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    Best Hitting and Home Run Tips MLB The Show 17 Tutorial

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    Best Hitting and Home Run Tips MLB The Show 17 Tutorial

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    MLB The Show 17 Tips and Tutorials Playlist:



    MLB The Show 17 Get Stubs
    MLB The Show 17 Get Diamonds
    MLB The Show 17 Tips
    MLB The Show 17 Tutorials
    MLB The Show 17 Make Stubs
    MLB The Show 17 Get Diamonds
    MLB The Show 17 Diamond Dynasty

    How to make stubs (MLB The Show 17):
    *NEW* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3RDGtRH47TE

    Hitting Tips (MLB The Show 17):
    *NEW* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_I7uMEQq0Eo

    *New* Best Pitching Tips MLB The Show 17 Pitching Tutorial

    How To Draft a 12-0 Battle Royale Team (MLB The Show 17 Tips):

    Best Settings (MLB The Show 17):
    *NEW* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLfVI7m9Qfc

    Play at the Plate (MLB The Show 17 Talk Show)
    *NEW* https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgwSSIXwqIK0kFNAET9xep7DSFtf3inm6

    Collection and Conquest Rewards (MLB The Show 17):

    Best Team Epics + Mission Tips and Tutorial (MLB The Show 17):

    Best Player Quirks [Most Overpowered Player Quirks] MLB The Show 17 Tips:

    How To Fix Queued Games (MLB The Show 17):

    99 Overall Road to the Show Player (FAST + EASY):

    MLB The Show 17 Event Details Playlist:

    Best Stadiums to Hit Doubles and Home Runs MLB The Show 17 Team Epic Tips:

    MLB The Show 17 Tips and Tutorials Playlist:

    Thanks for watching!

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    Comment (41)

    1. movie can you help me with inside cutters as well as 2 seams inside, there very hard to track and end up being my kryptonite. so if you could tell me some tips or make a short video i would be thankful.

    2. i have to convert to zone ive been using timing since i started back in 14 but now that im getting competitive you just cant compete with zone hitters. Its all rng with directional most of the time good timing have nothing to show for it then occasionally you will like i got 9 runs off that cc sabathia 09 diamond in the same inning no idea why he didnt take him out.

    3. hey man. so i had a saved game in franchise mode i had to germt back playing. saved in 5th inning. had 1 HR at that point. watched your video and decided to give it a try. i was using the regular show 17 view with directional hitting. switched to strikezone and wedge. rest of game, i had a bunch of doubles, a triple and 3 HRs. major improvement. its going to take getting used to a bit more but love the results so far.

    4. The Show fuckin' sucks… the hitting physics are absolute shit. None of the contact feels immersive, and the sound of hits are very weak. MLB 2K had better sounding hits.

    5. Need help. I only need hit 8 homers in 8 games BR to unlock Griffey..but I seem to come up short. Please any advice? I hate when I get a homer and the person quits..or they see my rating and quit and I instantly lose one game to do a homer in. I use Zone with circle and dot.

    6. Yeah this game is beyond rigged. Doesn't really matter what you do against the computer, if it wants to win, it will win. You can feel it sometimes. I can guess exactly which inning they will score 3 runs based on the first 2-3 pitches I throw.

    7. How do you get the game to show your timing when you are in bat control? I can't see it on my game when im in that specific mode, but i can in other training modes ( discipline and good at bat ). Idk if they changed this in an update or i just don't know the correct setting?


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