the river tours but i ended
up just getting canned literally
this tour guy must really love tuna i
bet paddling with one ore
works up an appetite
anything behind this no what is this
monkey doing
oh what a funny little guy hey monkey
what are you doing up there

huh must be shy
it must be check this is a lot of canned
food might be an entire year's worth
let's see this label says hey
and nuts what is an oot
oh wait what region are we in i was
reading it backwards i guess it's just
what region are we in all right
it says tuna the monkey's back

oh cool what what what the heck are you
doing dude
oh wow indeed look at that incredible
view right
and check out that building over there
getting total shrine vibes
if i were a big shot water spirit i just
want to live in a place just like that
i agree bobby it does look very watery
and shrine like
hold on a water shrine for some kind of
water spirit
ah could that be the water of elemental
mario we found it this has to be the
home of the water of elemental lord of

all liquids
hmm so this water of elemental is some
kind of water boss huh
why don't we ask if we can fill if it
can fill the lake back in
yeah good idea let's just let's just go
ask what does it say sacred soaked
shrine of the water of elemental
and that's that okay that's a bit of a
journey away probably
this is a lot of canned tuna so i had
there was a toad somewhere

it might be that monkey right that might
actually be a toad
oops but i don't know
all right let's see what we got
i need to know how to get back up there

did i take a wrong turn somewhere
maybe i did
yeah this doesn't seem like
okay yeah
so i mean huh
should i fight the goomba just to see
what happens if i clear out all the

i think i got the first hit
boom all right wow
how many moves do i get line them up i
got three
so uh oh um

oh boy
there's no way i'm going to get this
puzzle oh never mind
never mind
all right there we go there we go
uh we're gonna be using the hammers of
course mario's turn
it was nice oh it wasn't good enough
dang it dude

let's use hammers uh again on these guys
i suppose
man i i might need to use a shiny hammer
for the next one
those guys have to be gone right let's
do the same for these guys shiny hammers
all right here we go
just nice we got him anyway cause he's a
shiny hammer
all right he got one of them enemies
turned gotta block this
what they brought in a friend

okay i still got hit i was trying to
guard oh
the timing i don't know the timing yet
of these
all right but we got we got the rest of
them probably let's use uh
shiny boots i suppose
all right beautiful
there we go
all right so we got him

hmm there's got to be a way for me to
get that
oh wait i could have gone this way but
we know we can't use that power
but let me go check it out either way
i don't think there's any way for me to
get up there
does he come back on his own

probably not okay well let me just go
that way seems off limits
oh i see hold on there we go there we go
we know that this is here
look at the magic circle it's got a real
water developmental look to it don't you
with a magic circle like this i'm sure
we could do something about the dry lake
let's head to that shrine mario water
developmental here we come
do we need to get like some orbs or

something to even go in
reed what does it say tall grass plains
picturesque is this the same location
there's a load screen if it's a
different location right like if you
oh there's something behind there i see
the chest right there
let me go all the way around
here we go there's a collectible
this is fallen leaves very cool

just getting a drink of water
oh man
this is uh this might be tough can i uh
whoa so much tall grass how pretty we
might not be able to see you in there
bobby stay close and don't get lost okay
true uh i guess i'll put on my we had a
tutorial about
using this so i guess i will put on my

toad radar
it's like three of them here
there we go got one well how did you
find me could you read my thoughts are
you reading them now please don't
there's one down here you can see

there's a coin
oh jeez okay there's someone right there
all right finally a rescue i was so
lonely down here all on my own here let
me thank you with this
thank you indeed i did not need it oh
it's in max hp up yeah
i needed it nevermind i can't turn that
down i thought it was just health
but no i need it thank you but it's only
five could it have been more

please tell me i just boom got him
hoping for that that was awesome
all right yes uh
there's another one phew i've given up
hope that i'd ever get out of here
thanks a ton

so there is no there are no more uh
there's no more toad radar stuff but let
me just move around here and just
now there's more over here all right
i don't feel the need to actually fight
the uh
this guy here i don't know that there's
a nest i don't know that that's
so there's something over here

this is right here there we go got him
oh thank goodness someone finally found
me now i know how
lost keys must feel
all right and i'm gonna of course whoa
jeez okay he ran right into me
i'm gonna get the coins of course or
we'll also do these fights if we have to
doesn't seem like a big fight line them
i got two moves so

oh easy
perfect i'm gonna use shiny boots
see if i can do enough damage just in
looks perfect to me
battle bonus

have i been down here what does it say
friendship plaza
please pick up your empty cans to
facilitate maximum
oh this is the place to rest which would
be nice of course
all right let's see if we got any more

toads to locate over here our batteries
like halfway there that's okay
there may not be any more
check what a tiny house how cute
uh wayside water developmental shrine
offerings are appreciated damp offerings
must be damped
all right ah we made it through the tall

grass it kept brushing against the
outside of
your pocket so tickly it was hard not to
oh we're getting there look at how close
we are to the water of elementals shrine
we'll be there before you we know it
just a bit farther right bobby oh did we
did he get lost in there
oh jeez he got lost in there
and he's gone
he uh probably got excited and ran ahead
of us again

it's cute that he wants to show off how
fast his little legs can move assuming
he has them somewhere
yeah he's probably lost in there i'm
gonna give it a quick save here
and uh let's see
how do i how do i get over there
uh-huh there we go i think i'm done with
toad radar let me put that up for now

yeah looks good
all right uh let me leave let me go and
put it up i don't need it right now
put it away i don't know i don't think
the batteries are going to recharge
i'm just checking for like blocks that
may or may not be here
the blocks right now i think the blocks
are gonna be the things that i need the
most help with honestly

danger jumping strictly prohibited
not so bad
it ain't so bad something down there
somehow if i can get down i don't know
how to get down there oh there
there is there's the way
all right come on one more right there
you go
read it and weep water for the chestnut

valley's over there though
and also there might be a tow there's a
dicey right there
already i see him he's uh there's that
leaf right there
there we go phew good thing i wasn't
folded up on the other side of this
if i was stuck in all that tall grass
you might never have found me you need
super sensory powers well guess what
i have them oh yeah we know can i go
this way or
open no it's locked oh it's taped on the

other side
okay well i will get there eventually
uh let's see what's up here
and then there's a resting spot
but we don't need it i don't think we do
what the heck is this what the heck is
whoa a pool

there we go yeah thank you so much mario
i thought it'd be jammed in there
this is one of the sensor labs satellite
offices located right here in autumn
we developed advanced sensory tech to
help adventurers like you i can't offer
anything myself but i'm sure the head
researcher has something useful you
should pay him a visit
getting to the main sensor lab is a
total breeze let me show you some truly
cutting edge tech
we've developed this fax travel system

that to help folks zip between our mini
office locations
it'll let you zap from the satellite
office to our main sensor lab in an
instant give it a try
what do you say mario want to fax travel
to our main sensor lab location yes
let me go in it's like a teleporter
there we go and then it's saving and
then i'll pop up on the other side
hello hello
all right sup my work here is incomplete
there are paradigms yet and shifted so

back to it
i thought he was saying for me to talk
to the head researcher though
oh well let me go back then i don't
really need to be back here
would you like to visit yeah sure yes i
don't know what he's talking about why
did i do that why did i come all the way
i do like the fast travel aspect of it
though don't forget that
because i do like that
all right and i'm alive
cool all right

now uh we're i think we're almost kind
of done
searching around this area
if i needed health i would get some
right there seems like a good place to
need to get health there's a bag full oh
my gosh
haha bopped him in the face before he
got to me
boom all right here we go fighting again
and how do we want to do this

i get two moves
oh okay yeah this is easy
i don't know why i thought that would be
difficult but there we go
uh let's use my shiny boots on these
dudes over here
mario's turn

there we go
shiny hammer on you guys too i'm using
my more powerful things it's okay
excellent 24 damage to each
beautiful completion i love it
uh we need to cover up
clearly getting those is good news cover
up these

and then cover up this hole
and this says water developmental shrine
resting place of the lord of liquids and
soaker supreme
so yeah i mean this place looks pretty
impressive uh
there is water here we could definitely
use that water over to the other side
because we have fishies dying
i was trying to get to him i was trying
to hit him

oh well oof
all right if i get two moves this is
gonna be easy
i do good
i love it you guys first shiny boots to
the face
20 is looking pretty good

and then shiny hammer to the shell
wherever it goes i don't know where it
goes anyway
it's great good enough for me
i like what i see there we go get the
battle bonus
darn i missed that one too i'm going to
block this somehow
i guess how do i anyway it doesn't

okay there's a lot there's a lot how
many moves i get there's a lot
oh geez uh it may not be a lot though
that makes some sense
there we go that looks great
shiny boots for you
all right good stuff good stuff all

uh my shiny boots are are gonna be gone
real soon
uh so we'll just have to deal deal with
that you know we'll deal with that when
it becomes an issue
and then a shiny hammer sure
i wonder if i can just use a regular
hammer though
it was excellent i can always buy more
if i need to

all right more confetti more
more coins
uh there's a cave over there
and then pull this up
yeah there's a toad behind there uh how
do i reach it

that rock might need to fall down first
let's go in through
here this is a path okay great yeah i
know i think it's this that they're
talking about right
i'll just make i'll see if there's any
item blocks up here it seems like this
would be a perfect place to put one
but if not that's okay too

there we go phew that rock almost took
me out but there's no way i let it beat
me one of my scissors
all right good
wow this is a beautiful spot amazing
what you missed when you're stuck under
a sticker
all right so that that was probably the
toad it was referring to i'll just walk
through here one more time
that was probably what it was referring
to the bell was referring to though
indeed okay great

just trying to take a peek at the item
blocks see if i missed anything
all right and of course
uh you know i need to save here
this little hole here

all right another toad rescued phew
finally i've been waiting to say this
for ages so listen up
you can turn battery-powered items on
and off by pressing y isn't that
incredible you gotta tell everyone
okay i didn't know that but awesome to
know now what is this
where does this take me
oh wow okay okay there's a toad clearly
another little dragonfly told me that if
you've been using the 1000 fold arms
technique that's so cool

are they hard to control though if you
don't like the motion controls you can
turn them off okay great no they're fine
they're fine they're not so bad
there's some sort of a thing over there
to get as well
just kind of mining for confetti out of
this tree you know
fill it up some
oh wow okay

let's do it what does this do
okay hey mario so i kept running away i
at least i learned that i'm pretty good
at climbing walls
god i thought i had more stamina than
this but hey at least it isn't raining
is that a zelda commentary
maybe so i don't know how to get to

like this guy just runs as soon as he
sees me and i don't think i can get over
you know i don't think i could climb
so yeah this is probably gonna be yeah i
don't know how to get back there other
than just take the path i suppose
i wish so that but that wasn't okay
that's fine man there's such a long way
all right let's head back

and then we will hit that up
not such a big deal i guess
and uh we might be about done with this
for now
let's take a look over here
i see that treasure over there i don't

know if there's an easy way to get to it
but let me go take a look over here
ah there is good deal
there might be like a like a pad down on
the other side of here too i don't know
we got a confetti bag collectible
and seem like i have the option of going
that way that's okay all right here we

might as well save again before i
approach this area who knows what's
gonna happen
i don't think i need to fight these guys
there's a toad nearby though so one of
those might have been a toad
we made it to the water of elemental
shrine hooray
now we can finally meet the water of

this definitely looks like the shrine's
front door but how do we open it
we probably need another uh you know
where's where's bobby
oh i think i got it mario i bet you
pressed both switches at the same time
that has to be it right wow i'm cute and
wait no i'm floating so i can't press
down on the switch bobby you have
you have feet come put those things in
good use
yeah we lost him though didn't we that's
what i would tell him if he were here

didn't he run ahead of us should so
shouldn't he be here already shouldn't
you don't think that he's still lost in
the tall grass do you oh bobby well
we're not getting into this shrine
without his adorable little feet so
let's go find him
great uh so there is a toad here
oh whoop all right
i didn't mean to fight these guys but
let's fight
all right line them up

and i think the clear the choice is
that we do this and this
and that my shoes are also almost gone
right so let's see if just regular boots
will work on these guys i don't know if
they will
let's find out
just fine
and then these guys are going to get a
regular old hammer
just a normal old hammer

it was great not the best but it was
all right so no no toad out of that deal
oh there he is
right oh thank you we were outside the
waterville mental shrine
or are we people say that this shrine is
home to a massive terrifying water
spirit but people say a lot of things
but people people run their mouth
all right uh so um yeah we got to go
find him

let's go find him in the next episode
we'll enter the temple probably
i don't know where this dude went though
like come on
sure legion it has to do this to me
uh let's go check the grasses
we can track toads but we can't
necessarily track the bomb
so let's go see if we can find him then
careful don't jump you really don't want
to fall from here
all right

don't tell me what i want and what i
don't want
dude i don't know where he is

i know i see some shy guys but
that's a shy guy coming at me

so is he just supposed to be in the
grass like what's the story
dude i don't know where he is
but what i don't know where he is
there's three shy guys here
but i don't know where the bomb is so

what we'll do is maybe make it a little
bit interactive let me know in the
comments below where you think the bomb
and then i'm going to try to find them
at the start of next episode does that
sound good
that sounds good to me so i will see you
it's been already been an hour
so there we go thank you so much for
watching i will see you next time
for more and thank you so much for your
support i'm zach scott subscribe if you
have not if you like this video and want
to help the channel grow all you got to
do is click the like button below
thank you so much for watching you can
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official member of zack scott games and
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Mario and Luigi receive an invitation from Princess Peach to attend an origami festival and excitedly hurry to Toad Town…but something’s amiss. After investigating the eerily empty town, the duo finds a fearsome (and folded) Princess Peach—she’s been turned into origami by King Olly, self-proclaimed ruler of the Origami Kingdom! With five giant streamers under his control, King Olly binds Princess Peach’s Castle and transports it to a distant mountain as part of his plan to re-fold the world.

To take on these folded fiends, Mario will have to learn some new fighting skills. Face off with the Folded Soldiers in ring-based battles where you strategically line up enemies to maximize damage. Out of battle, Mario can use the arm-extending 1,000-Fold Arms ability in specific spots to interact with the landscape to pull, peel, hit, and more! Using the unique properties of paper, help Mario unfold new paths, explore vast environments, unlock the secret of an ancient ruin, brave the raging rapids, step out on stage, visit a string of islands, appear on a quiz show, and even participate in a mid-air battle!

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