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SearchThisVideo: Blue Reflection Has Some Problems… – Review (PS4) – Tarks Gauntlet

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blew reflection is a weird game but

there's something oddly nostalgic about

it a familiar feeling like fighting evil

by moonlight winning love by daylight

something like hey let go

yuzu key lime


blugh reflection is a 20-17 game

developed by gust co and published by

parent company co e Tecmo released for

the PlayStation 4 and PC in North

America and the EU and additionally on

the PlayStation Vita in Japan this game

is a very odd sort of JRPG narrative Lee

the game is a blend of magical girl and

slice-of-life anime elements backed up

with a unique turn-based combat style

the story focuses on our main character

Hina KO in her day to day life at school

with her peers Hina KO was once an

aspiring ballet dancer well on course to

be world-class when an injury rendered

her legs incapable of ever dancing again

as she privately deals with her

struggles she makes friends with two of

our other main characters lime and yuzu

key lime and yuzu key our new students

to the school with a relatively secret

past early on in the game Pina ko is

dealing with a classmate who is wrought

with emotion this emotion completely

seems to destroy her classmates mental

well-being as if she's being possessed

or taken over by an evil entity and it

seems that way for a reason which we

will get to shortly when her classmates

emotional state reaches a critical peak

Hina Co finds herself transported to a

magical area we come to refer to as the

common the common is kind of like an

imaginary plane it exists within the

mind space of individuals experiencing

extreme emotions and the design of the

common is meant to represent exactly

what emotion the individual is feeling

while there is only a handful of

different designs for the common you

will be visiting it a lot as you get

further into the game and the feelings

of your classmates gets more complicated

this will be represented by merging two

different designs of the common into one

or in other words merging two different

emotions while in the common Hina KO

transforms into a rather typical yet

really good looking magical girl known

in this game as a reflector also while

in the common she has full use of her

legs along with many many more abilities

he Necco explores the common until she

finds a fragment of her classmates

emotions with access to the fragment

Hina ko can learn how her classmates are

truly feeling without any sort of filter

and come up with just the right words to

ease their pain this process will

play out several times throughout the

game when he Nikko is out of the common

lime and yuzu ki explained everything

that just happened to her as yuzu and

lime are also reflectors and have been

for a very long time

once the classmate who was wrought with

emotion has their emotions quelled they

are presented a ring by lime and Yuzuki

these rings are given to reflectors and

to everybody who has had their emotions

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

balanced by a reflector and all those

with a ring lend their power to the

reflectors in the real world user Lyman

Hina go band together from here on out

to solve all the problems of their

classmates balance their emotional

fragments and give them rings so that

their power might grow this is necessary

as the school exists at a point in the

world that is very sympathetic to a

powerful evil as I stated earlier

classmates wrought with emotion seem to

behave as if they are being possessed

well that's basically because they kind

of are powerful forces known as

Sephiroth and Saphira feed off of and

exacerbate the emotions of the students

at this school when they've acquired

enough power from the students they can

invade the real world and become a

threat to mankind as a whole and this

will happen from time to time

Hina Co is convinced by lime and Yuzuki

that defeating this evil will free her

classmates from this heightened mental

anguish and then it will also allow her

one wish he Nico's heart is of course

set on seeing her legs healed and being

able to dance once again and with that a

wonderful and pretty unique motivation

is set up and her adventure begins this

game is divided into twelve chapters

plus some additional interludes these

chapters are mostly spent at the school

and are often divided into a few

different sections early on in the

chapter story relevant events will

happen that will send you around the

school and into the common but the

midpoint of a chapter is always occupied

by something called a free period free

period is honestly my biggest issue with

the game as there is far far too many of

them the side quests on offer and free

period may seem optional and calling it

free period certainly would imply that

it is but even free period has a quest

requirement to finish you will need to

raise your relationship points to a

certain level as well as your character

to a certain level to progress since

there is no XP system in this game this

is done by partaking in some of the most

repetitive and shallow side quests I've


scene these are comprised of simply

walking around the school solving issues

for your classmates that really don't

have much depth at all these issues

usually revolve around going into the

common to kill X amount of enemy or

collecting X amount of fragments before

leaving other quests simply involved

talking to your classmates or inviting

them out to gain relationship bond

points with them

you will need 99 of these by the end of

the game you may have to go out of your

way to collect all 99 but they're not

really too imposing some other quests

will have you crafting specific items or

using specific attacks in battle it's

all ultimately filler and there is just

way too much of it I get that this is

done to more or less maintain the idea

that this is a slice-of-life RPG with a

magical girl backstory but perhaps the

slice of life elements really don't lend

that well to RPGs or they just weren't

utilized well here I know at the very

least the budget and writing really did

not allow this to be a great narrative

format for this style of game having

these free periods be a forced non

optional part of the game really tended

to drag it all out much longer than it

should have

normal chapter sections are filled with

solving classmates problems that do

actually have depth and will actually

affect the overarching plot but there's

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

not too much of a feeling of momentum

most of the time some of these scenes

are really funny or even touching but

never really feel very prudent you'll

mostly be pitting away at this kind of

task until a boss invades the real world

and these invasions really just happen

at kind of random times I wasn't a huge

fan of this but again this comes down to

a problem with trying to throw a magical

girl RPG into a slice of life style

narrative the ideas just aren't that

compatible RPGs need a drive and an

emesis to chase after in blue reflection

you don't really have that you just have

some vague concept for an enemy that you

simply wait around for until it shows up

when the school day is over you can go

back home get in the tub study for a

test make lunch plans etc most of this

stuff seems cool to be included at first

but it becomes apparent quickly how

devoid of depth all these instances

where they are still I recommend doing

them as some will occasionally raise

stats the interlude chapters I mentioned

earlier are like normal side quests but

they do actually have some depth to the

storytelling there's not much extra to

say in regards to

these outside of the narrative issues

the game is actually pretty read some of

the characters that do have depth

actually have some pretty touching

moments and for the most part they keep

the non free period sections of the game

feeling interesting enough to have kept

me entertained until the end aside from

the boss battles all the combat in the

game takes place in the comic and boy

this combat is pretty darn neat so let's

hit on it

combat is triggered by running into

enemies in the common and takes place in

its own arena on a separate screen you

only ever get three party members so get

used to seeing our magical girl cuties

here combat is turn-based and has a time

scale very reminiscent of child of light

your party members start on the left

side of the scale and the enemies start

on the right the first to the middle

gets to attack and time stops during an

active turn to help make sure you go

first you can attack enemies with the

square button before engaging in combat

to make them start further back on the

scale the normal special attacks that

use MP can have additional knock back

effects on the enemy as well giving you

more chances to attack before they can

get a turn skills are divided into

support skills and attack skills that

unlock via are rather limited but not

too limited stat system every time you

gain a level you earn one point to

invest in any of these four categories

you can look ahead at a chart in advance

to choose which skills you want to chase

with your leveling as stated earlier

there is no XP system something I found

out the hard way by grinding for an hour

and getting nowhere leveling so far as I

can tell is controlled by the amount of

bonding points you achieve through side

quests not too many of these skills are

that much of a spectacle but some are

really cool what is awesome however is

that each skill comes with at least one

slot that you can equip a fragment tube

each fragment will have a stat altering

effect or buff that when equipped to a

skill will activate when that skill is

used I never found too much use for my

main attacks until I equipped fragments

to them that allowed them to recover HP

and MP every time the attack was used as

the game goes along the combat will get

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

more and more depth in the focus will

shift to the reflect gauge down here

this gauge is pretty easy to fill up

using the charged ether command on the

battle palette what you can do with this

change is battle entirely what we

discussed so far has just felt like a

really nostalgic and gratifying

turn-based attack system to me but with

this we

begin to introduce strategy one of the

first things this allows you to do is

called overdrive using a certain

percentage of the meter you can go into

overdrive which will allow the character

using overdrive to take an additional

turn by the end of the game you can go

into triple overdrive triple overdrive

will allow the character to choose four

attacks which is then followed up by all

three party members uniting for a fifth

ultra powerful attack and let me tell

you these feel pretty damn badass to use

once you learn how to use these and

support characters which we'll talk

about soon you can launch nine hit

combos on a single turn that can easily

make Swiss cheese out of most bosses on

standard difficulty outside of overdrive

the reflect gauge is also used for

defense hold right on the d-pad to start

guarding when you know the enemy is

going to attack this meter here will

charge as you'll reflect gauge drains at

first I thought this was a damage

reduction percentage but it turns out

it's actually a defense efficacy


there's no way to block 100% damage so

don't get too excited

if you don't want to defend and think a

slight speed boost can squeeze in an

extra attack you can trade reflect

energy for more speed or even use your

reflect energy to recover HP and MP in

real time before the next turn occurs

once all these mechanics are introduced

battle becomes a blast to discover just

how much you can do to maximize your

chances of winning all that said I may

have seen the game over screen once or

twice at a mid game boss but overall

this game was just way too easy on

standard difficulty this is in large

part because between battles your

characters immediately recover all HP

and MP meaning every battle you can use

all of your biggest attacks and end

battle quickly regular enemies would

have a really hard time getting one up

on you but regardless of all that

something about it just felt undeniably


the battle system just felt right it

wasn't hard to understand the UI was

amazingly crisp and clean and the

enemies while very limited and variety

much like the common had some pretty

cool designs as well boss battles on the

other hand these feel like they're from

a totally different game and it's the

best thing there's only about 5 to 7

actual bosses in the game and you will

fight each one twice - the final boss

holy crap if they are the coolest thing

both in terms of visual design and

combat scenario these guys are

definitely the highlight of the game all

bosses take place in the real world due

to the amount of energy the bosses emit

it is possible for Hinna co and party to

access their power as reflectors where

normally that power was reserved for the

common on top of this because the bosses

are invading the school you have

students there to back you up every

student you gave a rein to along the way

can be used as a support character which

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

can be chained onto your regular attacks

each reflector can have four support

characters these bosses do take a fair

amount of strategy at least until you

unlock overdrive level three

once you have overdrive level three you

can chain your four overdrive attacks

the one major 3-way attack and four

support character attacks all together

and lay waste to any boss without hardly

getting a scratch but to get to the

point where you can do this and pull it

off just feels too badass to feel like

it's somehow cheap into my experience

and that's about all this game really

offered in its its grand mechanics but I

want to hit on a couple other things

before I end this review first off I

want to say how blown away I was with

some of the settings in this game the

use of color the clarity of the textures

my god some of these areas in the

comment especially look incredible in

fact it was the bright colors and

atmospheres in the trailer that got me

interested in this game that might be

kind of a sad thing to say that games

nowadays are so devoid of color that

color is a selling point regardless I

think a lot of this looked amazing at

least in most places some areas had

issues with the contrast and lighting

being way blown out which just ended up

hiding some of the actual stage designs

and lighting wasn't the only technical

issue the game is sadly optimized to

like garbage you will see framerate so

inconsistent that only life of black

tiger can make this optimization look

good in comparison this is especially

true when lime summons mr. bear into

battle and when in cutscenes luckily

this game doesn't require much in the

way of reflexes so it doesn't affect too

much some of the music in this game is

incredible and it was also another

selling point of the game for me but

some of it also sounds like it was made

in Guitar

crows realistic sound engine and for

those of you who don't know what that

means it means it sounds bad fake really

fake voice acting while use sparingly is

only in Japanese and they do a pretty

good job although none of them have very

demanding jobs in this instance there is

a place to change costumes but don't

expect to get much use of this and don't

come in here trying to get handsy with

the ladies there are a few scenes in the

game that show a bit of skin but they

never come off feeling like they're

trying to be that kind of game the bulk

of the lip-sync was left up to an

algorithm which like most things in this

game is far from perfect hilariously

this ends up giving ellipses and pauses

and dialogue continuous lip flaps

and the translation it's clear this game

is a budget release and one of the first

places you'll see this in is the


it seems they could at least afford a

translation but not a proofreading from

simple things like not being able to

decide how to spell allies to

typographical errors and typos you might

find it hard to tell exactly what Jack

the characters are trying to tell you

this is obvious from the get-go when you

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

realize X is mapped to opening the

settings menu then when you hit X it

just works as a confirm or select button

it's clear due to translation issues

select or confirm got labeled as

settings for anybody who says they want

games to just be translated and not

brought through the actual localization

process know that this small error is

something that would be incredibly

rampant in a game that is only

translated and not actually localized

mistakes like this would be so common in

fact you'd probably have a hard time

deciphering would yeah any of the text

is trying to tell you the very last

thing I want to talk about here and no I

won't spoil it for you but it is the

plot twist at the end of the game

towards the end of the game they

introduce a plot twist which had all of

about four lines of dialogue to

reinforce this plot twist was forced

into give the story's ending the kind of

tone the writer wanted but it comes off

as so random and contrived I couldn't

help but laugh when I knew damn well it

was supposed to be sad on the M night

Shyamalan scale that goes from lady in

the water to the sixth sense this plot

twist was Avatar The Last Airbender

which is so low on the chart it actually

doesn't even rank it kind of ruined the

entire end of the game for me in summary

well the combat system was cool and

gratifying and made me feel badass the

narrative approach dragged the length of

the game through the mud and rewarded

you only with one of the worst and most

insulting slap in the face plot twist I

had ever seen shoehorned into the end of

a game while I loved the design of many

of the areas as well as the music the

free period sections of the game had me

seeing them and hearing the music so

much they overstayed their welcome I'm

not completely disappointed with my

experience as the combat really did feel

that good too

and there really was some well written

characters funny scenes and character

motivations but the whole thing just

didn't end on a good enough note in the

slice-of-life format caused about 70% of

the game to be nothing more than

repetitive busywork filler with no

payoff overall I would say if you're

interested in this wait for a sale maybe

get it on PC for really cheap and hope

it doesn't have the same optimization

issues that's all I'm going to say on

this video if this video helps you know

the deal like comment subscribe I'd love

to see this channel grow you know what

share it with your grandpa grandpa likes

the anime girls - we all do if you have

any questions let me know what chat they

are and thanks for settings by selecting

my review in your decision making

process as always guys thanks for

watching come on in kitty


If you've had enough from the Atelier series but still crave some magical girl action Blue Reflection is here to give you a whole new adventure.

Blue reflection blends the Magical Girl genre with a slice of life narrative format, and backs it all up with a turn based combat system with enough classic features and modern features to set it apart from its competitors.

But do all of their innovations add up to strengthen the game?
Join me in my excessively long review of the Playstation 4 version of Blue Reflection, developed by Gust Co, and published by Koei Tecmo in north america.


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Comment (0)

  1. Addendums

    1) The pictured use of "ally's" Vs "Allies" in this video isn't technically incorrect, I just picked bad shots to represent the issue. Sorry.

    2) Lastly (Since it seemed to trigger a few people) when I'm talking about people who want straight translations I'm not talking about people who are opposed to cultural changes in the writing (I am one of those people.) I'm talking about people who want literal 1:1 translations. The people I come across every now and then on twitter threads who don't understand the issues that arise from literal translations. I probably should have said "literal translations" as opposed to "Direct/straight translations." Although wikipedia acknowledges the two things as synonymous many people do not. So before anybody tries to bite my head off again, just understand who I am speaking of first.

  2. This game actually never really grew on me. I've tried it a couple of times but to me, the whole concept of the Story and the Storytelling itself didn't really work all that well. As a consequence, I was bored very very quickly.

  3. I know objectively that this game has problems, but it's still one of my favorite games of all time. It has a dreamlike quality and I found the whole thing very moving and satisfying. I would love to see a more refined sequel with more content, particularly more level varieties in the common and MORE BOSS BATTLES. The boss battles were the highlight of the game but there just weren't enough of them.

  4. Wow, i actually like the graphics used on this game.
    Characters somewhat look like something out of CLAMP works, Textures are slightly realistic with vivid colors from a fantasy and nicely place shadows.

  5. Your comments about lack of depth pretty much hit the nail on the head. Most of the game lacks depth. I would have enjoyed it more if you could have explored segments of town, had more meaningful sidequests, and had more complex dungeons with treasures you might actually care about.

  6. Haven't made it very far yet but right now I'm wishing Hinako actually went up and used her sword at melee range instead of kinda-sprta sword blasts. Damnet someone give me a shonen-magical girl anime already!

  7. I have not yet finished the game as I only got it recently, but here’s my current opinion!

    I like this review a lot and don’t disagree with many of the flaws you found in the game. The only thing I disagree with is your comment about how the slice of life genre may not mix well RPG games due the similar aspects that appear in the Persona games. I lean more on the side that it just wasn’t utilized very well considering how successful those games have been. The magical girl genre is practically made for a game with similar social mechanics since many of the series focus on solving the problems of people that appear around the main characters.

    I think realistically speaking, if we think in terms of a popular show like Sailor Moon, there are many things that I think could have been included in the game to fill up the gaps instead of the many repetitive missions that appear throughout. Things like more areas too explore in the town you live in could have added more room for main and minor character backstories and also make for more side activities that help level up characters. I also think that adding a enemy with more substance to it would have made for a bit of a better story. I feel like the monsters so far have only been a problem because they are monsters. From my understanding they don’t have any major need for emotions or energy from humans so it feels like your purpose for fighting solely relies on Hinako’s wish, which isn’t a bad thing but no real information is given early on about how that wish would be granted in the first place. Yuzu and Lime also clearly hint towards other Reflectors being known in the world but from what I’ve seen so far it doesn’t seem like those characters will appear. So I think over my main issue is that the story lacks a lot of the substance that makes in feel like a magical girl series. I do like the game and hope that Gust will give it another shot, but what made me like Sailor Moon so much was how much they seemed like fun people to be around. I wanted to be a part of their friend group and join them in the fight. There are many relatable characters in this game, but aside from Hinako (so far) I know nothing about their lives outside of school and why they are the way they are.

  8. Thank you for the measured and well thought-out review!

    If my interest in Blue Reflection lies primarily in its aesthetic, do you feel I might fulfill that desire simply through watching videos here and there?
    (Time commitment to me is the most expensive part of any game, and I hate to think of sinking 10+ hours in an experience with a poorly written ending or repetitive padding…)
    Thanks : )


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