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    SearchThisVideo: BORDERLANDS 3 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – PROLOGUE (FULL GAME)

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    so guys after seven years
    welcome to Borderlands 3 this was a game
    I was looking forward to ever since I
    put up part 1 of Borderlands 2 I looked
    before I started this I want to say it's
    like September 2012 seven years later so
    that is insane that is like for you guys
    if some of you were with me during that
    time you're still with me now that's a
    thank you so much like this has been
    like yes I think I had like less than a
    million subscribers in is been a journey
    but anyway so sneaky way to copies this
    game one for ps4 one for Xbox if you had
    a chance to win just like the video or
    leave a comment of when you found my
    channel it would be really awesome I
    haven't done this in a while I don't
    know how big this game's gonna be but I
    want to see you like like a like goal
    for the first 24 hours this videos up
    I'm hoping 20 or 30 thousand likes in
    the first 24 hours I don't know if it's
    possible given I don't know how big the
    fan base for this game is I know it's
    kind of an ish title
    it's like gears people that like gears
    are gonna like that game this the same
    for Borderlands for this game so alright
    guys that being said I'm gonna go ahead
    and set it up but I wanted to show you
    one thing that thought was really kind
    of just rare that some games these days
    dead zone on your thumb sticks that's
    pretty awesome that basically means like
    the more if I touch the thumbstick it
    responds quicker or I gotta push a
    little more to actually get some kind of
    response out of it you can kind of set
    that up however you want to so all right
    guys you got easier and normal I guess
    you have to beat normal to get the next
    difficulty co-op or competition I'm
    definitely just gonna do co-op because
    this is fighting for loot basically so
    you want to hear a story a tale of
    adventure across two stars
    listen to old markers have I got a story
    for you my tale begins here on this
    backwater planet called Pandora some say
    it is a wasteland of greed and violence
    and it is but if you've got skills to
    pay the bills ha ha ha
    Pandora is full of opportunity vault
    hunters they braved the merciless
    boarder lives in search of secret alien
    treasure my father told me tales of or
    something when I was but a little Marcus
    boy and now I tell you so you ask what
    treasures to the Fox hide Wells Wow or
    maybe Nazis like charity or family I
    don't know use your imagination
    whatever the prize a vault hunter must
    have the determination to seize victory

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    from the jealous hands of fate now my
    story is about a very special band of
    attackers who have only just started
    injured they are bold and happy maybe
    old Marcus tells this story because they
    remind me of you just a little don't let
    it go to your head these new vault
    hunters are answering a sirens call her
    name is Lilith and she's a
    save Europe Pandora a dozen times over
    Willis is recruiting a team to hunt for
    a map a map that leads to vaults all
    over the galaxy but she is not the only
    dark forces have current the borderlands
    and news rate unlike anything the galaxy
    has seen before my story begins right
    here on pandora with our new vault
    hunters their siren leader and mouse
    it's a beautiful day full of opportunity
    so who's coming so I had a lot of people
    request me to try somebody different
    other than flack I'm guessing that's how
    you say it
    Beastmaster that is the abilities for
    each character so far I want to say the
    gunner seems to be the best one because
    you kind of get a shield which is the
    one on the far right I'm not really
    interested in a Beastmaster flack I'm
    guessing as I say his name
    Zayn doesn't really seem too appealing I
    don't know how strong these siren powers
    to hold enemies and pummel them in
    battle retired from corporate questions
    okay so that's the gadgets iron bear
    battle suit to shield herself wow that's
    gonna be you'd be like a tank basically
    I'm really tempted to see and that
    ability just sounds so good being able
    to hold enemies where they can move I
    don't fits like a freeze frame imma try
    her out I'm just gonna go for it let's
    get it
    no vault Antonov names Marcus you picked
    a hell of a time to join the Coons and
    Raiders haha
    to see someone survived the attack I'm

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    commander of the Crimson Raiders bandits
    you fought are part of a cult hunting
    for the vault man you and I are gonna
    find it first for now my Scout is
    waiting for you up ahead
    that voice
    another siren
    this is your stop fault under
    eating cotton try to stay alive I'd hate
    to lose a new customer I come to Pandora
    hey you must be the new recruit
    I am a CL for PTP Stuart bucks but you
    can just call me general claptrap of the
    Crimson Raiders what's your name
    surely you know who I am the tiger of
    portal a crime fighter
    warrior for peace its Amara thanks
    o pre-order your tombstone just in case
    now those jerks who tried to murder you
    are the children of the vault
    a bandit cult who follow their creepy
    leaders with blind devotion which
    reminds me if you're going to obey my
    every second call you'll need an echo
    device oh my god you could take it at
    any point
    nice so they'd be rented those is great
    now listen up recruit Lilith ordered us
    to take over a children on the bulk
    propaganda Center time to show those
    filthy weirdos that no one messes with
    the crimson raiders follow me recruit to
    glory claptrap is iconic alright so
    here's the thing I'm playing this
    started this game I might play twice
    actually not like obviously recording it
    twice but we have two seasons before
    when the intro video so this is good I'm
    using a different character week our
    righteous vengeance you'll need to
    register your echo at this quick change
    but I will probably have to play well
    you can change your oh you can change
    your outfit color and stuff here's the
    thing I was going to tell you guys so
    I'm playing on when they gave me the
    the build for this game which is like
    the final version they gave me an actual
    login so it's like I'm not really
    probably gonna go to keep in the stuff I
    do at least for this first part I'm not
    trying to get too far into the game yet
    so I'm gonna leave everything kind of
    default right now and just um believe
    everything the way it is I might even

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    change the character I don't know yet I
    kinda want to try out the gunner okay I
    think you're brave and powerful and
    people always do what you tell them to
    that's it recruit get that gate open
    that's an order from your superior
    officer alright yeah I you know when I
    got the early footage it was exactly
    this it just didn't have an intro where
    you pick your character at least you
    kind of have an idea what to do at least
    for the first hour of the game almost I
    also cut out a lot of stuff during that
    so we got here and I hope I can keep my
    safe Bob I really do
    those cultists have been killing crimson
    Raiders left and right they totally suck
    snag balls but I've got a foolproof plan
    to kick their culty asses
    I hit a weapons cache nearby stay quiet
    and follow my every move it is it really
    gonna be stealthy though always like
    claptrap he's really like an iconic
    character I never played so here's the
    thing I didn't play the pre-sequel I
    remember playing it a little bit but I
    never like went all the way with it I
    felt like if you play Borderlands 2 this
    is the perfect follow-up you know
    all the sliding feels so nice in this
    game general let's do this nice no we're
    throwing stealth out the window
    something's not exploding
    now take your gun recruit nice are their
    primary function I can world so my dog
    just almost fall off the couch okay
    buddy he's sleeping so good
    yelling no way the game plays so nice
    wait I'll tuck my way in they come their
    king and then you'll surprise one of
    them in cold blood
    watch it learn recruiter see maniac it
    is i claptrap slayer of the destroyer
    and super general of the crimson raiders
    we have you completely surrounded
    open the gates now and perhaps i will be

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    merciful they might call themselves
    children of the vault but they're still
    bandits and bandits are incredibly
    stupid that's what I thought
    open the doors immediately for your new
    we did it I did it
    another victory for the crimson Raider
    hey I feel funny no the gun plate is
    really good so far
    oh yeah do you ever watch footage versus
    actually playing is night and day
    difference this game pills a really
    let me drop this alternative shooting
    boys know that
    he'll be alright maybe no no I know pop
    cap can be a little claptrap but he's
    still one of us you're gonna have to
    save them I'll be there soon
    all right I think we're good
    oh god never mind what is this thing
    wow there's so much stuff what is this
    the world don't feel like the bare bones
    gun we get he's still stuck all right
    I'm ready for a fight
    Oh God
    yeah man this is imma say so I'll point
    out PC right now yeah thank you guys so

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    much for a nice support you drop on this
    it would be really cool to see this
    video do well be go to play it and
    explore now it just makes a world of
    difference so I was also head spit I've
    never liked a while back offensive even
    post the early stuff I had I cut out a
    long intro so it kind of worked out make
    this video more unique
    now you're invincible really but it's
    just like eat soup from chewing you a
    good hit
    now let's recruit all your dumb friends
    are dead I challenge you to a child by
    but because I'm stuck to this nugget my
    Goyle champion she'll bake wish you a
    nice day I'm gonna sharpen my bite on
    your spine Oh God oh my goodness yell
    Oh God
    shock wave action but like I needed
    ability where I can like I wonder how
    much damage this does oh yeah most
    likely play I'm gonna probably do some
    multiplayer game fun really officially
    houses like this so that's kind of
    another issue
    Oh God all about of bullets Audie some
    ammo hold on I'm gonna have to take a
    shot here got a easy clap let's go
    nice level Oh congratulations you
    leveled up leveling up permanently
    increases your health also immediately
    gives you full health and shields okay
    nice that'll be good they use in combat
    you've unlocked your action skills you
    have three actions okay yo that looks
    sick knocked out in the first round
    I thought Pandora I was going to get
    hold on one second log okay
    inventory um art equipped items backpack

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    got it ammo grenades good to go can't
    imagine I'll be spending too much time
    in here um I do want to put that on and
    I'll leave that on as well what is this
    the shield because I have a better one
    capacity recharge delay mm higher
    capacity let's do that and then empty
    nothing there okay we're good on that
    here's the skills this is what I was
    wanting to see so I'm not sure if I'll
    stick with this character or not I'm
    kind of on the fence I wouldn't mind I
    don't know I kind of attract the gunner
    class okay I'll call the arms do that's
    all right skills were organized in three
    different okay not three but different
    trees representing different playstyles
    tree crews contain action skills
    augments okay passive abilities okay all
    right so skip that so we got these to be
    the passive ones I'm guessing max health
    okay I don't even have any skill points
    so it's like you don't really matter
    does it
    okay yeah I see this now um at least we
    now know what to do if we come back it
    did say I had a skill point of thoughts
    me a challenge
    whatever unlock action skill comes and
    Raiders you and claptrap secure the area
    I'm on my way let's try this gun out oh
    all right it did say I had a skill point
    says skill points zero I don't really
    understand maybe there's a certain one I
    need to get at the start first well
    that's odd is it me or is it like just
    kind of weird
    insufficient points no [ __ ] I kinda have
    zero okay alright nevermind I see what
    this is now salt
    it says skill points zero I was confused
    for a second let's try putting that on
    okay that is going to be dirty I have a
    feeling alright good nice
    recruit are you dead if not get me down
    well you've got takes these stairs or
    something's going to grab hold on gonna
    take some time getting kind of used to
    it's crazy thinking about the early
    video that I got showing off this versus
    what I'm actually doing it's like while
    it is the same thing it feels almost
    like I didn't get to see half the game
    you know so I'm glad we're doing this

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    wait let me try it hold on I can't
    remember these games if you take fall
    damage how about the testing yeah no you
    know okay good
    don't stop shooting ever nice COV and
    send them packing now all that's left is
    the signal Lilith second mission is
    toilet I can safely report that
    operation Trojan claptrap was a complete
    I did it all by myself I'll bet well the
    cults destroyed every other crimson
    radar stronghold so this will have to do
    for now so what's your name killer
    I am Amara nice tattoo sirens sista you
    must be the voice in my head yeah about
    that not the weirdest thing you're gonna
    see on Pandora but seriously thanks for
    answering my call we might not have the
    numbers but with a badass like you we've
    got a fighting chance
    welcome to the crimson raiders and/or is
    a dangerous place that grenade mod will
    come in handy you should equip it before
    we get started let me know when you're
    ready so guys I didn't know this but so
    I'm playing the controller right you
    have to bind the actionability I've
    tried everything I had to buy I scroll
    like the left bumper there we go no it
    wasn't it doesn't default attached to
    anything I hope they fix that when the
    game comes up that's uh that's pretty
    crazy that you have to actually going in
    biomes all right we got a foothold maybe
    things are turning our way come on
    killer you're with me let me catch you
    up a while back we found a map led to
    vaults all over the borderlands dream
    come true right I didn't realize how big
    of a target it wouldn't make us we got
    attacked and the map was lost I've been
    looking for it ever since
    this way I was so focused on finding the
    map I didn't notice that Pandora was
    changing the bandit clans used to just
    murder each other for fun now they're
    all under one banner a cult the children
    of the vote right come on let's take a
    look around
    their leaders are the calypso twins and
    their followers worship them like gods

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    they're convinced the map will lead them
    to something called the great vault
    they've been slaughtering anyone who
    gets in their way we heard a rumor that
    a bandit clan found an alien artifact in
    the desert could be the map that's what
    we're here to find out nice area
    discovered Shiv sanctum all right
    I've really enjoyed playing this game so
    I liked when I was that funny I could
    just bind the buttons
    all right the twin gods grow
    the map knew it we have to beat them to
    the Sun smashers all right fine Suns
    Master Chief I'll open the gate all
    right nice nice nice all right what I'm
    gonna do
    forgot everything I'm just just like
    explore as I go there's a lot of stuff
    you can kind of get along the way none
    of this really matters until you get to
    the end game anyways so man I can't wait
    to try the ability in combat though I
    think it's more exciting than the
    Beastmaster so far all right how will
    they get some fast job election and I
    also feel like disabilities can be
    really good up close in combat like
    against bosses and stuff I'm gonna set
    up camp and gather some Intel on the
    Calypso's find a Sun Smasher Warchief
    and do whatever it takes to get that map
    seems like you guys aren't crimson
    commands here oh this place kind of
    sucks that's all we got at the moment
    not the first time the Raiders have had
    to start from scratch it's no sanctuary
    hope Ellie gets that ship working soon
    all right nice looks like we got our
    mission cut out for us let me search
    around while they get some
    oh you can't pick that up never mind
    y'all there's stuff everywhere in this
    game open up a dryer why not oh nice
    shop we'll see what we got play more
    contact your needs
    I'm not gonna buy anything yet I don't
    want to overdo it what we got here
    improved shield bubble super climate
    well I could get this one but I don't
    really think it matters too much right
    now I'm honestly just gonna play the
    start of this game without overdoing it
    like I don't want to sell too much I
    don't want to kind of grind too much
    because I don't really know what I'm

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    actually gonna be able to keep from the
    start of this stuff all right let's go
    find the Sun sheep Sun Smasher what's
    this exclamation point hold on if that
    is that it looks like oh it's Sun so
    side quests okay we're gonna like stick
    to the critical path at least for this
    first video
    and I'm gonna tell you the gunplay why
    here we get to try guys work oh yeah oh
    yes it's amazing
    this shield would have been nice
    I don't know I feel like these masters
    filling oh yeah ha got a skill point we
    leveled up alright get our first one
    finally um we got past it what do we
    want here we got that equipped our guys
    it's decision time I'm not sure yet what
    I want to do here so as far as this
    whole entire tree is just all passive
    abilities I don't know what I want to
    stack just yet I feel like getting
    health and stuff mode switch speed are
    improved ok that's actually really nice
    um alright we got this one equipped
    right now these are all the passive
    traits must be purchased to activate oh
    yeah you get a so I don't know let's see
    next rank handling accuracy converted
    damage no thanks max health should we go
    I think that's probably a smart one to
    start with let's do that next rank I'll
    get that one ok yeah it is what it is
    not different things you can try out in
    the game I think the one thing I'll
    probably try to say unlike top of is the
    loots because I know you're supposed to
    change weapons that you go like right
    now I'm using a lower level pistol but
    hey it still goes in so I'll change my
    stuff every so often our we're good
    we got a badass fanatic over here
    yeah that ability is nice not even gonna
    lie no this guy does so much damage
    I can't wait to get all the different
    abilities I just wish I could have seen
    like a blueprint of all the different
    trees all the path constraints for every
    character before I commit it to one but
    this one seems strong so far I'll say
    that right now it seems like it's going

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    to be gonna be a challenge sometimes I
    do it oh my goodness ah let's see all
    right so far so good all right I can't
    have two of these at the same time hold
    on I'll have to change it up just a
    little bit let me know it doesn't stop
    all right hold on we got this thing put
    that there
    we're good on this shields that one's
    good I wanted to put that one back on
    there grenade that's the only one we got
    tight okay we're good we got our stuff
    back too
    let me grab some some ammo whatever we
    need currency good to go I feel honestly
    at the beginning of the game the gunner
    class might be the top tier one just
    because you get like apparently like a
    shield you could almost take a lot of
    these enemies
    no it reaches far doesn't it
    waves again - that's insane range really
    oh this thing hits like a truck let's go
    oh yeah this'll six-shooters nice I mean
    it obviously does more damage you know
    but it's like it doesn't feel much
    better try to let me just like I'm like
    exploring more which is fine I won't if
    we're gonna get like the double jump and
    all that I don't look at all the
    abilities yet but it's gonna spend too
    much time getting like in depth on all
    the loot everything I'm kind of saving
    that for the end game my goal is to beat
    the game and then mess around with the
    endgame acting ah guys I got on my
    channel for a while I'm big on games
    like destiny to the division 2 Monster
    Hunter world anything with loose bass
    stuff I'm a huge fan of so yeah this
    games like right up my alley
    I can't imagine any other ability being
    better than nothing you know I'm just
    gonna fire from the hip because maybe

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    down sight seems to take a little too
    long hold on we're getting like some
    what all else
    they popped me you're below me
    man this gun is nice I don't know what
    kind of archetypal light yet cuz it's
    like there's so many different guns
    we've only seen what like three or four
    it's like there's probably hundreds or
    thousands in this game I have no idea
    that was like their whole thing about
    looting this game was the hey we got
    tons of it so but at the end of the day
    Oh God at the end of the day it's all of
    what you prefer to use you know five
    enemies huh
    go in this gun oh good it does take a
    long like a long time she look like
    grits on it seem very strong too
    thank God
    go up a little bit or not I mean can I
    just run over here obviously I want to
    level up but at the same time oh wow
    go little help shoot me now well yeah I
    like to hang but not like this brief sir
    whoa oh hey yeah ah ah feet work good
    nice to meet you
    hey thanks if you hadn't come along it
    might be dead so what are you doing here
    I came to see Pandora's legendary half
    naked bandits clearly also I just joined
    up with Lilith and the Crimson Raiders
    you're with the Firehawk oh man I used

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    to run with Lilith back in the day but
    you know no I'm a bandit war chief go
    Sun smashers I mean at least I used to
    be a war chief until you know my clan
    found that stupid alien junk I warned
    him not to mess with that crap but what
    do they do they tie me up and they take
    it to the Calypso twins not cool bro
    well we should probably out of here
    before the CoV come back so we're a
    little from the Raiders hang in these
    days a former SEAL be propaganda Center
    I beat down every last one of them now
    we're talking
    come on let's get out of here I'll lead
    the way even though I'm totally unarmed
    can't let him know you're afraid and
    totally defenseless bro bandit life
    disguise funny you took over that
    voluntee propaganda center all by your
    wittle self I did barely broke a sweat
    I am impressed oh and the children of
    the vault totally trashed my camp like
    that is not where that bloody skull
    should be it is completely ruining the
    vibe oh I know a shortcut this way
    I like how they drop in and drop out
    with the audio you know like if they're
    too far away cuts too but can I use this
    zip line now let me get this salute hold
    on there's potential health in here I
    need it Oh God jag central am i right
    you know I'm gonna let you take care of
    him are young packet right now is this
    gun reminds me of just spare rations
    from destiny - Oh Lots not on how you
    reload a pistol archetype of you guys no
    [ __ ] it
    I do have a skill point hold on let me
    since the game doesn't really seem to
    pause we just hide really quick all
    right all right so right now we're using
    this class I could get more health I
    want to see what we got weapon shot
    still bonus and on a distance to the
    target that'd be perfect right now close
    to the target the greater the bonus
    personal space these are all passive so
    yeah I don't know what I want to use
    everything's passive obviously but I'm
    just trying to figure out like what does
    that thing say elemental damage okay
    each one just has its own little skill
    tree right now I'm just gonna stick with
    this one I don't know what the best
    thing is I don't know what they I need I
    need to test out those well if you're
    not using this tree or whatever of
    skills and you switch to this one do you
    get to keep everything like your health
    and all that so I'm not trying to stack

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    too much stuff in one I'm trying to like
    what on the suit is it actually kill Wow
    that is like ongoing health that's oh
    yeah that's it that's very strong I saw
    that tree is green I'm guessing oh God
    feels so right
    Oh God yo the trick shots I'm
    constituting helped back down always
    really just it looks waves of enemies
    okay I got you still behind me
    the world oh my god
    so God resists oh dang it is a shot so
    maybe I should use this different that's
    too late now to swap obviously
    her name
    I wish you can kind of create a little
    bit oh yeah this gun is nice
    I'm starting to make sure it is taking
    place of the other one cuz like the
    pistol Phil are we're good
    my goal is to get past or at least to
    the same point of that early footage I
    had great it I didn't show any of this
    I don't know this gun doesn't seem to
    get it as hard but it does have a higher
    magazine size
    I want a better pistol if you're not
    probably already have one don't even
    realize I need to look at my menu more
    grab everything nope we're good okay
    let's get going get going I got a little
    side quest over there if we want to go
    to it I'm just gonna head back over here
    though the Sun smashers reporting for
    go Crimson Raiders it's good to see you
    on the Raiders we'll take all the help
    we can get
    so vault hunter did you find the map map
    wasn't there so I took this bandit
    instead map did you're talking about
    that alien junk my clan is bringing it
    to the Calypso twins as an offering
    they're heading to the holy broadcast
    center it's where the Calypso is host

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    murder sermons to amp up their followers
    I can't let the Calypso's get that map
    but the holy broadcast center is a long
    ride vault hunter you're gonna need some
    my friend Ellie runs the catch a ride go
    introduce yourself and she'll hook you
    up all right nice go to Ellie's all
    right I think this is where I'll let me
    hold on let me look at some stuff really
    quick uh respect okay yeah you can too
    but you can also you're gonna like max
    everything out eventually
    I would imagine that'd be nuts if you
    can right
    probably gonna be a pretty long first
    video all right long bow-wow okay
    different types of grenades the longbow
    seems very intriguing let me look at my
    image store really quick all right
    as far as guns go we got this thing does
    a whole bunch more damage 83 okay let's
    put this on there grenade little bit
    better they're like we're good Oh God
    the world is dirty already we're just
    going to flow right now alright I don't
    know about clothes the same I guess I
    only bought this because it was purple
    okay same page you know what this calls
    for apology push-ups
    it's just like no no that's cool you
    don't have to now remind me what you say
    you was gonna do to my gal pal Lille
    Claude Queen tyreme will drink soup from
    the stall of the great heretic finger
    Oh didn't see you there
    a bird from the other games I heard
    y'all were in the neighborhood

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    good to see ya lil found some new blood
    I'm Ellie hey what are you staring at
    huh you look hard to knock down could
    have used you during training ain't you
    a heartbreaker lil said she was looking
    for a vehicle damn koltes stole all mine
    mine stealing me one back then I'll set
    you up with a catch a ride and thanks
    for coming back all right take vehicle
    hijack vehicle
    okay what is the hijack have a little
    plus sign maybe that's like we're just
    gonna go get one maybe there's a way you
    can get there without having to much
    like maybe if you steal it or something
    I was just gonna take it wouldn't be the
    same thing though
    thank god this is doping uh I'm gonna
    fire from the hip with this thing
    it so does the damage you just don't
    have doesn't matter does it
    alright see I gain help over time I
    think I want to stack that on my next
    cuz look at that on my next skill point
    I want to just kind of branch out on
    this tree a little bit cuz that is
    really useful the fact that hey your
    shield always comes back but your health
    over time oh one thing I did want to try
    really quick for you oh [ __ ] hold on I
    don't want to try this really quick so
    look at my I guess my health goes past
    100 right so that's just with that setup
    we're using the green one let's put this
    one on it to see something okay it does
    stay so you do keep all of them you just
    do the different main attack it looks
    like imma stick to this for now though
    so all these kind of correlate with each
    other it's like one giant thing overall
    cuz it's obviously for your character
    however get on that
    and I know that not every item that
    drops is like purple or whatever this
    point is only going to be better and say
    like a white weapon
    nice that's a nice trick shot hey I
    don't mind this gun really it's kind of
    weird it's like I like that because you
    can get so close that is so nice hold on
    getting lit up like a Christmas tree on
    the Auton nice let's get it man

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    put them flying around the hold on what
    was that
    like i'ma run out of bullets before I do
    anything well we can try something
    really quick good amount of damage there
    I don't think I matter as if I'm taking
    these out or not try this out it's just
    some damage let's go both of them
    like he's just gonna go the other way
    where you going another one whatever
    let's get going oh there's the vehicle
    right there thought it'd be harder but
    it is what it is all right what we got
    vehicles customize your vehicle and
    unlock new parts by scanning hijack
    vehicles at any catch a ride okay don't
    like it your vehicle handles you can
    change the control screen okay yeah
    it's the best way to get out of here the
    same way we came in I don't think it is
    sold on oh wait a minute
    so you have a stuck on something if your
    overall boost okay yeah get over stuff
    kind of like test out the limits of
    these vehicles
    Oh God
    never get Burgas
    Oh hold on trying to
    nice now register way to catch a ride so
    you can distract a new one whatever you
    want just in case you get the help

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    I think we're good
    is it safe to use this thing all right
    hold on okay yeah I see the spot to
    deploy it walls it doesn't go away on me
    okay sorry little dude oh that's just a
    side twist I'll start doing those in my
    spare time if I like fill the need to
    like if I felt like okay I probably
    should do this Eilis now that we got it
    let's go ahead and deploy it
    no ball hunter so that road will take
    you right to the holy broadcast center
    watch out for those so-called twin gods
    what I hear tyreme Calypso's the star of
    the show her brother Troy runs the cults
    propaganda yes they both suck just say
    a long time let's get going there's
    another vehicle somewhere around here
    I'm trying to get away from everybody
    probably takes some time in between part
    1 and 2 I gotta figure out like if I can
    still keep my save file all this they
    said like and when the game does come
    what was that I can't use this anymore
    that's not good
    well hopefully yours sorry I just I do

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    not get this thing I need to drop a few
    things we don't need this let me drop
    this I don't know what does even though
    Yeti's enemies are more manageable I'm
    glad I don't know if there's a thing I
    don't know how this game works far
    together I don't know if it works like
    oh I just jumped over it but no I didn't
    know if that was gonna reach gonna zap I
    need to start selling stuff more now
    we're got this game is a lot about
    inventory management as well tonight
    access this really quick just before
    they come at me
    let's see almost stick to this tree for
    a little bit I mean I might get the is
    there like a show see what to say
    distance yeah let's get that one gotta
    go down the tree evenly right now oh
    that Jam it was strong on that first
    the beasts turn a hill up wait
    Oh God yo i'ma tell you the guns in this
    game they just it feels right you know
    oh we're good yeah next time I get a

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    chance I'm gonna sell like everything I
    that beachy
    that'll like Bob we've what you can't
    get up there okay grab that grab the
    ledge I thought here I got something
    fire from the hip is so good with this
    gun but it's also I didn't think I'd
    like the scope okay
    yeah I like it man it's it's famous
    really good I know I saw it already
    getting like a nine out of 10 and stuff
    a lot
    what is that on the ground I want to
    pick that up it looks important
    go forth let's say my inventory is full
    all my goodness I want to grab the thing
    whatever it is
    I can take a couple of shots here who
    should be that bad I will just say every
    twice his skin I didn't know skins
    randomly drops in this game let me make
    some space for it let's drop I need to
    get rid of some of this stuff yeah let's
    drop this thing I'm gonna like clear out
    my inventory soon all right there we go
    nice free strap to go to that little

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    kiosk thing to change my outfit anyways
    but hey it's whatever yeah
    what watching the footage versus playing
    it I hope you guys like know how much of
    a difference this it's just a completely
    different experience
    okay hold on I'm gonna make some a room
    so when you select it I wonder you just
    unlock it and you're good to go when
    used from inside your inventory okay um
    let me let's see
    empty out no let's get rid of like yeah
    let's get rid of some of this stuff on
    what site hold on I might be able to
    sell it right here what am i doing
    see ya here we go I can sell some stuff
    now I must sell wow this pistol I know I
    just need to get rid of it it is what it
    is these are all my backpack level to
    level 4 I'll keep that one let's get rid
    of this one too no thank you
    level once get rid of those two I like
    this gun a lot until I get an element
    like it whatever get rid of it
    both of those you don't need those
    anymore I mean do we even need this
    things you don't need that anymore
    either or this unlock skin ok these
    level 2 weapons but I feel different
    abilities alright I'll check out the
    skins and stuff later on the world Oh
    subwoofers and stuff hold on

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    Oh God
    all right so far so good right this game
    is like legitimately cool really fun to
    play I can't wait to try it with other
    people as well
    well everybody using their own abilities
    or suck you know Oh God
    a lot of what the cool down time is on
    that uh ability by the way I'm sure he
    gets better as you level it up
    I'm moving at full speed I didn't think
    I was moving at full speed really
    nice once you mark okay so well once you
    start the ability right and every
    characters gonna have something
    different once you start it though
    you're kind of committed to the
    direction you're flying I guess
    easy I want to like loot more but this
    Oh God
    sonic doom nice oh he's sending out

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    Oh No
    it's like a last step big problem is not
    a second way let's go like I have to not
    get killed there I leveled up dice
    fairly using a skill point done I hope
    this like nothing's gonna be check oil
    this boss fight
    she's a beautiful Oh
    not good guys
    Wow that hurts so bad well is this a
    good spot hold on no what is let's go
    this exit pretty good spot I think so
    far I haven't got hidden here so you got
    to still fight enemies but whatever
    I'm pretty good a little spread here
    that or you die no you can farm enemies
    right here I just Eliza
    all right let's get out there and oh my
    god that hurt really bad oh my god
    there's no ads now huh

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    nice second wind let's go I'm so lucky
    that thing popped up in front of me
    here's the thing I have a skill point I
    can use tempted the user really quick
    like bonus health baby
    I can just stay here for a little longer
    a little bit longer
    no I think I should do this
    got it let's get it bad I knew I'd find
    the vault map
    it's a pretty tough fight honestly like
    if you're not ready for it
    as I was not prepared at all guys hang
    around afterwards I think we're good let
    me take everything he dropped cuz some
    good stuff in there so I offered the
    sons matches a place in our family but
    they just wanted guns and cash they've
    betrayed the family Oh then choice it's
    something great gods don't negotiate
    gods don't negotiate I love it love it
    like I said that map is super busted so
    go ahead and take it I'll swing by later
    to pick it up you're my most loyal
    follower of all faith you just don't

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    know it yet alright so far so good right
    and a couple of new things
    find the map killer bring it back and
    don't let it out of your sight
    I lost it once I won't lose it again yo
    I feel like that fight was uh I was I
    felt like I was under leveled for us you
    know hold on we got it we got some
    things we need to sort through really
    quick all right no more skill points for
    now this shotguns just it's just not not
    doing it so this thing I don't want to
    go with the cool-headed shotgun I think
    it's what's called yep alright these are
    see these are better they have a lower
    they're like better as far as your level
    wise but the rarity you can see the
    shield capacity
    is better on this one but look at all
    the look all this stuff there - ten
    percent max health what are the world's
    I'll put that one on I don't really
    trust that damage okay yes go with that
    one let me get some new guns now Oh God
    hold on nice feels good feels like the
    game is really fresh because of that
    like every time you think you've you
    know got what you are gonna use for a
    while you get rid of it you know how do
    I get out of here hold on why don't we
    hold on where's the we came through an
    entrance oh yeah we switch down right
    there so we can't get out that way we
    got to go on top it looks like oh yeah
    we're going up what's all this stuff yo
    check this out almost level seven pretty
    good look at all this stuff like if
    you're not really paying attention you
    can miss so much in this game this is a
    game you do not want to miss too much
    but because loot is like peeing in this
    game alright nice I'm just gonna get
    exclamation points are just side
    missions and stuff alright you can fast
    Opera at any point okay is this oh yeah
    the other one hold on let me see does it
    can you fast trouble at any point even
    if you're not near something okay
    orbital view or orbit for you why did it
    it told me to do it then it took it away
    there we go
    what in the world let's go here fast

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    alright guys nice little fast trouble
    action when took care of the boss we're
    good to go
    my goal for this video is to get back to
    the point I was when I supposed to death
    early footage or whatever and we're
    almost there I think we just have to go
    to a certain point and we're good to go
    vault hunter you really got the map it's
    in good hands Firehawk mine to be
    precise just Lilith is fine you got the
    map nice so did you see any my son
    smashers and why do you smell like dust
    and skin your clan was murdered by
    tyreme Calypso I was too late to stop
    dammit cry if Tyree Calypso wants a
    blood feud she's got one I knew the CoV
    was dangerous it's even worse than I
    cult following nicely she got the map I
    didn't think I'd ever see this thing
    again it's not just a map though we used
    this to open the other vaults on Pandora
    every vault needs its key well let's
    take a look been a long time
    it's not charged let me take care of
    that damn it's not working something's
    wrong I should be able to charge it we
    need help
    there's only one person on this planet
    who knows how this yridian tech works
    Patricia Tannis she's got a dig site on
    the other side of the valley take the
    map to her I'll catch up when I can have
    to track down a few loose ends for our
    ship so guys thank you so much for all
    the support on this first long video
    it's probably might be over an hour I
    really don't know but thank you guys for
    you know support you drop on it when we
    come back next time what I'll most
    likely do I either have the same
    character or I won't I don't know the
    only things you can see in the top right
    hand corner I'm like one of the many
    review I guess accounts they gave people
    and I'm gonna try my best to keep the
    safe following everything so you want
    more this game just to store that like
    button and I will see you guys very very
    take it easy guess

    Borderlands 3 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Full Game Review, Prologue, Intro and Campaign Mission 1 of the Single Player Campaign for PS4 Pro, ...


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