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    SearchThisVideo: Blackveil Vaal Hazak Fight & Armor! – Monster Hunter World Iceborne Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6

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    well hello glorious people of the
    interwebs and welcome back the Monster
    Hunter ice-born I hope everyone's having
    a wonderful day and yeah I got some
    upgrades as you can see things are going
    really good for us on our ice borne
    adventure and we're gonna be hunting the
    blank Vale Val huzzah today check it out
    it's armored and progressing through
    more of the story also some crazy things
    going on we are in now the five star
    stuff and things have gun we'll probably
    end up having a surprise I don't want to
    spoil it yet for anybody out there but I
    already found an investigation for
    something particularly special and have
    not faced it yet but it seems it's gonna
    be pretty devastating yes we finally
    have purple sharpness now let me show
    you guys my equipment for anybody that's
    interested right now we have the ice
    feather which is the vel Cana dual
    blades and then we've got the tigrex
    four piece bonus right now I'm using a
    couple different things we got tigrex
    essence so that way we can have a bunch
    of free meal and basically never go
    through our items got earplugs five
    attack boost five weakness to exploit
    three handicraft three so we can get
    that purple sharpness female three so
    that way we can 75% of the time not
    actually consume our item feed eating
    three stamina surge and affinity sliding
    so we got a pretty good set here for you
    know kind of just slapping stuff
    together for endgame I actually really
    really like this set believe it or not
    it's not like the end-all be-all of
    damaged but survivability and utility
    extremely high so I'm really liking it
    hey I'll fit what's going on how you
    Huntress how are you doing
    Stephanie what's going on welcome
    everybody grannie the Magnificent palico
    the cookie looks way better now and the
    cooking looks awesome so yeah let's go
    ahead and post a new quest I've actually
    fought this and I almost killed it but
    then I did an SOS and then a bunch of
    people came in when I had it close to
    death and one dude died five times in a
    row and we failed the quest
    this was very butthurt about it I was
    actually recording it for a video
    earlier today it was going great and he
    comes in and literally just gets plowed
    five times it was the most frustrating

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    thing in the history of things so we're
    not gonna do an SOS on this one we're
    just gonna solo it because nobody brings
    Oh actually speaking of which I was
    about to do the thing that I said
    everybody else was doing if you're gonna
    fight this thing you need to bring a flu
    Veeam if you don't bring a flu Veeam do
    not go into somebody's fight please so
    we're gonna swap our one of our decos or
    some effluvium resistance
    Brandon hum well thank you so much for
    the super chat man you're doing any
    hunting with viewers absolutely
    definitely I actually I'll post the
    stuff here in a second I meant to do
    that but yes I will be doing hunts with
    viewers and thank you so much for the
    super chat man
    how you been see her so oh I put gobbler
    and accidently I need to put a flu viim
    resistance where's my miasma decos if
    you don't have decorations than craft on
    some armor for this fight as people were
    not using it and then just got instantly
    killed it was this guy's not easy
    without the flu Veeam resistance so we
    got speed eating a free meal level one
    now which is kind of unfortunate but
    that turned out not nothing a tube and
    slowly working through the content nice
    you enjoyed it let's see here uh how do
    I get my ID again was it online options
    no oh my god it's been so long how do I
    show it again like this and then
    nope that's not right
    party settings maybe I have to do it
    after this I don't know why I can't I
    have completely forgot how to show it I
    know I oh I'm offline that's why okay
    we'll have to do it after this fight
    nice Brandon that's awesome I'm having
    so much fun being back and ice-born a
    zurka Nader what's going on what gear
    you wear now I I just showed it off you
    gotta be quiet buddy
    I'm sorry about that guys let's see here
    so I already know where he is let's see
    if there's anything useful in here there
    is but I'm using four piece tigrex of
    one acidic glow Venice chest and the Val
    kana dual blades loving the build that
    I've got going on right now excuse me
    cap blasts trying to mess me up any
    armor I should be aiming for just kind

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    of just when you're progressing through
    you kind of want to put something
    together for whatever weapon you're
    using but also just making sure you
    prioritize maximizing your defense it's
    really that's gonna be the main issue is
    the defense stuff yes I am on the
    PlayStation and I'll get a session up
    for anybody who wants to join in we're
    gonna be doing progression but I'll also
    be joining in on other people's sons too
    and we can hang out all in the new guild
    area which is awesome Lakota yes you do
    fight Viper Toby in the story I believe
    is a tier two quest
    yes it was tied to him when I was
    talking to and he's back
    I in pokey man's
    what after not there we go
    Oh Tyler sorry you're stuck in college
    without your Playstation man you haven't
    fired up your PlayStation oh my god I
    just threw that up sighs reading chat DG
    ever known these footprints Dukes I want
    well this fight is actually a lot of fun
    until people join in and die and it's
    not so much watch I'm gonna die right
    off the bat though I guarantee it
    awesome I was talking about it it's
    gonna happen oh yeah there's new
    subspecies of all the Elder Dragons I'm
    really excited to fight the new nurger
    ghonte one Christopher Norris go for the
    cloaca the most vulnerable of spots
    thank you so much for the super chat how
    are you doing
    Oh Stephanie geeze that's crazy right
    here that he's my favorite new fight I
    haven't gotten through everything yet so
    I don't want to oh I don't have
    scuse me I would like you to walk into
    this wall please
    still my fate that's my I don't know I
    don't have a favorite monster yet but I
    do have a favorite new ability and it's
    that starting a fight against any
    monster and just filing it into a wall
    is very fun it's like my most favorite
    thing in the world right now

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    this guy just spews effluvium all over
    the place it's crazy and Singham in the
    ancient forest for the first time is
    kind of cool take those items please sir
    yeah and we gotta take advantage of our
    stuff here and make some weak points I
    like to make a weak point right in the
    middle of his belly for there I guess
    right about there that's we're gonna try
    and wake it up
    excuse me
    now once we get that week we could focus
    on dealing some demos Christopher and
    Brandon thank you guys so much again for
    the super chats
    listen flowing' nope today homie
    it's at home
    gonna run again I was gonna do big spew
    behind the tree I think we should be
    able to get him now there we go
    love it
    maybe hitting a week pathologist man
    I love these new dual blades - they're
    just so good I need to make the new
    hunting-horn as well but since Ashley
    uses the hunting-horn
    I've been focusing on upgrading my dual
    blades sex that's what I'll use when we
    play together just gonna hang out over
    here while he does that sharpen yes I'm
    gonna make more I'm gonna work on an arc
    episode probably a couple arc episodes
    over the next few days I have to try and
    get some content recorded ahead of time
    we've just got so many games coming out
    I was talking about not getting games
    early but finally starting to be able to
    get some content recorded ahead of time
    checking out stuff has been really nice
    especially with gaming season going
    full-tilt now level 6 shelling has
    completed you oh my god run for the
    sent me a friend request oh nice Brandon
    I will make sure to accept it thank you
    so much for the support oh god I didn't
    think he could shoot through that
    come to my parrot owed good sir
    we're also gonna get everybody in the
    guild to which once everybody gets oh my
    god into the session make sure to start
    inviting everybody please don't be able

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    to shoot to do this one
    it's like a truck though man there we go
    you just hang out right here buddy brand
    thanks so much against with a super chat
    des what's going on
    what you doing honey just sketching me
    out with all this effluvium oh come on I
    hit the mushroom
    and do me like that yeah I'm gonna do
    you like that
    all my alone Bob do you like this
    Down Goes a Frasier Oh in a bad spot
    though or not I'll take that do more
    mushroom dancing all right first part
    completes what am i doing I already ate
    armor skin actually buff ourselves I
    might help a little bit but daggers am I
    using I am using the vel kana dual
    blades they are lit love them I'll get
    it in right now actually oh it's always
    low you still need miasma max more than
    whew SOS into somebody's fight and don't
    bring effluvium or shame Blue team
    resistance rather or shame
    there does
    he's been game
    that right there is the attack that
    kills most people actually surprisingly
    enough it's not that difficult but it
    like he walks back and people keep
    trying to dodge flake into his face and
    then they just walk right into it and
    Oh whoo Oh Harley's got the power hang
    on that's why it's like so the the the
    palico gadget now drops these materials
    which is really cool
    but not only does it get you extra items
    but it gets you money too
    he moves back so quick with that

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    and this is the one where you can
    actually sit on them
    me those bits please
    I gotta make some wheat spots here I
    wish we could make big enough traps to
    traps an elder dragon that would make me
    so happy
    Oh God
    well just some hammer gameplay the other
    day I'm so excited for those changes
    play it so bad have you not have your
    knife started guessing you have oh oh
    that's what's closed
    I keep messing up my combo broke
    something on how many antidote
    excuse me that is a jumpy point
    not going to pick it up for PS or waitin
    for the PC you're waiting all the way
    till January
    sweet baby Jesus man I can't believe
    they I can actually believe that they
    delayed it not happy about it but enough
    oh yes it's just so perfect we'll fight
    them in this spot
    break that cloaca
    and get you buddy
    oh man so funny
    it's the Naruto run oh my god we're all
    the way in blue sharpness but rather
    than to try and play ps4 Pro and be able

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    to oh that's fair enough some reason I
    thought you were playing on PlayStation
    when it released for a Playstation last
    time the window elder dragon is COO
    shala also known as dushala de aura what
    I like to call her excuse me sure but
    you get blinds while I look for
    something to smack you
    as he is enraged
    I gotta feel something I didn't realize
    milk him oh I'm gonna milk him and I'm
    gonna wear his body
    ooh boy oh boy he's starting to fart out
    effluvium now this is like I call this
    like the second phase there's another
    phase after this where he spews out even
    more effluvium when you first start it
    seems like ah this isn't that bad and
    then he just starts viewing effluvium
    like well it is his job but like you get
    paid for it
    hope there there's the next one
    like a supernova of effluvium
    I'm gonna move them into a different
    spot I don't feel like dealing with that
    move them down here and then I can get
    some actual dual blade action going on
    come at me bro
    what you doing homie it's just like I
    love effluvium oh he's sucking it all in
    really dude
    oh god oh god oh god I don't hit circle
    or I don't know what I'm doing I wasn't
    having issues with it like five minutes
    there we go like hitting triangles extra
    time somehow
    we're my hitting circle in it I'm doing
    I don't even know anymore
    what is life baby don't hurt me

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    now hurt me no bull crap
    Recker wolf thank you so much for the
    support glad you enjoy him I don't think
    he's afraid we need to find something -
    flappity slap it with come into my
    office please sir this way
    maybe I'll bear some stone
    there we go ah into the wall and I broke
    his face oh it makes me so happy don't
    like losing purple surface how am I
    kidding again
    well well nice you dropped another pod
    oh yeah baby
    Oh prop 10 pots making the monsters run
    into walls is by far my most new
    favorite thing don't get needed oh I'm
    skite helped extreme be disbursed that
    beat his first odo he's are you enraged
    if you are in raises okay
    I love Harley making all the stuff fall
    off probably sell for like so much
    oh my god get up get up get up away from
    the fart gas
    I'm gonna take Dan the Giants toes are
    you still enraged
    really hoping I was gonna cut off his
    tail there excuse me does heated me up
    the clip
    SP is still enraged him I just stays
    angry at this point
    we hadn't dropped two pots though so

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    he's getting close to being weakened
    fighting for so long
    there we go
    come on come on buddy
    what oh my god that's close
    Oh who broke your other foot I did
    ginger Beast excuse me I was so excited
    about ginger she ginger beasted me she
    pops into the chat and murders my face
    holy crap okay I should maybe not reach
    it could Lord gamma waited I have no
    idea how long I'll be streaming but
    ginger be welcome how's everybody doing
    welcome everybody that I haven't gotten
    to say hello to yet I can just say hello
    nice curb stomps me that's the first
    time I've dyed to him and just another
    day in Monster Hunter Worlds
    so you leave me any nice little bits
    down here
    nobody is angry I want to get a finisher
    by fit like dropping him into a wall oh
    crap I'm just dropping him into a wall I
    feel like that would be so fun
    just walking Jim that works
    I'm gonna get away from that Carlito oh
    Jesus Christ
    you're not able to get through here
    there we go

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    oops it wasn't facing a wall eg tagged
    okay maybe we're not gonna try and
    finish him with the wall bit I think
    maybe we should just kill him
    yes sir
    we're doing it we're doing it right now
    have I broken yo teeth yet son I think I
    did actually just nice is it
    traditionally that's like the most
    annoying piece on him to break
    big [ __ ] boy time that's right limp
    away wanton blow up your face with a
    explody barrel limp away from me seems
    like they made his slow walk not ship
    damage anymore it does if he gets stuck
    under the foot happened to me a few
    times but I usually have Rocksteady or
    something on it'll actually like knock
    you over a little bit not too
    it's been so much time clutch climb
    we're trying to get the wall hits it's
    just so much fun excuse me and a crazy
    shortcut was that it's a trap no you're
    gonna sleep or you're just gonna get
    really angry up there angry I didn't
    even realize I came anywhere near me
    and I don't want to fight them up here
    I'm not gonna lie
    little sketchy
    ah close-quarter for that much effluvium
    I also didn't want to jump all the way
    down here love the arch tempered valgar
    oh yeah
    loved it I'm excited to see his gear his
    new gear

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    no sale swipes
    of course now oh it's because I don't
    have the
    I think you're wondering why I'm blowing
    through so many items because I don't
    have my
    or to come into my office
    stay here [ __ ] me stupid again oh you
    turn you prick
    oh I'm such a good place to be chillin
    out - there we go now he's dead right in
    that tooth and his two front teeth
    I did answer everybody I answered y'all
    got to pay attention
    one of the catch evolutions the glad we
    could hey Emily what's going on are you
    there was a piece up here maybe it was
    just the Wiggly lychee that I saw I did
    carpet right like losing my mind for a
    second he brings sustenance
    I said no it's a trap it's a trap anthem
    core and then hunkers seal arge elder
    dragon bone giggity and some heavy armor
    spheres nice and we got the fangs and a
    large elder dragon gem from a path from
    the palek oh man that's awesome
    our Lee is the real MVP here that's

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    you guys want to see something
    terrifying or do you want to be
    surprised if it ever happens when we're
    in a mission go ahead and put it in chat
    now well some people already said it's
    in the game from yesterday's dream
    yeah the ultra instincts mantle
    I would read room stuffing my face with
    the coral Highlands I think that's where
    we're spread finist and there and keep
    searching for any elder dragon tracks
    Thanks I'm sure we gotta check out this
    armor and weapons first and then I will
    actually I can show you the terrifying
    thing cuz I'm here we're gonna pass it
    anyways ish kind of hosts a new quest
    investigations look at that bad boy look
    at what monster that is the most
    terrifying monster in the history of
    everything yep and it's only one faint
    so I'm not gonna use it yet I'm gonna be
    terrifying we can hunts it but I'm gonna
    nah he's not terrifying he dances he's a
    Davidge deviljho let's see here forge
    equipment our mirror what do we got here
    black avail oh it's got a skull this
    time oh my god it's beautiful
    I love it don't want let's check out
    this one Oh God I want it I want it I

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00
    want it it's so beautiful
    peak performance and dragon attack key
    performance yep there we go
    recovery speed and dragon attack
    recovery up in speed eating ahahaha at
    me at hello
    feed eating again the peak performance
    and a flu very home god I want every
    single piece of this equipment in fact I
    want it so much I'm gonna crap this
    first piece right now as it is sexy I
    don't need the dragon attack on this
    particular one so I'm gonna go with the
    recovery speed oh no but I want the
    alpha one because it looks freakin cool
    through this one why does the Alpha
    armor look so much cooler than the beta
    in this series cuz oh god that's
    infuriating I'm no I don't care ok now
    we got to find some dragon armor
    but when I equip it yeah
    I'll even care if it messes up my entire
    build don't even care at decorations l
    shroud mail is what it's called
    so what did we screw up we still got
    your plugs you still got attacked
    through sweetness exploit the cramp we
    have everything that we need still
    somehow I think we're missing the
    handicraft yeah I've got one tier of
    handicraft now and he crafted there does
    that still give me purple sharpness it's
    gonna give me a smaller tier of purple
    sharpness well butter my butt and call
    me a biscuit yep we've got so now we
    need the absolutely need to have our
    I need the sharp deck oh absolutely now
    recovery speed and dragon attack
    earplugs attack boost weakness exploit
    speed eating recovery speed dragon
    attack handicraft so what we're missing
    now is oh you know what this is gonna be
    this is actually perfect everything's
    under percent part of the plan now I
    vitiate add echoes rhymed I'm very
    excited about this equipment if you
    haven't figured that out already

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    well that gives me earplugs five female
    feed eating any craft affinity okay this
    is perfect this is amazing I love it
    okay look at us happy okay sorry
    awfully oh thank you for the super chat
    man finally off work one more elder
    dragon and I may be able to join nice
    about that like button everyone thank
    you so much for the super chat off the
    hope your day has been going well glad
    you're finally off work we gotta check
    out the Capone's dual blades do we have
    a new tree now bone tree fell Khanna and
    Jeanette acidic glow Venice paper
    kodachi black steel double jo workshop
    oh I don't see it anywhere is it just
    gonna be under I losing my mind just
    dragon bow
    where's the fellas octree onna own tree
    tigrex is there not one for dual blades
    okay I know there is flag ax they used
    it also got terminators edge there we go
    oh no I'm losing my mind everybody hi
    double channel I don't see a freaking
    tree for it okay um I don't know I don't
    feel like spending more time looking
    though it must just use pieces for
    something else then
    I love my new chess piece nice dragon
    thank you so much for the super chat
    what kind of tacos are you munching and
    crunching on it's a quesadillas though
    everybody wants to see me die no I'm
    gonna save that cuz I want to make a
    video on it if we encounter him in the
    wild cool but I know I'm gonna we're not
    prepared my butt is not prepared for the
    for the double Joe I do want to upgrade
    this though my first actual rarity 12

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    weapons Emmer I know there's a valence
    of tree for this one they used it
    Alcazar and pandemonium's wrath is what
    it upgrades to that's cool
    result my hammers at Emer bros unites
    London's wrasses pretty cool though
    okay so we need to go to the coral
    Highlands rights and investigate tracks
    there Eponine all akhirin is there right
    now are you freaking Kiran will go there
    eight Kiran for the passion
    especially now that the late bogan is so
    much different I like the old light
    bogan but I don't know if I like the new
    version yet
    does weather affect your hunt - I don't
    know I know there's weather effects now
    but I haven't seen it affect anything
    just in case
    I'll probably be sick of it at some
    point but for right now
    beloved's old oh oh it's the new elder
    dragon I'm gonna die

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    oh hey I had some lightning
    that's two tracks on one great
    I'm really excited for this fight
    actually good old nanny al
    good noon a me elf
    oh great a tempered pale loom ooh master
    it's like gee rank+ hey keV keV
    I know I'm
    Oh clearly it's not up here I go to
    another ebony Otto Gahr on it's so
    Abney and death
    it would be down here where it doesn't
    like the preview this can't wait to see

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    what else is in there cuz I haven't I
    haven't looked at a monster list yet I
    don't know how many more new things to
    expect he was just saying how it was
    Wignall as I was crying about okay
    butter Garn I do not want to play with
    you right now
    begone all beasts
    that's Karen just pranced it away down
    there yet
    old this this way
    I don't know why everybody asked me
    about twitch stream England on YouTube
    alright well let's go up i guess i'll
    like it was gonna be down below but
    definitely not gonna be in this area i
    go down to where they pay lulu is
    I'll check down here I want to go all
    the way up and then have it actually be
    down here right here anyways oh you know
    what I think we only needed to progress
    the footsteps and I'm 90% sure we have
    done that yeah we literally just needed
    to progress her footsteps okay we got to
    go back to Leona completely forgot

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    that's what the Boscombe there's another
    elder that got a variant I think all the
    elders got variants cuz we know nurger
    ghonte has one
    it was just the new ones that got ones
    they call all of the variants and
    subspecies subspecies in this game he's
    fine he lost a tooth
    golden pickle the golden pickle of doom
    there we go oh I didn't find all the
    damn tracks new species of elder dragon
    hiding in the coral Highlands something
    the Commission's never seen means one of
    us has any idea how to deal with it
    we're starting from scratch here so
    expect a bumpy side the only other thing
    to report is that the first Bavarians
    have been showing themselves a lot more
    frequently seems like they're trying to
    tell us something about the new elder in
    the highlands does that exactly care
    what clear what they're trying to say
    the trackers out looking for them now
    and trying to get a little bottom of
    things learns anything okay cool
    loading loading Lauren I just can't wait
    to fight sin ogre I mean we gotta be
    getting close

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    we wouldn't right last time so let's go
    left I think we need like four more
    I don't think Eric knows what he's
    talking about Monster Hunter world was
    the most successful game Capcom was ever
    released by a rather extreme margin
    although ice-born is pretty dead
    compared to world for some reason even
    though it's significantly better than
    world which was kind of unfortunate that
    really that didn't advertise it nearly
    as much a loom boo your stupid bat
    what's a tempered pay lumen to
    all right
    everybody can I see your stupid better
    front tooth huh cool
    we're hunting an a Miele that's that bud
    a new elder dragon
    why is there - we're not gonna hunt
    those but yeah I'm just the new one a
    new cool dragon worth trying to find it
    the first time we'll ever see it I think
    we got enough tracks now
    maybe we'll have tiny human take down a
    monster cuz he's a gangster at Monster
    Hunter sooner I'd love to kill monsters
    era [ __ ]
    I know why everyone called him Steve I
    still prefer Reggie
    huh hi mom and our streaming working

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    unless chat demands that tiny human
    kills a monster go and I'm Kyle how you
    it will
    let him kill one do you want to have him
    fight a master rank monster would that
    be - we've already wanted to have him do
    a high rank monster everybody already
    played ancestors today to our
    all right the abyssal dragon nanny L
    after hearing of what the first wave
    Aryans had to say we're sure of it
    pending that down would be a relief if
    everything we knew from the scant logs
    reports weren't so unsettling the
    creature had an eerie glow seen was
    pitch black drab in color
    ilza bore every color of the rainbow I
    don't look at me I'm scratching my head
    here - anyway you've had more reports
    come in something's about strange light
    flashing up in the higher regions of the
    Highlands that's gotta be it your gear
    together and head out to the core
    Highlands at once ready alright so we
    finally got the hunt for that we're
    gonna have him do a master rank-one it
    needs to be something not too crazy he
    has killed the devil Joe or not a double
    Joe Yahner gurgaon say though having a
    Gris oh my god I have another one of
    these here oh no that's the same one
    and allow them to get fish slap
    I think master ring know what let's not
    do much to train mainly just because
    it's gonna take a while
    wanna fight jag hrus got moves like
    jagger as' hey we're gonna do one
    and that okay
    I don't know if you guys can actually
    hear him talk remember how to use the

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    dual blades he's to button this one
    makes he go into the teaming mode he's
    actually beating a tempered Gege ghonte
    Lisbon I spend almost a year since he's
    played so I feel like well start him off
    how long
    I'm not sad about no one no happy
    dual blades are pretty good to start off
    with now they're definitely good to
    start off with it's a very simple weapon
    to get a good grasp of along with the
    sword and shield I like things that are
    fast when you're learning a monster or
    learning the game I like things like
    cool blades and sword and shield and the
    next would be like hammer and a bee the
    insect glaive not there's a lot to the
    incentive but you can figure it out
    really quick and then and I get better
    the charge blade - a lot of people say
    it's not a starter weapon but I do think
    that it is a good weapon to start off
    with and then learn everything about it
    turn up strong okay
    he's the triangle one there
    this poor jagira s-- has been used for
    fodder for an antenna that was a little
    oh yeah you killed it all right
    decorous the not-so-great punching bag
    now he's just murdering everything
    though the missions over
    that's your friend stop trying to kill

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    your friend he's your pet yeah
    you say thank you off they on they
    switch now
    he's so excited now off Leon thank you
    for the super chat man we gotta give him
    something a little bit more challenging
    than that next time
    this unidentified Elder Dragons in the
    coral islands
    alright let's fight in a Miele I'm very
    excited for this actually urine is 11 so
    fluffy thank you for the super chat yeah
    you magnificent human you thank you so
    much signed the lights are from the
    abyss look at that
    squid boy looking thing for the icon I'm
    gonna die I'm gonna get my face punched
    in oh you know what I meant to do the
    hold on before we do that how do I and
    by Ansel why is it the same button do I
    have to hold it okay I don't understand
    how to cancel things Allah yes Eve okay
    let's do online session beats launched
    session derp topia and we can get people
    joined in I meant to do this before that
    but oh oh she Mario thank you for the
    super chat he murdered that thing real
    real good
    [ __ ] thank you for the super chat
    take the mighty tiny hunter out oh oh he
    got that yesterday but maybe we will
    again he deserves it the hunters reward
    and see those words though I can hear
    miles away those two words hey there we
    your list so for anybody who wants to
    join the session there it is I'm gonna
    put the session ID at the top of the

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    II Excel
    there we go
    I'll make sure to do stuff in the
    gathering hub to
    thank you all for the support if you're
    enjoying the Monster Hunter livestream
    be sure to fondle that like button
    whisper sweet nothings to it smack it
    around a little bit I'd greatly
    appreciate the support
    ever buy a games on the Xbox the trap
    we got to do the name il mission and
    then we'll help out other people with
    their progression as well ghosts a new
    quest how long do you plan on being on
    YouTube for like doing YouTube as like a
    job or like streaming like today
    uh you know I'm gonna go with defense by
    this one smart under King garaje thank
    you for the super chat what's going on
    tiny humans should fight Master rank
    thunderhorse oh my god why are you so
    evil oh my god
    thank a wolf and thunder King thank you
    for the stupid chats but I mean we've
    been doing YouTube for three years now
    solidly for two years but only very
    recently doing it as a job and you know
    I'll just keep doing it as long as it's
    um as long as I can really it's hard to
    say what the future will hold
    I guess full-time yeah it is it has
    actually been almost nine months Oh
    actually yeah almost yeah I finally it

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    took them like four months to find my
    replacement actually took them three
    months after I put in my notice almost a
    year since I put in my notice but yeah
    nine months and sorry nice very cool all
    right so we're gonna probably have to go
    all the way up to the tippity toppity
    top of this map do we have you know what
    let's just use the the lift thing right
    I've come with his unskipable credit
    scenes all God yeah I told him I was the
    food to you to they knew I was they knew
    when I started I've been doing doing it
    for a while they knew exactly what I was
    doing when I left
    they were certainly very surprised
    oh and there's no Gurgaon say town or I
    like so your again
    what was I doing before this I was doing
    a lot of stuff before this but the job
    then I left for this I was I was a
    contractor for company for all the
    military contracts for a lot of these
    words aren't gonna make sense to a lot
    of people for all the network enterprise
    centers so like network network security
    and like Aldi uh basically I managed all
    the contracts that we had for the West
    Coast for 24 network enterprise centers
    for the military I managed our contracts
    between the army and what we did for
    oh let's see here I'm down here
    I guess I still I can't really explain

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    it them it would make any sense without
    using a whole bunch of Q like words that
    wouldn't a lot of people would
    understand and wants to know if you'll
    ever play classic Wow no never
    I played so much classic Wow back in the
    day that it made me never want to play
    wow again I was in the top three like
    rating gills through vanilla and Burning
    Crusade and that was like a full-time
    job I never wanted to get
    oh it's so beautiful
    an Emily thank you for the super chat he
    smiled Li heartbroken I'm sorry Ben
    of course I get drowned right off the
    bat the master of the torrent has
    appeared I am feeling a run little bits
    of moist at the moments do not be led
    astray even the Elder Dragons follow the
    trail of the Elder Dragons do not to be
    led astray you can now ask so you know
    what let's do we don't fight with people
    very often I'd like to give them the
    benefit of the doubt we always try and
    then if we fail once we're gonna do it
    solo I don't have any max potions with
    it flies oh my god it's like a kite this
    is cyber-pirate I'm so lost and confused
    I don't know where I'm going you know
    what if we're gonna do this with other
    people maybe I should play the hunting
    horn that's usually what I do because
    then if I'm playing the hunting horn I
    can keep everybody alive that's usually
    why I play the hunting horn in groups
    and that is all right

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    how'd it get started into streaming lots
    and lots of research if you're doing
    twitch you just start and then like
    don't grow because it's only geared for
    keeping the people that are big big
    although recently they've been doing
    some changes as far as YouTube dough
    goes lots and lots of research much
    knowledge about the platform as you can
    will help you succeed I'm in good audio
    and there's also like networking through
    other types of social media will help
    read it and all that stuff
    specializing in something really helps
    being a variety streamer like me is not
    really what you want to do let's play
    far tonight
    and yes I I always recommend to check
    out Derral Eve's if you're looking into
    doing anything on YouTube this little
    prick needs to stop flapping its stupid
    wings around and making everything
    terrible oh I missed it going all over
    the freaking map rollin me
    Thanks I like to start this off the same
    way excuse me I hit the face first I
    very clearly wanted to do this
    it's got the biggest wings in the
    history of things that have wings
    this thing's insane where is this weak
    points huh all right we got to make some
    oh no water blade
    now to make the weak spots baby like a
    little squirtle with twins panic you
    an evil murderous elder dragon kind of
    way I think it's it's very kinda moveset

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    very similar i keep hooking into the
    same spot i don't want to do that it's
    got a very similar moveset to Val huzzah
    actually oh and then it eats the water
    back up that's interesting whoa hey
    squirtle no way no sir it erupts so many
    pods yeah this has the same skeleton as
    valas our company was saying it's like
    touché no it's definitely Val huzzah get
    falls the same way it limps the same way
    and it's got a very similar move set
    this is gonna be
    that's like the same thing
    no hits heart oh it's like slithering
    around don't eat my butt like that
    luckily not being all slippery I hate it
    no you're making these squishy noises I
    think it's enraged now when it's getting
    all slippery oh god no no no okay that's
    what I get for saying this fight was
    gonna be easy huh alright squirtle Oh
    piss off I was
    patty ah habit squirtle
    hang out here what electric where did
    that come from
    Oh it'sa got two elements I was [ __ ]
    holy crap okay learning I could I kept
    smashing the heal thing and it wasn't
    healing me okay [ __ ] that thing also why
    was I not healing myself my trick with
    water-types also known as WTF the

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    radioman is still kind of sketchy you're
    on me I think it's more sketchy than it
    was before it's like a jellyfish it is
    that's cool I like it I gotta focus now
    though lights and AM yell and then slay
    it you slay it always making me do all
    the hard work
    later man spider-man what's too fluid
    okay um now we know this thing isn't a
    joke I made fun of it and it killed me I
    feel like that's fair
    let's let's take this more serious
    back up here
    maybe not call it squirtle anymore
    I like the lightning or the water
    Hecate at all in fact
    gearing up for some sketchy something
    all right in the taint I think that's
    gonna be the best place to fight it
    let's be honest just not a meal in hive
    don't get that fun maybe I'm having a
    stroke frickin dead Wow

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    how many deaths are we allowed in this
    holy crab well it's just abandoned
    because I'm not gonna look through I'm
    gonna I'm guaranteed to die one more
    mething talked me up
    I'm probably wearing gear that's the
    week to water and probably lightning
    knowing my luck
    I have never had that much issues
    fighting a monster before I was actually
    that's kind of got me excited I usually
    I have issues for like a full seconds
    and then get it my [ __ ] together
    oh yeah negative 11 freaking Thunder
    yeah for defense against water
    what can we switch up here real quick to
    help that out a little bit we're gonna
    have to change something unfortunately
    god that thing wrecked me
    Dilli ating
    okay we can lose the Stasi ated and put
    in lightning resistance I suppose I
    don't want to but I feel like that might
    be the best our best bet
    Bob Lee you can get water resistance you
    need lightning more than water though
    and then we can eat four elemental
    resistance I suppose that way I don't
    have any negatives and I've got some
    positives into water that's better
    under resistance and then we eat four
    elemental resistance
    a very cool
    hey there's no Shi Maru nice we're gonna
    give that another go now I know what I'm
    getting into

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    get a practice bud all right so our
    resistance is 25 resistant to water 16
    2002 all berries which we gots maybe
    we'll bring the armor skin will bring
    mega armored skin and then we're gonna
    bring what fish fin + sharpen faster rid
    of the I'm gonna keep what do I not use
    them very much
    I wanted something in here hidden not do
    and I break the table
    I don't remember what I wanted to grab
    there was something I thought was really
    important that I should bring and also
    there we go now we're ready
    mega armor scan that's what I wanted to
    do I don't think I'm crafted okay I went
    to the wrong GG tag
    okay you should be good now if I get
    very very quiet just cuz I'm focusing
    and not dying for some reason hunting
    and talking at the same time doesn't
    equate to good gameplay is she going I

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    am NOT following you down there cuz
    you're just gonna come right back I'm
    not doing it I'll wait here
    both Mothra what should not come back up
    here this time
    where to god that would be my luck not
    doing it I'm not jumping down I'm not
    gonna do it the second I do it's gonna
    come back up but it won't come back up
    until I jump down
    I swear
    and going the wrong way you're gonna
    land up there
    oh I was dumb

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    it's so slippery
    oh hello look at that wing
    at least we got a much bigger arena now
    but he's my - juice
    well that would have still hit me
    not painting a whole slippery this is
    definitely much a better area to fight
    it them there's a weak spot
    out of your water boy
    Oh anytime's nice to do that up oh it's
    so wet everywhere now

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    abuse delivery gave you
    I wish I could slip around and then get
    my slider stuff going
    oh I'm comboing all [ __ ] Harley where is
    their sweet sweet heels Harley just like
    I'm paralyzed - homie [ __ ] christ
    give me a loan for a second
    god damn yells a sniper loved the fight
    but this is gonna take me so long as I'm
    barely getting any hits then yeah sneaky
    little water fit lightning dick fish
    holy crap
    that was cool terrifying but cool dude
    this the seller dragons awesome
    did I gotta say um there's gonna take me
    like an hour so I apologize do it
    already down to three freaking mega
    let's see up there don't go back up why
    not have us Art Deco on right now feel

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

    like I'm sharpening ten times more than
    I should be
    I do have nobody
    you don't
    and he knew best about this game today
    I knew it wasn't gonna be my day when I
    got rekt by frickin tigrex earlier
    what's lights are off now
    wonder if it blew its load
    fertile notes wording
    ah oh come on oh come on
    now you suck up your water you you evil
    creature excuse me I don't want to be
    climbing right now hey I haven't broken
    my controller yet
    triangle circle angle
    maybe I forgot how to do my shits ah

    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

    that's what I've been doing around okay
    that makes sense
    I forgot how to play duel blades all
    right isn't the whole stream to me being
    absolutely [ __ ] terrible but we will
    defeat it and then we're gonna wear its
    skin it's gonna be great are you enraged
    I can't tell I'm pretty sure you're in
    rage all right I can tell now never mind
    you're in rage
    oh my god
    think about that lightning on the water
    is it not it doesn't just go in the
    water it's got ranged beyond the water
    too and it's pretty like surprising how
    far it can go beyond the water oh god oh
    god I was actually kind of cool watching
    it come for me was actually really cool
    wow you weren't enraged I can't tell
    when you're enraged when you're not
    yes not all like that yes they can
    travel around the Rotter but it has
    range beyond the water too if even if it
    doesn't have a travel too
    what was surprising man now that we know
    that it's got a longer range it's a
    little bit farther away from it it
    should be okay
    I don't want to jump

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

    nice pile and is one of those heavenly
    blade stories one of these days oh boy
    it's all a speaking in front of you
    you just face up the hills like like
    heavenly blade flurry to your flat it's
    so much safer down there
    I don't know why I keep doing I've never
    done that horrible combo before until
    and make the right spots and doing like
    any damage
    Oh God
    can I jump backwards instead of forwards
    eg okay now you're in rage
    slip inside oh no no no oh come on
    thank you thank you thank you
    I thought I was gonna make me be
    come back down to my office please the
    squishing sound leaves so much to be
    cool well it does that
    fine I won't call you cool ever again
    I'm not cool I'm slippery

    Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

    make some weak spots while I can
    I don't want to keep doing that combo
    though holy crap that's a cool attack
    even the second time
    that's a cool attack did you go pretty
    thing I don't know what it is I have fun
    all the other dragons at the same time
    using mods was a lot of fun
    sure support from chat actually arch
    tempered of all of the elders at once
    quite fun I'm not nearly that good as I
    used to be though Oh a little bit rusty
    also not using the charge blade usually
    what I was using for a while
    you doing up here pretty pretty boy
    pretty lady whatever you are this thing
    uh up juking me into the wall please
    there we go right into the bits that
    I've been trying to get I don't I'm not
    one two three
    gonna keep talking to myself I guess

    Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

    and a knockdown baby there we go
    I somehow like ingrained the wrong combo
    into my brain they need to undo that
    approach this behavior need to have them
    drop a pod got another opportunity to
    get a knockdown
    there anything up here hello slippery
    there was like a pile of rocks up yours
    did I hurt your little toes the ocean
    never make fun of Danielle ever that's
    what happens just doing so good and then
    I make I say one thing and then shits on
    my face we may be beluga whale okay
    early even kill be fun watching me get
    my butt hole punched in naming this
    dragon tags to at this point we're 20
    minutes in and I'd think it I think it
    might have actually just dropped its
    next pod we might not be that bad we're
    not doing good
    it's probably just may not be a bad idea
    we just don't talk bad things about
    nanny l she's sentient he knows and she
    will kill you
    armours and portal Mantle's up we need

    Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

    to grab a pod it's a very sensitive
    dragon hey that again
    you know like when you talk about about
    her better just weaken up here all the
    pods not here anymore
    huh broke your butthole how does it feel
    you punched in mine I'll punch in yours
    Posey was that your tail - you're
    tailing your foot something came off
    a little end
    gotta get this on the strap will make
    some weak spots well we got our man
    babbling right now you and your 15
    million year long wings
    hello and see seeing your face there
    there's a pod and it's a dragon pod
    now we're getting to the homestretch
    ain't nothing to see here don't think
    God I had a little bit of
    that's over oh I slid dodged into it
    like a noob what do you guys think is
    gonna be after this and do you think the
    armor is gonna look cool I like that
    being in the water is like cruise yep
    just long enough to almost get hit like
    if you don't get up just fast enough

    Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

    you're screwed
    present amateur artists
    electric boogaloo
    I can't see that's the combo they got me
    last time
    we baby Jesus
    just trying and a breather
    I can't I crap
    just want to craft something please
    no my my I don't have any honey on me
    honey on me
    guess we're gonna have to suffer then
    whoa hi
    that was cool back down here baby crap I
    don't like you flying actually I take it
    back you can just say wherever the hell
    you want to go
    that was a long shot
    and we should get more potions
    oh hey she's dying
    holy crap that's such a cool move though

    Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

    I like that word me into water blight
    now though that makes this so much
    well nicer Mantle's almost up we got
    explodey bombs
    look at her sleepin almost like she is
    an absolutely freaking evil have any you
    know I'm gonna have the been before
    Ansel's up
    it's Frick excuse me
    just like oh hell no you blow up my face
    I'm out of here
    that's what I've been missing from Bree
    fortunately I wasted my mantle but be
    famous last words right uh we need us
    own maybe that would be really nice you
    going back up really gonna do me like
    this girl
    I grab more barrel bombs we get like one

    Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

    more watch claw knockdown with her I
    think that'll be about it making you
    earn the kill what's going all over the
    maps like being take me down you're
    gonna have to earn it up she's gonna be
    sleeping again yes okay that's weird
    take it though gonna be really scummy I
    don't have bombs good morning I have to
    wake up
    I might like that more than bombs
    perhaps Slytherin everywhere
    oh just dodged that one that was close
    Thank You Harley you're the real MVP
    35 minutes 15 minutes longer than the
    normal master rank kill oh my god grant
    Williamson thank you for the super chat
    what's going on John first stream wanted
    to show some love
    hashtag club already grant welcome to
    the community thank you so much for
    super chat man I do greatly appreciate
    it that was a really fun fight it took a
    lot longer than I think I could probably
    get that down in 20 minutes with the
    armor that I have now

    Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

    I probably do it in 20 minutes with
    Dharma I have no I don't think I could
    get too much faster than 20s solo maybe
    15 if I got super duper good at it 35 is
    a little long though a lot of long
    who come here c'mere wave on it
    hey Mariah what's going on I promised
    myself that I would keep up on the
    streams this time around with one strand
    but it's not going well
    sorry hopefully you're not hating them
    and we got a poopy deco
    we got a new decoration what is going to
    be in next
    what's the currency I don't know some
    kind of gold coin thing I'll go first
    then shall I
    after investigating the locations of the
    soul we discovered something of a
    pattern these are the locations in
    chronological order pattern it looks a
    bit random to me
    just hold on a minute now let me add the
    locations of the seismic actions from
    first to last a spiral it's following
    the other stream
    of course so it's been moving along the
    trails of energy emanating from the
    a spiral of doom good measure xeni yes
    sir here's where the Elder Dragons first
    became active amazing looks like our
    teamwork paid off so what's next well
    we've discovered a remote island by
    following the line of the spiral map
    down here if we also take into account
    when the elder dragons first began to
    appear then this must be the location of

    Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

    the old fluffy thank you for the super
    chat making 150% fireproof building hope
    sluggy on I won't set me on fire again
    that makes no sense that she sets you on
    fire that's crazy
    glitch yes full steam ahead indeed we'll
    send the fifth fleet our greatest hope
    we'll need your leadership too I
    wouldn't trust anyone else to get us
    back safely
    these drastic changes to the environment
    might eventually snowball into something
    irreversible we need to do something
    before that happens we'll give the Fifth
    Fleet our full support begin
    preparations for departure always up to
    us like so many hunters out in the world
    but it's always up to us no I want to
    check out the new armor and new weapons
    baby and fluffy thank you for the super
    sad good luck I think I can help you
    murder its face oh good lord
    forge equipments are more a mule armor
    oh my god
    okay that's a little bit cooler why is
    the alpha oh is so much cooler looking I
    have a major issue with this
    and we've got freaking eyes of
    Awesomeness so we've got a constitution
    and maximum mite blight resistance and
    tool specialists ooh
    Namie old affinity continually attacking
    a monster activates free element ooh
    ammo up level two and increases element
    damage that's actually really cool Thank
    You monster activies free ammo element
    up level three through elemental
    acceleration that's I gotta check that
    out at some point tool specialist at
    maximum mite Constitution and stamina
    surge am a surgeon blight resistant the
    hood on this is actually really cool
    let's check out the weapons

    Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00

    during a meal tree
    is this I don't think we're gonna unlock
    any new trees
    I must admire
    I want to know what I need to do to
    upgrade these I need one kind of item I
    bet it's like something from the new
    nurger ghonte or something
    I want my rarity 12 rathalos but we
    still haven't figured out I don't think
    I could make any rarity 12 weapons yet
    until I figure out what items are
    missing a little bunch of stuff I
    haven't bought yet
    it's got a question mark tree there
    that's probably average deviljho
    let's check out what this guilty leader
    dude wants to do also keep forgetting
    Beckham my tail Raiders safaris
    they're great forgetting is the items
    forest Booga the items in here that I
    need you know to do tigrex on this one
    oh yeah
    yeah yes I'm ready to go boy
    who were this let's go did I not say I
    was ready oh I didn't do it again did I
    let's go

    Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00

    this old ever were from what we know has
    the power to obliterate ecosystems from
    their very foundation its able to use
    the ever stream to travel underground no
    one knows when and where its influence
    will be felt worst case this thing
    really does exist we must stop it no
    matter the cost
    you don't know what's going to happen
    out there but I do know that we will not
    look at her nice very first prototype
    airship the one we build when we first
    arrived the other ones were Desmet this
    one survived I'm happy this old it's
    getting a second chance
    you really stay well it was our job to
    open paths
    their job is gonna be to finish honestly
    I'm just happy we were the Trailblazers
    all right suit yourself
    take this with you
    no it's yours and we're going together
    this may be a fifth fleet assignment but
    your master left you something to find

    Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00

    if you don't chase that truth and it
    will be lost forever
    come with us
    well the Commission ordered us
    old-timers to sit this one out but
    personally I think you need to go and we
    can't have you getting in trouble while
    they're gone
    all right
    shame we still don't have airships like
    a boat that's been turned into a blimp
    of some sort I mean we do but you know
    what I mean
    an actual ship a new
    just as we predicted
    let's go take us down
    okay like that you stay on your toes
    sitting at the camp letting me do all
    the work the murder something new ladies
    and gentlemen are you excited
    are you ready prepared very reminiscent
    of Zoar mag Duras oh this doesn't look
    like it's gonna be fun
    hey little Nikki because it's more
    gangster than ever you'll get rid of it
    Oh No it's been so long since I fought
    an Ergo ghonte I remember when I used to
    be terrified of this thing not this
    thing in particular but nurger ghonte in
    general and then it we got to the points
    where we would kill it and literally

    Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00

    like two minutes
    you gonna do something terrifying aren't
    you yeah oh that's new and exciting no
    please don't hurt me
    also I still have decorations from the
    last fight on sort of the decos that I
    need drop me upon you sexy beasts
    I love the new the new turkey I can't
    wait to see what he's gonna train oh
    there we go
    funky scale action going on here like I
    should break all of those
    ah my boot a Newark inaho bad touch baby
    come back
    oh he's got SuperDuper hard bits
    goddang oh they go out to the side and
    cause bleeding now that's cool and
    terrifying and about to kill me
    grit Wow
    Nagi you sexy beast I'm proud of your
    new ability to murder me I take it back
    I take it back I take it back I hate
    your new ability
    Bruin Turner key is the best
    he is the bay
    a new Gurgaon say that's even mildly

    Watch video from 144:00 - 147:00

    come on
    I don't know what the deal is with the
    controller delay that's really starting
    to piss me off I'm sitting there with a
    perfect shot at his face and then I
    don't fire my clutch blah
    well that was uh no go home dad
    maybe not maybe not gurgi baby Oh God
    whoa that was cool
    Hurley just do it give it to me I'm dead
    DG okay that was fun
    that's new exciting and deadly
    and screw you Harley just dangling the
    heel over me and just not giving it to
    me your prick I don't love you anymore
    at beats beats [ __ ] ghonte the baby I'm
    definitely not calling for help I may
    have died but other people would have
    died like 10 times already
    well I'm about to die again make it up
    you don't Jesus Christ
    you better be exhausted geez jumping
    around like that
    gonna stay in the the old safe spot and
    see if it still is
    Oh God
    huh the pain you have been playing too

    Watch video from 147:00 - 150:00

    long today I'm just making a bunch of
    really bad mistakes pretty much been
    playing since I woke up well I changed
    my deck guys what I can hear I think we
    have one more faint
    sometimes these story missions give you
    like 5 I don't know I think we probably
    have 3
    Oh Oh God that's new that was cool
    into the wall you go
    gonna make me run for my life okay I
    thought he was gonna do a dive bomb
    so squirrely
    napkin up get up get up

    Watch video from 150:00 - 153:00

    hope he's enraged or not I probably
    shouldn't even find out he is down sit
    interesting timing
    work some more parts
    I'm glad they put and they kind of fixed
    his cheese spot see him he had a cup you
    used to have a couple spots you can
    stand next to and pretty much just
    obliterate them
    I've been further away
    Vonda face me come at me like that
    he comes up hope he's enraged okay
    that touch
    really dude
    good night sweet prince

    Watch video from 153:00 - 156:00

    that's what we needed to do
    auf only I was actually hitting him Oh
    he dropped another pod
    somebody been away for the cat heels I
    killed me last time I waited not this
    I think they delayed crap
    there we go
    Oh got the hang of it there at the ends
    I kept trying to use his old sneaky
    spots don't do that don't be like me
    don't get dead got the hang of it there
    at the end though I like what they did
    with them they made him a lot better to
    fight unless he's could still be cheese
    though I think I definitely think he'd
    still be cheesed especially once you get
    a lot of breaks on them use them like a
    definitely hammer charge lady could
    cheese the crap out of them still I
    think heartbreaker dual blades probably
    to know what this is but that's crystal
    bird come in handy thank you guys
    I definitely want to check out his armor
    I've reached hell's this
    I was that was a weird ideas you have a
    good night you have a huge upcoming
    battle oh great good luck for the fight
    that's happening now Oh God
    the final story boss already huh look
    really really quick
    are you hurt any injuries gather

    Watch video from 156:00 - 159:00

    it's definitely here
    oh boy
    this is something
    no bro I got it a hell is wrong with me
    use the new Dragon razor what is wrong
    with me Oh [ __ ]
    I'll feel good words
    oh that's a good start
    Oh what is this
    now really what the hell is this
    excuse me sir would you do with Nagi
    the hell out of here
    what's the difference this
    I guess I'll just make some weak spots
    huh do you get launched into walls by
    chance yeah you do okay oh oh oh it's

    Watch video from 159:00 - 162:00

    meant to do that
    unknown parts broken which parts do I
    hit just it's this
    just this the final boss here
    also known as biggest freakiest it's
    like the it reminds me a lot of the
    final boss in generations ultimate this
    is taking a dump dope is taking an
    all right his head is the spot we want a
    hit got it track and tracking what
    you're putting down big boy
    I'm a little exhausted could you just
    give me a second please don't eat me
    like you didn't Turkey
    you tired good big boy you go into wall
    now oh oh you were doing an attack okay
    you're so big I can't tell when you're
    yep Oh No
    haha God that doesn't look fun at all Oh
    now what you're doing homie
    kind of hard to tell like what I should
    be hitting now and why should not be
    hitting now I think it's doing an attack
    how hard to tell
    Oh yep definitely doing something
    um no I'm gonna have to say no
    big crab rock leaves much to be desired
    I think this is actually my opportunity
    to do damage maybe I'm not 100% sure

    Watch video from 162:00 - 165:00

    you come out of the ground now I'm
    following me
    what there's a lot farther away from the
    wall than I thought
    no no and you explode
    oh this quicksand that's cool
    Oh what stab me in the bud
    well no ultimate crab moves go
    blue bass final form let's try this
    again oh I don't have anything to do it
    with it's not
    Thank You Harley you're a doll
    it's gonna keep crap why ha ha ha ha
    phrase blue Bay the emeralds of destiny
    you have fun vibrating I'm just gonna
    sit here
    that's it something
    all right big boy okay
    Oh No oh wow
    everything's fine
    the most angriest Tiger Rock in the
    history of Tiger rocks

    Watch video from 165:00 - 168:00

    like a I'm Mara croc dragon from hell
    what's fennel
    I keep trying to pack it in the the
    dangly bits right there definitely need
    purple sharpness for this thing hit it
    right in the dick right there
    I think it's not enraged underwear hard
    to tell though
    can't see there's something terrifying
    hiding under all of these rocks that are
    shutting off I think I were a bettin man
    I need to loosen up one of these feets
    cackle at me dying II amid in a weak
    watch this thing turn into like Usain
    Bolt when when the rocks come up oh I
    see claws now
    looking to do it more
    are you still enraged I take that as a
    hard yes holy Sh it's hockey mushrooms
    I'm gonna pretend like I'm doing some
    damage here I hit you
    looking a little tired buddy
    now go into the wall
    hashtag vibration mode

    Watch video from 168:00 - 171:00

    oh no vibration mode has damaged now
    feel like it is blowing bubbles in the
    good I'll talk about what's below the
    is it a fully-grown xeno jiva with a big
    old booty
    Oh Oh No
    head is just to the sand that's funny
    what's the doing question mark ROC
    figured I needed to like hit it into
    rocks more or something but I haven't
    been able to in a hot minute
    I like I can tell when it's freakin
    me out of the yucky yuck
    and try and uncover one paw maybe
    the pucker effect I need you to drop a
    oh god I knew that was gonna happen oh
    there's a pod
    we're not even the hard part and I've
    already used up like all of my things
    Jesus Christ

    Watch video from 171:00 - 174:00

    I wanted to get closer to a wall ask and
    you shall receive
    well that did nothing okay
    be vibrating again
    yes hashtag vibration mode
    like uncovering a prize it's like those
    those like the prize things that KITT oh
    that kids get you gotta like dig it out
    of the the stuff that's what this is
    Oh oh no nope nope nope nope nope nope
    nope nope nope nope nope nope nope
    nope nope nope nope nope nope Philip
    left up took the bag it's a note monster
    holy [ __ ] what the [ __ ] is that through
    this thing is Geise najiba skeleton but
    no partner
    it's the note 5,000
    [ __ ]
    death just by sheer unadulterated sound
    right in the cloaca
    holy crap dude
    let's taste the armor bits heart skipped
    a beat
    I'm gonna chop off your tail
    I want to punch you in the toes those
    have monkey feet
    well that would have killed me okay
    hurly get back

    Watch video from 174:00 - 177:00

    whose horrible nightmare was it to
    create this monster at Capcom look you
    know it would be cool this terrifying
    creature that's burst from a rock like I
    can tell if it's enraged or not
    for you if that was both heartedly
    Oh a new mode supernote bowed eyes
    fights freaking amazing
    yep yep haha God
    worth it just to get hit by at once I'm
    do it again don't do it again
    hang down near the but again that was he
    most noted a my kind of ok spot
    look like a knock down a break your foot
    and eat it
    ah nuts
    you will not prepared
    I go back to the camp not even possible
    unless I know you can with Z no but I
    think our camp and I got obliterated
    doesn't it
    oh my god

    Watch video from 177:00 - 180:00

    kind of wish I was just using a PO right
    now actually not I think about it
    Oh bad touch bad touch Oh Shi Maru thank
    you for the super chat that thing is
    creepy looking yeah it's freaking
    terrifying as what it is
    oh I thought I dodged that like a pro
    but no I just almost died is what I did
    put the salt don't try and dodge it that
    oh right
    the pucker effect
    ah forgetting about that
    this came from like the deep inner
    thoughts of somebody's terrifying
    nightmare somebody came into work one
    day and is like you know we're still
    looking for a final boss right well I
    have this nightmare last night and this
    is just let me have this one
    you have a good 90s
    it'll be like being hit in the face or
    just teabag that rock
    I still haven't broken like a single
    foot or toe or anything
    really great effective
    at some time for some experimentation
    was a trap over here

    Watch video from 180:00 - 183:00

    yep I think we've entered the next phase
    is doing new creepy things in sharpen
    now it only it only shares the skeleton
    of Xena I highly doubt is anywhere near
    related they just share the same
    skeleton for reuse of resources purposes
    that bigger watch back to that me
    well that's new and terrifying
    the world's transforming again
    Thank You Harley
    Oh God
    first my hat
    phase three completes or started rather
    god your face even got creepier
    Arlie you sexy beast it was like oh you
    want to get in front of me huh
    you can I regret that one Oh Harley just
    got a toad one hit
    surely you sexy cat mutant holy [ __ ]
    that was our first faint dude I'm kind
    of glad though cuz we really needed to
    come back here we had no items left we
    had nothing that beast once more okay do

    Watch video from 183:00 - 186:00

    I still have armor skin there we go
    you should be able to Easton's we've
    been fighting him for so long it sounds
    like a screaming goat I know that was a
    that was an intense wait we're it why
    didn't I get stamina alright it's said I
    would go 50 stamina
    almost a few times to me I asked you
    there's a very cool final boss I am
    liking this a lot more than Xena as
    varies is the same style as you know but
    it's still
    that's why I think we've got it pretty
    close to death now though there we go
    you need to take a book I don't have a
    bow crafted or else I would trust me I
    would love to be using a bow right now
    this fight is like setup for a bow again
    just like Xena Jeeva was just waiting
    okay they nerfed the bow oh hi that's a
    terrifying face I hope we have a mask of
    the face it would be pretty darn cool
    I wanted to put nothing else
    now going for the no I can move but oh
    okay it's the same thing
    got it that did not register earlier
    yeah game in what world do you think I
    want to dodge sideways you grind up
    freaking murder blocked me
    what no a hard pass what the [ __ ] is
    this holy yeah

    Watch video from 186:00 - 189:00

    way cooler than xeno for the final boss
    way cooler
    you need tags unmanly screaming for the
    notifications alert that'd be awesome if
    you could do a custom alert like that
    well that's the safe spot right behind
    the heel here you won't get probes there
    then you got a deal with
    loosen up the ground again to teleport
    again [ __ ] I got caught in this time
    oh no that's new yep
    let her keep doing bad
    I weakened the bootay
    I'm so glad I did not have so Estes
    fight every time I say that I die let's
    forget that I said that
    and will kept ropes I did not go in my
    safe spot hiding Oh
    I'm just gonna save my Mansell in case
    she does anything else that we haven't
    seen before
    maybe Harlee I'll get the kill oh-o-oh
    wanna chop off that tail
    that was new
    oh crap I need to move I need to move
    money to move jib oh you sexy beast that

    Watch video from 189:00 - 192:00

    was awesome and just stared at us
    afterwards not even mad about that that
    was cool
    how many lives do we have left
    okay you need to be very very careful I
    enter you
    I'm her skin even drug
    we go
    like that it instantly drops you like on
    her face it's just like oh I heard you
    wanted to fight again
    where's she gonna pop up all the way the
    Frick over there
    god that is such a cool attack
    oh my god
    hey I'm gonna
    no idea how many items were gonna get
    from this but I have a feeling it's
    going to be another one of those like we
    haven't even broken her face
    oh my god I blew our entire mantle
    I have no idea how close she is to being
    through an office
    you didn't drill for very long like no
    bro I am the epitome of Elder Dragons I
    pity the fool who make me drool
    don't get a classic right now literally
    would have been the end of me

    Watch video from 192:00 - 195:00

    first try okay I didn't need to squeak
    like that but that was a longer I was
    actually it only took 34 minutes that's
    about the same time as inna Jeeva when
    you first start to fight her
    there's a very very cool fight now they
    need to name it so