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    SearchThisVideo: Borderlands 2 | Ultimate Gaige Funny Moments And Drops | Day #6

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    Watch video at 00:00
    on that previous episode we
    beat the fiber sanctuary dlc and got so
    much stuff dude okay we got the hot mama
    which by the way even with 400 anarchy
    down here is pinpoint accurate look at
    so good uh it's kind of like a hidden
    effect i think it's a glitch but
    we got a fastball dude first kill look
    at that and we got a winters over for
    the fire damage we got a toothpick
    for running around the arriving deep
    really fast hornets from the
    loot mouthwash from the beating
    of the fifa sanctuary dlc
    what else did we get anti-infection
    electric chair really good grenades but
    now we have fastballs so who cares
    and a new b shield there it is just to
    be here's the build
    and yeah chat off we go because we did
    the whole fight for sanctuary dlc
    we are over leveled yeah 36 you can see
    we're a little bit over leveled
    so our goal right now is going to be
    push the main story try to get back on
    our comment from youtube for today is
    from dominic g
    hey dude you think people should mod bl2
    to have the pre-sequel characters in bl2
    that would be amazing but nobody knows
    how to do it
    i've heard uh modders talking about that
    too theoretically it is possible because
    it runs on the same engine
    but nobody really knows how to do it
    maybe in the future some talented modder
    will come along and like figure it out
    it's not looking likely dude that'd be
    so cool could you imagine
    playing nisha in this game or even like
    wilhelm and stuff
    dude wilhelm versus wilhelm right pop on
    the b shield
    because if you didn't know you get amp
    damage in your car on the bullets with
    the b shield
    the only issue about the hot mama is the
    fact that when you ads with all this
    like yeah it is pinpoint accurate but
    the weapon sway still happens
    you see that it's a lot so
    you got to kind of manage that and then
    you can make it work
    all right mr mall
    okay i'm not moving my mouse at all
    as soon as your 80s it like kicks really
    holy launcher what does he have i got a
    he's got abandoned no wonder dude he's
    got a god to your bandit launcher what
    is that man that's insane
    they didn't come back sad about it just
    skip dude
    do that thank goodness we got this
    hornet for all the robots
    oh no not the call outs gage
    i think that's the worst call out where
    she screams like that anarchy forever
    and ever
    i didn't forget because we skipped it in
    normal mode one
    i'll do three there you're welcome you
    guys are awesome
    you he knocked me back over here
    what a troll the troll toll the total
    troll toll
    the troll the total troll toll there you
    go that's hard to say man
    total troll toll
    where i don't see him oh you didn't jump
    oh wait ah

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    what okay whatever go with it
    cool that's decent damage not bad it's
    roland you stole my kill roid
    you better not i was about to say dude
    he stole two michaels
    yeah if we're gonna do the sacrifice
    thingy then i lose all my stacks
    and i kind of want to keep them i will
    do the sacrifice thing if
    you guys want me to restack do it do it
    do it skip it do it there's a lot of do
    it so man all right we'll do it
    which means we gotta re-snag chat keep
    that in mind
    i'm doing it no rip stacks oh what a
    i'm guessing a green grenade
    oh no greens a white rarity
    rel effect huh i don't think anybody
    guessed that
    time all right level up dude cool
    done still under leveled man 38
    more 43 why isn't saxophone brick cannon
    i'm sad about that look at this damage
    we're doing
    dude so op soapy it's soapy dude
    this pistol is soapy man soap and water
    bubbles everywhere so i think next
    mission we might be back on level
    i hope yeah 40 41
    cool what up you
    i love that jump oh my goodness
    yeah that's some pretty decent damage
    i think the boss is dead guys i think
    oh if i want to keep my anarchy i can't
    save quinn
    i gotta watch this okay i'm sorry but
    rip anarchy
    we gotta farm i need a better shield i'm
    not gonna hold out for a better shield
    we'll take that
    should do and we can afford it yeah
    let's do a few more for our launcher
    yeah i'll take that that's fine yeah i'm
    pretty sure our top deal's like done for
    how does grotto we could stack there all
    right let's get out of here
    we just got this launcher is it going to
    work there we go
    what level is this 38 man
    and it's still that good huh all right
    that's the end of it
    let's get out of here oh good oh good it
    is time new name let's go
    for day number six oh you know what if
    we are gonna be doing the melee build on
    death trap today
    i think we should do it hold on let's do
    it gauge
    trap got it 43 just on level let's do it
    get some loot midgets

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    i killed somebody behind me trying to
    hit the barrel
    got it first try hey
    level up dude all right even more
    you oh man look at this dude
    still shredding let's do death trap i
    should help all right
    slag him up oh
    it's even swap speed quick drawer
    and then td or grip i know it's shocked
    though but still i don't care
    oh and it's even 44 well
    new launcher uh your good money thank
    rip stacks dude i feel like i find the
    baruch in the deliverance quite often
    from blue midgets they honestly feel
    more common
    oh that's a deliverance dude what did i
    just say what did i just say chad
    oh is that a baby maker on anarchy gage
    with the matching grip oh my goodness
    dude it's a perfect one
    even doll stock what the heck
    oh dude we got it we got it we got it we
    got it we got it we can do melee build
    melee death trap and a swagger thank you
    plus four yep there it is 27 cooldown we
    need that for melee build hold on
    oh what is that confidence call what
    uh yeah well we got a gun for dps
    oh here we go final run chat what do we
    got her blaster
    huh not matching up for sure
    is there a crate over here anywhere
    okay enemies on jason now we're good
    this thing is so good let's see our
    damage on this guy
    it's okay and goodbye
    that's what happens when you stack too
    much anarchy chad this happens
    you gotta be careful you can only wield
    so much power
    before the power wields you death trap
    melee build i said i was going to do it
    so that means we need our major melee
    skill which is going to be this go right
    up shot four percent melee per kill that
    is more than every other melee skill in
    the skill tree for death trap combined
    the only other skill we care about is uh
    upshot or robot rampage
    because um that with the love thumper is
    insane or like a void shield
    which means we do need to get our
    strings carrying death trap build boom
    again these skills aren't really needed
    right now this is like a really small
    bonus compared to this
    and that should be the build so now we
    gotta get the love thumper let's get it
    come up dude take that and another point
    into even more speed
    for death trap all right so first off
    gonna do you
    level 42 also hmm i mean that should be
    what's up for more you now we got to get
    the mission so we'll head to
    we can run all the way over there we can
    go to wildlife let's go to wildlife now
    we got to kill a random stalker and try
    to get the mission

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    well what do you know there it is so
    yeah still 42 whatever
    cha i'm gonna be picky i gotta get at
    least a mile one part on it
    hey got him oh we got a head drop really
    boom nope oh that's so bad
    we could do so much better yeah oh
    dude oh my goodness it's a good one too
    so yeah we got grounded ancient tediour
    nothing negative on it
    that's good i'll take it my setup is
    gonna be confidence call for sure
    and i'll keep that on or do i need
    cooldown for death trap and we'll do
    legendary macro
    roid shield and that should be good
    let's see and i swap out my shield now
    so death trap has the love pumper and i
    have on turtle shield
    so yeah that spin attack right there uh
    robot rampage
    that does the love thumper nova each
    and so you can see here he is destroying
    not even slag
    yeah so we have the build the only issue
    is i gotta sit back because love thumper
    novas do friendly fire damage
    and that means that that can down me
    see right there you look at my shield
    look at my shield he hit me with the
    scary stuff oh no dead trap please
    second one thanks man face mcshootie
    we're gonna grab you for later
    there we go oh that might kill him
    i'm pretty sure he's dead no amp shields
    let's go for the chest you got it buddy
    he just cut him off i'm just over here
    there you go good job buddy come on man
    i'm so far away too the most rocket
    speed you can have on the launcher
    male 1 barrel male 1 exhaust rocket
    speed accessory and then male 1 sight
    how fast is it
    it's like instant wow i don't think we
    have to farm the blue launcher now do we
    that's on level two right yeah 44.
    all right i'll take whatever not even
    like terrible honestly
    dude rocket speed two what the heck
    death trap we're done i'm sorry but the
    ai is just
    not good and plus she keeps downing me
    with the left thumper
    uh it was fun for like a map and a half
    boom it doesn't look like a piano
    all right let's get out of here yeah i'm
    gonna get the black hole shield
    45 let's do it first run dude you won't
    no we gotta farm in well
    never mind about torque dlc right oh my
    goodness dude it's even matching grip
    i love dude oh

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    oh it's got bandit dude it's the worst
    one triple bandit
    the lowest damage you can get on it oh
    check it out black hole
    all right staggered see that staggered
    but then i get a kill
    boom full shield again which means we
    can do another nova it's a really cool
    oh ancient bandit flat off
    pangolin ah it's so bad again
    pangolin doll torg and it's still better
    than what i have
    do not get it okay fine we'll take the
    one we have so
    pretty dang bad all right let's go
    pre-stack and take on the bunker
    out of here either i make it
    and we don't lose our anarchy or i die
    and we lose all of our anarchy let's see
    what happens
    hey no grenade jump either that fell
    please oh my no
    dude when i jump forward it kicked me
    back a little bit oh my god my heart
    ravager you are freaking awesome
    dude ravager is so good look at this
    i killed that guy over there too i don't
    even know who that was heal up
    get back in there beautiful dude
    that door's gonna open
    ravager is god's here look at this right
    now and that nova even though with the
    terrible part
    still one shot him
    hey welcome back my 400 stacks
    versus bass make shootie how's the
    weapon sway
    oh it's so bad
    oh this is gonna be bad
    how do i i'm trying to learn the weapon
    sway right now
    it's not working out too well i'm
    getting closer okay bring it back
    push it down oh oh it ricocheted into
    his body
    i'm gonna drag scupper yeah
    nope too far okay right a little bit
    we're done yeah i need that for tara
    hmm what else do i have dude range is my
    how could i forget about the conference
    call oh my goodness big boss
    oh yeah holy damage yep
    well i'm glad we got this thank you
    wait sham drop on the story oh
    never come on two runs in a row we did
    it for normal mode can we do it for tbhm
    oh oh no i hit the wall there ah
    ruined okay right there if i stand right
    here it should delete angel
    did we get it oh
    hey we deleted angel nice so yeah
    because she couldn't spawn she gets

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    see as soon as it ends yeah she pops
    back in
    huh come on
    get out plane so we can stay here
    forever and he will never die
    think about it like this could be the
    end of the play through where roland
    but now be at the farm sorry everyone
    before we end the video i just want to
    let you guys know that i do stream this
    on twitch
    you can catch them live from monday
    through friday 2 p.m to 6 p.m cst
    i hope you guys enjoyed the video and i
    also hope you guys have a great day and
    i will see you in the next one
    peace out

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    Comment (34)

    1. It's insane to see you at almost 600k, I remember seeing your vids when I was young man, like 8 years ago. Speedruns and things you didn't know. I saw you mentioned in a stream and had to follow you, you seemed like you knew everything about the game. I was really 12 when I first started watching you and now I'm looking at my 21st bday in a few months. I'm so glad that I have been able to see your channel grow from such a low sub count to such a beautiful community! Thank you for all the knowledge and quality content over the years.

    2. I really love how the Borderlands community is so nice and wholesome even though it’s a RPG shooter game (idk if you can really include it as rpg but it does have some elements of one) while other communities I am that are considered ''Children Games'' are quite toxic. It’s truly the duality of gaming.

      Joltz, I really enjoy watching your content for nearly 8 or 9 Years (I started watching where you posted Minecraft related content) now but lost count since when I actually subscribed since I didn’t had a account earlier. Anyways, i just want you to know that you always put a smile on my face whenever you upload.

      I never really get the chance to write in the comments because i am a busy person and ether forget or become to lazy but when I actually do write one it’s mostly something short but since i have some free time right now, I think it’s a great opportunity to show my respect and appreciation for your videos and hard work, they are full of dedication and love.

      Please keep going with your amazing content since I am honestly running out of videos to enjoy and I have watched nearly every video you uploaded so far (watching some multiple times, especially series) ^^''

    3. i really hope they explain more on lilith in the mystery dlc like is she dead or alive and what ever happened to maya's siren book does eva have it if so is tannis studying it, that book can hold answer to finding lilith how to find future sirens


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