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    Battle Chasers: Nightwar – 100% Achievements/Platinum Tips & Starting Info

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    Side note: If you finish the 'fishiary' in your first playthrough, you can go to the guy that you trade in fish for shadow coins in your second playthrough and get a lvl 26 sword for Garrison...making a large portion of the second playthrough a breeze.
    For more detailed help, check out:
    0:00 – Intro / Which characters to use
    6:41 – When to buy equipment
    8:32 – Fishing
    11:20 – Shadow coins
    14:29 – Missables
    15:22 – Things to do before starting new game plus
    18:58 – Current perk setups and explanations
    23:42 – Other areas/quests to check out while playing

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    Comment (24)

    1. It's fascinating to see how differently people build out their party and each character. I'm way more focussed on Red Monika and Alumon than Gully and Garrison. It seems like Galibretto is a must for everyone though.

    2. For me actually some monsters in the highest difficulty dungeons are the most challenging, bosses are usually quite easy once you figure out their attacks and what you need to do at a given time.

      I really like playing with red Monika because of her assasin playstyle and huge crits.

    3. loved this game, but i wish the end game was tuned to be a bit more difficult… i remember it being super easy since I had done all the side quests along the way and was overpowered at the end

    4. Does any one know how to do the infinite greater tomes of intelligence from the treasure chest boss. All videos show the chest refresh when you flee from boss. But both play threws I've done, the boss is still there but the chests are empty.
      I don't see what I'm doing wrong for the exploit.

    5. Good weapon u can receive early on when can reach junk town once at location head up to the fisherman wharf speak to shark guy get sword fish weapon off him for garrison got mine lvl 13/15 puts ur attack above 4000 so ur hitting enemies ur lvl for about 2000hp I collected mine on new game plus I don’t know if it something u need to collect in first play through to make it available strange one but with sword u can one hit most enemies/bosses with certain moves on mythic dofficulty will do u till u get ultimate weapon

    6. Great video. I'm just now returning to BC after a long hiatus. I've never platinumed a game before and if I can beat this on New Game plus then I'll have finally gotten my first platinum trophy. I've been struggling on New Game Plus, though, hence why I'm here. I was trying to mix up my characters to freshen up my gameplay this time around by using Gully, Garrison, and Knolan, however, what I learned from your video is I should probably just go back to Calibretto instead of Knolan, again. I've just been having to grind so much this time around trying to do dungeons on Mythical difficulty on New Game plus, so I'm wondering if I also haven't been taking full advantage of the perk trees in some way.

    7. This game is awesome. I was looking for a sequel- I guess I’ll get it in the form on “The Ruined King.” I don’t know anything about league of legends- it it’s Airship and Joe Mad- so I’m in…. what about you?


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