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    yo what's up guys let's move move game

    TV I hope you guys are having a great

    day and we are going to talk about

    hitting tips and MLB the show 17 I was

    able to make the World Series last year

    involved at the show 16 so I feel like I

    could bring you some good hitting tips

    and tutorials and all are my subscribers

    have been looking forward to this video

    and also if you're new out there make

    sure you that subscribe button but

    hopefully by the end of this video I can

    get you at least somewhere better at

    hitting and so on better hitting

    homeruns I'm just going to show you

    basically my practice techniques I'm

    going to share you all share with you

    all the knowledge that I have I'm going

    to talk about equipment that you may may

    need that can make you that can help you

    out we're just going to go into how I

    practice and we're going to go from

    there so the first thing you want to do

    is go into batting practice and one

    thing that you got to think about is all

    good players they practice like it

    doesn't matter if you heard the best

    player or the worst player it's kind of

    like when you go up four runs you know

    you got to keep the same game plan you

    can't just start swinging at the first

    pitch so let's go with usually I like to

    practice against or with a hair Cosmo

    but uh how about we go up against like I

    don't know let's go begin Zack Greinke

    today pick whatever park that you'd like

    and then you head into practice now I'm

    going to talk about settings first we're

    going to talk about why I use the

    settings that I use I do a video on the

    best settings if you'd like to copy my

    settings just go ahead and find that on

    the channel that video is already out

    that to the game holds up first I'm

    going to do real quick is a adjust the

    the audio just to make sure we don't

    let's just turn audio I don't know

    pretty much all the way down so you guys

    can hear me in the video here

    turn all this down pretty low okay we

    got that taken care of now there's a

    couple modes you can do

    first of all let's change one more

    option because I have it on bludgeon

    we'll go back up to lodge in here in a

    second but the first thing we should do

    is let's start our novel start because

    there's a lot of you guys that are going

    to play on all-star now basically the

    difference between these is one is pitch

    speed the pitch is going to come and

    faster the higher you put it up and also

    your PC is going to be smaller so that's

    why I like to play on legend to practice

    because it's kind of like putting on a

    doughnut on the bat before you stuff it

    when you're in the batter's on-deck

    circle before you go into the batter's

    box from on-deck circle yeah that don't

    on your bat and you're swinging it it's

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    more difficult so when you get into the

    real thing

    then it's easier so that's why I like to

    practice on legend there's no sliders in

    here but you can practice on legend with

    the pitch speed turned up to like eight

    you'll be facing extremely extremely

    difficult pitching but you'll get better

    like if you're improving from there you

    will get better so if you're a more

    advanced player I really recommend you

    guys do that go to a franchise and turn

    the settings like that that's a really

    good way to practice and but for right

    now you know we want to go to legend

    let's talk about all-star and I'm going

    to do my best to keep this in the

    sequential order but I'm just going to

    talk a lot of tips I'm just going to

    talk hitting as we go through this now

    an all-star you can use the power swing

    to my opinion because the PCI will be

    big enough for you to do that once you

    get the Hall of Fame and plugin you

    pretty much need to hit X because you

    need the PCI to be picking up now

    hitting interface I use own hitting the

    reason for this is because you can get

    the most precise input on the ball

    you headaches so zoning is really

    important buttons is the best way to go

    CEO the option to power swing to film

    swing I turn the plate coverage

    indicator on you don't necessarily have

    to do that you can turn it off and also

    the PCI that I use is wedge and that PCI

    understands for play coverage indicator

    and there's other ones like right tickle

    that isn't bad some people like to use

    that but I like to wedge the most that's

    the one that I like the most because I

    like having that dot I like tracking the

    ball with that dot and when you do

    dotted up that's when the ball goes a

    long way so we're to set our settings

    like that for right now and there's a

    couple modes you can do in here

    discipline and back control discipline

    makes you have a good eye and back

    control it makes you hit it to certain

    spots on the field I think we're going

    to do back control because they tend to

    throw you more strikes but I can do both

    so now let's go into the box

    and basically what you're going to do is

    you just want to dot up the pitch you

    don't track the pitch the best you can

    and then move this move the dot towards

    the ball one of my main tips that I like

    to talk about is if they throw a curve


    if it starts below your belt it's going

    to be into the dirt and it starts above

    your belt it's going to be something

    that you can hate so I'm going to do my

    best here to talk and play why I record

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    this so that once we hit it over to left

    field and we try to be slightly late and

    then hit it over to left field

    that's pretty good hit it don't take

    that and then you get points for that

    and then you can see oh I don't know

    I might actually uh we move the camera

    real quick where I am so you guys can

    see my feedback move myself like up here

    alright because I want you guys to see

    the feedback in the feedback you need to

    be looking at every uh every time now

    you see right here in the bottom right

    corner how that dot was dotted up that's

    what you're after but you want to dot

    that up I think why does the best for

    that because it doesn't it gives you you

    can still kind of see the picture and

    real quickly I'd like to talk about like

    why a lot of people are like why do you

    want to use strike zone to hit over some

    of the other views well first of all the

    picture is so close to us I think that's

    the best and then pixel by pixel we have

    the most it's the easiest to see this

    PCI and move it like I can move it way

    more specifically in this view compared

    to the other views and just let me show

    you an example and we'll take the pitch

    see how much I can see if it slows I'm

    going to be on my picture if it's high

    it's not going to be in my picture the

    PCI itself there's more pixels that we

    get to work with here within this view

    now if we go to like to go to let's

    switch the camera now if we go to like

    you know let's say let's go to the show

    16 like now we have less pixels and less

    specific specific nough step we can use

    your mean the PC is smaller the ball

    itself is smaller and that's really why

    I think it's so important to use strike

    zone because this is so much more

    difficult like I can be saw I had to be

    so much less precise did where I'm going

    with it

    to hit so the challenge is definitely

    increased I know on you guys use that

    and you know actually had a pretty good

    swing on that one I know a lot of you

    guys use that but that's why strikezone

    can make your game go to the next level

    quickly it's just there's so much more

    room for error in my opinion the pitcher

    looks like he's further away the ball of

    smaller picture wise the PC is smaller

    pixel wise so that's why I think it's no

    real important to you strikes overview

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    now we're let's go back to strike zone

    view alright so we'll go to Cameron's

    and we'll go back to strike zone view

    now you guys can see what I'm saying

    this is a very popular question of why

    you just strength I mean now you can see

    like I'm zoomed in and all I can have

    way more weight more accuracy way more


    it's just ways look how much closer is

    that Greinke is the ball looks bigger

    there's just so many advantages to using

    it that I highly recommend you use a

    zone anymore PC I'm in I missed the ball

    oh cool so let's talk about some other

    general hitting tips having a game plan

    at the plate is very important obviously

    you don't want to suite the first pitch

    a lot of the time screens the first

    pitch is bad even if you hit it good

    it's not the best saying good because it

    seems like a lot of balls die on the

    first pitch the other thing that you can

    do when you take pitches is the pitchers

    confidence on each pitch goes down and

    really the key in this game that's

    getting the pitchers confidence down as

    quickly as you can and once you get the

    pitchers confidence down going into

    attack mode

    that's really important now the picture

    has two meters energy and confidence and

    when that pitch confidence goes down

    balls just start finding holes balls go

    over the wall it's very very it's very

    very good to go into attack mode at that

    point in time but as far as your game

    plan is the plate I like to take the

    first pitch a lot of the time and I

    almost like to take the second pitch a

    lot of people it's very difficult for

    them to throw strikes online and they

    also will try to pitch around you so if

    you go up there and you're not swinging

    at everything you're going to put them

    in a real hole because they don't

    normally like to throw strikes and let's

    go to like disappoint I think very could

    go I don't even know a good at-bat is

    let me check that up but a good at-bat

    hopefully he throws me some balls here

    and stuff like that there it is there a

    lot of people will throw you balls you

    just have to get better at tracking them

    and yes to put yourself in the pitchers

    mind like a game plan is so important I

    talk about it on my stream all the time

    like when I go up more you know they

    have a good Ingo enough for runs like

    you wouldn't stick to that game play the

    next thing you don't want to start

    swinging it at the first pitch you want

    to make them throw balls so then after

    he's thrown a couple balls you can sit

    wait for that pitch and that was

    probably the best swing of the whole

    tutorial so far so you can really get on

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    bounce or pitch confidence goes down per

    pitch and you'll be on balance being I'm

    bound to the plate is so important like

    you always want to dictate and be the

    aggressor as far as like you want to be

    the one that's being assertive like you

    want him pitching around you you want to

    be the one dictating how the at-bats

    going you don't want to just you know

    trying to go out there pitches outside

    the zone because pitches that don't end

    up in the strike zone when you swing at

    him like if you swing a ball and put it

    and play like I did there see I still

    hit it but it would have been an out

    most of the time when you get hits you

    will have to hit the ball in the actual

    strike zone very rarely can you hit a

    ball outside of the actual strike zone

    and go for a hit I know it's different

    than in real life but it's kind of not

    so just make sure that you swing at

    pitches in the strike zone now I like to

    start my pc I in the middle of the plate

    I don't sometimes I will cheat I mean

    you have to doesn't think about what the

    players doing that you're facing are

    they throwing a bunch of hiding inside

    where can you cheat where can you get

    ready what should you be looking for you

    need a look at what the wood pitches the

    pitcher has and be aware that you need

    to be aware of the count like a lot of

    times on two strikes are going to throw

    something low in the dirt to try to get

    you to chase 'em trying to think here

    that was a really hittable pitch but

    definitely just be on balance of us you

    can oh one thing I'll do is if it's in

    the center I like to keep it in the

    center with the PCI but I like to move

    it up just a little bit so I'm moving up

    just a little bit so my fingers are d

    like kind of moving it a little bit I'm

    not stagnant and that's how am i swing

    it a bad pitch but if you don't keep it

    centered maybe just move it up just a

    little bit just a little bit so I'm

    barely moving it up just to get your

    thumb ready and every pitch track it

    with your zone you know one thing George

    Brett used to do was every pitch to you

    so looking back into the catcher looking

    back into the catcher the see where it

    was every pitch you want to track with

    yourself you'd even get some good

    practice by just moving your zone to get

    comfortable you don't have to swing but

    you could swing just so you get that

    feedback so these are some of the basics

    for hitting I'll probably have to make

    another video because I know you guys

    are going to have questions

    one thing that is a really good quality

    of a hitter is having a very quick that

    like sometimes I like to think about how

    quick of a batter I like I just told

    myself in mind like have a quick back

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    have any quick bad lisam not this pitch

    you inside out game if you can just be

    quick you can hit it inside I like going

    opposite field like I did there like

    that's probably where I'm really the

    best hitting is keeping my weight back

    and driving it to the opposite field but

    you know that's what I like to do the

    best but if it they pitch you inside you

    got to have a quick bag a lot of times

    like what's on left you know you gotta

    cheat and stuff like that do be good

    with the defensive stuff out there to

    have a good bag that's on my song at the

    first page let's go through like a

    typical bad I'm sorry I know this

    tutorial is all over the place but for

    the first one it's like I got to kind of

    really get in there so I'd like to take

    the first pitch nice now I'm ahead in

    the count his slider just lost pitch

    confidence that's good overall he loses

    pitch confidence when he takes balls

    when you really start to play online and

    you have a good eye that's one of the

    toughest things to do to go against when

    someone has a killer eye there always

    wait until two strikes and they make you

    earn every strike that you gave that

    that's when you're really really good

    hitter you're going to be putting up

    tons of runs and then just stick to your

    game plan you know what I'm saying like

    don't don't waver from the game plan

    just cuz you got to clean I'm really bad

    at base running in this because I don't

    play once word of the show anymore let's

    talk about equipment finally and then

    we'll wrap this up something that you

    would really want to get now I

    understand not everyone's got the budget

    to do this but if you are if you do have

    stuff that you want to dedicate to this

    game some of the stuff I recommend

    getting is I recommend getting if you

    haven't had a controller a new

    controller for a while a new controller

    will definitely help out let me see

    where I have these things right here so

    won't take too long but uh there's these

    control freaks it's going to be tough to

    kind of see them because of my green

    screen but the control freaks I put on

    the controller see how has made them I

    don't know kind it doesn't see kind of

    see them like that go to Game Stop the

    ones you want are on the gamer pack

    alpha I can give you guys a link if

    anybody in the comments wants of them I

    can give you a link down to control

    freaks what they do is they give you a

    little bit more control over moving that

    PCI around and also they'll help with

    pitching and I get the pitching

    tutorials I'm going to be giving you

    guys pitch combos that you can use just

    kind of like a little one-on-one

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    pitching and stuff like that so be sure

    to subscribe

    another big thing to get is a monitor a

    monitor a gaming monitor will

    drastically improve your hitting too

    because of the input time and input lag

    I'm playing right now on a two

    millisecond input lag monitor instead of

    a TV and the monitor can cost you

    anywhere from like a hundred thirty

    bucks so if you want to get a really

    nice one even more expensive but what

    the monitor does is pretty much all top

    players they play on monitors instead of

    TVs because it allows for less time

    between when they press the button when

    they make

    inputs on the controller to what's

    happening on screen so that's why

    investing in a monitor is also something

    that you can do to improve your game and

    again I understand that might not be

    something that everybody is going to do

    but it's something that if you are you

    know more along my age or whatever hate

    early but just if you're thinking about

    getting better getting those two things

    and really are those who thinks and

    really help you out a nice new control

    or control freaks and a monitor can

    really help you out so that's pretty

    much the hitting home runs

    tips that I have for you guys today I

    hope this helps you guys out make sure

    you practice man-like practice on legend

    man that's definitely the best way to

    goes to practice on legend in fact I'm

    going to set mine back to legend because

    that when you practice on budget when

    you go back and play it's so much easier

    when you going up against you know

    someone like that and don't be afraid to

    practice I think that's one of the more

    underrated things I think a lot of

    players don't realize that the top

    players they're practicing in practice

    mode a lot more than you might think

    like I know Malloy pitching rebel yeah

    he's like the top overall player when he

    has a bad BR run he goes back to the

    cage I know

    Cardinal bird will be in the cage a lot

    practicing like all the top guides they

    get in here in practice it's a good hit

    on ledge I'll take that stay a second

    we're getting the cage man and practice

    and practice mode practice against the

    computer turn that difficulty up and if

    you take some elves you take some elves

    if you take if it's getting tough


    come but if you put it in the work you

    will get a lot better at hitting and I

    really wish I was taking some better

    event because this tutorial could go on

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    forever like I could honestly talk about

    stuff with hitting for hours and hours

    and hours maybe next video for hitting

    tips I'll just put up some of the

    comments and try to answer them the best

    I can I'll take like some more BP or

    something like that or this video help

    you guys now please drop a like on this

    video that would be awesome so more

    people could see it share the video with

    your friends that playing will be the

    show so that you know you can gauge so

    that you can nice state a homerun on

    legend so we're turned it up man I'm

    telling ya hopefully if you made it as

    far I was able to show you that I'm

    piecing at the game um but yeah guys

    that's pretty much it just drop like

    drop a share follow me on Twitter if

    you'd like and let me know down in the

    comments below you know just let me know

    down in the comments below what you guys

    want me to talk about because that when

    I answer questions it makes it easier

    for me to have you know like a set

    structure and I won't be rambling it so

    so much be sure to tune in to the analog

    pitching and pitching combos video

    that's what I'm going to put out that

    next and hope you guys are having a

    great day thank you so much for watching





    Best Hitting and Home Run Tips MLB The Show 17 Tutorial

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    1. movie can you help me with inside cutters as well as 2 seams inside, there very hard to track and end up being my kryptonite. so if you could tell me some tips or make a short video i would be thankful.

    2. i have to convert to zone ive been using timing since i started back in 14 but now that im getting competitive you just cant compete with zone hitters. Its all rng with directional most of the time good timing have nothing to show for it then occasionally you will like i got 9 runs off that cc sabathia 09 diamond in the same inning no idea why he didnt take him out.

    3. hey man. so i had a saved game in franchise mode i had to germt back playing. saved in 5th inning. had 1 HR at that point. watched your video and decided to give it a try. i was using the regular show 17 view with directional hitting. switched to strikezone and wedge. rest of game, i had a bunch of doubles, a triple and 3 HRs. major improvement. its going to take getting used to a bit more but love the results so far.

    4. The Show fuckin' sucks… the hitting physics are absolute shit. None of the contact feels immersive, and the sound of hits are very weak. MLB 2K had better sounding hits.

    5. Need help. I only need hit 8 homers in 8 games BR to unlock Griffey..but I seem to come up short. Please any advice? I hate when I get a homer and the person quits..or they see my rating and quit and I instantly lose one game to do a homer in. I use Zone with circle and dot.

    6. Yeah this game is beyond rigged. Doesn't really matter what you do against the computer, if it wants to win, it will win. You can feel it sometimes. I can guess exactly which inning they will score 3 runs based on the first 2-3 pitches I throw.

    7. How do you get the game to show your timing when you are in bat control? I can't see it on my game when im in that specific mode, but i can in other training modes ( discipline and good at bat ). Idk if they changed this in an update or i just don't know the correct setting?


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