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    a loner wait

    that's not our DEA's handwriting fresh

    something terrible has happened

    our dia has taken ill the doctors cannot

    find a cure and her condition worsens

    every day she does not eat she sweats

    even in cool weather she sleeps but does

    not rest the most troubling of all is

    that her skin has begun to turn pink I

    think it best

    crash my boy you managed to corner

    fontina come inside and I'll give you a

    reward no I have to leave now Artie is

    sick that you might not have much time


    wait I don't mean to boast but belt you

    and I possess a wide range of medicinal

    knowledge do you know her symptoms fever

    refusing food sleeping all the time and

    her skin I've heard about this it's dark

    realm fever but there's never been a

    documented case in someone who hasn't

    ventured there what's due to its dangers

    brigade sorceress sealed the dark realms

    portals many years ago the fever should

    be impossible to contract no offense but

    I'll care more about how she got sick

    after she's cured where can I find the

    answers the only known cure comes from

    the hearts of a yogi there's a problem

    the creature resides in the dark realm

    it's true that the sorcerers closed many

    of them but the brigade kept a few alive

    so how do I find one speak with thorn

    she will be able to guide you there

    we'll prepare the necessary ingredients

    for your return good luck thrush


    thorn could you be any louder even my

    trophies can hear you in that dead I'm

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    sorry I need a hundred spoon right now

    not anger hmm speech I need to get to

    the dark room you find it yoku felt your

    city to take me how's the old thought

    finally lost his mind

    it's hearts are the only thing that can

    cure my wife she's sick if I lose her I

    lose her I'll never be whole again oh

    really yes but you're likely to die

    brace yourself

    where can I find the yoga the Beast only

    appears once enough monster GLaDOS

    skills not that I know anything about

    that then it's time to get my hands to

    for our tea



    much difference

    keep your guard



    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    the dark realm is a twisted reflection

    of Atocha reflection we can investigate


    it's supposing than I thought

    vo ku is a reflection of fallen monsters

    rage don't underestimate it



    well done

    now come back before that Yogi's mate

    pulls your soul from your body again

    only joking of course I'm known for my



    I don't know how to thank you Oh your

    wife needs you


    Keiran I brought the hearts let me see

    them undamaged good

    where's both you how quickly can you

    make the potion Bell key or stayed up as

    long as he could but his age tires him I

    know this isn't what you want to hear

    but the hearts must be placed in a slow

    cooker for one night in order to bring

    out their healing properties no I have

    to leave immediately you're the smartest

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    person I know just make it faster if you

    leave now it's without the potion I'm

    sorry but you have to wait until morning

    sorry for snapping it's just what if I

    get you the time fortune casting is the

    province of the superstitious but just

    this once I'm certain that will not

    happen I believe in you but I know Ardea

    does too

    there's nothing I can do to help you

    finish faster no go back to the inn and

    get some rest

    you'll need your strength for the

    journey to Mars just a few more days

    Aria please don't leave me thrash are

    you in there is something terrible has


    the hearts are gone thieves bandits I

    tell you coming hurry I'll meet you back

    at the lab


    all right they're really gone I'm afraid

    so I'll go back to the dark realm we'll

    get new hearts I admire your spirit but

    the yoku can only be summoned once per

    lunar cycle but we may be able to make

    an antidote without them why didn't you

    tell me that yesterday my lad this is

    the longest of long shots but it's all

    we have








    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00





    you mixed it well but I'm afraid the

    ingredients denatured and they can't

    bear the heat without the Oklahoman's

    don't you I can't accept this / you may

    not need to while you were cooking I

    found this the thieves must have left it

    several would-be apprentices came in

    wearing this color recently it was the

    same with all of it one day they

    disappeared along with a piece of my

    research you think they're part of the

    same group yes bandits do you know where

    I can find them I'm not sure but look

    for the red cloth in the meantime I've

    sent Kiran out for more herbs she and I

    will keep working on a backup since you

    will cure


    what is this


    we've got all the kitchen where you need




    what's up



    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    or try a muffin


    what's always there


    what's this






    is the coast clear him lend me thine

    ears fellow citizens for I have a tail

    most magnanimous to tell what widows who

    are you

    wailed mine good fellow vine is a

    question fraught with existential entry

    in the simplest of terms I have the high

    honor to be fain has the brilliant

    founder and illustrious leader of the

    stell heart bandits you

    you stole the hearts do you have any

    idea what you've done

    hearts from when stop this accusation

    spring to pronounce such a on our

    honor I don't have time for this where

    are they oh never cuts off the Fang does

    it now you'll have to answer them mate

    now yes the heart is safely in our

    keeping of that I don't surely and you a

    quitter get your ends on unless you go

    through me fine let's do this for

    centuries this puts them before the time

    we've scarcely fallen 20 pence before

    the next batch the in light of thine

    outburst mine sumptuous soliloquy must

    wait the tragedy

    divine theme ingredient this motto is

    not a fruit



    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00










    ever seen a cook make a meal without

    seasoning no that sounds pretty gross

    when you punch it with spices it's or

    imagine it please this will be an easy



    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00






    i Paz the illustrious whilst be thine

    judge and it would be my great pleasure

    to partake in a dish of fire let the

    majesty of mine judging comments such

    base ingredients


    she's heavenly and learn with a single

    flex of his mighty cooking muscles

    thrush claims victory all right

    all right i won I'd like my heart see

    know what happening

    never trust a bandit mr. wait

    now now my kiss not polite to go against

    my book merrily we shut give divine

    heart thou has fully earned one what

    happened to your word bond for what is

    the code that governs all our wisdom but

    vanish to say one part with one two I

    remain a man of my word but so - am I

    one of my code you can't be serious I

    need them all now

    Oh what's they look at the time tis mine

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    fate to always be in a hurry come river

    we must take our leave before time

    arrives they really bursaries


    what is this

    try a muffin


    the other bandits have to be close by

    what could they possibly want hearts for

    they're not even using them for anything


    they have a solution to your bandit

    problem meets me at the Crescent a Sethe

    finally some answers






    good you here I have a plan to help with

    the bandits what do we do you'll take

    over for me in the kitchen ville I go on

    a fact-finding mission through the

    dining room

    I've got patrons in here who have

    traveled from all over at least one of

    them must know where the bandits hideout

    is shouldn't I ask people to don't Beth

    took me recruit our operation needs to

    be fast and efficient just turnout

    quality meals as fast as possible and

    I'll do the rest



    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00







    that looks great back there


    ooh I would as fast as I could

    did you find anything out lots of

    conflicting accounts but these for the

    stories I heard over and over but the

    bandits are spies from another leg

    they're here as an act of international

    espionage to steal our culinary secrets

    Sam it's hard to believe they're bandits

    much less trained spies - their roving

    mercenaries hired by a mysterious

    character mercenaries 3 the bandits for

    a group of actors who fell on hard times

    and turn to crack but I could explain

    them your behavior it's unfortunate we

    couldn't get country tricks I thought it

    would be worth five conceded it's fine I

    appreciate everything you've done for me

    you had all for today and keep an ear

    out for any news about them


    or any progress on another cure I may be

    on to something but it requires a test

    subject interested in volunteering

    anything's helped

    excellent begin by reducing these items

    to their purest elements


    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00









    or exquisite now take a bite

    did it work you do look healthier

    there's a bit of a glow wait something's

    happening give us every detail

    I feel no no that's not healing anybody

    that rules out the whisk root are you

    going to be all right yeah I'm okay just

    a little queasy

    we're looking for something


    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00


    try me


    ah his good fortune we meet here again

    there's before thou must compete under

    the resplendent high of pass the

    magnificent but first would be mine

    pleasure to introduce today's champions

    the first being this rather disagreeable

    gentleman and lose our various hearts

    the rush the mighty you better watch it

    the second in name but most assuredly

    not in spirit it is mine pleasure most

    high to present looter the silver tongue

    my flattery is well received wait

    weren't you talking normally before Oh

    Dorothy i prithee what wouldst thou ask

    of our competitors

    pardon my shilly-shallying a good thing

    but I cannot choose between two flavors

    verily i wouldst enjoy a spot of fire

    and blended in harmony on this moralist

    fine mine tastes turns to a fire filled

    dish and now without further delay and

    with Dorothy's glowing presence beside

    me and shalt reveal our theme

    ingredients posthaste




    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00









    what's your deal anyway these

    ingredients might do you why are you so

    determined to keep them that's none of

    your business

    what's that I think your accent is

    slipping thou must be hearing things

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00








    quickly now Dorothy let us make haste

    and eat before our meals fool

    I've never tasted something so do fine



    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00


    twould seem we've all fairly butter his

    time you gave our competitor his due


    goods weren't delivered study pray tell

    what's thou defy my orders and speak as

    a common name we shalt manage as have we

    always yes

    here you are sir thrush you mentioned

    agent who hire me why do they want my

    thoughts toward be dishonorable to break

    faith with our employee but stealing's

    fine some moral code


    what's this two out of three

    the last thrash may I enter yeah come on

    in it's about the remedies Bell cure and

    I have been working on did one of the

    hold up no and I'm afraid none of them


    Valkyr says we must keep trying but I've

    used the entirety of my medicinal

    knowledge and still cannot produce a

    cure i I failed

    now when you need me most my expertise

    is meaningless Kiran I've had days to

    find a bandage and only two hearts to

    show for it you've done more than I

    could ever ask failure is the absence of

    progress you have learned more about

    your opponent every day that is

    significant I wish I could say the same

    I could be prouder to call you my friend

    you've worked non-stop since I told you

    about our dia have you even slept have


    well I not much then let's remedy that

    for both of our sakes I am certain you

    could use a full night's sleep you're

    probably right

    are you going to be okay yes and

    yourself I hope so

    our Kiran was right I do feel better

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    or Oh may I be of service


    good morning I have some news for you

    or what I hope is news a breakthrough of

    a kind I've been racking my brain for

    some clue as to who might have hired

    those bandits and I have a hypothesis

    I had an associate back at Oris academia

    rixel he was talented but lacking in

    empathy he became very angry at the

    brigades decision to fund me out of

    university and attempted to sabotage my


    you think he hired the bandits to steal

    your research perhaps he too became a

    member of the brigades Research Corps

    but you wouldn't know it from his

    demeanor do you know where I can find

    him no he hasn't reported to his station

    in several days he may believe he's

    stolen a vital piece of the ambrosia

    project the conjurer I'll see if I can

    find anything else about him Thanks







    but all right



    good morrow were touring fans his mind

    pleasure to remain sane past the

    Magnificent on this most exciting morn

    as I looked upon the faces of my fellows

    last night mine mine did Watts amongst

    memories long past I dreamt a dream of

    face beans incredibly talented it's

    poorly treated by a society who did not

    understand their genius forsooth what

    would I won't listen to this anymore I'm

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    sorry you had to quit acting to become

    bandits I'm sorry you're mixed up in


    I wish I could help you but please

    listen to me my wife gets closer to

    death with every minute you sit around

    and pontificate she's never needed me

    for anything but I've always needed her

    I can't let her down

    what is this unbridled anger step back

    feign this Orcas danger that's not it

    my transformation stems from something

    greater it comes from the warm looks

    long nights quiet moments and stupid

    jokes only we'd laugh at the way she

    smiled that they had proposed My dear

    fellow it was never my intention to

    jeopardize your wife we shall begin

    speak your desires mine comrades yes

    let's see returning to the table is


    along with our utmost talented thespian

    beer water and earth befitting a star of

    my stature I require a dish of fire

    suitable for mind refined palette of

    which there's no match in all of Victoza

    now we'll just make me a dish with fire

    and earth sati Oh mine most mighty

    friend show this off the flames of our

    passion now give me the most superlative

    ingredient for the task squiggle




    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00













    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00






    the tone is





    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00









    via Dorothy

    shall we partake of the feast before us

    bewitching flavors

    bewitching flavors stupendous heavenly

    resplendent absolutely magnificent

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    bested our strongest member pronounce

    the winner yeah


    so now give me my heart I remain a man

    of my knowledge I will give this to the

    previous what is room with I want you

    people take a hint there's no time to

    spare and I've already wasted so much

    chasing you around the truth is she has

    dark brown fever no one knows how she

    got into these parts but the only things

    that have a shot of curing you

    they're my only hope tragic romantic

    I'm interested back quite simply it's

    the most moving story mine ears have

    ever heard have to be died as the

    merciful would like to offer our

    sincerest regrets it is my solemn vow to

    you that we depart the way of the Bandit

    and return to the path of theater Grace

    in the heart and to heighten those

    stories tension take a bit of

    information Rix's hideout lies in a

    basement under King squirrel do with



    thanks you mine good sir shall always be

    an honorary member of our motley cast

    you may call upon us at your food and we

    shalt appear ready to assist seriously

    have to leave of course on what a Mayan

    gold may a thousand hit strong bowel run

    poorly around estimation


    ciarán both you I have the final hearts

    well done hurry give them to me we need

    to begin the distillation process

    immediately will it still take 12 hours

    there's no way around it in order to

    properly hydrolyze the hearts they need

    to be cooked at a low temperature for

    many hours 12 truly is the quickest

    anything less and the tincture may not

    be effective can't stand waiting to see

    her anymore there has to be something I

    can do your intentions are good

    thrush but you have to think about

    what's best for our dear rushing the

    preparation may have extraordinarily

    negative consequences know your rights

    it's just hard to stand by and do

    nothing come back at the first light of

    dawn leave the rest to us just one more

    night and I'll see her again hold on our

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00


    you did it it's real quite real finish

    just 3.2 minutes ago then there's no

    time to lose wait you did so much to

    help me maybe I can pay a rittle a visit

    that suggests he stops trying to

    sabotage the bandits told me he's hiding

    out in the basement at Kings Square I

    appreciate the gesture but rixel cannot

    stand in the way of science however hard

    he may try still Bell key or perhaps you

    should visit him and attempt to put this

    grudge to rest I will accompany you as

    protection but he's got his rats

    everywhere how unsanitary in a place of

    experimentation there's no need to be

    such a curmudgeon in any case we can

    discuss this later

    thrash must be on his way I don't think

    I'll ever be able to thank you you don't

    need to just go we'll catch up when you

    return but I'm not my apprentice has the


    we wish you only the best yeah thank you


    hold it right there recruit instructor

    Raizel I really have to go

    you haven't participated in a match

    since July 8th why my wife fell ill and

    I've been working at an Institute I

    haven't had time to think about anything

    else it's good that you're here though

    I'd like to formally withdraw myself

    from the proving tournament I see are

    you sure this is what you want you're

    one of our brightest talents this year

    and I don't dole out prey slippin my

    families weren't important to my place

    in the tournament they're the whole

    reason I came through very well perhaps

    your resignation is denied you will

    return to your family as planned I will

    leave this meeting to state that intent

    however I will not disclose the rest of

    our discussion we need orcs like you in

    the brigade your heart and candor they

    can't be taught you will make a fine

    Brigadier instruction I if you should

    not return in time to finish your

    matches I will take that as your

    official resignation until then I look

    forward to watching you compete again

    yes miss Howe my grooves



    we're fresh is it really you

    Artie we're love I need you to take this


    is it working do you feel anything Ardea

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    deal you did all you could my son she

    returns to her mother now everything it

    worked for everything I did none of it

    was enough it never should have left you


    our dear daughter this is the best I've

    felt in an age

    believe you're all right maybe you

    should take it easy I've rested enough

    for one lifetime

    I've missed you I've missed you too more

    than anything there are so many things I

    wish safety for now be at ease I will

    tell the villages of your recovery Artie

    I know what you're going to say and I

    won't hear it

    you know I can't go back after this I

    almost lost you once I won't let that

    happen again

    and I won't let you give up on what

    you've worked so hard for Kai Luka how

    would you like to go on a trip we can't

    take the kids monsters or attacking

    anything in sight then we'll protect our

    pups from any monsters foolish enough to

    get in our way

    I'm not chieftain yet we can take a

    vacation to watch you achieve your dream

    say yes okay okay yeah we'll leave in

    the morning

    Battle Chef Brigade Gameplay Walkthrough PC 1080p HD, No Commentary Playthrough

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    1. Oh man thanks so much for that mandatory puzzle. It really had me stumped there, i could only get up to 55 on the first part, had no idea you get the auto promote thing from matching the poison lol. only part of the game that had me genuinely frustrated.


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