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SearchThisVideo: Bloodstained Curse of the Moon 2 Walkthrough Part 4 Demons Crown (Nintendo Switch)

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hey what's happening gamers welcome back
to blood-stained curse of the moon - on
Kings Let's Plays so we're gonna like
comment subscribe and hit that Bell to
be notified when more blood-stained
arrives special shoutouts to all our
members including our Ultimates
and if you guys want to hop aboard the
membership train all you got to do is
click right here and select the tier
that works for you and a major thank you
to our friends in T creates for
providing a copy of this game and on
celebrating 25 years in the gaming
industry alright let's get back into the
game all right here we go inside the
creepy castle and we just finished the
ice domain so now it's time for I don't
know Greenland alright let's go green
please OOP so we are nearing probably
the end of at least one story but how
blood-stained usually does stuff is the
character will end up sacrificing their
life to save everybody else and they get
turned into the demon and then it's an
excuse to go through the game all over
gosh so I don't know if they're gonna do
that again but that's what they did with
the original blood-stained so I mean
well it makes it different than
Castlevania cuz it's like Oh instead of
going to stop Dracula we did that but
one of our friends became possessed and
now they're the evil person so we got to
go save them it's like okay well I mean
we couldn't really saves and get suit
when he turned bad we had to kill him
hear you yes I know it doesn't make any
sense and no one can tell me a shape or
form if it works or not like how did he
come back is it just like it doesn't
matter or you know that's why I
appreciate like continuity stuff cuz it
needs to make a little bit of sense just
just a smidgen if it doesn't it's just
kind of like okay that's great it just
it disrupts like the world that they're
building a little bit for me
it's like there's there's no stakes it's
like no explanation of how he's randomly
back mm-hmm
cuz yeah he's this hardcore vampire
hunter guy we get it he's cool he's got
the samurai sword bringing a little bit
of the Far East into
you know Western like Transylvania and
all that other fun stuff cool but how
did he make it back here
like what was how did they do it oh so
close so close well maybe if you used
your hover you're going to hover if I
use my guy to hover over or we could
just like reset it like that try again
works here we go one two three Pogo boom
yeah that's how we roll yeah and of
course this guy destroys spiky so he
just yeah yeah that's pretty amazing
deceptive yeah [ __ ] off okay fun top hat

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dogs so we're doing it cool stream stirs
right now on oh my gosh sorted online
yep SEO
yep which we we polled you guys and I
was honestly surprised that that many
people would be interested in that bowl
I was thinking now we're gonna get about
a hundred people to vote you guys Wow
was not counting on more than a hundred
people voted on 500 people oh wow that's
yep and at one point it was kind of even
like when I went to sleep it was like
250 people 37 percent one it uploads and
like 60 percent wanted whom the stream
so and then it just kept getting bigger
and bigger and bigger from there I hope
we'll be able to keep doing the streams
because sometimes the streams can be
really draining when we do them every
single day so we'll see well somebody's
already beaten the game that streamed it
like wow and they just did it as streams
and each of their episodes was like an
hour and 20 minutes long so we we got
through the entire first chapter in like
about two and a half hours I don't
believe we're gonna be doing to our
streams every night for it probably
about an hour and a half
is what its gonna be like will get more
custom to it because I mean there's
gonna be some things that people are not
gonna want to see that are very common
with games like that such as grinding
and you know doing quests that aren't
really important to the story we're
gonna be progressing this story it's
like you were grinding a lot like I was
learning the ins and outs of the game
and I sat like a few feet from the
television down there while videos were
rendering you like watched it yep I
learned how to counter and I learned
yeah honestly more the cool stuff I'm
pretty sure that my glasses were all
messed up like when we were recording it
yesterday and streaming it because I
think one of my lenses had fallen out oh
no could explain why couldn't read the
text very well I only had one lens in my
hope your glasses are doing better now I
basically hate these better than nothing
no and we're trying our best to get over
there guys and gals like you can
actually switch characters on the fly so
we're gonna come down here kill the
dragon again at least attempt it gonna
go invincible and then we're gonna try
to get up there because where it
recommends for you to go
I've noticed that they give you cooler
items and special abilities that you
can't get so it's always good to try to
do the shortcuts if you can okay
so we're gonna try to show you guys how
to get up here by switching characters
using the dudes wall jump and then
trying to get to the Pogo ability of the
girls so we can kind of cut through the

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

level so it won't be as difficult
actually it might be more difficult but
we're gonna try it because I've seen
people do this on the fly like they're
much better at switching characters than
I am and if you guys saw just a cut
there it's cuz I had to go get my cat ah
no it's okay
you're yeah we sometimes I mean we have
it's okay you don't have to explain it
something like I was doing something
gross so yeah the cats sick it always a
one two three four five die okay now if
you guys are playing this off casual
mode - you need to know that the game is
time so this isn't timed right now and
this is just as hard so just heads up
yeah there we go all right so now we
just bypassed all that and went into
here so that's cool and this right here
is a very important ability
whenever you see a glowing yellow thing
like this this is your ability for the
girl to resurrect a dead party member
very very important okay so now we got
to do crazy platforms of death not fun
so now you get to see the resurrection
of a dead party member yeah totally and
so that's gonna come in handy that
little ability right down there I think
after you get rid of the spikes you
should switch to something else yeah I'm
going to I'm gonna switch to a character
that's not the girl that way we can
bring somebody back because if she dies
then yep
and you're in big trouble okay okay and
out boom don't ask us how two players
gonna work because in all honesty I
think it's a little move scared about
how that's gonna go boom I am too
because this game is not one that I
would think oh let's add a two-player
option to it because well we'll at least
try to do like a few levels cuz we're
getting a lot of requests for us to look
at that dang it
the two-player option yeah yeah this is
making me kind of worried about it I do
like the creepy blood moon in the
background this
that's always fun and continue to bring
patina I do like playing this game
because it's more like it's got blood
stains on it so it's like it's a little
bit more T rated but honestly like I it
doesn't matter just whoa oh oh no oh no
I might have done this wrong
what not now Zelda and go okay yeah so

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

my cats are driving me so insane today
that I just ended up going out on the
porch for a while just to get away from
them so you could look at the trees and
stuff yeah I might end up going out
there like if I get a little blanket or
something I could sit out there and read
a book cuz I don't know I can't my cats
are just driving me absolutely nuts
honestly if it was just Selda it
wouldn't be that bad but she's she's
kind of crazy as it is like even when we
got sold oh they said she was a little
bit nuts she is nuts
I don't I don't disagree with that yeah
okay so that is a well we might be able
to get up there so what we're gonna try
to do is go invincible oh shoot
I didn't work then switch dang it nope
you know what they were so close I know
but that's gonna be a lot of work so
even though they want us to go off that
way we're gonna go out this way
I learned the ins and outs of Sao as
best I could because I mean I really
liked doing it live but at the same time
I want to be a little bit more confident
in my ability so what's the oh no the
great thing about showcasing a game live
or not live oh come on
so no that's that's not that's not your
poll this is why we have her
this is her job she's supposed to bring
people back to life that's right
yeah so where was I oh the great thing
about doing stuff in you know just with
us is the characters like when you do a
preview stream or whatever ow
you're able to show what the game is and
then when you do your series you're able
to get more confident in the series but
you know some people are pretty fickle
they don't go and rewatch like an
episode that has been re uploaded
basically so you know honestly the best
thing I feel about doing a game live for
like SEO no offense I mean I love that
sale but some other cutscenes are kind
of long mm-hmm so I feel like at least I
have something to do during the
cutscenes like I can watch the chat or
something because yeah the interaction
with the audience makes it better it is
hard to I don't know I don't know why
just a lot of I mean Sao and other anime
games have just very kind of slow-paced
cutscenes it's very difficult for me I
can I mean honestly I guess I could go
back and like watch the new Sao series

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

or something like that I just I don't
know how you would like it though I mean
you might oh shoot
yeah so just so you guys know oh geez
this is a platforming there yeah
or he'd be dead I believe the spikes
kill you in one hit I am not very
confident with platforming skills so
this level is supposed to be very
similar to like a castlevania Clocktower
level which is all platforms Wow you
know spinning like a clock tower but
they don't have any gears so it's like
they're doing everything that's
Castlevania II but they can't write it
it feels bad though you'd think that
they would be able to make a vampire
game that would have ever
in it the castlevanias and I just
changed the names
I mean how they changed the format - I
was reading about this so the fact that
in the curse of the Moon game when you
beat the boss and then you know your
main party member became the bad guy I
mean that changed up the formula just
enough that kind of remixed the idea of
the metroidvania Castlevania thing and
it also added a way of replay value
because then you would have to go
through the game again to try to save
your friend and they would change up the
difficulty a little bit oh gosh
yeah I mean they've made some cool like
things I just yeah I don't know if the
enemies are gonna respond because I fell
so I'm I'm kind of an idiot but ego was
involved in not only he's involved in
and in no oh no okay I'm sorry
although speaking of gumbo they just
announced that gunvolt 3 is in
development for the Nintendo switch and
he'll be coming out next year sometime
so yeah well I mean they were gonna
announce it at e3 but no e3 so indie
creates for their 25th anniversary they
were like we have a surprise for you
guys on our YouTube channel
by the way gunvolt 3 in development now
and people are like yeah I mean people
in the comments I mean they obviously
didn't do like a live event or anything
like that I saw it on my phone this
morning I was like yo yeah so it's gonna
take place much later alright this is
secret room guys that's why it has the
the yellow thing there again to
resurrect a dead party member because
that's kind of important okay yeah
although it basically gives the girl
only one job which is a healer so you
become super protective over her because
she's like resurrecting everybody feel
like you can't really use her very much
no because if she dies oops if she dies
it's like oh no oh oh it has a kick
well I didn't know that so this is based
off of Castlevania three cent like yep

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

being able to switch between three other
companions with your main character you
got it all right so I guess we're gonna
keep whoa
excuse me give me tense let's go mmm
so I'm invincible right now that's what
the big orange thing he means and get
some yeah and this guy has no special
ability other than invincibility so you
kind of want to use him for areas like
this because then he can kind of tank
and be that character that's gonna
protect people look yeah that makes
so nothing nothing can hurt him Mike
versus Mac right now steampunk Mac yeah
yeah steam Mac yeah I mean it's supposed
to be 19th century stuffs though all
right here we go as long as we can you
know what I don't trust it so there we
nobody needs help maybe that guy and I
yeah she is pretty much the healer so
she can resurrect people and you see
that weird plant thing that's in her
next to her face yeah that is a healing
ability so now it looks like we're
fighting the main boss from the first
game the person who was in front of the
Blood Moon yep creep that was the end
boss in the original oh yeah look really
familiar girl oh never mind she sorry oh
mmm kind of lucked out there yeah well
they're definitely some very unique
interesting bosses here uh what what is
it's like wait how many Kurtz's of moon
games have there been now this is the
second one okay the first one was not an
e-fit art style then yeah okay I got you
oh wow
it was the girl with the blue look like
a beast or something um or she had
shards in her I thought she had worn so
maybe I'm wrong uh she wasn't it Miriam
was in it but she wasn't the main lead
and the curse of the Moon game Krishna
moon game was always in gets II was the
big guy yeah she was in it who's in it
oops all right so we lost then getsu
which is a big deal and I don't know
what the main game is like because I'm
I'm not good enough to be able to play
that but in casual mode when you beat up
a boss I think it saves like partially
how you were able to take away some of
its health I'm pretty sure okay I
switched it I need to be this I need to
be steampunk back now I can change walk
and I can attack from far away oh I

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

forgot about the kick back was like no I
got scared
yeah oh you know you can like hit
yourself off the edge I don't like that
that's kind of terrifying all right so
we have the dog character okay cool yeah
all right Oh something is going on yeah
it's the creepy lady again creepy oh my
goodness come down here come get some
for being creepy they sure have like a
gesture like outfit all right see we did
hurt her a little bit but oh wow so
she's hurt from last time
Oh weird whatever those things are yeah
come on Robert you've got this uh where
you going with this we're okay sweet
stab stab scrooge mcduck ting it oh no
wait no is she hurting you with like
bees or something she's trying to do
some new us Oh how do you like that wait
what what are you doing what's going on
oh that can't be good
I'm scared what are the heck suicide
move Oh
No oh wait did we win oh my gosh yeah we
won that was pretty intense though I
don't think I want to do that again oh
my gosh okay here we go I'm guessing
this is a very end because it's the top
of the steeple thing
the demons crown let's go oh wait we
shouldn't be this good I guess it's no
wing work I think that's supposed to be
rain oh my gosh that thing's coming
after us
rules gone yeah we lost the only person
who can resurrect people that's just
fantastic awesome let's go film maan no
resurrection no Belmont know anybody all
right let's go come on ball I can do
platforming I could do it there we go
back off yes good job Bob yeah Bob South
has gotten a little bit better okay so
that characters upgrade a little bit as
you go along um they can get I think
more health as you go on a little bit oh

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

gosh love it ouch I'm getting eaten by a
swarm what the heck I'm dead Bob oh
great now we're this slow guy awesome
slow but steady doesn't win any races I
mean this is a race we've got like a
swarm thing after us I know oh geez
get away from me leave my puppy alone oh
we made it to a checkpoint that's what
the candle means thank goodness that
means when we die and we will we can
come back get out my way back off but so
matter of if we die
it's when we don't know ow punker the
music is cool
yeah it's the Castlevania lady again I
think it's the original the the first
lady who did castlevania music oh wow
that's awesome or it could be the lady
from Cynthia Knight that is like a super
ego fan that loves working with eegah
like when he left Castlevania she left
Konami so some people you just want to
keep working with like you know all the
time mm-hmm yeah let's go I kind of feel
that way with somebody so not not naming
names but I'm pretty sure amber can
figure out who I'm talking about no it's
not like we have a choice anyway oh no
please leave me alone I don't like this
I don't I don't like this idea of giant
those look like locusts or something
freaky yeah no I can't go there back off
really freaking me out man I've recently
found out cuz of all the locusts worms
since the pandemic that apparently
locusts have two different forms they
have one form where they're regular nice
locusts and then they have another form
with ah I'm they going to swarm oh they
turn they actually change color and they
act crazy oh yeah all right
gang's all back now so we're gonna go
with know this guy because he has a
really cool sword ability that can help
kill people and uh oh like a couple hits
because that's what his you know sword
ability is supposed to be don't think we
can make it over there I could sure but
you got that crazy swarm thing after so
I don't think that's a good idea you
know what I mean yeah
hmm I'm gonna try to risk that but no
yeah I know what you're saying back off

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

great huh yeah my face just you're in my
face you get out of it
how so when he touches you it's almost
like an insta-kill oh my gosh
thanks for helping them do the dishes in
kitchens by the way no problem my I'm
glad I could help
I still have to do some pots and pans so
because you can't cook anything anymore
because there's no pots and pans dang am
i safe from that even if I'm all for
weak I can't cook anything my life will
be me I'm just kidding you're just
trying to make it easier for me but I
don't know oh my gosh oh I don't like
this I really don't like this level this
is this is not an ideal Castlevania
thing experience I'm gonna try to bake
more stuff cornbread mmm what breads
I see so slow explain my muffin recipe
that I did a really good job like you
find it really good oh gosh
you said they were like some of the best
muffins you've had and then I was like
oh crap I have no idea where the recipe
I'm never gonna make them again have you
tried your old school book bag okay
we're in big trouble now because our
tank is all out of gas pretty much wait
do we have oh we can heal okay doink
oh never mind we could only here once
whoops see it's like it Czech boy see
you really grow to appreciate
checkpoints in this game yeah I mean
this is a pretty nice looking pal so
there's a lot of detail and stuff I
think this is a different demon palace
in the last time
Alton ace I know right good day that's a
hole there stupid contractor ah come on
ah alright let's try the girl I know I
know we shouldn't play as her but I
think she's faster than how everybody oh
that's fine what she's gonna die a
little moose people on the sides of the
wall let's I guess dancing right so we
have to wait for that's it
mmm stop that everyone is dead what
about Bob Bob is no longer with us
alright P Bob and we don't have enough

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

time to be completely invincible who do
we have left
yeah well waited two checkpoints that's
all we can do yeah take that bugs look
at that how do you like that I'm
invincible you can't do jack well I mean
you can make it hard for me to move our
I'm out of invincibility juice awesome
oh there's a little answer
give me it yeah yeah nope it was stupid
oh stop it yeah we made it up yeah
little engine that could Oh
get out my way dragon hmm that's what
I'm talking about oh all right so you
have to be the dog here there's no other
there's no way can she get up there
no that was pointless oops the pointless
yep oh gosh this is intense
what no oh come on oh my gosh this is
just getting in crazier crazyer this is
not how I expect a level and a
Castlevania s game to be is are either
locust or their scarabs I'm gonna say
their locusts yeah they probably are oh
great oh come on no hockey dogs gone
well at least we know that a the person
that we're supposed to use is the dog to
get up the stairs so yeah Castlevania
games are a learning experience about
like what you need to do and what
character need to use to especially if
it's it's based after Castlevania 3 I
mean even a lot of older games were like
learn how to do the level and do it
exactly like that and just like
repetition that's how you learn it I
don't know like I'm still trying to
figure out how Hachi the puppy is able
to know how to steer a mech without
opposable thumbs or anything like that
maybe it's like willed by like brain
power he's just a really smart dog
maybe he is using his brain power to
move the limbs though oh ok so I can
break that stop that okay I'm not even
fighting you I'm just gonna go up the
stairs stop it
go through the door it doesn't matter
Oh Dominic Dominique whatever if there
get there get there get there yeah EEMA
just see what it is Dominique
okay Dominique you got it right what's
her name just I'm not liking this we got
what we got going on here all gosh
Ron I don't want to I just probably have
to leave no yeah I got to the checkpoint

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00
fool doesn't matter what you do to me
now oh I'm gonna come back anyway and
I'm not gonna have to come back anywhere
scary so hurry I know right that's
pretty exciting so Luke if you were just
like oh gosh tricking this game up and
not doing it on your channel or whatever
would you like would you want to play
through this whole game or whatever or
yeah of course I play I mean there was a
weird poll on Twitter a while ago like
people are saying what's your favorite
game of this year or your favorite game
of when you were 18 and stuff and it's
like I've noticed that even when I was
you know way younger in my teens and
stuff I've always played a variety of
games I don't think I've ever had quote
a favorite I've had a bunch of games
that I enjoyed playing at a certain
point and then moved to another game
that's a nominee Dominick's go sorry I
asked you really interesting questions
right when you're when you need to
concentrate no I got a I'm fine all good
I don't know what that is Oh some type
of electric ability right but yeah since
you've played a lot of different games
like a variety mm-hmm yep so I mean I
can never really answer those Twitter
fun posts that people randomly do like
what was gaming like when you were 18
what was your favorite game cuz people
usually pick one game I can't cuz for
instance I was 18 in 2001 so games that
I enjoyed playing in 2001 was Devil May
Cry you had the smash brothers melee
game came out you had Star Wars Rogue
Squadron too
the one that was modeled after the
movies and not you know that n64 game
let's see what other things you had
Batman vengeance which was the first 3d
Batman game that came out that year I
was playing Baldur's Gate 2 on PC what
else I know there was some other stuff I
was soon Final Fantasy 10 came out then
yeah though I mean you know it's all
kinds of stuff I just like I play around
I play a lot of games yeah I don't know
I can't even think of one game that I
played in 2001 of course I would have
been how's it going what are you doing
oh so giant
whatever that is gosh whoa this thing
what what what what what what why is it
a giant ah what the heck man then kazoo
oh oh oh
think I'd better at saying his name now
yeah there you go Hey look there's a way
to bring characters back from the dead
little yellow things

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

yeah that's Andy sweet all right we're
getting rid of whatever ability is and
we're bringing that gets you back I kind
of hurt my knee when I was like rushing
the cat towards the I'm so sorry
hitching because she was issues you okay
now I don't know I think I scratched my
knee up
I'm so sorry since I hit my knee into a
box or something
yeah the stupid cat it's hard when you
get kitties so that they can make you
feel better but then the kitties you
know sometimes they get very sick and
shadows been sick for years it's it's
like it's hard to explain I mean if it
kids it gets rough just cranky and I can
I can understand why some people you
know when elderly family members get too
whiny and it's hard to take care of them
that you just ship them off to an old
folks home there's there's no cat folks
home and they don't have like a
unfortunately not know we they would
really do with shadows it's not
something nice something bad that's why
it's so hard for me because I know I
can't get rid of her cuz I mean that I
want to get rid of her rid of her I'm
saying like I would give her to somebody
else if you take better care of her but
they wouldn't take care of her they
would just not take care of her mm-hm
and that's why it's so hard oh my gosh
for me I just cheesed it when when I was
a little train nice job honey thank you
whoa well the locust thing is pretty
freaky it is it's terrifying okay now
what the heck man
what the heck are you my gosh is some
kind of freaky bum oh he's got a giant
crown around him I get it it's king of
the locusts no no lo the the level is
called what something crown related
right yeah yeah gross gross man stop
that I mean at least you know that Lucas
generally oh no they generally like
George wow this is crazy
whoa creepy what the heck with it gonna
make me fight him again oh I mean well
nevermind oh yeah they are oh alright
well let's bring back Sam gets ooh this
comes in handy doesn't it resurrection
and only a member of the church can do
that everybody else just has no way of
saving their friends cuz yeah so Bob
should be thankful that exactly Bob is

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

like so like oh she's from the church
whatever I don't like her honestly if
somebody from the church could really
resurrect the dead then that would be
something pretty crazy yeah I could
agree to that we heard of one person I
can do that oh yeah
so total agreement all right so how's
everybody doing helpful you ask a stupid
yeah whoa no unless she has like access
to Lazarus pits or something that's
mm-hmm we're gonna try something
it's like what I wouldn't we were
playing that sa Oh game and that one
girl that was a nun like put her hands
on that guy's leg and it was just like
more warm WOM and healed it you made the
wobb wobb wobb noise well yeah I know I
just I couldn't help myself but I was
just thinking while I was watching that
I was like huh
I've never gone to church and had
someone like put a light orb on my my
leg and then heal it what that's never
happened to me yeah
people are just like well I hope you get
better I hope you get better I mean if
they have healing powers that be kind of
freaked out seeing that yeah you know
definitely all right I'm over this this
doesn't scare me anymore I'm not even
fazed it's like time to squash his bugs
he is creepy I'll give him that but he's
not like terrifying
he's got a detail in the character
design yeah this would not be possible
in the nes Oh Wings in the back oh no
watch out Oh done good sue or whoever
you are spirit lady yeah you're right I
gotta be careful Speer Lee because the
spirit he dies we're doomed
look you know if I had the whip I think
I could hurt this guy but I don't I
don't have you don't have a whip yet no
well you'll get one well when we die
again which I'm sure we will all I can
do is just try to chip away at his
health the heck is that this one-piece
sword maybe you can know he killed us oh
my gosh
playing the long game here alright
that's all right we can keep coming back
because she just bring people back to
life you know yep she enjoys that I
don't know if she enjoys it I mean we
haven't really asked her how she feels
about that she just she does it honestly
I would love to be able to bring people
back to life as long as they were
thankful but if they just took it like
basically like the same as like getting
a burger and fries I go you brought me

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

back to life thanks I'll see you later
burger and fries just it's just like an
order 1-1 back to life coming up it's
just going back to life I just feel like
order up and after
she's just doing it every single time
like it's nothing so it's that would
bother me as long as people appreciate
it there as long as they appreciate
being resurrected you mean yeah yeah mhm
like I wouldn't yeah it wouldn't mind
doing it them if they appreciated it
hmm all right let's go bug man well
thankfully it doesn't take long to get
past this little form of his especially
long range with our sniper buddy here so
alright we have a whip this time let's
see if we're able to chip away at that
dudes life even more because he's flying
above us so let's see if zantetsu can
actually live up to his monster slaying
rep who's everybody else is not doing a
very good job yeah all right what a bug
man time to squash you now you face the
Bob now you face the whip to the face I
mean the bull yeah what's my name
how did we get the whip again it's his
default weapon so when we died came back
with a whip yeah how do you like that
you like it
that's Shonen Luke you feel this you
feel a bit Wow feeling the burn
literally wow we actually took a lot of
his health away now what Oh what woody
woody what are you doing what are you
where'd you go I was winning what are
you doing I got scared so I put on
the heck man come on Hachi take him down
go puppy come on puppy power
oh stop with the weird insects man creep
I know what's wrong with him
you've almost got him Hachi I'm trying
I'm trying I'm trying is it dead it's
dead right that's what you get buzz
Breen we squash that bug
I hope please don't have another forum
sorry oh well he did no final form for
him that's what you get oh no they are
doing it Nani
she pulled us then get to she just
sacrificed herself too yep they're gonna
make you play through all over again oh

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

we didn't beat the game without the
healer said get su and his comrades were
in complete state of shock they could
not believe that Dominique was someone
who would sacrifice herself for others
then get to realize that all along she
was the one always caring for them in
her own unique way as he reminisced he
remembered that when someone needed
their wounds treated she was there to
always heal them yeah Robert felt great
shame at his inability to trust the
woman who had been a faithful ally
throughout their journey
despite his open contempt for her Robert
realized Dominique had been quietly
indirectly supporting him in her own way
- Robert however a member of the church
is still evil and his grudge has clouded
his judgment the puppy could not
understand human language yet still
understood that Dominique saved them and
wanted to immediately go and rescue her
for the first time their spirits were
united as one they pledged their lives
to rescue Dominique yay we have to
Jupe continued in Episode two oh no oh
this is gonna be crazy
well they really want to milk that
replay value don't they so we can't say
the game is over two guys but let me do
it without we we did beat it once but it
counts it does count it does count and
I'll play it we can I mean we could play
it two player to beat it without
Dominique well we can try to do two
player I don't think I'll be able to do
it the whole time hopefully there's a
way to switch it off but we could replay
the first level together totally thank
you so much empty creates for providing
a copy of this game yeah we technically
did beat it there's just it's to be
continued so we have to do episode 2 now
I thought this was gonna be a short
series again but I mean I knew we were
gonna look at like a two-player option
but yeah alright so anyway guys the gals
that is gonna do it for this episode of
curse of the moon to join us next time
as we begin our journey to save
Dominique with our intrepid three-person
team and no healer alright until we meet
again god bless and every gaming stay
tuned later today for an awesome
livestream and some other fun stuff bye

Bloodstained Curse of the Moon 2 Nintendo Switch Let's Play Part 4. Zangetsu is back with NEW Allies and another DEMON Castle to Destroy! Battle with ...


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  1. It's not the Castlevania music composer. It's the Inti Creates composer, Ippo Yamada. He did the first Bloodstained Curse of the Moon, and only a little for the actual Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night


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