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    I wear the mask in order to protect this

    city but when faced with a new breed of

    criminals calling themselves the pact

    the direct approach was met with


    I had to dawn a different mask as Bruce

    Wayne I infiltrated their ranks the plan

    was to get in and set the trap and get

    out but the plan failed now they're one

    step closer to their goal and all I have

    are questions what is the pact really

    after why steal Riddler's body Friend or


    nice place you got here did it come with

    the vermin or did you add that

    yourselves it's a little rundown but the

    rent is rights miss everyone Riddler

    said you had a luchador in the mix fain

    oh he came down with the case of the

    Left Behind we are the entirety of our

    cabal at the moment

    oh this gentleman was someone we picked

    up after Riddler's departure Bruce Wayne

    Bruce was it charmed

    be gentle this is mr. Waynes first foray

    into the field of felony criminal virgin

    huh I won't hold it against you now

    Shantae oh I didn't know this party was

    so formal

    you got the toy we talked about

    beautiful get the ladies sparklies out

    of the safe John she ain't doing this

    out of the goodness of her heart like

    the rest of us Brucie be a doll and give

    Kitty a hands I ain't touching that

    popsicle I got some thinking to do


    well let's get some

    what are we doing well we're going to

    extricate the body

    Riddler built a secret backdoor into the

    security system of his old employer I

    need to scan his eyes and then create a

    retinal key for them then I'll use the

    key to make goggles and we can open

    whatever doors he could help me lift

    this wasn't the original plan he was

    supposed to be alive but things change

    that has had in a good position that's

    far enough

    dig the plates under his lids press the

    button and scan away that's gross what

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    the hell did they do to him and what's

    with the refrigerator coffin why would

    the agency transport him like this this

    doesn't add up Bruce Bruce I'm sorry

    about Lucius I'm guessing it wasn't a

    gas leak or whatever the news said

    thank you he was a good man and a friend

    I can commiserate if you want I recently

    lost a friend too on to the next I


    didn't know what I'd be walking into

    with this group but I certainly didn't

    expect it to involve you then I know

    you're no stranger to peril but you

    shouldn't be here so what gives

    no one told me you would be joining us

    either can't say I'm surprised

    not everyone here's happy to see me

    I knew Riddler before this he was the

    one who initially hired me and he wound

    up dead so I'm not sure I have a lot of

    friends here you're not the only one

    with questions one question make it fast

    so how far did you get on that

    motorcycle you haven't popped up on my

    radar in a while oh you know all over

    Europe mostly felt good to be as far

    from here as possible you're done

    if FIFA's never looked so good John pay

    the lady don't spend them all in one

    place you get the rest when we're inside

    that wasn't the deal I made with Riddler

    take it up with him you overstepped when

    you left him and now it's time to pay

    the price no this one's here chili got

    some brains everyone else better be

    smart too you are a means to an end this

    is over did it occur to any one of you

    people that the job we just pulled went

    sideways a little too quick

    I think they knew we were coming because

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    a little rats told them Bane was right

    to beat up his guy before we left to hit

    the convoy he just beat up the wrong one

    since he couldn't deliver I'm taking

    over the case and I'm not gonna let

    whoever it is stop me what I want

    this leak hit nearly caused the demise

    of Gotham's favorite luchador so now no

    one moves

    no one breathes without my say-so cuz

    I'm gonna get to the bottom of this and

    whoever it is it's gonna find they're

    inside suddenly alfresco now make you

    nervous Bruce what do you have to say

    don't threaten me careful Bruce you're

    valuable but not irreplaceable remember


    it's not way excuse me peanut gallery

    you got something to say Wayne pulled

    his own out there

    salt with my own two eyes ain't gonna

    let a good effort going noticed let's

    get back to work if anyone else has any

    issues with the New World Order my door

    is always open hmm lead us to our prize

    and all will be forgiven

    Wayne come here a second

    thanks for dodging back there hey it's

    tough in the trenches we gotta look out

    for one another

    otherwise like a Bruce

    guess you clear for now because

    apparently you're so capable I got an

    errand for ya I know just about

    everything about Riddler's plan but he

    kept one [ __ ] close to his chest the

    location of the job took the secret to

    his grave now I got his laptop but look

    at this and keep your Yap shut

    hidden in any of these monks sense

    weakness it's encrypted it's like he

    knew not to trust any of us go figure

    this is where you come in seems like

    that's a Harley problem you don't get it

    do ya my problems are your problems

    that's the way it works Riddler had a

    beef with his former employers who were

    cooking up some very dangerous and super

    fun stuff at a black site lab somewhere

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    here in Gotham and what is it we're

    after this super fun stuff you ask a lot

    of questions you know that's

    I've been able to piece together most of

    his plan except where the black site is

    you're gonna find the location and when

    you do maybe look at it reads a sweet

    delicious little treats sounds enticing

    I like treats then get on how to here

    internets see I ain't letting this

    laptop out of my sights until I clear up

    this moral problem so I want you to head

    over to Riddler's place and do some

    diggin I might need some help that place

    is full of death traps

    like John with you just don't get him

    hurt that's my job

    Roadtrip breath I'm actually I was

    thinking Catwoman

    after all she knew him mmm good points

    take it - I'll grab some snacks what's

    that guy's story

    cat lady are you more of a beef jerky or

    trumpet-shaped corn by its girl

    why am I even asking bring both never a

    dull moment with John around why do I

    get the feeling that's not a good thing

    who's ready to hit the road who are you

    gonna tell if you see anything that

    ain't on the up-and-up

    you don't worry Bruce is my best friend

    he'd never betray me oh sweet innocent

    puddin friends have the easiest access

    to stab you in the back now get out of


    I call I want that black site location


    can't believe this is where he decided

    to set up shop wasn't like him to slum


    I always thought be a big water tower

    was an odd choice I mean the mold risk

    it's not the abode of a man who asked me

    to steal a Renoir that's for sure Pavla

    Magoo need to find us away my specialty

    come on John

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    you're with me yes our first team up

    waller glad you answered

    we need to talk listen about the convoy

    we couldn't get you safely the EMP blast

    knocked out my ability to communicate

    with my field agents sorry it obviously

    wasn't supposed to go down like that

    thanks for the apology I'm trying my

    best here oops I hate to say it but I

    underestimated just how ruthless and

    capable these freaks are you being

    inside it's our best hope well now they

    have Riddler's body it was cryogenically

    frozen by the agency Bruce this was a 60

    year old man who went toe-to-toe with

    Batman I have some very interested

    researchers who wanted to see what kept

    him ticking punchline wrong let me start

    it's fine John


    there's a black site some sort of

    research lab I'm guessing whatever's

    there is what they're after and Harley

    doesn't know the location she asked me

    to find stay put for now and maintain

    your cover at all costs

    this is our chance to get ahead of this

    trade sly say doc I'll have these happen

    the perimeter is boarded up but it's

    nothing we can't get through either way

    just have to get through these boards

    don't worry I brought my key hey I

    believe in your John you show that

    Walter Fox Hey Bruce I have an idea why

    don't you Jimmy it open


    who's there don't move

    wait a minute I know you yeah Bruce

    Wayne guilty as charged


    want to explain what you're doing out


    this isn't exactly the heights back off

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    detective it's none of your business

    what I'm doing here

    sure shell is my business I'm the

    goddamn police and you're breaking the

    law okay detective Bullock detective

    Bullock right

    look there's actually a very good reason

    for all of us

    stay right there jerk wad I'm calling

    this in I've been asked to report any

    suspicious activity around here and

    you're acting suspicious listen you do

    that you'll be ending your career I'll

    take my chances

    Burroughs freaking way unbelievable

    and even be working if I didn't need the

    extra dough


    maybe this'll make me look good with the

    boss oh sure sure overtime right well

    maybe maybe I can help with that I'm not

    that kind of cop no no no no no no of

    course not of course not this there's

    benefits both of us here yeah it's

    everything I got on me just hang up the

    phone and it's yours

    try not to die in there I do not want

    this coming back on me come on let's get



    it's even worse than I expected the man

    I knew was flawed but he could still

    muster a little warmth huh sounds like

    you knew a very different Riddler than

    the one I met I wish she'd never come

    back to Gotham me too there's hope for

    everyone I don't think any of us are

    beyond reach I know we've just met but

    somehow I knew you'd say that


    you knew him best what do you think he'd

    keep any info on what we're after well

    not to state the obvious but it's

    probably behind a riddle or a puzzle

    somewhere oh I call the downstairs man

    careful John this place is probably a


    follow him Bruce I don't want John's

    curiosity to get us killed

    I'm getting really tempted to touch


    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    how many TVs is one guy need probably

    afraid he'd missed something



    you've got to admire the ingenuity it's

    a wonderful toy it's a wonderful way to

    lose your hand well you know what they

    say curiosity killed the cat something

    under here some kind of platform


    this is where he built his boxes


    that's odd



    big Bruce maybe morning to talk to you


    you have I don't like how cozy

    that woman was with Riddler because he

    was a killer to me we need to stick

    together I don't trust this kid one bit

    you know they say about a black cat

    crossing your path don't worry I can

    handle her oh really I'm Bruce Wayne I

    deal with women like her all the time


    handcart wonder what he was moving


    let me help you I don't want you to bang

    your cover boom


    welcome to the Maelstrom deeper and

    deeper you go this is the vortex of life

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    pulling you down into its depths you

    work you sleep you die at all times one

    foot in the grave until the second

    inevitably follows you'll have to work

    hard and sleep hard in order to earn

    your way Six Feet Under

    what did I tell you I suppose those are

    our clues to whatever Riddler is hiding

    in here

    work sleep death the little gremlin

    a little boring is what it is


    Tesla coils

    this whole place is an electrical death


    if these starts sending out energy we'll

    all fry


    I've been meaning to ask him the green

    hair what what is what is that I don't

    know your black hair sorry buddy I'm a

    little sensitive about my style I didn't

    mean to make you uncomfortable

    I don't remember anything about myself

    before our command I came to well here

    at once

    I guess it's natural

    what are you hey bruh there's so much

    I've mentioned this before but always

    interrupted me never let me get to the

    punchline it takes a lot of confidence

    to tell a joke you know made me look

    like an idiot front of hardly hey I

    guess I have the last laugh now


    John we're friends right so I gotta ask

    what do you see in Harlan ruthlessness

    the way her accent comes and goes when

    she's mad the way she lets things

    escalate into violence


    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    I'm sure proud of his exploits wasn't he


    hey cab woman hey money man

    I'm just curious if you


    if you missed me

    John is right downstairs yes or no

    answer the question


    fine of course I did but don't read any

    more into it than that

    so why are you really here I said I'd

    tell you when we're alone we're not I'll

    tell you later

    how'd you and Riddler first meet you

    know I do a lot of freelance work let me

    guess rather wanted a painting from the

    Louvre without bragging too much it was

    an easy job

    huh after all I'd already robbed the

    place twice he became a valuable contact

    when money was tight


    canned food and lots of it we can't all

    get Lobster Thermidor on a whim


    Riddler's pad can look less comfortable

    if he tried


    pair Riddler's shoes he didn't exactly

    have great fashion sense well he did say

    something about a foot




    to truly understand my mind you must

    first walk a mile in my man certainly

    you know the rest I'm worried we're

    running out of time here

    I take you by night by day take you back

    none suffer to hand me but do from my

    lack that sounds positive

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00



    this is my city this is my plan

    nobody will interfere



    oh goody it looks like you've got both

    feet in the grave


    it's like you're standing on an elevator

    I bet whatever we're looking for is down

    there maybe someone should stay up here

    Keep Watch good point

    let's go Bruce sorry I can't lady or

    maybe you could stay

    ohto Harley gave me an assignment and I

    mean to fulfill it uh John could you

    give us a moment

    oh yeah gotcha

    is something charming and unnerving at

    the same time so now that we have a

    moment care to fill me in care to tell

    me the real reason you're doing this out

    with it Bruce what's going on but under

    cover for yourself isn't Bruce Wayne

    kind of always undercover or is it the

    other way around no yes I'm undercover

    working with a group called the agency

    partnered up with people huh good to

    hear you've grown a bit

    sorry if I was a little rattled at the

    clubhouse back there wasn't quite ready

    to see her face again but you were good

    not great or anything but good you look

    great too I didn't say great I said good

    okay duly noted

    now it's my turn why are you here you're

    not really in bed with this pact and

    what if I am maybe I need the money

    maybe I don't who knows the world is a

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    complicated place you're better than


    you keep saying that you're like a

    broken record just another minute we've

    got it under control John fine what

    you've got a job to do remember let's

    just see what this is all about


    this might hold the black side location

    of a typical on button

    cryptid just like the laptop there must

    be something nearby we can use

    didn't Riddler carry one of these in

    Europe he did but they were purely



    you think it might be a trap maybe but

    we already made it past the line of

    security so maybe not your certainty is



    USB Drive


    here we go

    decrypter detected accessing st. s

    project Lotus files project Lotus

    Sanctus retinal scan required [ __ ] I

    haven't made the goggles yet

    retinal scan timeout is protocol then is

    the Decrypter you know what Sanctus is

    don't you

    I heard stories on jobs best I can piece

    together their group up to

    no good is generous there it's scary

    great one thing's for sure we're not

    getting any more info off that thing

    well there's always Riddler's laptop

    Harley still has it the Decrypter

    probably works with that as well

    everything okay down there

    send the lift back up this should have

    come back sooner and real to Riddler in

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    but I didn't knowing he was tangled up

    with Sanctus and what he did to Lucius

    this is my fault my mess to clean up

    by yourself I can help why do I look

    like I need your help you don't have the

    code to do what needs to be done here

    Bruce you want to do this your way

    you'll have to beat me to it you doing

    balancing the scales you are not leaving

    here with that honey I'm already gone



    resourceful as always


    Viper's it's been fun



    you've gotten rusty you haven't gotten

    past me yet

    scoot down you're coming up blurry




    I forgot how skilled you are with your



    awfully bold news considering we just

    met mr. Wade this is flirting



    catwoman why sorry Bruce but I'm taking

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    Harley's laptop for myself and I'm

    finishing this my way hmm Harley's

    laptop huh

    you and I were going to talk somewhere



    oh that's the stuff

    so John about the laptop oh you know I'm

    the first guy who resort to stealing

    from anyone anyone but her but in a way

    that almost makes it more but another

    way maybe I tell her getting their good

    graces maybe I will and maybe I'll do

    just that

    then she remember my name as an H in it

    she always spells it jaelyn because

    we're friends John this is between us

    Oh our friends are but Harlan's Harley I

    don't know who Bruce I'm torn here just

    thinking about her makes me feel like

    I'm floating she's the most intriguing

    creature ever to grace me with a

    demeaning insult which is great don't

    get me wrong I want more Bruce like you

    would Catwoman I'm only a little ashamed

    to say that dance had my pulse pounding

    what's your relationship with her you're


    Catwoman anion what we have is a little

    tangled up

    oh I wouldn't give to be that tangled up

    with Harley only Harley saw me like

    really saw me the world's a crazy place

    isn't it

    I want Harley and you want the laptop

    maybe we can come to an arrangement I

    help you with Harden

    I see you're up to Batman Wayne what did

    you do to make Catwoman the perv how do

    I get that with Harley

    how can I make her see me people aren't

    as complex as you make them out to be

    Harley smart was she's still human she

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    could be manipulated just like anyone

    else anyone huh how does one go about

    performing this magic trick find a

    problem they have and then make sure

    they think you but the only one who

    could solve it once they have to rely on

    you they're yours we're social animals

    Jon might as well exploit it but how do

    you know what makes them tick too bad

    you can't just open them up and take a

    look you'd be surprised what people will

    say when you just let them talk all you

    need to do is give them space and the

    secrets will spill act interesting let

    them keep digging fascinating

    acknowledge that you hear them but don't

    get in their way makes total sense

    nice try

    I've learned that manipulation can take

    on many forms some of them more subtle

    than others tell me more tell me

    everything get inside their head once

    you know how they think

    you know what they want and you use that

    you know one of the doctors in Arkham

    tried to get in here wait I have an idea

    let's try it out

    first thing that comes to your head what

    do you see

    don't think you're God you

    Perls like a broken necklace how poetic

    that's emblematic of loss right there

    I've lost to Bruce did you know you're

    not supposed to put a new male guinea

    pig with a female who just had pups I

    didn't do you know what they do they

    kill them all of them and not because

    they're evil

    no it's just biology no one can help

    what's in their DNA


    you're an interesting case study mr.

    Wayne I think you might be a danger to

    yourself and others is what dr. Leland

    won't say to me


    that this one what do you see

    it looks like a ladder hmm I can see

    that the ladder doesn't care if you're

    going up or coming down it just is kind

    of like the universe in general right so

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    what else are we to do but have some fun

    what an illuminating evening this has

    been Bruce I feel like we're on the

    verge of a break let's try just one more

    John sorry something just came up its


    I have to run Susu it's fine a for

    effort Bruce I guess I won't go tattling

    - hardly so will you help me get the

    laptop gosh Bruce

    we are friends and you're right about

    Matt and we did have a good

    back-and-forth with the tests I feel so

    much closer it's nice

    drive a hard bargain mr. wait okay let

    me Mull over the logistics but I'm in me

    back at the subway when you're done with

    your business and because we're pals

    coffee's on my dime




    oh it's good you're here the last time I

    fired this up you didn't show that me


    what do you mean the agency convoy all

    those freaks were in one place and you

    decide not to show honey like you you

    don't take time off so what kept you

    Waller ordered me to stand down you're

    kidding that nerve on her

    I guess I can't really talk

    we got there late

    but then it was just pain he still beat

    us to a pulp and got away is that all no

    no I

    I got a favor to ask

    Lucius Fox I know he was your friend and

    I don't mean to speak ill of the dead

    but I think he might have been up to

    some shady stuff before Riddler's attack

    on Wayne tower they might not have been

    a man you thought not entirely

    I knew Lucius Fox for years Gordon the

    man was a saint on the surface maybe

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    there's more to the story

    Riddler targeted him for a reason Wyler

    shut down any investigation into the

    circumstances surrounding his death and

    that means something stinks in Denmark

    they could follow that stench all the

    way to fox's employer

    just how much do you really know about

    Bruce Wayne

    he's another friend you know for a loner

    you sure seem to have a lot of friends

    you might want to start choosing a more

    carefully at first I thought Fox was at

    the center of it all but there's a hell

    of a lot more a Wayne Enterprises

    security guard comes to GCPD saying he

    was assaulted by Harley Quinn and her

    gang and who was leading her around like

    a pet Bruce Wayne then I checked the

    video recordings someone did it amateur

    job covering up the security footage

    files were replaced time unaccounted for

    sloppy and strike three he flashes

    enough cash at one of my officers to get

    into Riddler's old workshop why Bruce

    Wayne is dirty and he's dangerous Waller

    knows all of this happened too and she

    refuses to let me move on it

    so I need you to bring him in that's the

    favor I can't do it but you can

    I know what it looks like Gordon but

    Wayne is it dirty you're wrong you know

    his whole thing it doesn't add up

    Gotham safety is slipping out from under

    me and I can't stand it I know your

    friend Catwoman's in town got a rap

    sheet there to put her away for life

    maybe I can't move on Bruce Wayne but I

    can't move on her I should have done

    this a year ago

    dropping threats and walking away you've

    hit a new low Jim I'll learn to live

    with it soon as I get back to the office

    I'm sitting at a taskforce after and you

    you better not tell her we're coming

    he sounds like he's on a warpath

    if I want Selena she gets away Gordon

    and the police will play

    but if I don't I could her in danger

    don't forget that you'll burn down to

    that laptop God might be your best

    chance to slow down

    unfortunately we're running out of time

    it's my fault corners like this I want

    to tell him everything but I can't

    secrets poison relationships Bruce but

    to protect this city to protect yourself

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    he can't know you know this Kyle is

    going to run sooner or later it's her

    nature how much can you really trust her

    as an ally I know how you feel about her

    make certain you are pledging that cloud

    your judgment we both want to take down


    I know for certain allies are short

    supply these days I know you've worked

    together in the past but circumstances

    are different you know what must be done


    it's Darnell I hope Gordon doesn't take

    it personally I'm afraid he will

    don't go Gordon I've got a city to thing

    please Jim you have to let me in so much

    I'm the best friend you have is what if

    I grew a moustache for you Batman

    hi hello so what John my name is John

    John Doe you don't know me well we

    actually did cross paths once but what

    did you overhear I didn't hear anything

    I just got here I swear it's just what a

    pleasure it's nice to finally meet you

    it's just handshake nice to meet you

    jug welcome quite a grip you've got

    there missus Ouisa stress ball waiting

    to shoot fan of yours in the flesh


    looking for mentors role models have

    come across a few good it is your your

    bat name I don't take on students hold

    on before you accept here's when I bring

    to the table I can get you Riddler's

    laptop all his secrets right there and

    the game who attacked the convoy they

    mean it to pull him

    thanks for the point so what if I steal

    it from Harley Quinn no less and give it

    to you but uh and and this is a big but

    I need you to promise nothing bad will

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    happen it's Harley

    compete letting one criminal slip

    through the cracks every once in a while

    you'd be the worst thing that depends on

    what she does if she hurts innocence

    then I stopped her thank you really

    this is what dedication looks like I get

    the laptop there is the score so win-win

    and now when you're on the job what's

    the preferred method of extracting and

    target always repelling in more

    explosives as a distraction or you know

    what I'll wing it if I were you I'd get

    a friend to help it's a great idea

    I'll Bruce is there do anything for me

    oh one last thing I collect these they

    mean a lot to me what what no pictures

    laptop behind the stack deck well I hope

    you weren't counting on a specific time

    because you know that's what I use my

    phone for



    you speak but all I hear are lies to

    dishonor yourself Timothy if you are the

    rat then wear it proud I will have

    respect for that and with respect comes


    greetings wale come with me there's a

    fellow apostle of technology I thought

    you might appreciate this Ben and I were

    acquiring components for a device I'll

    need once we get to the black site

    device yes an ice explosive for the fire

    failsafe we anticipate encountering that

    isn't the impressive detail as we ran

    into interference I determined I would

    be more efficient if I made smaller

    versions and employed them as

    projectiles who were they

    hindrances as you can see it's been

    wildly successful perhaps Wayne

    Enterprises could benefit from my

    efforts impressive science freeze you'll

    notice I don't do anything ineffectually

    mr. Wayne you're that freeze Wayne he's

    cut out for this life after all huh huh

    I never would have guessed after he

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    shied away from being the last man I

    suspected one more time my friend

    why did an alarm go off when it was your

    job to ensure it didn't faint come on I

    sucked up dangerous time to make a

    mistake when you knew I was looking for

    him or you're trying to slow us down

    no look I wanna get paid just like you

    pickup mouths to feed when they're

    bullies all right you were nowhere to be


    hey you know I'm no traitor mister look

    for you remember come on man we have to

    stand together on this

    just think remember yeah sure pretty

    bold move good yeah yeah now why would I

    do that if I was dirty but I don't throw

    you to the wolves to cover my ass right

    Oh Oh a deft turn but it's not enough to

    save you in fact your awareness of how

    to deceive only creates more suspicion

    what the hell is going on here merely

    blogging there League god dammit pain

    you're running your own investigation

    you're gonna get little business cards

    printed that's a detective bane now hey

    hey hold on damn it why are you

    complaining I didn't get a chance to

    grill the guy I'm a trained psychiatrist

    what are you a side of beef with a hunch

    I'll find the rats and I'll deal with it

    you can't be trusted to run your man

    anymore they're mine now chores i freed

    them from santa prisca you just killed

    one I only shot him who do you think

    wins that recruitment wad yeah they want

    fun of you

    but you want John right laptop this

    seems like the perfect time you don't

    know for sure it was him so now what

    they know the costs high value loyalty

    above all else you know who's gonna

    tough time being loyal now that guy just

    keep our busy I have to sneak into our

    office to get it Bruce yes that was a

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    good one hey you two what's going on

    with you guys Harley what a surprise

    you guys get me a black site location or

    not the answer better be yes Holly we

    didn't find the location to the black

    site yet but we did uncover the codename

    for whatever you're after project Lotus

    ring any bells

    a Woody's project Lotus what do you want

    shouldn't you be informing your men they

    work for me now you she can't even keep

    these dough from colluding puddin are

    you kidding me

    he's loyal to a fault I'm Lloyd Marley

    yeah definitely which is good for you

    because you need help the whole Bains

    man you may be possibly potentially

    can't handle it alone I'm really the

    only man for the job me and only me you

    find out


    and you we need to talk


    Bruce Bruce Bruce this here's one of my

    favorite toys helps me make boring

    things into pretty things can you be a

    smart guy and guess enough for one of my

    favorite toys come on you can do it well

    I'd have to say it's me Oh Wayne you got

    flirtin down I'll give you that but it

    ain't you your molds already sex no the

    lump of clay I'm talking about is John

    you two are getting a little too close

    for comfort

    so I'm making a new rule hands off point

    is John's mine and mine alone so don't

    play with my toys or I'll bash in that

    pretty face he was


    Alfre get a suit ready for drop-off of

    course was your accomplice successful

    apparently not what happened cat what we

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    got it first


    Hey I was hoping you'd catch up to me I

    hadn't had a chance to thank you for

    tipping me off about the GCPD I didn't

    expect it you really saved my ass if it

    wasn't for you the cops would have

    gotten the drop on me for sure

    you should have expected I would I've

    helped you before and it surprises me

    every time now I need you to help me the

    laptop I need you to hand it over you

    proved your point quite the coincidence

    that we find ourselves here again what

    do you mean again

    we're on top of the mayor's old office

    Harvey's old office feels like a hundred

    years ago doesn't it since we had our

    first chase so much has happened since

    then yeah it does

    that's the nut who saved your life first

    time I saw you we had something then

    same as we do now I given it take

    you want it take it


    you didn't think it'd be that easy did




    oh come on that was fun I bring out that

    wild side of yours the one you like to

    keep stuffed down in that suit the side

    of you that's just eight King to break

    free yeah it's a little crazy but isn't

    that what you like about me

    we both like to live on the edge it's

    where we find each other

    maybe I liked it once but the bad girl

    act it's getting old

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    and your good boy act is so fresh well

    have a good night Selena

    why'd you do it run off and Riddler's

    like that

    I wanted to get payback for Riddler on

    my own terms for what they did to him

    from what he did to you

    and just what are you offering me in

    return you're a man of many resources

    make me an offer I can't refuse okay

    Celina I'll give you what you want and

    what is it you think I want something

    meaningful with someone who has her dad

    I've had you already

    but who knows I might be up for a repeat



    just promised to work with me I'll stop

    playing games we've had our fun haven't


    and it seemed like for a moment at least

    you wanted more than that I came back to

    stop Harley's so-called hacked the Eddy

    I knew would have wanted that anything


    bus that's just icing on the cake

    no pressure really

    hey we all have our blind spots guess

    you'll mine so I'd say it's time to find

    a black site partner will probably need

    our own supercomputer to get into his

    laptop but something tells me you might

    know where to find one to come home with

    me what's at home you'll see




    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    I thought I'd seen it all when I found

    you hanging with the sewer rats Bruce

    it's really you

    rich men and their toys

    whom I've been missing as a wet ball

    make yourself comfortable I'll try this

    place it's not exactly cozy I know how

    hard it is to let people in the fact

    that you've done that it means a lot to

    me Bruce I didn't give a damn about

    anyone else until I met you

    you're a bad influence on me

    I didn't care about anyone either you

    the guy who saves people for kicks it's

    not the same thing

    no it's not

    well aren't we a pair unfeeling monsters

    hiding in the basement being here with


    I came back to Gotham for a little

    Redemption but I didn't expect to find

    it next to you it's nice the way I feel

    around you like like I can be better

    do you maybe feel the same

    I'm gonna kiss you now

    that's what I wanted

    I've missed this

    I hold that thought is that what I think

    it is what is my stuff doing on display

    in your cave alongside mementos of the

    Psychopaths you've locked up not that

    you're normal by any stretch of the

    imagination but and there I am right

    next to Harvey Dent this has got to be


    they remind me of you is that such a bad


    did you want them back hold on to him

    they look kind of nice there


    Tifa 2 is served alfrid

    thank you

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00


    decryptor detected accessing Sanctus

    project lotus vials retinal scan

    required let's try this again


    access granted

    Bruce and whenever you have a moment I

    have something to show you

    the back computer will scan for viruses

    and other safeguards before we can have

    access to the data


    it's over 600 horsepower


    you're just wasting gas no never gets


    just keep showing it off Bruce might not

    be here when you get back




    what do you think

    there's a lot of interesting tack down

    here how you did it all I'll never know

    and it's more hospitable than the

    abandoned subway those maniacs call home

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    but just barely so what do you think is

    next for us romantically with the

    Riddler's laptop


    I don't have a lot of expectations

    but I do have some home


    I finished up a new feature for your


    Lucius nearly completed it before well

    I've been fiddling with it to keep

    myself occupied

    at any rate your contacts now have the

    capability to detect heat signatures

    cold too because with mr. freeze you

    never know

    Thanks I'm sure it'll come in handy I've

    impressed you felt close enough to

    someone to welcome the wint of the

    Batcave and curious to know why what is

    it about her not that I'm judging mind

    you difficult to take it back at this

    point she's important I thought as much

    good for you Bruce this is a big step

    ah it's done it was like the laptop is


    hey get that supercomputer go any faster

    I shall be upstairs if you need me good

    luck look at all this data finally

    something we can read let's see what he

    knew and voices schematics design notes

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    Riddler must have been talking by the

    location of the black side his obsession

    with data left us an incredibly thorough

    paper trail

    look at these manifests bode spa a

    strange place for a delivery of virus


    this must be what Riddler means by

    hiding in plain sight

    patient eight four three ten milligram

    injection point zero one percent


    who vision eight four four ten milligram

    injection of point zero one five percent


    is that human test subjects we have to

    find what they were giving those test




    some kind of viral agent from the looks

    of things

    a biological weapon this is what are

    they wants


    the agency don't you work with them

    amanda waller she runs the agency

    sounds like you owe her a phone call


    booth to what do I owe the pleasure of

    this call the agency was working on a

    virus with human test subjects Bruce

    what on earth I just saw it with my own

    eyes how do you is that one Quinn's

    actor yes I found the black side hiding

    in the middle of Gotham at the Bodhi spa

    okay okay I promise we'll get to the

    bottom of this but I need you to trust


    meet me at Wayne tower in 15 I'll tell

    you what I know

    Harley was asking if the goggles are

    there I'll go back to the subway see if

    I can keep her busy thanks Celina

    benefits of partners be safe that's

    you too

    Tiffany what are you doing here running

    late today I expected you earlier I

    needed to talk to you but you only have

    yourself to blame for this

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    Bruce Wayne you're under arrest for

    armed robbery murder and criminal

    conspiracy to commit a terrorist act you

    have the right to remain silent anything

    you say can and will be used against you

    in a court of law

    you have the right to an attorney

    gentlemen please you have my full corner

    shut your mouth and stay down thanks for

    the call miss Fox you've done a good

    thing today I look to you for answers

    for comfort after my father's death

    instead you're running with a new crowd

    criminals I hope you understand why I

    had to do this it makes me question

    everything you've told me my entire life

    it wasn't easy but it had to be done

    look I get it I don't like it but I get


    you did what you had to do I don't blame


    okay I'm glad you can see it that way

    what's in the director Waller uncuffed

    mr. Wayne right now or you'll spend the

    rest of your life as a meter maid mr.

    Wayne is under agency protection and you

    know it

    why do you known it for some time Waller

    and the agency they're not always gonna

    be around to save you Wayne one day

    you're gonna run out of favors to call

    in and when you do there'll be hell to


    I'm not a criminal Gordon surfacers

    price he's involved

    they belongs in a Cell this is neither

    your concern or your purview go home

    Gordon you're done here hell I will if I

    were you I'd be very careful with my

    next words and if I were you I'd stop

    interfering with GCPD business this is

    marcin not anymore you're so far out of

    line you can't see the truth you're


    excuse me you tested me this is what


    damn it Waller you can't do this it's

    well within my power and you know it

    Waller I said they dismissed Waller

    Gordon is a good cop

    he's a good man don't do this

    not from you it's the last straw I won't

    allow anyone to question my authority

    this is strictly professional oh sure

    time to go Jim

    we'll make sure Gordon leaves and be

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    right outside when you're ready

    I apologize for everything

    calling the cops was a bit much well you

    wanted a chance to talk to me so here it

    is talk I just don't understand how you

    got tied up in all this the agency if I

    had known you were what are you doing

    with them please just tell me Bruce look

    Tiffani I'm an undercover operative what

    I'm doing it's dangerous

    thank you for telling me

    I see now though this is why he's dead

    he was involved in whatever you're doing

    this work you're doing seems incredibly

    dangerous but there's something I don't

    get why you I mean no offense but you're

    just Bruce I'm Batman

    you're Batman

    the Batman come on got something to show


    hey Bruce wanted to show you a preview

    of a new bat suit I know you and Alfred

    are still on your well-deserved retreat

    but I couldn't help myself dead I'll

    upload the specs to your private server

    all right hope you guys are enjoying

    yourselves I'll see you soon that's what

    he meant that was the mission the truth

    is there wouldn't be a bad man without

    your father he made the suit the

    Batmobile the gear all of it Bruce he

    set the bar pretty high huh

    with dad gone

    maybe I can still help if Batman is

    interested it's the least I can do and I

    know my dad would be proud you'll need

    the proper training it's a dangerous job

    whatever it takes I'm in that's good to


    okay I need to digest sorry for

    everything earlier but thank you for

    trusting me with this

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    on the same we might be pushing him too

    hard he's capable and he knows how to

    cover his tracks our only path forward

    is through Wayne yeah let's get to it

    then I know you have some questions a

    few care to explain why the videos I saw

    said this virus was an agency experiment

    years ago I was brought in to rectify

    the agency's past mistakes or failing

    that to cover them up one mess in

    particular dealt with black ops

    experiments human subjects the kind of a

    moral science that makes your skin fall

    Sanctus they were a division that was

    shut down for good long before either of

    us joined but evidently they went

    underground this is our worst case

    scenario with Sanctus off the leash this

    research poses a global threat if I'd

    known where they set up their den I

    would have taken them out years ago if

    you want them taken out now is your

    chance we know right where they are it's

    not that simple

    Sanctus was dangerous then there's

    certainly worse now this whole situation

    it's given me an idea I can't put an

    agent within a thousand yards of that

    place without them starting a war or

    blowing up the entire block just to

    cover their tracks

    we know it's tricky but leaving Harley

    and her gang into Sanctus might allow

    the two problems to take care of


    they ever lose info they have a way in

    and you're undercover with them at least

    with scientists and the pact at each

    other's throats the agency cannot

    quickly clean up and minimize casualties

    it's an Orthodox but a strike like this

    will keep damage from spilling onto

    Gotham streets you two can't be serious

    Harley Bane fries no they can't be

    trusted you don't have to trust that we

    trust you

    for now just go and check this place out

    right now as yourself we don't want them

    to know Batman is on their tail I bet

    you're the type of guy who has an

    expensive surveillance equipment we have

    your back Bruce we'll be right behind

    you keep me in the loop so I know what

    my team and I might be facing when it

    goes down defensive security whatever

    their lives

    as well as the fate of this city

    I know you might have reservations about

    working with Harvey and improve

    lightness sometimes you have to use bad

    people to do things



    I'll have you located the black site I

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    think so what are you were in the office

    I did some basic online research of the

    focus bar

    excellent what's the verdict according

    to reviewers it truly seems to be a

    fully functioning business not just a

    front until the service interests they

    offer rather popular high-end massages

    and have an active social media feed

    it's a 24-hour business Bruce there are

    customers going in and out at all times

    they have no idea what's coming toward


    there's no way to tell until I get in


    we'll proceed with caution

    initiate the feet of my contacts to

    Waller let her know I'm here at once

    need to see what we're up against

    good idea remember you're able to toggle

    the thermal imaging in your lenses I'm

    signing off while you speak with

    director Waller be careful think so

    Waller on the line Bruce I'm here I'll

    let you know if I find anything


    caution is keepers this situation is a

    spark away from a wildfire I'll keep

    that in mind

    that access door is connected to the spa

    project notice this is definitely the

    place bori spa could work Brooks they

    weren't exactly being subtle

    that appears to just be a patron


    there are still traces of heat

    signatures someone was here recently

    maybe guards

    looks like we have a receptionist behind

    the front desk she's hardly anything to

    worry about all too easy to hide a gun

    under that desk

    I see a security panel inside the


    it could trigger an alarm system of some

    kind if I can hit that before they

    suspect what I'm really here for

    they'll be blind and helpless perfect

    for my people you just saved a few

    agents lives Bruce

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    they're heading downstairs the real lab

    must be underground

    Sanctus has been in the middle of Gotham

    this entire time they burrow under your

    skin and eat you from the inside out

    this is why I'm willing to let these

    criminals either tip of the spear

    dangerous and expendable

    my favorite adjectives that's some

    top-notch fieldwork booze

    I know being undercover has been tough

    but you just need to maintain it a

    little longer if you don't get inside

    with those maniacs we're going to have a

    pandemic on our hands

    while her I need to go now why would a

    billionaire be skulking around their

    filthy alley carefully inspecting every

    detail almost as if performing

    reconnaissance looking for something

    aren't we are they over Harley she sent


    fawni she didn't mention that my BAE

    have you been spying on me

    spying no I've only been keeping an eye

    on as the same thing I heard the GCPD

    made you a visit at your office so I

    swung by to see if you might be in need

    of some a eNOS understand then something

    about the look on your face as you left

    so they dar me

    yes I had a sense you would lead me to

    something interesting project loaders

    this is the secret you and Harley hand

    where are we Bruce what is this place

    and do your best to be honest lies

    insult us both this is a the black site

    rather wanted to hit so this is what

    Harley was trying to keep secret she

    didn't know strange that you're here

    after a run-in with GCPD in an alleyway

    with the other rats finding you in this

    duplicitous position while we have a

    mole problem

    and it does not look good for you my

    friend when you wake up you can tell

    Hari that you led me right to her

    conspiracy wake up rice and shy

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    oh I Biddy what you're about to face

    Wayne you did the right thing telling me

    about the black site but there's still

    something about you that gives me pause

    something that casts a shadow over your


    Harley wanted to spearhead the hunt for

    them all this will be her chance so be

    thoughtful with your words in there they

    could be your last

    thanks for the warning I'll be careful I

    hope it's not you Wayne but if it is

    I'll kill everyone who shows up for your


    what is it Mel Bain the rat has been

    uncovered Wayne was right under your

    nose and tracked way to the location of

    the black site if he sent Wayne to scout

    it so lower your damn voice it was the

    final piece of the puzzle and now we got

    it go get your boys ready we move on the

    site ASAP and don't worry your pretty

    little head about a rat problem I got it


    and Bane tell fries to get one of them

    popsicle makers ready you're not going

    anywhere you're in here

    thanks for backing me up don't mention

    it can't have him stepping on my turf

    you know I said I'd find the rats and I

    will your father he was a hard man right

    someone lied to him

    betrayed him he ended them I think he

    was on to something with that idea show

    no mercy

    take no apologies that sort of thing

    there's always another way

    killing someone isn't an answer the son

    a Thomas Wayne shiz away from spilling

    blood you are who I think you are Bruce

    what do you think I have a man out to

    prove to the underworld he's just as bad

    as his dear departed dad

    well they're more to the story I should


    hidden depths secrets you don't want me

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    to see I also enjoy long walks on the

    beach hmm you're funny

    must have gotten that from your mother's

    side you know my dad could be a funny

    guy too


    and they all fell down to the deep to

    turn to the talk to drown he used to

    sing that to me my dad made me feel safe

    like nothing could hurt me you have a

    nice voice might want to get those ears

    checked brucey but it's nice to know I

    have a fan been running short of those


    in fact you being like my dad that's why

    I got such a soft spot for you oh you do

    you found me the black site didn't you

    Plus you're not a bad guy I mean you're

    rotten like the rest of us but you

    actually care for some people like that

    girl what's the face uh Britney no

    Tiffany you remember early twenties

    fresh-faced and optimistic how am i


    I'd kill to have a friend like that

    right now yeah friends the Great's

    except when you have to lose them

    laptops gone what are you yeah shaaka we

    have a turncoat I've interviewed just

    about everyone in the place except maybe

    one what soon so gosh that only leaves

    the two people I haven't cleared you and


    maybe it was the guy who Bane gave the

    hamburger face but yet his thing the

    laptop went missing after that bout you

    seem to have made up your mind already

    guess one of us has to be the mole but

    you've already cleared me Trion's make

    me second-guess myself ain't gonna work

    sweetie nice try though John get in here

    I told PUD and I narrowed it down to you

    - he begged me to let him interrogate

    you I gave him some pointers and now

    this is his chance hi Bruce you

    potential rat have a de Jong


    Harley and diamond

    can't learn to ride with training wheels

    on forever you know I'll be right

    outside admit frets come you're the

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00


    sorry I have to make it sound good

    do it again

    what hit me again take

    get them all ready to come to this we

    both know what has to be done cat has to

    take the fall

    think about it Bruce Harley's gotta kill

    that Tiffany girl if it's you if she'll

    stop there John you tried to steal it

    you can take the fall

    Harley cares for you she won't hurt you

    are you kidding me she glanced me like a


    did you even stick up for me that's

    right Bruce I really did I said it loud

    and clear

    eternally you know Harley she's not a

    mind-reader not as strong as you well

    I'll get through this Brisbane I don't

    see a lot of options that end too great

    for you it's either you or her you want

    to do Bruce she knows it was one of you


    she moves my god yes it was Catwoman I

    went to the safe but it was already gone

    you were right there talking Harley's

    I know you can hear about her but

    yeah alright times up perfect because

    I'm done you cut a confession

    great job wooden who we hanging out to


    go ahead Bruce tell her what you told me

    come on go ahead Bruce and it's okay

    just like we talked about it was me

    Harley I took it

    you were just starting to get under my

    skin too bad I guess they do have to

    hurt Tiffany after all and you of course

    I knew you had it in you John we are

    gonna do terrible things together like

    send this one up to the great ice box in

    the sky


    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

    well Bruce it's been fun bane

    get him inside

    you can let the cats out of the bag

    Bruce Bruce is in deep trouble hardly be

    reasonable why would I start now I can't

    do what she wanted I fell apart the

    thing about what it was or what she did

    with it it's about trust

    and I ain't got none for you no more

    wait Harley as great as this is as a

    punishment not Bruce can't he's my best

    friend so maybe we can let him go live

    at least


    be sure to send Tiffany a postcard from




    Batman: The Enemy Within (Telltale Games Series) Episode 3: Fractured Mask Walkthrough with 60fps Gameplay and Ending. No commentary Let's Play playthrough in 1080p on PC, PS4, Xbox One. Episode 3: Fractured Mask - Now, in addition to brokering a power struggle between Commissioner Gordon and Amanda Waller, Bruce must balance romantic entanglements with his mission to infiltrate the Pact. As he plunges deeper into the criminal underworld, the villains' plan starts to come into focus, but will his deceptions take a dire toll?

    Catch up with the previous Episodes 1&2. SUBSCRIBE for Episode 4!
    Episode 1: The Enigma ► https://youtu.be/pHboJuwNP0o
    Episode 2: The Pact ► https://youtu.be/HvT4SyOH6Cs

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    Batman The Enemy Within Description:
    In this latest chapter from the award-winning studio behind Batman - The Telltale Series, both Bruce Wayne and Batman will be forced into precarious new roles. Batman must navigate uneasy alliances while Bruce Wayne undertakes a perilous series of deceptions. Which of Batman’s new allies will you choose to trust? And how deep into the darkness will you let Bruce descend?

    Developer: Telltale Games
    Publisher: Telltale Games
    Engine: Telltale Tool
    Platforms: Android, iOS, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One
    Release: August 8, 2017
    Genre: Graphic adventure
    Mode: Single-player

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    1. I didn't like on how this chapter ends w/Bruce in a serious predicament (being frozen in a box), but having Alfred making improvements on the contacts to detect heat and cold signatures could come in handy for him to break out and of course save Catwoman from the Pact.


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