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SearchThisVideo: Battle Chef Brigade Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – No Commentary (PC)

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100 years ago monsters raged across

vic-20 they destroyed farms decimated

the dwindling animal population and

attacked our people on sight famine and

death swept the land no one had dared to

hunt and cook monsters for centuries

fearing their cursed flesh it was then

that king heinrich and chef Robuchon

delivered Victoza

from the brink of extinction together

they built the finest culinary

institution this world has ever seen the

battle chef Brigade a legion of elite

soldier chefs on the frontier the

culinary world now battle chefs across

the land stand as our protectors and

providers bringing monster cuisines from

hunt to taken as summer begins so does

our tournament drawing forth the next

generation of culinary warriors what new

styles of cooking will be witnessed this

you what tantalizing dishes will be


this year's tournament is sure to be our

fiercest yet


I'm off to the market don't buy the blue

squiggle again taste it spoiled last

time I'll ask the brigadiers about it

where's Oscar trying to wake me up she

just keeps saying ten more minutes

Mena get down here now Saskia let's go

we're already late

Mina if you don't come down this instant

my love stop yelling it's the restaurant

fire or something you know it's busiest

on Fridays finish that Kurata Mapo tofu

order for Table two


these ingredients taste a bit off to me

a couple of things we got from the

market were strange not sure what's

going on one bow run noodle soup on it


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you stayed up training for the brigade

again didn't you

it was Saskia's idea

I suppose it was Saskia's idea the last

10 times - you know your father and I

would love you to apply but we need you

here we are not going to be around

forever and your sister isn't even

married please ah I just saw Simon

outside go gather some fresh ingredients

he looks like he's in the mood for

something off menu I can always tell by

how much he's slouching standards aren't

that high for 50-point dish







or a Mina got a new experiment for me to

try you bet only the finest from our

backyard dig in what

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there can't be how he tasted it myself

it's actually good I have to keep your

ego in check scare me like that

Oh Simon it looks like we'll need some

extra satchels of grain and flour we're

running through it a lot faster than


Nina go over to Simon so he doesn't have

to make a double trip I really don't

mind you live so close by hush I'll go

give this money to his father when you

get there

thank you mrs. Han be back in a flash

Simon wait before we get there I need to

tell you something what's up I'm not

going to be around for a while did you

get grounded for brigade training again

this isn't a joke I'm finally going to

do it I'm going to run away from home

Rena I think you're way too old for that

now not throwing a tantrum mom and dad

will never let me if I wait for their

permission I'll be stuck cooking the

same recipes for the same people forever

that's not necessarily true

you could change up the menu can I make

it in I'll get to travel the land and

learn about everything in the world of

food that's more than I could ever take

here you're serious then

dead serious I've got what it takes and

I'm not growing enough around here where

everyone's happy just doing the same

it's tough


your mom is gonna flip and the only

person who scares me more than my dad is

your mom couldn't you wait till the

restaurant picks back up a bit it hasn't

been doing so greatly plenty of new

travelers will be passing through on

their way to the proving tournament

we'll be fine

you don't own a coin your parents

haven't given you first how are you

gonna be no rope now I'm gonna be an

accomplice no I can tell me

this money is just enough to apply and

move it extra think you could help the

neighbor out and spot me some flour I

don't like this but how can I refuse my

favorite neighbor Thank You Simon we

should get going

our parents are gonna be annoyed that

we're taking so long oh god of barley

give me strength your mom is gonna kill

me call him a douche after you in the



before I go how about one more practice

hey Kiki

sure why don't we practice with wind

magic one last time all right we should

have some time before ma gets back from

Angie's house I can't believe our little

Mimi is all grown up it's really


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Oh before I forget did you pack enough

underwear what I think so remember I

gave you some of that stationery I want

you to write every week

Kiki stop acting like mom hey I have to

make sure I'm not alone you have to die

in a ditch somewhere

hello olive plenty of underwear and

stationery with me in that ditch

all right you better get going thanks

Kiki you have no idea what this

opportunity means to me oh I know don't

screw up and here take this cookie jar

with you a little reminder of home



freight on Kiki's cloak I have to give

this back you know they say it's good

luck for that to happen when you first

come to town it's a capital of thrashed

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by the way you're looking register for

the tournament aren't you oh yes i Mena

nice to meet you how do you know I was

here for the tourney that's a nice bag

at your son you've got a pen head

sticking out of the back of your satchel

marking the other contestants is easy

you can sense special aura about the

burnings excitements oh look at me

getting all worked out anyway this is

the back of the line up there with a

pink haired woman is where we register

wow that's a lot of contestants this

isn't even half of it

I hear there's somewhere around fifty

options awesome line each just walk 30

miles and I don't have the energy for

this well you can cut in front of leaf

like you're so kind


okay gonna do time for some Mina magic

I'll see you around gotta go

excuse me pardon me I'm just trying to

get through there we go next

Hey she cut hi I'm here for the it'll be

ten goal to register yes I have that

here you go

take this form and fill it out hand it

to the gentleman to my right next h21

the windy village title well Simon

always calls me the iron stomachs since

I can eat anything here is your

registration number don't lose it

if you do tough bricks tomorrow your

orientation is at 6 a.m. in the opening

ceremony is it 4:00 p.m. 6:00 a young

you better go find a place to stay and

rest up curious

good afternoon room for one how much per

night two gold annoyed and we have

complimentary breakfast here my wife

cooks up a storm if you're here for the

tournament you can stay for the entire e

of the competition 420 it's a steal

perfect although that leaves me with

nothing left and what if I get

eliminated early no I'm not gonna get

kicked out I can do this if you need to

scrounge up some change you could always

do one of the jobs available in tune

wonderful thank you sir

so do enjoy your stay and bring a dish

what oh it's probably another same let

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

me show you

oh wow this is really nice

we do our best I'll let you get settled

in if you need anything you know where

to find me

thank you sir maybe I'll just Iike mom


what time is it I need to get downstairs




or interesting good morning loud



excuse me

oops sorry about that no I wasn't

looking where I was going

there's quite a few smells wafting

around here of the unbathed nature I

just got in yesterday myself I'm

registered for the tournament and

everything but I meet oh wait a second

oh no oh no I slept there orientation

oh my well if you need someone to get

you up to speed I'd be happy to help

I'm Kieran and you are Mina

so great we can use the practice kitchen

so you're not going into things cold

tomorrow I'll act as your referee but

first let's find you an opponent





hey what's up


- I was wondering if you'd like to get a

little practice in how about it sure

I live for cooking battles we should

have just enough time before the opening

ceremony and you won't want to miss that

good I see you found a partner let's

head to the practice kitchen and get

started let's do this


so what exactly do I need to do to make

it into the brigade you must challenge

other chefs in town to match it's

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

similar to this official matches are

carried out in the kitchen Coliseum

overseen by Chairman Kamen and the

judges contestants must earn seven wins

to enter the final round chefs with

three losses are eliminated well that

won't happen us Nina no way we're going

to make it to the final round

yes as for the cooking itself there are

three things to avoid if you don't want

to lose points during judging first

always incorporate the matches theme

ingredient in your dishes second make

sure to place your dishes in front of

the judges within the time limit third

don't leave anything harmful to the

judges in your ingredients like poison

there's also a weight to gain goals and

that's by using ingredients that match

the judges taste preferences all right I

think I got let's do this very will

provide me with the dish predominantly

flavored with earth and your theme

ingredient for this round is Khurana

oh I never thought I'd get to say this

but in the words of chairman common via

the brigade





Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

















Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00



well done you two let's see what we have


excellent work



it is with pride I announce our winner

is Nina congratulations


I was hoping this would calm me down so

now I'm more excited for the tourney to

start him for that was a great work Nina

he was strong competitor

you were so serious while cooking it's

admirable but don't get too tense I can

see your mind racing in a million

directions don't forget to breathe it's

funny how I forget to do that when I'm

concentrating really hard

another battle against chefs from all

around the country before just think of

all the different cuisines and

techniques simply return it it's taste

of the world speaking of which I think I

hear some music starting up let's go and

enjoy the opening ceremonies good



welcome one and all Victoza opens its

arms to the world for the annual battle

chef brigade tournament we wait with

bated breath to discover which

incredible contestants will join the

ranks in the brigade chefs


Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

hmmm attention rise and shine soldier

its dr. Russell Meena Han are you not

feeling well

no ma'am it's really great your fellow

contestants have all gotten at least one

match under their belts Kurt's gone

behind already you need to get moving

cadet yes wait where do I even start my

dear if you had just woken up in time

you would have caught the briefing some

sorry instructor there's no more time to

lose get dressed and go warm up with

thorn at the hunters guild yes ma'am

Battle Chef Brigade Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 PC 1080p HD Full Game Campaign Mode, No Commentary Playthrough



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  1. The animations seems way more fluid and smooth than trailers had led me to believe they would be. I was already sold on everything else about the game, so knowing they just botched demonstrating how nice the art actually looks in motion is a relief!


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