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SearchThisVideo: Battle For Orion 2 Gameplay – Part 1 | TAKING OVER SOLAR SYSTEMS IS EASY | Battle For Orion 2 Part 1

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howdy doody everybody my name is kev

jooheon welcome to battle for Ryan to

earth has been destroyed mankind is

fractured the AXI is at war but one hope

remains a new home for mankind probes

detected a habitable planet in the orion

sector you must fight your way to it but

nothing is as it seems and more devious

plan is underway that threatens the

entire galaxy wow that is not a good

thing at all hmm you know earth is

destroyed it all that's no good all

right let's just go and you know look at

who the company who is pretty alright

let's go this one object capturing the

cuff rips star system have to be flipped

for star system I like the final module

checked capsule okay oh geez

hello Calgary we will begin your

training now yes poor you ready for what

why'd you guys go to strange I am Titus

I will assist you on your mission you

have just woken up from stasis that

feeling will wear off over time what

mission stasis where am I what's going

on that is unimportant and now the

system is facing an imminent threat you

must command a fleet of fighters and

destroy the enemy in this sector

imminent threat I thought you forgot

this was a training mission there is no

time for simulations or elite academy

training it is necessary to act now what

do you need me to jail activating battle

interface the battle interface is now

active at the top three years display

are the research gauges your research

consistent metal which is using make

ships and modules we research forget

upgrades and humane for controlling

ships okay everything else is just extra

view you can see three star systems in

our current sector our spiders are in

the vessel system the other two systems

are controlled by the enemy okay let's

start off with something easy you can

move around the map using the arrow keys

or west you can also move your cursor to

the edge of the screen to move in that

direction right click and drag the

sector view around cries that now that

was easy what's next now try zooming you

can do that by scrolling your mouth

square or Prezi to zoom in or C to zoom

out okay


perfect oh I'm centering your display on

the vessel system in every system you

see the star in the middle and the

system border around the outside

remember your ships can navigate beyond

the system border otherwise deep space

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

radiation will be erode your halls

that's no good Oh systems also have

planets that's where we can build

modules will have to acquire tech plans

for modules people we can build them

there appears to be one big lip system

okay here's our fighter squadron click

and drag around and fly strips in the

selection box you can also click once to

select a single ship double click to

select the osseous of the same type or

triple click to select all ships in the

system triple click ding okay glad you

that's those triple click lien holder

shift key while selecting the add more

ships you selection yeah just like your

after strategy game Oh may I love that

alright when she does too like the GOC

account of each ship type on the left

side is displayed to the ISA like rusty

a pore space or a head inside dishes now

moves on this right click on the map

where you want them to go go ahead and

move them somewhere you

okay 00

there's the enemy's characters in the

sector when you're zoomed out far and I

going to appear next to the store with

you guys about the system for your

cursor over each other and see what it's

showing you can also click that icon to

psychology plants modular ships they

represent okay planet friendships over

modules economy module spectrum modules

the beds modules and enemy ship oh the

brick system is closed let the text

there first it may look closer on your

battle interface for each stars is

really light years apart the only way to

get the other social diseases through

star lanes hmm darlings here's the

darling between veteran curve prep you

send your ships through craigslist in

the separate system your ship will find

the surest path to that point hey Ice

Cube how it goes don't hate the desert

planet I made each other


oh I thought I did you through all right

there in these star lanes your ships are

traveling many times a lot the speed of

light those darlins act like we're

almost through space remember that

stores are light years apart at the top

we were just layered time dilation

settings you can freeze up the game oh

also the top your display you can pause

the game and access the menu on the

first time in the menu can save the

private admission aha aha and save or

see the current object is a half in the

third tab in the menu allows you to

customize your interface preferences on

precise you can see key bindings oh it's

just option stuff okay zoom all right

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

we're in calf rip why aren't all the

enemy ships attacking it looks like

their ships are such as defensive

behavior you can set this for your ships

here when she's just like to do see

behavior information opinions options at

the boundary of display their degrees of

the behaviors aggressive means your ship

to our magazine gay see any type of

enemy in the same sex defensive stats

your ships the only engage were enemies

are close enough and pursue until they

are destroyed or leave the system our

positions does exactly that your ship

will move unless you tell them to you

they are still firing enemies but won't

pursue them their ships they are

aggressive you aren't already or a or

mugre ships in the range of the enemy

price engage oh they are aggressive

let's not let's not speed up and I move

this now

like that one all right boom when your

ships entered the system a red ring

showed up around the star that's the

star ownership indicator to Hector star

you need to deplete the enemy controls

and build up your control what the ring

is completing this color um calculus

star all right we will need you capture

the club system they have modules built

around a few planets in the text cap so

you can put your cursor over the checkup

sub-modules see what it contains you

need to collect it but by bringing ships

near it okay then you should be

collecting boys are all enemy ships and

modules take note that you can start

capping system 20 and me modules and

strike first okay to destroy everything

first gotcha asteroid hmm ocean playing

it or where you going hmm your wedge

play with circle Oh ball Jericho wedge

oh I'm the ability okay go in

are there

yeah sure all them first mmm yes since

ever you gotta focus fire guys the

strategy game focus fire yes to

everything if you give you a check out

those finishing here to collect it will

do all right yeah I like the refinery

check out so this will allow you to

build refineries in future mission Oh be

dokie anymore none that I see all right

well we're just moving a skeeze that's

our we were going to hit them or

something do that see the enemies first

is the most important nothing else you

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

know jack off your view let's go faster

double speed this keep that alright

fact I'll shoot that one too all right

and we destroyed it all we did it well

done edge of this mission we will return

to the sector map yeah we steal it wow

that's cool alright so capture d star

system shall accept 10,000 meadow

collect the factory module tech capsule

okay you're now have access to firing

technology next we will learn how to

construct modules and gather resources

they want to know what's going on

everywhere you have been chosen by one

of the most important terranova

initiative missions ever embarked on

what mission i got heard the terra

nova's initiative what is black our

answer all your questions in time for

now you need to know is that you have

been selected for very specific mission

based on your unique qualifications a

man qualification the stroke Adam II I

was yes you were students hopefully

Academy in the year 2142 based on the

results of your training and

demonstrated ability to command your

replacement stasis awaiting any time

that you were needed basis for how long

one years and now the start date is 2358

point c 16 t i've been in place for 17

years ow how is that possible this is

only supposed to last few years or

hundreds of years everyone i know

they're gone now i will explain

everything later for now I need you to

focus on your mission now that we have

gained refinery tech we can build

refinery modules I've already

established one min find it but we don't

need more okay the enemy control two

systems the producing fighters from

factories we don't need here we obtain

that tech capsule so we can start

building your own fighters or current

voices won't last forever he'll do

really a system as refiners which are

providing to research but the fact is if

we destroy the flu financed they won't

have research to create ship our first

pride you should be building more

fundraising getting warships to aid us

in this fight we all need a lot of

resources at least 10,000 meadow okay

each program okay this is a lot of stuff

though is refinery you control the

harvester virtually all 96 out or

include returns it to the refinery or

can we get 0 came from asteroids

increase debris when that isn't

available moon can be harvested but at a

much lower rate

minor E throws let's get ready that

harvest is bringing back and refining

the meadow which is used to build

modules and like you saying you can

turn the throne o system you see the

module still green on the left a set our

thing right now we're only able to be

refined and click the + button to build

one on this planet mmm good speed bonus

plug this one man bonus no no no we need

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

this one

Oh plus sign


well if they build a billion one as the

refineries written using the build right

next to it you can also put your cursor

over the DiMaggio see stats for it hey

are we building sixty-nine percent these

guys just guys doing and uh Wow seen you

forever really taking forever and you

were faster sir

we can we at least a third one or

something yes two percent is almost done

oh my gosh meadow required 50 bajillion

go fast any towns like 30 oh thank

goodness now that the refineries better

well I'm actually good at harvester once

the harvest is better with GG out for

and return to the refinery your findings

also increase your metal storage which

is shown in your resource display at the

top we will need to build more refinery

cysts or 10,000 meadow okay need more

fighters if we're going to take on the

enemy the new quadrant for Lara systems

or neutral we can take them over by

sending our ships there they currently

have refineries and shift you have two

nutrisystem you also capture any modules

and ships present there we should take

these systems before attacking the enemy

system all right hmm let's zoom out 6a

open modules honey modules enemy ship

yeah we're gonna going to send these

guys over here turn your ship here right

o Allah ten wishes are there so capture

this planet I strike you through my

drawers now they will gather plenty of

research for us ready for another one

there's been another one waiting this


hmm if you build those too much maybe

i'm not sure but you know what we need

as many as we can where is this hmm why

is the only one oh I'll do the building

will be fine I really need a build-up

you have building a commanding 10 as a

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

research that's come in hmm maybe we

shouldn't have oh wow okay so what do

you do now oh my God look at that we're

getting 10,000 now guys yeah I was

really fast

here we have 10,000 what do you do now

did it did it say what we need to do now

let's see


oh great mmm I have no idea what we're

supposed to do ok let's look at our menu


look I collect the effector module text

caps tho oh we get that so we need to

lure Leah and touch dunno star for the

enemy ships here is it didn't say that

it was safe oh maybe it I don't know

anyways going to go and check that oh

it's called go the enemies oh no it's

not enemy ok alright we have 10,000 are

we 11,000 ok we captured the system and

now control all the fighters there it's

time to take the fight to the enemy


there are sending fighters kyo Texas to

Claude or system get all your ships

they're merely to defend the system

right for that one when you have your

ships like you can adjust their

formation the bottom panels like the

formation you want to move your ships

where you want the informations can make

a huge diff different in battle alright

so let's put a line

the line right there expensive all right

i won the line not line that doesn't

matter that line wedge adds a wedge with

circle that's a circle the bowl as a

ball I would have been so much better

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

oops okay so we have mmm let's try

something right this is something we

need to collect now we don't need any

more refineries alright so please so

what's a line again it's just like

that's a line I think is very

confuzzling hmm let's go expressive yo

yeah what is good for now I think not

entirely sure I like the music though

pretty epic all right we'll just ring

everything keep you and that was

like where's everybody oh yeah get that

get that yeah I feel like today factory

text castle this will allow you to build

back to modules as you like text

capsules that technology the unlock will

be available for you in the future

missions okie dokie yes captured this

planet whoo so how do I do this I guess

I can't build it right now hmm yeah well

let us build a bunch of finery Sun

do-do-do-do to this way to kill that guy

in a billion of all the other guys yes

this is how you strategize against the

enemy you perfect just go slowly because

I pick them off one by one if you will

see mind if you up a bad spot bad but


mission concluded well done you'll be

able to go back this down the metal you

gather will provide plenty of reasons

for the next mission holy moly there's

so much stuff in this game wow I really

I really like this a lot I really like

this a lot who you should match the

battle simulator oh ok ok so then you

feel like dinner your own stuff and

battle it out oh it's a sandbox mode

more or less you share your mat I'll get

edit your own maps and then share them

with people oh my guess it's awesome oh

so yeah this is battle for ryans to and

the link is down below in the

description for yes check this game out

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

yourself this game comes out on March

23rd so yeah I can check out that game

when it comes out on that day I like

this I like the strategy game especially

the music which is a music is very very

epic like 44 you know space of strategy

game where where the ships are just

where you know you just feel like oh

yeah I want to control more ship don't

control all of it just destroy everybody

like that kind of music I love that so I

hope you guys enjoyed this video if you

guys did then please slime that like

button and subscribe down below for more

awesome videos thank you everybody for

watching this episode now see you guys

the next one goodbye


Earth is destroyed, so taking over solar systems should be easy!
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►About The Battle for Orion 2 Game◄:

Earth has been destroyed. Mankind is fractured. The galaxy is at war. But one hope remains: a new home for mankind. Probes detected a habitable planet in the Orion sector. You must fight your way to it, but nothing is as it seems. A more devious plan is underway that threatens the entire galaxy.

Since the destruction of Earth, not a single habitable planet has been found. Millions of long range probes have been sent out to find a suitable home for mankind. For now, man lives in spacecraft and orbital modules around uninhabitable planets. Over centuries of expansion, factions and galactic corporations have laid claim to the galaxy. When a habitable planet was discovered, the galaxy erupted in war.

Suddenly, you wake up after hundreds of years in stasis. A mysterious AI created by the Terranovus Initiative delivers your mission, and you embark on an epic conquest across the galaxy. Collect advanced technology, grow your empire, conquer foes in massive battles, ally with powerful rivals, and discover the ultimate weapon that threatens every system in the galaxy.

Battle for Orion 2 Features:
-Galactic domination meets real time strategy
-Battle through 24 story missions that will challenge and engage you
-Conquer star systems to expand your empire and control of the galaxy
-Construct orbital modules around planets to improve your economy, military, and research
Mine asteroids, space debris, and moons for resources
Build over a dozen unique ships including capitol ships with advanced abilities
Collect powerful technology to strengthen your fleet, economy, and defenses
Build massive superweapons powered by stars
Randomly generate endless maps with the Battle Simulator
Create your own galaxy and publish maps for other players to enjoy with the built in Map Editor


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