Birthdays: The Beginning – 12. Modern Humans! – Let’s Play Birthdays the Beginning

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Welcome to Birthdays the Beginning! In the final episode of the campaign, we unleash modern humans upon the world… but will they find a way to live peacefully with all the others who came before them?


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Birthdays the Beginning, the brain-child of Mr. Yasuhiro Wada of Harvest Moon fame, and developed by ToyBox and ARC STSTEM WORKS, is a garden game in which players create cute cube-shaped worlds that give rise to diverse and unique lifeforms. Shape the geography and alter the temperature of each world to create the conditions for life and witness the birth of an entire ecosystem!

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Candyland [NCS Release} by Tobu

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  1. Oh looks like the lovers had children and the children had children – Avank on his mind-( dammit this od supossed to be family friendly ) …

    dont think about that

  2. I don't think you should worry about making areas around civilizations look super natural to an extent since humans do a ton of excavation for building room in real life. It honestly makes it seem more realistic to make it look like it was tempered with.

  3. If you do stream games, then can you please up load them to YT? I can't access twitch or the any streaming sites. Thank you for playing this and other games.

  4. Many foods that we eat today were not originally edible in the least. Wheat being one of them, it was carefully cultivated and selectively grown for a very long time until it became what we consume these days. Edible wheat did not pop into existence over night. People took time and effort over the years to make many things around us, capable of sustaining us.


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