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    Baer Plays Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! (Ep. 1)

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    Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1000030/Cook_Serve_Delicious_3/ Taken from a live stream on http://www.twitch.tv/baertaffy ...


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    Comment (47)

    1. Aw man, I've been binge-watching your old CSD series while playing the games myself… I totally forgot about the new release until I saw this in my feed! Definitely looking forward to seeing a return of Baer's Beers. The addition of an actual storyline is… a bit shocking, but I think those two android girls at the beginning are kinda cute tbh…

    2. Has anyone here had baklava? It's bomb.
      Post writing edits:
      1. If anyone wants to know, baklova is very nut filled and crunchy and sweet.
      2. I'm learning so much about pronunciation
      3. I'm going to make croque monsoir later, i'll keep you updated on that.

    3. Starts playing a restaurant sim game
      First VO line, "The year is 2041, and the United States is reeling from war." Old restaurant tower gets glassed and you alone somehow survived

      Damn, that escalated to WTF levels real quick!

    4. bugs me a bit how excited baer was when he learned in the tutorial that it tells you what you have to prepare, and then he proceeded to just completely ignore that ui element

    5. Don't worry, a little training season with eye of the tiger running in the background and you'll be our golden csd Baer again, I'm sure ^-^

    6. One thing I will say is just how Polished this has been since early access release! (Hammered about 14hrs worth so far) Chubigans has really smashed this one out of the park… Along with what can be left of my nerves after one of the more manic days XD

    7. Apparently the summary of this new game is that your famous restaurant and skyscraper is destroyed by some 9/11 like terrorist attack, and now your being forced to work in a old food truck with female androids?

    8. something interesting about the setting: the world has clearly gone to shit, yet it's always been clear that life goes on. there are still the poor, the doing okay, and the obscenely rich. even with monumental change, the world still has cities and people going about their lives


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