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    Black Mirror Platinum Walkthrough – 100% Trophy & Achievement Guide – PS4 & Xbox One

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    ►Trophies & Achievements
    Every Trophy accomplished
    Accomplish all Trophies and complete the game
    Welcome to Sgathan Dub
    You have settled in your new home
    Running with scissors
    You have met a mysterious boy
    Bette & Joan
    Margaret and Rosemary have found each other again
    Elevator Music
    You successfully used the dumbwaiter (1)
    Profondo Rosso
    You have observed Eddie's toy chest
    Enter the Posel Smrti
    You have entered the hidden caves below the Castle
    I can't breathe
    You have calmed yourself down after a stressful night
    I still can't breathe
    You have calmed yourself down three times
    False step made by standing still
    An invisible chasm traversed
    20.000 miles under the sea
    You have entered the Vision in the Chapel
    Roses are red, Violets are blue
    You have entered the Vision in the Glasshouse
    Caught a Ghost
    You have lived through the Vision in the Cellar
    We are not in Biddeford anymore
    You have entered the Vision in the Village
    The owls are not what they seem
    You have experienced the Vision in the Master Study
    Chapter I completed
    Finish Chapter I
    Chapter II completed
    Finish Chapter II
    Chapter III completed
    Finish Chapter III
    Chapter IV completed
    Finish Chapter IV
    Chapter V completed
    Finish Chapter V
    Eat well, stay healthy
    You have enjoyed a wonderful Scottish breakfast
    Scratches or no scratches
    You have opened the library cabinet without leaving marks

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    1. Loading screens the video game O.o jfc and the tank controls YIKES! Appreciate the guide couldn't imagine trying to go through this stinker without it.


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