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SearchThisVideo: BABYLON'S FALL | Amazing New Action Game – First Gameplay Impressions

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hey what's going on guys our experience

today I want to talk about babylons fool

this is a game that you guys cost your

mind back to e3 2018 Skrillex dropped a

trailer for a game they were making in

partnership with Platinum Games now if

you guys know me and you know some of

the videos I've been speaking about

recently you'll know that any time

platinum games are mentioned I am

immediately there so already

irrespective of what this game is I'm

gonna buy it

because you gotta support platinum games

however that aside earlier this week

during the state of play there wasn't a

great deal shown during that but there

were a couple of standout things one of

them being some new stuff for Ghost of

Tsushima or at least a tease for an

upcoming trailer the other one being the

first gameplay look at babylons 4 which

is fantastic because factoring in that

the last time we heard about this was

III 2018 and we've since been through

another e3 with no word I was beginning

to wonder whether maybe this might just

being canceled which would have been

rubbish because after Platinum Games

having like scalebound counter for xbox

it would have sucked if that also

happened to babylons fault but alas we

are here it's not been canceled it's

still very much alive and kicking and I

want to take some time stay to kind of

just talk about the gameplay trailer

talk about what we've seen give my

impressions because while yes

at this stage very little is still known

about the game the official website

doesn't really have many details and

short of this gameplay trailer leaving

us to kind of you know info what we can

they haven't actually said anything

official so it is still pretty light

everything is pretty kind of mysterious

around it but there's some stuff you can

see that looks fantastic and I just want

to talk about it because I love these

games right

I love these action games Bayonetta

Devil May Cry vanquish anything like

that and platinum games are the goats

when it comes to doing this stuff right

they know action games like the back of

their hand they are arguably the best

when it comes to doing it so you know

full well

Babylon's fall is gonna be great right

so top level for those of you guys that

maybe haven't seen stuff back in 2018

the trailer the drops was more soft just

like a setting the scene trailer it

didn't really show in fact it didn't

show any gameplay it had a lot of these

sort of like painted art scenes

tellingly the history of the game and

then at the very end there was like a

little tease of a character swiping this

sword from this enemy

and cut

through his chest fast forward to this

week we got the gameplay trailer then

you can really see how it all comes

together now one of the things or like

the only thing they kind of officially

said about this is that from the

playstation blog post they said in our

new teaser trailer unveiled during state

of play you can take an early look at

the game's fluid action gameplay for the

first time as well as striking brush

stroke visual art style delivered by the

brush work filter and this is really

cool right I've always been a fan of

games that have kind of got those more

unique visual styles I personally love

cell shading I love that it's all like

inky look that some games have I love

this all like brush work filter I just

feel like whenever you have that

slightly less generic slightly less kind

of typical graphical style when you're

not just going for pure realism you can

often get away with a lot more right and

especially when you have a studio that

does over-the-top stuff like platinum

then they can really really lead into

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

stuff like this I feel like when you

straddle it away from the norm it just

means that they can just they've got no

no restraints right they can basically

just be Unchained and they can just go

wild and for a game like this for any of

these kind of over-the-top action games

that's exactly what you want but if you

get to take a look the trailer there's a

few really interesting things now you

know the top level thing is of course

it's an action game right so you can see

a lot of fluid motion a lot of crazy

fast combat a lot of over-the-top combos

everything like that all the kind of

stuff you would expect if you've played

action games whether that be Bayonetta

DMC vanquish astral chain any of those

kind of games you're gonna have your

forest ground combos you're gonna have

your launchers you're gonna have your

aerial combos you're gonna have all of

those different things and that shows so

incredibly well in this game like

babylons fall looks from the very very

small bit we've seen looked fantastic

it's always like aesthetically it's kind

of got that dark soul setting that

gothic setting what with all the

architecture the enemies you're fighting

but then it's also sort of combined with

that DMC rush style and you know when

you look at the fact he's got these like

floating blades around and that's kind

of a kin to something that Dante can do

or if you look to say something like

Final Fantasy 50 we're not just having

those blades flying around that is also

pretty interesting but I want to talk

more about that because that is

obviously from the trailer you can see

one of the core components for this you

see in the artwork he has these sort of

blades that float around him that seem

to be tethered to him by some kind of

again we don't exactly know what it is

some kind of spiritual tether some sort

of like ethereal I honestly I don't know

right but what's interesting

is how that plays into the gameplay you

can see during certain segments in the

gameplay that he can use it to grapple

and tether to enemies which is really

useful but what I think is probably the

most interesting is when it comes to

fighting the bosses if you fast forward

at the end of the trailer and there's

also actually a snippet of this from the

very first trailer that showed there's a

segment whilst Weiss and his bosses were

at the very end he knocked the sword out

the bosses hand grabs it with his

ethereal tethers and it's suddenly there

becomes his weapon and he uses it to

finish the boss which makes me think

there's gonna be sort of like a weapon

obtaining mechanic much like say playing

through a dungeon is older and getting

that unique item it might well be that

there's like X number of bosses and

every single boss has like a unique

weapon and when you defeat them maybe

you defeat them with their weapon and

then suddenly that becomes your weapon I

mean obviously we haven't seen enough

gameplay to know whether at the end of

finishing that boss that giant sword

becomes yours or whether it's literally

just a cinematic way to end their fight

it could well just be one of those

things it could be like a those sort of

cuts to you thing where it's a fancy way

to finish any the boss fights you just

kill it with us a weapon ass or like a

insult to injury thing but I would love

it I would love it if it actually became

like a mechanic whereby every time you

fight a new boss you suddenly get a new

weapon which completely changes the way

you play because then you can suddenly

start thinking alright this guy they

fight in the trailer has a giant great

sword maybe the next guy has a giant

hammer maybe the gutter that has a

scythe maybe the gaff that has a bow

they could be loads of crazy things like

that and then by the time you get to the

end of the game you've got like 10 15

different weapons that you can use to

pull off some absolutely insane combos

and we know that platinum like that kind

of stuff right they're not afraid to do

that stuff when it comes to action games

giving you so many different options

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

that are just like far too many for your

mind to compute so that could honestly

work very well if you actually look at

the very first trailer you can see as

mentioned that also happens there he's

fighting this night with a shield and

then although it's not really play

gameplay you can see the very end he

does actually grab the sword and slice

it in the middle so again from the two

videos we've seen that does seem to be a

recurring concept so the ability to kind

of take those weapons and again

factoring that in with the whole

brushstroke artwork the fact that you've

got this you know slightly less

realistic but more like outlandish

visual style to it means they can really

put some flair into it especially when

you get to that combat and you have

these like over-the-top effects you can

then really like amp that up

with this new filter so yeah I can't

wait to see this now they did of course

say that at the end of the trailer

it said tune in summer 2020 to find out

more so if I had to has the guess I

would of course assume that they are

gonna be showing this at e3 next year

and keep in mind next year is of course

also the new console generations and

we're gonna be getting PS 5 we're gonna

be getting Xbox collet so with that

being said I would assume that this is

probably geared towards the next-gen

which would probably explain why maybe

they didn't necessarily show too much

following the 2018 announced maybe

they're now in a position to do this

because you know this could well be

running on next-gen hardware so whether

it's one of those games that spans

current gen and next gen we don't know

yet but I honesty do you think we'll get

the point where this will probably be

maybe even like a launch title of PS 5

which will be fantastic unless of course

they said you'll just find out more in

2020 in which case maybe it's a little

bit further off either way I am very

excited for this again anything my

platinum games I'm there and this just

looks cool right it combines an

aesthetic style that is really quite

awesome and perfectly fitted to a game

like this and a studio like this

it contains a over-the-top action style

combat system which I absolutely love

with the potential to expand that even

further if of course this obtaining

weapon system ends up being true and of

course you know having a look at that

initial trailer that dropped back in

2018 means that maybe they're also going

to try and weave potentially cool

narrative into it it's got this whole

sort of historical angle to it so I mean

maybe that could have just been like a

concept or thing trying to paint the

picture and give people idea before they

were ready to show gameplay but maybe it

would also be nice if they can kind of

weave a really cool especially given the

setting when you look at the sort of

Gothic architecture you look at all

they're like they're nice and whatnot

that has the potential to have a really

interesting epic story weaved into it so

hopefully it ends up being like because

sometimes the action games you end up

focusing a lot more so under the action

and you well there is a story you end up

just kind of blitzing view or just

hacking things to death so hopefully

they can kind of strike a good balance

and then have like a nice story or a

good story

cool combat and yeah I'm definitely

there but anyway that's not rambling for

me for the time being I don't let you

guys watch the trailer because I'm

asleep been talking over the whole thing

the entire time so check this out

because hearing it all in motion anytime

you see all that and you like hear all

the hits and you steal the combos it's

just yeah it's 10 out of 10 I am very

excited for the

so definitely stay tuned as when we find

out more I'll be sure to keep you guys

bang up to date


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Comment (0)

  1. it does occur to me it ends with a picture of 4 standing side by side the itneresting part of this is you can recognize 2 of them 1 seems to be the knight from the cinematic trailer the other appears to be the character from the gameplay one.

  2. Looks good. I just wished they dialed the flashy effects down a notch. Half of the time I can barely see what the character is even doing. Which is a shame, because the animations seem to be really nice.

  3. i feel as if this is going to be an RPG gear based game. Because at the end of the trailer their are 3 other characters that look like classes. Plus the outfit and weapon of the character in the gameplay reveal are really generic. (dude literally has a basic longsword) and the guy in armor in the announcement trailer has a very "max level character" look about him. and based on their abilities and positioning at the end of their respective trailers they are of the same "class"

  4. Hearing someone else mention vanquish makes me so happy, that game is one of those gems that never got it's spotlight. But now it's a cult classic, recently played it again and man that game is so damn good. Also this looks dope I'll definitely be on the look out for it.

  5. Player character reminds me of the gold guy from the FATE series of VN/Anime with all the weapons that come from portals. Archer I think he’s called in one version.

  6. I love platinum but they cannot for the life of them animate enemies that aren’t specifically humanoid in shape. It’s the reason I think From Software has them beat in the 3rd person action combat space. Animation is hard though and simultaneously making an enemy that you don’t understand visually but also can still understand what it’s going to do is a tall order

  7. Can we please stop comparing everything to dark souls fuck. No offence but its either gameplay, surroundings, enemies or stamina var and ummediatly its like a dark souls game this or that is like dark souls i mean there are a million other games. So please? maybe this year?!? Great vid as always Arekkz thanks!

  8. Graphics these days are becoming better but more dull. Art style is what we need. Large scale RPG's like Witcher but with amazing art style. Final fantasy is exiting because it's animated to a degree

  9. You know when youtubers like Arrekz start showcasing these games that they gotta be good

    I need to get myself a PS4 at this rate!

    My only Pet Peeve is however…lack of character creation. It may seem minor to other people, but to me, playing as my own character is first and foremost. Because of this I tend to stay away from games without those, even though they may be great. Not saying I don't love them though. I've followed and played many role-playing games such as Final Fantasy, Naruto and One Piece where you play as set characters and not your own. And they are great in their own unique ways. But…I want to feel like it's me in all of the action, ya know?

  10. I'm skeptical as hell when it comes to buying new games now. Resident Evil 3 pretty much the only new game I know I'm getting but I'll keep looking into this one

  11. Interesting that you've never mentioned Nier Automata once, because the graphical design looks very much like it. Some parts of the combat also reminds me of that game.


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