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SearchThisVideo: Awesome Pea 2 (Nintendo Switch) An Honest Review

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Eze he going star seekers my name's got
kik and welcome to this review of
awesome P 2 a brutal single hit def
platformer we control a rather
cool-looking P as it majestically spins
and flips his we're free twenty five
stages filled with deadly bull saw
blades spikes and fly-in skulls so if we
first begin by taking a look in the
settings menu we get language in audio
settings as well as a four CRT effect
which gives the game's visuals more of a
retro appearance by adding fake scan
lines now I personally found that for
some reason this Dre in my eyes a little
so I turned off the effect after the
first couple of levels up to selecting
staff from the main menu were presented
with the world map here we begin on
level zero and I left to work out the
game's very simple controls on our own
we can move we've even the left analog
stick or d-pad and perform a jump by
pressing B or air we're also able to
perform a double jump by pressing jump a
second time whilst in the earth and
trust me gonna need to master this one
mechanic if you want to get through some
of the challenges which lie ahead this
first stage also introduces to a couple
of the game's hazards the first of these
are spikes at the bottom of this pair
which can be avoided by double jumping
over it and next does this buzzsaw which
moves back and forth across the floor
which we can pass by using these
platforms above it to make our way to
the exit poll would then return to the
map screen where we can begin the next
level now each level in the game
contains a number of different coins to
collect and our current coin count is
seen in the top left the screen below
this is a timer display no longer our
current level runners taken there are
also diamonds in some stages which were
worth 10 coins and after completing a
level were shown how many coins we
collected in it and our completion time
now as far as our work collecting
treasures and fast completion times are
purely optional and they're required for
some achievements in the PlayStation 4
Xbox one and steam versions of again I
did begin by attempting to collect all
treasures for gave up about 7 levels in
so as we continue through the stages we
encourage some additional hazards that
we need to avoid these include vertical
buzz saws wall-mounted projectile
water more spikes even more spikes spiky
ball spikes and score box difficulty in
the game is increased in two different
ways firstly by increasing the quantity
of hazards that you need to navigate
through in a level and secondly by
increasing the precision required to
avoid said hazards though they may not
seem like it the first ten stages are
saw in the game a relatively tame in
comparison to what you faced in the
latter half of the game now everything
in the stage is on a global cycle which
starts winning beginner stage and this
includes the score box foreigners in
level 4 you can experience how this can
sometimes be an issue as it's impossible
to pass this earlier unless you run

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

straight from the star and make it
through the spiked tunnel before the
first bat appears if you've stuck in a
situation like this you can here x2
quickly restart the stage and reset
global cycles now moving quickly through
levels can sometimes make things much
easier for example in this level a set
of player and in care a two sets of bats
of this first section and then another
back halfway there in this next section
restarting the stage and moving straight
away allowed me to beat the second bat
spawner at the top and the other bat had
not yet reached the second section so
levels in the game generally fall into
one of two categories the first to
faster-paced levels which require to
move quickly through him to avoid
hazards such as this one featuring
shitlords of projectile launchers and
the second slower levels requiring much
more precise jumping and movement these
levels tend to feature a larger quantity
of spikes and smaller platforms near to
me the faster paced levels generally
tended to be much easier as many the
layer levels required a ridiculous
amount of precision to overcome some
obstacles usually this comes down to
incredibly precise timing with he jumps
and double jumps or moving you pee in a
specific way there were certain parts of
levels that were stuck on for a long
time and I must have died at least 50
times before finally getting through
them if there are no checkpoints in
levels and it can become incredibly
tedious if you encounter these sections
towards the end of a level as dying
means beginning from the start of the
level and having to work your way
through the whole level again you'll
often end up master in the first
sections in some levels
almost between able to speed run
anywhere from two to the amount of times
you'll have repeated um in general level
design in the game is pretty good and
while there's not much prior to the
games hazards what little there is is
put to good effect and definitely
provides a challenge I did however
encounter a couple of levels which reuse
hazard layouts with only slight changes
to him and I would have preferred them
to have made normal and hard versions of
levels if they were going to do this now
working through levels is generally a
process of trial and error or as I like
to call it Dyanne repeat the route
through many sections is usually not
apparent right away and you'll have to
die trying several different approaches
before you work out the right solution
so I managed to keep my together
long enough to complete 18 the game's 25
levels before calling it a day which is
actually quite good for me considering
my track record of rage Queen before
I've even seen a quarter of most of
these types of games so what can I say
about my gameplay experience of awesome
v2 well generally it was pretty
there were many frustrating times where
I had to take a break before I smash my
face into my monitor but if I'm honest I
didn't find my blood boil in as much
with this game my main issue was with
having to repeat the same four sectional
levels over and over due to me hitting a
roadblock on some of the game's longer
levels I also felt the precision
required at certain points in the game
was sometimes taken to the extreme for
example here we have the double jump
beneath this bar as it passes over you
just before you hit the wall my only
other criticisms are firstly with the
game's jump in which was sometimes not
responsive if he tried to jump from a

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

platform at the last Mormon and secondly
with a lack of variety to hazards there
were only really five of them in the
game and he would have been nice to see
a bit more creativeness as opposed to
just seen the standard spikes and
saucepan in plenty of other similar
games so now we come to written the game
no i Regan's between one and five stars
with the sure where stamp of approval
reserved for the worst games on the
eShop this rating is based on my own
personal opinion on what a game has to
offer in terms of gameplay and value for
money to potential buyers and for a rare
in had give awesome v2 3 out of 5 stars
if you played the first one and enjoyed
it or generally just like these type of
games you probably have fun playing
awesome v2 gameplay is kept simple and
while it's 25 levels are pretty linear
design they offer a decent challenge
which may push some people's patience to
the limit the game releases on the 3rd
of June you can pre-order it with a 20%
discount on the UK s which ye stall for
3 p.m. 59 or on the US East all for 3
dollars 99 alternatively the game is
already out on Steam and he's set to
release on Xbox one and PlayStation 4
and that's it for this review of awesome
P 2 if you enjoyed the review drop it a
like and let me know what you thought of
it in the game in the comment section
below and as always consider subscribing
to the channel for future switch indie
game reviews for now though I just want
to thank you all once again for watching
and until next time game on

In this review we take a look at the indie game Awesome Pea 2, a plat-former game with simple controls and single hit death gameplay, with 25 challenging ...


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