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    Azure Striker Gunvolt: Striker Pack (Switch) Review

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    Azure Striker is finally on the Switch. Is it worth the price of admission? Find out in our review.

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    Comment (39)

    1. English with Japanese voices is a separate option for GV1 because the original release on the 3DS had a different script and took out the Japanese voices, they re-wrote the game and put the voices back in when they ported it to Steam.

    2. Sounds like intcreates droped the ball on the switch version, the menus and voice and text was rushed and handled sloppy. It's also stupid how they made it hard to switch games easily. Overall it seems like a good game on switch.

    3. Why does it sound like he is saying "Azurite"?
      It's Azure.
      Also, it's "Septimal". Not Sepimal.
      I'm not trying to be mean, but off-sounding pronounciations are just irksome to me…

    4. Had to stop watching this as soon as you said "Azuray" for about the 5th time. Sorry. I'm sure you put a lot of work into this review.

    5. Never watched a review on this channel (didn't know you did them), but I loved this. Very true, very personable review. Felt more like you giving your opinion on the game, and less like you forcing it on the viewers. This is what game reviews should be like. Great stuff, I'll definitely be hanging around now.

    6. @Everyone Hello! I was wondering if someone could answer a question for me. I can't find an answer anywhere. In ASG1 there's a help tab & under the kudoes section on the last tab it mentions that there are "secret bonuses unique to each mission". I know the secret to the Sumeragi stage, however, I don't know the others. Does anyone know?

    7. Honestly I HATED the first one. None of the bosses felt fun and they often have very little or no telegraphing, and all of them had atleast one unavoidable attack. I also didnt like how they game was so easy that it gave you basically invincibility with "prevasion" but so brutal with its scoring system. Most of the levels looked identical. And finally I could never get into the story because the characters who constantly say stupid things like "bae" or "lol" unironically or worse yet characters would actively destroy my immersion by talking about game mechanics like skipping over checkpoints soni can get a higher score! Why would GV care about a high score?! Shouldnt he just want to save the world?! I MUCH prefer megaman zero and the zx-es to gv1. Hopefully I enjoy gv2 and its sequel because I really do want to enjoy inticreates' games but they just dont feel the same anymore it seems.


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