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SearchThisVideo: AWAY: THE SURVIVAL SERIES| 2021 Extended Gameplay Walkthrough

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i'm honorada a programmer on away the
survival series
and i'm sebastian co-founder and lead
developer on the way
today we're excited to give you a sneak
peek at what we've been working on for
the past four years
inspired by nature documentaries away is
an adventure game where you play as a
tiny sugar glider
the story is set in a distant future
where nature has reclaimed the planet
and with danger looming you will have to
find safe refuge for you and your family
journey will take you through stunning
environments each with their own vibrant
today we'll be giving you a glimpse at
what lies deep within the waste forest
after being wounded by one of away's
predators the sugar gliders mother and
sister are now
healing we've decided to look around for
something that could help them recover
there's a beacon over there that looks
promising let's head over there and see

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what we can find
poisonous plant is a member of the
solanum or nightshade family
a single prick of its thorns can cause
serious injury
to an animal throughout the game a waze
narrator helps guide us through our
and narrates our journey into the wild
it's like being in our own
personal nature documentary
there is always something going on
around us whether we notice it or not so
we have to stay very vigilant
one way to do this is to tap into the
sugar glider's instinct
it allows us to see through the
environment and reveals the animals and
insects that surrounds us
we can see a few red animals those are
enemies that we want to avoid
but there are also a few green ones
which indicate creatures that we can eat
to replenish our health and the great
thing about away is that we can interact
with pretty much
everything around us like the spraying
mantis right here
that goes for mushrooms too want to take
a bite
sure i bet they taste great
if we want to find out what's at the
beacon we'll need to get a little bit
that's where climbing comes in handy one
of the best thing about being a sugar
glider is that you can explore your
in any way you want from the ground or
from the trees
and of course if we get high enough we
can also glide through the air
gliding takes a lot of energy so if we
want to keep gliding we'll have to look
for some food
to recharge a bit
there's a beetle on that other branch
that looks like it could do the trick
this is where the verticalities of a
waze environment comes into play
we can use our height advantage to
easily catch our praise
that beetle never saw us coming
okay now that we've eaten we should have
enough energy for some
longer lights

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

i think i just spotted a lizard let's
see if we can catch it
these lizards they tend to be quite fast
and they get scared
easily we'll have to sneak up on this
one through the grass so it doesn't
notice us
ugh it spotted us time for a chase
some animals are easier to catch than
others we have to choose our prey very
the world of away is home to many
different species
and as we progress through the story we
will encounter a wide variety of
predators in prey
so we'll have to stay alert
the sugar glider is an arboreal animal
a possum to be exact his
latin name petorus bradyceps means
short-headed rope dancer an appropriate
name for this
treetop acrobat who makes navigating the
tangled world of the forest canopy
look easy
up ahead a scorpion
this creepy crawler wheels a dangerous
a toxic stinger that could seriously
injure the glider
if he gets too close but our young
glider will need to fight his way
because this scorpion won't rest until
he catches it
we can try to dodge the scorpion's hits
with some well-timed wolves and friends
while it's vulnerable
the glider has outsmarted the scorpion
and won the fight
but this is no throughout the game we'll
learn to develop the sugar glider's
fighting skills
this will be crucial for defending
ourselves against some of the more
dangerous enemies in a way
the beacon's right across the pond but
sugar gliders can't swim
looks like we'll have to find another
way there's a cable over there maybe we
can try to jump on that

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

we've got a really nice view from up
this looks like some sort of bunker
there's light coming from the inside but
the opening is too small for the sugar
glider we might be able to get in if we
were a little bit smaller
in moments like this we can use our
special ability to possess other animals
if we can find a smaller insect to
possess we might be able to fit through
this crack
and see what's inside to unlock this
ability we need to fill up our sugar
glider's possessed bar
we can do this by eating a few blue
once the bar is completely full the
sugar glider starts glowing
let's see if we can find a small insect
to possess
how about this little bug looks like it
could be small enough to enter the
and it fits
let's see what we can find in here
is this some sort of computer
security camera footage it looks like
someone's been
watching the animals this computer is
one of many items scattered around a way
that will help us piece together what's
happening to our world
but these items are usually hidden off
the main path so we'll have to explore a
little bit more to find the others
it doesn't look like there's anything in
here that's gonna help us heal our
we'll have to look somewhere else
it's getting close to sunset let's head
back to our mother and sister before it
gets too dark
who knows what kind of creatures might
come out at night so

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

thanks for watching we hope you enjoyed
our sneak peek at the breathtaking world
of away the survival series
we're happy to announce that away will
be releasing on pc and ps4 in early 2021
until then you can wishlist away on
steam where we've got a special gift
waiting for you
i don't want to spoil too much so see
you there

Inspired by nature documentaries, AWAY: The Survival Series takes you on the Sugar Glider's breathtaking journey into the wild. Please subscribe to my ...


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  1. Good game for kids . I think a lot of the time everyone forgets video games were originally for kids . Just so happens a lot of kids from the 80’s and 90’s never grew up .

  2. Looks pretty janky at the moment. The flying section was pretty ridiculous, barrel rolls and boosters at checkpoints. Hopefully it is more realistic when it's finished


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