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    Azure Striker Gunvolt: STRIKER PACK (PlayStation 4 Ver.) – Official Trailer

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    Azure Striker Gunvolt & Azure Striker Gunvolt 2
    Two epic tales reborn on the PlayStation 4!

    Azure Striker Gunvolt: STRIKER PACK is coming April 23, 2020!

    Official Website: http://www.gunvolt.com/en/SP_PS4/
    Twitter (Inti Creates): https://twitter.com/IntiCreatesEN
    Facebook (Inti Creates): https://www.facebook.com/inticreates/

    Product Details
    Title: Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack
    Hardware:PlayStation 4
    Genre: 2D Action
    Release Date : April 23, 2020
    Players:1 Player
    Developer: Inti Creates


    Watch the Source Video Here!

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    Comment (43)

    1. So I believe this port of Striker Pack will make it's way someday on PC/Steam & Xbox One since LAiX is now on all platforms hmmm maybe later this year who knows.

    2. Game's a great series, but lordy INTI, at least be consistent with your releases.

      *To my current knowledge, this pack's been released on the N3DS and Switch a good while back, while the latest entry 'Luminous Avenger iX' is on Switch, PS4, and Steam. What makes this even more baffling is that Steam still doesn't have Gunvolt 2 as of this post. Weird as it is to see this, I'd love more people to enjoy this series…but if you're gonna do a late release like this you may as well make it a full package.

    3. Okay, but how has this collection of overrated Mega Man "successors" are NOT on Xbox One already considering you've been advertising the shit out of Luminous Avenger iX for that console?

    4. Since this version is getting 60 frames per second, a new song, and all the dlc included, this pretty much makes this version of the Striker Pack the Definitive version.

    5. Lol That's the worst narrating voice I've ever heard in a trailer. Instant pre-order though as haven't played the Gunvolt series before and should be done a 100% on Megaman Zero Legacy Collection by then

    6. you guys asking for pc port yet want to crack and play for free..fckoff go buy 3ds,switch or ps4 fcking console godamn…inticrate please dont release on pc/steam..you will lose profit..just stay with ps4 for now..i collecting your game in 3ds console


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