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SearchThisVideo: BATMAN SEASON 2 THE ENEMY WITHIN EPISODE 2 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – The Pact (PS4 Pro 4K)

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hey guys move it c4 enshou come back

another video and today we're gonna play

some more Batman my campaign games and

this is episode 2 of season 2 and see -

so five is about to drop so I thought

let us complete all three episodes that

we are remaining with and I finally got

my PC upgraded so I thought let's finish

it like that and I will be posting that

as soon as possible like I will be

posting on this episode by like 4 or 5

a.m. in the morning or something like

that today by itself and let's begin

without further ado we make sure to hit

the like button subscribe don't know if

you're not done yet share it with your

friends also presentation well this is

walter part 1 of episode 2 let's begin

now okay as you can see let's start that

mr. - and basil thing is yeah i like

yesterday was very lazy there for me he

i wasn't able to record anything because

of some such circumstances I will be

talking that in another video but I just

wanted to tell that why I didn't record

and why didn't I put any video of the

raw like with my PC now and then just

next to the camera and now I'm using

back time so no battery core no battery

discharge so it's all on the height is

so I'm thrilled I'm excited knives and

videos going to be damn amazing

why so white why-why-why the madman from

Gotham's past return to terrorize my

city he drew me into his twisted game

striking at the things I hold most dear

I survived his deadly traps I emerged

the victor but the cost was too great

Lucius Fox is dead Riddler is dead

with him the only lead I had to taking

down the greatest danger Gotham has ever

faced and the person best equipped to

help me is a threat to my deepest secret

the Riddler was going to be my way in

once we captured him alive but now I

have you to lean on a man who lives on

both sides of the line and knows exactly

when to cross it yes you and I will be

working together very closely vers way

first thing you need to know I can keep

your secret and since you've been doing

right by me I'll continue to keep it no

reports nothing no one else needs to

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

know to deal with the present threat

though I need both of you the man inside

and outside the mask you have to

understand I'm not the enemy here it may

seem that way right now but I'm not our

problems are far too big for us to be

bickering among ourselves I don't trust

you Waller you or your agency well

you're gonna have to start if I care to

reveal your identity it'd be on every

news channel by now you need to trust me


when Riddler's friends here he's dead

they ain't gonna just carry on carrying


they might get sloppy they might want

revenge or they might simply accelerate

their plans I'm gonna need eyes

everywhere in Gotham a man like Bruce

Wayne with all his influence and

resources can go places Batman can't you

understand what I'm saying don't you

your public persona could be a great

help to us here maybe even as much as

Batman in certain situations Bruce Wayne

is my cover

there's a reason I keep my identity a

secret the wrong person finds out it's

all over I hear you loud and clear

looks like the whole city's under attack

we've got a report of a raid on the

Gotham PD arsenal if those bastards get

their hands on our weapons

this is coordinated its Riddler's gang

it has to be

we're gonna need Batman for this we


emergency services has already pushed to

the limit then we'll have to redeploy

patrol officers to defend the Arsenal

don't divert any metal Gordon I can

handle the Arsenal call that go already

then you go back man it's time for we

train for there's been an attack in the

financial file tech company on the west

side is under siege Dubey the Batman

daddy's leave you are a trophy man are

you kidding me

why I'm getting a feeling two phases one

occur because if you played Arkham

Knight there was a two phase mission and

about this kind of same happened to a

bank like same type of truck same type

of like guards and all you got what you

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

came for you don't need me oh you better

hope that's not true

I'll live your usefulness and the boss

will make a pretzel out of your neck

what keep running your mouth

maybe I'll splatter you all over the

wall whoa how many are there I don't

know ten or twelve maybe a really big

one he he made me give him the keys to

the armored transport vehicles I didn't

want to it I swear it's okay get out of


no thank you Batman

hey you about done

yeah yeah just about don't drop on my

love okay you want to shoot us are you

kidding me man you're trying to do this

get a talk then get a shock oh whoa oh

he's that man who are you a nightmare

much like yourself but you can call me

bane oh boy

a man cannot do in a war hello you fight

well but you fight alone you will die

alone oh boy let's go

and boom and kaboom I can see why

Riddler wanted to be the one to kill you

Riddler is dead he's dead Riddler you

should be worrying about yourself I

promised my man a hell of a battle if

ever I faced you and I'd hate to


oh I haven't faced a true warrior since

I left piña d'Oro prison let's go then

bye-bye and oh man

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

baby's gonna be angry this one is mine

actually cannot see the brain like tanks

and all he just use this injector rather

than a button with peaceful if you think



this pain you're feeling Batman man he

does destroy us keep your eyes open

saving problems

oh-ho-ho-ho-ho Batman and his destroyed

by very big being not rain okay Batman

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

that else in syriza and we with them or

you could say Batman that Airtel Series

season two and is episode two Batman

Batman say something if you can hear me

Gordon Christ Batman come on help me

don't move Batman we're gonna need you

to help us push this thing off here come

on that's enough goal and here you go

here you boys come on

the mechanic where is he he didn't make


he saved my life

Batman it's okay Jim I just need a

minute the entire GCPD Arsenal raided

every single armored personnel carriers

stolen but those are the hardware they

stole Christ I didn't want to think

about it I just want to know who these

sons of [ __ ] are there's only one of

them that matters

he called himself Bane his men loaded

the weapons onto the AP C's said they

were taking them to a warehouse near the


they need to be found I'm already taking

orders from Waller I gotta take it from

you too so that's how it is

I'm sorry jump

but the city will be in danger if you

don't I'll see what I can do but

whatever manpower we can spare on the

search for those armored vehicles in the

field and watching CCTV feeds yes sir

you know I'm still mad as hell at you

what for beating at Riddler goon half to

death I only agreed to work with you

because I thought you were a man of

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

principle someone who wanted to step out

of the shadows and into the light I

don't know what's going on with you and

Waller but you've changed it's like I

don't even know who you are anymore

Waller she has something on me Jesus

Batman what no wait tell me later I've

already got enough to worry about I'm

glad you called me with this good to

know this partnership still means

something but I won't lie we've still

got a ways to go

regular time i'll get to the bat-cave

see if i can make some sense of what

happened tonight what happened no he's

at the scene of a hiset that got the

brokerage house when batman called me

here would were they after we're still

getting a full account once the dust

settles I'll send you everything we've


detective Bullock's writing up a full

report I'll have them send you a copy

I've got to get going

agent Avesta you should be resting there

will be time for that later I wanted to

thank you properly for saving my life I

wouldn't be here without you you're

welcome Avesta I'm glad I was able to be

there I wanted to make sure I said it to

you I know you called Gordon because you

have history but this is exactly what

the director and her resources are here

for working with Waller will be the

fastest way to stop these murderers

before anyone else gets hurt

consider that you should go take care of


I'm going Alfred from the medbay

we're going to need it

episode 2 there you go the bat-beam

the powerful the strongest I think so

one of like the most body builder type

of guy in Batman the second say I'm fine


Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

you are not fine Bruce none of this is


you were daily killed tonight those

minutes of silence waited for you to

respond they were the worst of my life

but if you're alive or dead or if if I

would ever see you again I'm so sorry to

put you through that out he'll just do

it again tomorrow

we already lost lucious I couldn't bear

losing you too we could talk about all

this later come on now

let's get you patched up

as if he wasn't bad enough now director

Waller knows your identity that

information in her hands Waller isn't

the one we need to worry about Bain is

still on the loose with enough guns to

arm a small militia I I understand the

man died for you tonight Bruce tried to

save you from that monstrosity too many

have died in too short a time the cost

of this war it just continues to rise I

need your strength right now of course

sorry for not being my resolute self

we've never gone up against anyone able

to cause you so much harm Waller was

right about one thing

Riddler was just a small part of a

larger threat let's begin with the dart

I pulled from his neck I've got it I'm

good thanks

huh there's still some toxin left in

here what kind of toxin something new

there's a whole series of powerful

psychoactive meds in his cocktail drugs

that are lethal and combined who could

have come up with such a good culture

and did the same person pull the trigger

James attack was one of three tonight

all at the same time let's bring him up

get an assessment of the damage rock

bottom rock edge Gotham brokerage ten

million in diamonds stolen some safety

deposit boxes emptied contents unknown

over a dozen dead and even more wounded

mostly by gunshot though some victims

had their heads bashed in well that's


Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

Harley Queen witnesses place Harleen

Quinzel at the scene dressed up as a

clown and wielding a mallet don't ask me

Riddler's friends are as insane and

gruesome as he was perhaps even more

those same witnesses say that she acted


all that carnage all by herself this lab

goth Corp labs genetic research facility

where do we even start with this I have

no idea

authorities can't determine what was

even stolen until all of that melts at

least 20 dead some completely encased in


others were frozen solid some of their

limbs shattered as they fled doctor free

dr. freeze like freezing power in DC is

only dr. freeze or dr. freeze I think so

Oh mr. cold

yeah these two characters are morally

onerous intel shows that the thieves

made off with numerous pieces of

equipment used in the storage and

transportation of biological material I

don't even want to think what people

that for no IDs on any suspects though

security cameras frozen all witnesses

dead back

okay bad melons money biotech what are

they planning we won't know until we get

to Bain I don't mean to cause offence

but you're in no shape to beat the

information out of that monster or take

on his friends if it comes to it we've

already seen how formidable Bain is on

his own you're right Alfred I hate to

say it but I'm not exactly ready for

round two one thing's for sure

we can't just sit around waiting for

them to strike again we've seen the kind

of devastation these killers can cause I

know you told Waller you were reluctant

to risk Bruce Wayne's cover but I'm more

worried about the risk to Batman given

your current condition Riddler said his

friends abandoned him at the lady of

Dublin he alluded to the fact that John

Doe was one of them if that's the case

then John can get you close to the

others he already wants you to meet them

John Doe might be your best chance of

getting inside finding out what they're

up to

John's hardly predictable but it's a

risk I'll have to take he clearly sees

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

something in you that appeals to him

it'll be dangerous approaching vane and

his people this way that be suspicious

of anyone who isn't a proven criminal

you'll have to give the performance of a

lifetime to pull the wool over their

eyes Bruce Wayne has influenced an

endless bank account and as of last year

questionable integrity everything a

criminal network looks for in a new

recruit so that's it then I find John

Doe and accept his offer

hopefully the invitation is still open

good thing you hid that tracking device

on him when you had the chance the

stacked deck that's where he is I

suppose you couldn't wait an hour or two

while you rest not a chance not a chance

we are going for Joker or John Doe

according to this game he's no hero

it's just a bunch of hired muscle for

rich guys guys like Bruce Wayne I see

really tell Bruce Wayne the hell that

makes you feel good okay

it feels no really he's on your right

feels like crap Wayne preach and you're

just a huge colossal gigantic spoiled

pieces oh yeah go on finish what you

were gonna say I was gonna say you're a


who lets other people do his dirty work

but you get away with it all nothing bad

ever happens Bruce Wayne besides old

dead parents thing Bruce oh don't mind

Willy we're just messing with you you

look like you could use a drink

why not why not I get three bottles

under my chair Willy you're making

wonderful progress

I uh I run a therapy circle here every

second Sunday these people need the

expertise that I learned in Arkham a

tracker Bruce really I gotta say I'm

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

disappointed I thought we built more

trust between us I'm sorry John all I

could think I was getting to Riddler and

you were my best chance I I should have

deleted for me to get back to you like I

said I would

hey I said I was sorry it's rude

duplicitous and kind of stalkery but I

understand all is forgiven

so know-it-all really got what was

coming to him

authorities are refusing to comment on

the death of the mysterious criminal

known as rotting Stimpy or that's who

you are

John did you have anything to do with

the Riddler's death I hated the guy but

geez Bruce do you really think I'd be

capable of cold-blooded murder after

everything you know about me you really

think I do that no no of course not I

mean I know you hated him but you know

killer what was I thinking I know what

you were thinking but hey no harm done


I was a little surprised to see you

Bruce I'm guessing this is about that

favor I asked as I recall you had some

reluctance I've been thinking and I

changed my mind

I'd like to meet them no really you seem

pretty against it at the church why the

sudden change of heart

it's odd doesn't seem like you

after lucious's funeral I realized you

only get one life I got to make the most

of it I need some excitement

Oh proofs believe me I can relate in

Arkham excitement of any kind was

seriously frowned on

look before we get into that I need to

come clean Riddler was more connected to

my friends than I let on at the funeral


really he was kind of our leader but she

was just so bad at it and so intolerably

annoying I thought he'd be out of the

picture by the time you came around I've

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

told you I just didn't want you to think

we were all like him no secrets between

us ever again

you have my word i pinky swear oh I

guess that's a pretty dumb thing for a

couple of grown men to do you know what

I meant

what's up skull meet the guys I'll let

him know we're on our way

bother my friend Jon stay out of this

Willy I'm talking to Jon not you it

looks like I better teach you pal here's

some manners oh that was your first

mistake then it's gonna be your last


calm down Willy let me help you out huh

right I can't be bought off that easy

Wayne don't sell me I got standards I

don't take bribes

this cash can buy you a whole lot of


oh well when you put it that way

thanks Wayne let's get out of here

that love of a job Eliza buy me a drink

before you go you're following me Waller

just wants to remind you stay on the

clown and get to Bane whatever happens

keep your eye on the prize

Bruce be careful now she knows aussi

they do man what to say about that cool

they're expecting you

a Bruce one one more thing you can't

tell anyone this this is big huge I

think I'm in love it's it's an odd

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

feeling at first I thought I had some

kind of disease

and are you in love with with me no but

I hope we can still be friends you know

so mysterious

Heelys got to tell me your name she'll

want to introduce herself but you could

please help me look good in front of her

I'd appreciate it come on we shouldn't

keep her waiting

okay let's drive oh he's darling no I'm

almost at it here give me a hand with

this is how you get this thing started I

could just buy you a car you know

something with an actual key this works

it's just a matter of file error just

one sec

don't turn around

all right Wayne you got my attention

give me one good reason why I don't read

that the rate the windshield with you

noodle I bet a smart guy like you has

some real pretty brains real bright

that's a pretty good reason I like a guy

who's good with his hands

I'm just joshing you rich boy see that

wasn't even a bullet in the chamber

what's the music on a Bruce this is the

lady I was telling you about Harley

Quinn isn't she a hoot I knew you guys

would hit it off

sure I can see the funny side see I told


Bruce is a good sport what Anne said you

didn't want to meet no you want to

bouncing around like a yo-yo don't

exactly inspire confidence what do you

want with us what do you get out of

rubbing shoulders with the likes of us

well when you have as much money as I do

you get bored I'm just looking for a

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

little excitement

excitements the man who's got

everything's looking for some new toys

well I just you should have seen the way

to care business with the guy in the bar

though Harley

he played him like a Stradivarius do

with a favor put skip over to that

bodega don't get me a slushie right now

I mean a book yeah I got it

poor John he just doesn't know who he is

yet you know he's searching highly

impressionable he thinks the world of

you so I asked myself what's Bruce Wayne

want with a lost soul like John it's

kind of a mismatch raises all kinds of

questions John and I went through a lot

in Arkham he's a friend Oh ain't that

cute you're sweet on little ol puddin

is the thing lover boy guys like him

don't have friends like you or human

that look in your eye the kind that says

you're trouble and I only like trouble

when I'm the one causing it you got a

good reason why I should trust you cuz I

sure as hell can't see one after all

you're a squeaky-clean favored son of


how am I supposed to believe you won't

run to the cops the first chance you get

John vouch for me didn't he that's got

to count for something

John's easily impressed just so you know

mr. moneybags

I ain't you're gonna have to earn my

respect and it's gonna take a lot more

than that billion-dollar smile

Watchi thanks would we gotta go


what were you guys talking about your

friend was just saying how much he liked

you PUD got a little man crush on ya

ain't that right brucey ain't that the

gist of it I never said that oh come on

you gotta stand by your word so you

ain't nothin at all

it's okay Bruce I know it's hard to talk

about feelings and stuff I want you to

know the feeling's mutual okay where we

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

are going now because we should be

getting our sounds like place where

everyone in there that is the best thing

I'm a she ever

[ __ ] on that I swear it'll make your

whole body shiver come on put your lips

on it I ain't got cooties no thanks I'm


suit yourself I'm a pretend I ain't

offended I'll try some hmm okay here's

what's going to happen now mr. moneybags

you're gonna go get mama a little

present from inside there

Wayne Enterprises a little bird told me

that's some pretty fancy hack and tech

up there something called a failing ski

get it for me I know you're on the level

maybe I'll even bring you along on our

next job you'll get all the thrills you

ever dreamed of what do you want with

the Phalanx key why wouldn't I want it I

hear this thing opens half the security

systems in Gotham and it's two sitting

there hidden in your lab waiting for

someone to put it to use mm-hmm

what's the matter you better not try

nothing fishy I don't want to have to

splatter that pretty face it's okay

Harley Bruce and I already talked he'll

do whatever you want is that right well

you do whatever I want

will you jump when I say jump you don't

have to worry I promise I'll take care

of it

so glad to hear it maybe you are my kind

of guy well then let's get moving

no time like the present

I don't think so I show I saw that boy

that a day make yourself useful and get

me that failing ski I'm sorry

mama really wants to get herself some

tacos when you're done got this Bruce

yeah I got this I got this I got this

we're gonna get another trophy and now

yep we will get it to wintry rained our

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

12:42 p.m.


BATMAN TELLTALE SEASON 2 THE ENEMY WITHIN EPISODE 2 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 on PS4 Pro in 4K of the BATMAN TELLTALE SEASON 2 THE ENEMY WITHIN EPISODE 2 Gameplay including Mission 1 : The Pact for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro or Standard PS4 and Xbox One & PC .

BATMAN SEASON 2 THE ENEMY WITHIN EPISODE 2 Gameplay Walkthrough is from the Full Game on PS4 Pro in 4K with Resolution option selected in the PS4 Settings . It is exclusive available on PS4 Pro & Xbox One X . The BATMAN SEASON 2 THE ENEMY WITHIN EPISODE 2 is available on PS4 & Xbox One & PC as well as on PS4 Pro & Xbox One X with Enhancement over base specs & boost upto 4K . Even 4K downsampled to 1080p will work .

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Batman: The Enemy Within (also known as Batman: The Telltale Series - Season Two) is an episodic point-and-click graphic adventure video game developed and published by Telltale Games and distributed by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment under its DC Entertainment label. The game is a sequel to 2016's Batman: The Telltale Series, which was based on Bob Kane and Bill Finger's Batman character.

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