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    Black Mirror – 100% Achievement/Trophy Guide & FULL Walkthrough! (W/ Part Commentary)

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    Hello guys and gals! Welcome to another 100% Achievement/Trophy guide and walkthrough!

    Black mirror all in all isnt a bad game, but the character control and camera angles can be quite finicky sometimes, but it does have an enjoyable story!

    In this playthrough, since we are just going for the 1k and Platinum quick as we can, i do explain in the video anyway, but we will be skipping all the dialogue using the A Button (Or X on PS4) and you dont miss anything important so dont worry about that, unless of course you want to follow the story.
    And i actually skip the loading screens (Or half of them), purely because the loading screens in this game are pointlesly long.
    So, where this video takes around 2 and a half hours, again, keep in mind your playthrough will take around 3-4 hours to fully complete.

    Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Ifisf1backwards-Gaming-2062435900479855/?mod
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/IfIsF1Backward1

    One more thing, my recording messed up on chapter 5 around the 2.00 hour mark, so right at the end you will hear no voice from me, but its still simple enough

    Hopefulyl this has helped you guys and gals out, if it has, please like, comment and subscribe for more 100% guides and much more!

    Watch the Source Video Here!

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    Comment (37)

    1. Achievement Timestamps in order:-
      Welcome To Sgathan Dub – 12:30
      Scratches Or No Scratches – Starts At 16:00, Ends at 20:00
      Running With Scissors – 24:20
      Chapter 1 Completed – 29:35
      I Can't Breathe – 30:45 (Unlocks when you exit the bathroom)
      I Still Can't Breathe (1 Out Of 3) – 30:45
      Eat Well, Stay Healthy – 32:30
      I Still Can't Breathe (2 Out Of 3) – 54:20
      20,000 Miles Under The Sea – Starts 50:30, Ends 54:50
      Chapter 2 Completed – 56:55
      Elevator Music – Starts At 59:20, Ends 1:02:05
      Caught A Ghost – 1:02:50
      Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue – 1:14:30
      I Still Can't Breathe (3 Out Of 3) – 1:16:15 (Achievement Unlocks Here)
      Profondo Rosso – 1:20:35
      Chapter 3 Completed – 1:32:00
      We Are Not In Biddeford Anymore – Starts 1:48:05, Ends 1:57:10
      Chapter 4 Completed – 2:01:20
      Bette And Joan – 2:03:35
      Just Like Rodney – Starts 2:06:25, Ends 2:10:05
      Enter The Posel Smrti – 2:14:20
      False Step Made By Standing Still – Puzzle & Achievement Starts at 2:15:30, Ends 2:17:55
      Chapter 5 Completed – 2:27:05

    2. Thank You for the EXCELLENT guide mate. All 1000G earned in one sitting for what is a rubbish, but very easy game to complete. Love your commentary and love how you don't talk constantly all the way through and just dip in and out to let us know when we are approaching Achievements/Trophies. It's a sub from me and I have already spotted some other guides on your channel that you can help me with. Keep up the good work and I hope your channel continues to grow.

    3. I have an issue with one trophy. At the beginning of chapter 3 after you talk to Leah and go to the dumbwaiter instead of "use" i get ''examine'' message pop up. Does anyone know why? Thank you.

    4. Honestly this game was absolutely trash. Sure, if you follow the story it may be good. But the gameplay, controls, and just handling the game was awful. Only played it for the achievements and couldn't wait for it end. This walkthrough was good though.


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