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    BABYLON'S FALL | Amazing New Action Game – First Gameplay Impressions

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    Comment (49)

    1. it does occur to me it ends with a picture of 4 standing side by side the itneresting part of this is you can recognize 2 of them 1 seems to be the knight from the cinematic trailer the other appears to be the character from the gameplay one.

    2. Looks good. I just wished they dialed the flashy effects down a notch. Half of the time I can barely see what the character is even doing. Which is a shame, because the animations seem to be really nice.

    3. i feel as if this is going to be an RPG gear based game. Because at the end of the trailer their are 3 other characters that look like classes. Plus the outfit and weapon of the character in the gameplay reveal are really generic. (dude literally has a basic longsword) and the guy in armor in the announcement trailer has a very "max level character" look about him. and based on their abilities and positioning at the end of their respective trailers they are of the same "class"

    4. Hearing someone else mention vanquish makes me so happy, that game is one of those gems that never got it's spotlight. But now it's a cult classic, recently played it again and man that game is so damn good. Also this looks dope I'll definitely be on the look out for it.

    5. Player character reminds me of the gold guy from the FATE series of VN/Anime with all the weapons that come from portals. Archer I think he’s called in one version.

    6. I love platinum but they cannot for the life of them animate enemies that aren’t specifically humanoid in shape. It’s the reason I think From Software has them beat in the 3rd person action combat space. Animation is hard though and simultaneously making an enemy that you don’t understand visually but also can still understand what it’s going to do is a tall order

    7. Can we please stop comparing everything to dark souls fuck. No offence but its either gameplay, surroundings, enemies or stamina var and ummediatly its like a dark souls game this or that is like dark souls i mean there are a million other games. So please? maybe this year?!? Great vid as always Arekkz thanks!

    8. Graphics these days are becoming better but more dull. Art style is what we need. Large scale RPG's like Witcher but with amazing art style. Final fantasy is exiting because it's animated to a degree

    9. You know when youtubers like Arrekz start showcasing these games that they gotta be good

      I need to get myself a PS4 at this rate!

      My only Pet Peeve is however…lack of character creation. It may seem minor to other people, but to me, playing as my own character is first and foremost. Because of this I tend to stay away from games without those, even though they may be great. Not saying I don't love them though. I've followed and played many role-playing games such as Final Fantasy, Naruto and One Piece where you play as set characters and not your own. And they are great in their own unique ways. But…I want to feel like it's me in all of the action, ya know?

    10. I'm skeptical as hell when it comes to buying new games now. Resident Evil 3 pretty much the only new game I know I'm getting but I'll keep looking into this one

    11. Interesting that you've never mentioned Nier Automata once, because the graphical design looks very much like it. Some parts of the combat also reminds me of that game.


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