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SearchThisVideo: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night – Let's Play Part 1: Galleon Minerva

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Watch video at 00:00
what is happening gaiz cowboy here and
welcome to part 1 of the let's play for
blood-stained ritual of the night so
initially I'd wanted to start this right
at launch but with salt and sanctuary
ongoing I didn't want to add the channel
with like 5 videos every single day so
instead I decided to wait I'm kind of
glad I dig ciphered a lot of really good
things about this game since its come
out and it has only served to make my
hype even higher because Oh Miriam
that's fine alright alright then well it
looks like we're going to be playing
through on normal
so we are playing on PC so this should
be absolutely gorgeous
no longer would spirituality
welcome to change in 1783 just as the
fires of the Laki eruption have plunged
all of Europe
Dean spilled from the shadows infallible
City after Heber City
there was a message
the alchemical fearing the rise of
industrialism and abandoned by their
wealthy patrons have done the
unthinkable to defend their existence
through recondite arts the alchemists
had created shard binders humans
transplanted with crystal that attuned
them to demonic power
they sacrifice the shot
and in doing so through the gates of the
world opened
countless innocents died and though the
church succeeded in vanquishing Matheson
always the alchemists man
boy for whom by some miracle the right
presaged by the castle
and on this very hour
upon learning jebal is the architect of
this mule blood-stained ritual Miriam in
the alchemists johannes set forth for
the occurs at castle

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

they're galleon cuts through the water
Lansing towards the
so this is my first entry into the
ritual the night franchise I did not
play the previous game read up on it a
little bit to kind of get some of the
backstory this should be good
demon waifu it was Jebus doing nerium no
mistake it's so hard to believe I
wouldn't even be alive if not for him
he's a good soul
I know I know how you feel but the facts
are a parent and the hell he endured ten
years ago would break the best of souls
nerium i want you to know that I'm sorry
what my brother's subjected you to
there's no forgiving it it was their
transgression not yours you you always
took care of us obviously not enough
Mikkel she's got a little horn earrings
well let it go Johannes we need to focus
on the task ahead if G boo is
responsible for the summoning and I have
to stop him I gave him my word I ought
to do it he was my best friend but I'm
the only one who can the shard
experiments prepared me for combat
let them amount to something ten whole
years what put me in that sleep I wish I
had the answer all I know is the spell
that stopped time for you was advanced
arcane but by observing the ebb of the
magics hold on you I was able to predict
exactly when you would wake up
I see will make landfall soon you should
get ready
I had the chest there packed with
essential equipment now would be a good
time to put it on chest that's - oh this
chest I think I love shoes cop kicks -
kicks over a dagger hood you're prepared
the next order of business is to I'll
take care of it

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

Becht is really a splash bouncing ball
it felt like uninvited cloth scraping
across my bones the demons power was
transmuted into that shot which forcibly
bonded to the crystal embedded in your
body the strength you gain from it is
but eventually the crystal will devour
I thought the procedure you discovered
halted the corruption it did but that
doesn't guarantee you'll be safe if you
start absorbing shards in massive
quantities you know I'm gonna I know my
body's limits better than anyone and I'm
going to need all the power I can get if
I run into trouble you can help me
you've done it before he'll do it again
thanks for giving me a choice in the
well I won't let you down not if I can
help it just promise you won't push
yourself a Barcia pair how did they get
inside the demons from the castle must
have infested the ship then they can
help me wake up these muscles of mine
I'll wipe the deck with them I'll take
kicks so given that this is the first
episode one of the things I'm namely
curious and is how the volume is I did a
volume check right before I started to
make sure it wasn't too loud so the game
seemed too loud
anyway let me know what you guys think
after this episode I'm not going to be
in any any rush recording this they jump
up there
whole day
does he don't like put him on a quick
bar or anything this device responds to
magic maybe I just need to hold my hand
up to it
certain doors that are open by holding
Marian's arms in front tilt are in the
designated direction okay
illegal tentacle beasts I've seen enough
hentai to know where this is going don't

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

let that Chum nice try right now all
about the low kicks
open up
if there's anything else over here
well that's sorry that looks boss like
taking the soundtrack
oh it's nice that I found a safe spot um
let me see
actually I'm a guests
let's hold down that yeah
but there's some goodies up here to get
[ __ ]
Auto pick up
country dress
oh and that's a big upgrade
you know truth be told this may be my my
first ever Castlevania s game because
I've played like I've played a lot of 2d
platformers but I never actually played
anything in the Castlevania franchise
and so this is I mean I know this isn't
Castlevania but it's kind of my first
foray into that that whole that whole

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

design but uh yeah I'm digging this so
far so good that we went there are
they're like in this map to the golf
practice dodging on these basic dudes
real fast so you just tap it I don't
know it feels like iframes you're not
probably not
so far I mean good voice acting good
music Oh Matt's fun enough I've been
watching watching Keith mess around in
this game a little bit yeah I know he
has been going super hard on it he's on
like new game+ nightmare modes and stuff
aim with the right stick press right
trigger to activate cast matcha towards
the same direction consumes EMP launched
a fireball Oh to light this okay
candles a drop of mana Rossum destroyed
punishes HP nice
I feel like I'm supposed to go that way
but there was stuff back in the other
direction I was going but I want to
explore - he gave me shards
oh damn saw how I get five different
magics at a time at school
they're badly
oh sorry I don't have demon horns I was
just wearing a man spear ounds musketoon
a gun can be shot by clipping a
consumable bullet you run out of the
type of bullet that was equipped the
Bulova replaced a much weaker infinity
bullet I want to try out the gun I'm
gonna try out like pretty much I'm

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

seeing five damage per hit on that see
what the SP rounds will do only have
five of them so that's all they am
excited about I heard you get up you can
pretty much just use whatever weapon you
find like you don't have to worry about
style requirements or anything
opt as if it is a peel and that hits
it's kind of hard to do that in the back
of the cognitive shoes I was like in the
kung-fu shoes
bronze and halide Oh Oh what was that
what was that was that archives
techniques I did like a combo oh [ __ ]
there's combo attacks with your stuff I
went like boom boom oh that's [ __ ] do
it costs Tempe the controls 15m perform
up to three spinning kicks by repeating
the same command by this
zip all my mp tryna
Oh like that yo that was that was dope
damn I wonder what other routes there
are how did you escape my notice
wait this is a chest next term

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

leveller chest I like to like the chests
show up on the map too
fun maps that's great is now I know I'm
not just gonna be blindly wandering have
an idea what I haven't explored yet
hold up did I just take is there no no
fall damage take a little higher oh I
don't think there is that's beautiful
short sword
I mean it's got more damage you try it
if there's like a I'm sure there is like
a wiki listing of exam like Hooven am i
doing like all kinds of uh like standard
fight game inputs to see if I can figure
out more or commands
stuff to come this is probably upgrades
I'll wait until heard a little bit more
I'd heard scarf out of the room man
let's go downstairs first we had to make
an effort like like to look at the map
to make sure I'm not like tree exploring
stuff oh nice another safe I'm gonna
keep going for now I just noticed for
like 20 minutes
but I'm captivated like a child playing
a game for the first time right now
it's kinda makes you want to go back and
actually like you know play Castlevania
like the games that inspired this you
know I don't know how Castlevania plays
compared to this but this is I mean
there's a chest
I can't get it for now

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

come on there's gotta be maybe I get
like a high jump in a second or
something let me give it one more walk
here just to see Oh
Oh do landshark
see my rank increases the duration costs
more but I bet this thing hits like a
truck chest of water
there we go
I really do not want to leave that chest
I'm sure I get like a high jump ability
or something oh I like that that just
ruined everything
play more let's go I'm assuming it's a
lot slower I bet it does work
yeah oh damn it I also have that about
one shot him there we go oh this is
probably I'll get to the chest wait no
is this a different shortcut it looks
like there's a room over there too
now this is
so I don't know if there's stagger if I

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

can kill him in two hits it's fine but
maybe like a weapon that's an operator
to Claymore that basically if my weapon
doesn't do enough damage to one tap the
enemy it's not gonna be worth it like if
I go off from like twelve to sixteen but
my attacks slower I'm not even gonna be
able to get my two hits and that's that
was just a shortcut that I oh [ __ ]
shortcut that I open back to the save
yeah there we go
yeah there's got to because there's a
big old couple areas that I haven't had
a chance to explore
MAPE is on par with the short-sword whoo
that's okay
I leveled up
oh that's cool I was able to hit the guy
behind me get too close you'll get
whipped I have a long recovery on it
that's my magic at year 25 was flame 18
500 gold
and make that jump
yeah so I got I got I get like a long
jump or a extra high jump or something
really saying I would bet
Elfi rodents
nice let's say alright well with us

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

being at 27 minutes I do think this
seems like a good spot to break so I'm
gonna go ahead and basically go through
like watch the first bit of this episode
make sure that the audio levels look
good tweak them if I feel they need to
be tweaked but other than that we'll be
continuing on with this later today more
than likely I'll keep it at 2 episodes a
day same as with salt and sanctuary no
car I kind of want to go to three
episodes a day but we also have the
shadow breakers comes out on Friday and
I know that's gonna eat up a lot of my
spare time so we'll see I've heard it's
um it seems more about replaying through
it and it's not all that long so two
episodes a day it might be might be just
the right fit so anyway thanks for
coming on bye guys hope you enjoyed part
one definitely looks like this is gonna
be a really enjoyable title for those
curious it's on basically everything
switch consoles PC as I mentioned we're
playing on PC which is why it looks
absolutely gorgeous but either way make
sure stay tuned and I'll catch you guys
soon with more blood stain ritual of the

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is the FULL game experience, an exploration-focused, side-scroller action RPG packing all of the best features you've come to ...


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  1. I don’t even have a means of playing this game right now, but after seeing some of it played I’m obsessed! The aesthetic and atmosphere are right up my alley and the 2.5D graphics are a really neat touch!

  2. If this is your first castlevania like game then allow me to recomend the castlevania game this was based on. Castlevania Symphony of the Night. Great game and you'd probably dig it too.


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