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    Blue Reflection Has Some Problems… – Review (PS4) – Tarks Gauntlet

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    If you've had enough from the Atelier series but still crave some magical girl action Blue Reflection is here to give you a whole new adventure.

    Blue reflection blends the Magical Girl genre with a slice of life narrative format, and backs it all up with a turn based combat system with enough classic features and modern features to set it apart from its competitors.

    But do all of their innovations add up to strengthen the game?
    Join me in my excessively long review of the Playstation 4 version of Blue Reflection, developed by Gust Co, and published by Koei Tecmo in north america.


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    Comment (26)

    1. Addendums

      1) The pictured use of "ally's" Vs "Allies" in this video isn't technically incorrect, I just picked bad shots to represent the issue. Sorry.

      2) Lastly (Since it seemed to trigger a few people) when I'm talking about people who want straight translations I'm not talking about people who are opposed to cultural changes in the writing (I am one of those people.) I'm talking about people who want literal 1:1 translations. The people I come across every now and then on twitter threads who don't understand the issues that arise from literal translations. I probably should have said "literal translations" as opposed to "Direct/straight translations." Although wikipedia acknowledges the two things as synonymous many people do not. So before anybody tries to bite my head off again, just understand who I am speaking of first.

    2. This game actually never really grew on me. I've tried it a couple of times but to me, the whole concept of the Story and the Storytelling itself didn't really work all that well. As a consequence, I was bored very very quickly.

    3. I know objectively that this game has problems, but it's still one of my favorite games of all time. It has a dreamlike quality and I found the whole thing very moving and satisfying. I would love to see a more refined sequel with more content, particularly more level varieties in the common and MORE BOSS BATTLES. The boss battles were the highlight of the game but there just weren't enough of them.

    4. Wow, i actually like the graphics used on this game.
      Characters somewhat look like something out of CLAMP works, Textures are slightly realistic with vivid colors from a fantasy and nicely place shadows.

    5. Your comments about lack of depth pretty much hit the nail on the head. Most of the game lacks depth. I would have enjoyed it more if you could have explored segments of town, had more meaningful sidequests, and had more complex dungeons with treasures you might actually care about.

    6. Haven't made it very far yet but right now I'm wishing Hinako actually went up and used her sword at melee range instead of kinda-sprta sword blasts. Damnet someone give me a shonen-magical girl anime already!

    7. I have not yet finished the game as I only got it recently, but here’s my current opinion!

      I like this review a lot and don’t disagree with many of the flaws you found in the game. The only thing I disagree with is your comment about how the slice of life genre may not mix well RPG games due the similar aspects that appear in the Persona games. I lean more on the side that it just wasn’t utilized very well considering how successful those games have been. The magical girl genre is practically made for a game with similar social mechanics since many of the series focus on solving the problems of people that appear around the main characters.

      I think realistically speaking, if we think in terms of a popular show like Sailor Moon, there are many things that I think could have been included in the game to fill up the gaps instead of the many repetitive missions that appear throughout. Things like more areas too explore in the town you live in could have added more room for main and minor character backstories and also make for more side activities that help level up characters. I also think that adding a enemy with more substance to it would have made for a bit of a better story. I feel like the monsters so far have only been a problem because they are monsters. From my understanding they don’t have any major need for emotions or energy from humans so it feels like your purpose for fighting solely relies on Hinako’s wish, which isn’t a bad thing but no real information is given early on about how that wish would be granted in the first place. Yuzu and Lime also clearly hint towards other Reflectors being known in the world but from what I’ve seen so far it doesn’t seem like those characters will appear. So I think over my main issue is that the story lacks a lot of the substance that makes in feel like a magical girl series. I do like the game and hope that Gust will give it another shot, but what made me like Sailor Moon so much was how much they seemed like fun people to be around. I wanted to be a part of their friend group and join them in the fight. There are many relatable characters in this game, but aside from Hinako (so far) I know nothing about their lives outside of school and why they are the way they are.

    8. Thank you for the measured and well thought-out review!

      If my interest in Blue Reflection lies primarily in its aesthetic, do you feel I might fulfill that desire simply through watching videos here and there?
      (Time commitment to me is the most expensive part of any game, and I hate to think of sinking 10+ hours in an experience with a poorly written ending or repetitive padding…)
      Thanks : )


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