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    SearchThisVideo: Borderlands GOTY – Let's Play Part 1: Fyrestone

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    Watch video at 00:00
    what is happening gaiz cowboy here and
    today we are gonna get started on one of
    the greatest games ever made Borderlands
    now with the game of the Year Edition so
    if you live under a rock and you haven't
    heard the news Borderlands 3 has finally
    been announced and with that they also
    remaster the original adding in a bunch
    of quality of life changes so it should
    be a lot of fun going back through this
    on that note one thing I want to touch
    on is if you had the original game on
    Steam the updates free but make sure to
    check your library because they updated
    the original to Borderlands game of the
    year and then you should also have
    something called Borderlands Game of the
    Year enhanced and you're gonna want to
    play the enhanced version because that's
    one that has all the goodness I actually
    did the first episode for this already
    using the other one and was like man I'm
    missing a lot of [ __ ] there's you know
    all these updates I was reading about
    aren't here and then I realized that
    that was the case so on that note we're
    ready to try part 1 again I did go ahead
    and mute copyrighted music so we don't
    get the super dope intro song but you
    know YouTube would have literally
    claimed it the second it got uploaded
    because that's the state of affairs
    things are in these days but either way
    let's jump on into it
    so you want to hear a story huh
    all about treasure hunters ha ha have I
    got a story for you and Dora this is our
    home but make no mistake this is not a
    planet of peace and love they say it's a
    wasteland that it's dangerous but only a
    fool would search for something of value
    year in perhaps I am a fool but do not
    be fooled by what Pandora appears to be
    there was a legend
    many people tell it the legend of the
    my father will always go on about the
    vault even with his dying breath
    advanced alien technology infinite
    wealth fame power women so you can
    understand by some little kiddos where
    the stories grow up to become vault
    hunters well I have a story you may not
    believe but I tell you it is true The
    Legend of the vault is real and it is
    here on Pandora and it's called a
    guardian angel appear to guide the vault
    hunters to their prized detail begins
    right here on Pandora we D brave vault
    hunters the guardian angel and most
    as I mentioned unfortunately we had to
    go ahead and meet at the audio actually
    uploaded the first episode the one on
    the the previous thing just to check and
    sure enough man split second it was done
    processing had a copyright claim
    interestingly enough both Universal and

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    Sony both claimed no rest for the
    wicked' by case the elephant's so I
    don't know who actually owns the license
    of the song but either way I'm not
    dealing with that [ __ ] who is getting up
    the bus you with the sniper rifle as per
    the community poll we the cars playing
    our boy Mordechai Bob Mordechai don't be
    alarmed I need you to stay calm and
    don't let on that anyone is talking to
    you start making your way off the bus
    you don't have any reason to trust me in
    a moment you'll be greeted by a funny
    little robot do everything he says
    you'll know what I mean when it happens
    I'll contact you again soon
    well we're here don't worry about saying
    goodbye I'm sure we'll be doing this all
    again soon enough
    I love Marcus I can't wait to see him in
    three it's become like the god of guns
    welcome to Firestone I am CL for PTP you
    may call me by my locally designated
    name claptrap before continuing please
    accept this echo communication device
    and heads-up display provided free of
    charge by the dollar corporation look at
    it it's all nice and colorful now mo has
    colors that [ __ ] used to be like grey
    most importantly be have a minimap great
    I detected your echo device is fully
    this way please so I had some trouble
    actually getting the graphics to like
    where I wanted them to be you know even
    though it's it's been remastered and
    whatnot there's there's an issue like
    for example just just cuz I want to show
    this I'm sure it's gonna come up for
    other people that are playing the game
    you know I can take this set it to 144
    Hertz keep the changes go back in it
    goes back down so I think it's a UI bug
    cuz like i have steam FPS counter on and
    my steam FPS counter shows i'm currently
    getting roughly 140 FPS even if that

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    thing does say a reverts back so just
    something to be aware of I died it was I
    [ __ ] with it for a while and I really
    just think it's a UI bugs but anyway
    also keeping a close eye on the volume
    let's change this to like a blue wrap
    and then let's make those a little
    darker yeah yeah it looks good and we're
    gonna give them oh yeah let's go for the
    sniper II eyes cowboy you're near
    station now we can head into the
    peaceful town of Firestone please follow
    man this game really was ahead of its
    time like thinking back to playing this
    originally like ah damn there's so much
    this game did right I honestly can't
    wait for more last it's gonna be just
    absolutely amazing
    and that's the bomb so Spanish really
    have it in for us claptraps
    using us as target practice is not part
    of our programming oh man 40 bucks is 40
    bucks all this the ant mo money look at
    that it just got sucked up I didn't have
    to press a button mo money and health it
    literally just gets sucked up into your
    oh I'm down there shotgun bro whoa
    firing on this thing is rough yeah I
    think I'll take that take you and sell

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    that's right that's I think I come back
    from there after killing dude so it's
    good he's up there all about them crits
    you're just leveled up leveling up
    increases the amount of health you have
    and the amount of damage you do you it
    also immediately gives you health and
    shells oh the gold chest so yeah also
    check that out 75 keys they give you 75
    fricking keys for free I mean not that
    I'm gonna use any of those right now
    because it would be a monumental waste
    probably around level five I'll pop a
    key or two I mean realistically I should
    save them all until the end but let's be
    honest if you know where to look
    shift keys freakin flow like candy so
    just to set some more expectations at
    this like I said main thing here is I'm
    focused on knocking out the story I'll
    be doing a fair amount leave us alone
    to lock the place up tight I'll let you
    in come on damn it
    blasted circuits are on the fritz again
    give it a go from the switch out there
    would you
    the doctor is in now that you've
    selected a mission you will notice that
    a new icon has appeared on your heads-up
    that's a waypoint the Waypoint will tell
    you where you need to go depending on
    what mission is currently active in your
    mission log

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    it olds it
    thanks for opening her up again the name
    said they don't let me cut on folks
    anymore since I lost my license so now I
    keep the Med vendors around here up and
    running from the vendors you can buy all
    the healing you could ever want from a
    real doc thankfully without the fault is
    a myth you'll get yourself killed
    lecture I might not have a med school so
    a lot of the stuff in the town very much
    this tutorial type stuff someone to be
    going through this pretty quick you know
    get past the tutorial so we can actually
    jump into the game but as I mentioned
    mainly gonna be focused on knocking out
    story missions anytime I am like off
    level for one or any time there's a side
    quest that involves some loot that I
    really want will definitely be doing
    that as well I'd expect this series to
    probably go in the range of like 50 or
    so episodes so should easily burn to
    sometime away until days dawn comes out
    we have a new new title put on the
    show your pretty head you did it I knew
    you were the right choice oh the poor
    little robot needs our help would you
    kindly give him a hand so weird how they
    changed her to be like a digital face
    why don't you look around for something
    to fix him up leaking he seems to be
    okay now is the time to get moving and
    play your part in the journey to come
    all right let's knock out some Scaggs
    real quick I also might do debating is
    like I want the stream as well to be
    honest originally I was hoping I would
    do this as a co-op series and I asked a
    couple other just YouTube buddies that I

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    know but one of them it was his first
    time ever playing the game so he opted
    out quite a few of them are actually
    streaming it already and I was kind of
    like yeah well now if you're streaming
    it and I'm trying to record it that's
    not gonna work so unfortunately it'll be
    a solo journey but we're not likely I'll
    jump back in and do a I'll do new game+
    stuff on stream as well new game+ is
    where [ __ ] really gets good you know
    more skills and whatnot which on that no
    I know I had a couple people already
    asked if I was into build videos for
    this I probably won't do a ton
    you know the game has been around for so
    long I feel like giving build videos now
    is like it's borderline redundant you
    know like they're like the builds for
    this game are they're well known but I
    will probably do a video just covering
    the Mordecai bill that I use for this
    playthrough at the end of it just
    because it's build that I'm very fond of
    it was my favorite build back in the
    original and you know just to kind of be
    like hey this is how I play Mordecai
    it's a lot of fun so once we get to the
    end that's something to look forward to
    of course I'm talking like after I get
    it to max level and pimp it out with all
    the legendaries and whatnot but anyway
    what is it I keep the medical equipment
    working very slow health regen how much
    are you wiped just enough for that yeah
    you know I guess let's go for that God
    about that healing kits you didn't buy
    first aid kits to use on them I keep the
    medical equipment work so or less oh
    [ __ ]
    forgot oh my god I forgot about the
    gearbox guns oh five hundred percent
    melee damage Jesus Christ I mean these
    are both really good [ __ ] the sniper a
    used boat I mean now for some bandits if
    you're going to ever find the vault
    you'll need the aid of the people
    helping doctor said with his nine toes
    problem is a good move but I noticed
    these sooner rather than later cuz these
    things are going to oh they're gonna do
    some work
    oh yes say nobody shoots my butthole

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    trash trash but I'm broke so I will take
    them to sell for those curious the kind
    of Mordecai build I'm gonna be doing I
    have always been extremely fond of blood
    wings so I'm gonna be working through
    the blood wing tree first and foremost
    and then after that I'm still undecided
    on if I want to pick up a focus pick up
    a pocus pick up a focus on either
    pistols or snipers I know both can can
    function with the blog wing tree very
    well both have some kind of form of
    cooldown reduction so we'll see I know I
    know sniper Mordecai gets pretty bonkers
    but I remember pistols being a lot of
    fun too so we'll cross that bridge when
    we get to will me
    but when you get shot so next we're
    heading on out to meet TK Baja go do
    some stuff for him and we'll make our
    way to kill nine toes and after that
    we're pretty much tutorial so probably
    wrap up around there
    well I don't know maybe we'll go a
    little bit longer make that long first
    you one more step and it'll be your last
    yes pointing guns at people is very
    funny dare TK he sends us out to grab
    some food it's just the reinforce I'm
    not just gonna be skipping through all
    the quests like this but like I said
    this is just tutorial stuff so it's
    easier for me to just explain what's
    going on knock it out real fast and then
    get to the more interesting stuff I'll
    say this much this thing is just gross

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    what is this exactly called
    violence yeah so it's gearbox
    manufacturer I don't think these
    actually drop but they did say there
    were new guns they added into the game
    so I wonder if there's like max level
    versions of this stuff or if it's just
    the starter ones cuz something like this
    near endgame would be sick is there's a
    I know there's some pistol perks where
    it's like you have a chance to shoot and
    not expend ammo it's either that or you
    shoot and you end up shooting two
    bullets instead either of which would be
    frickin disgusting with this three round
    revolver Limited ammo but a buttload of
    damage yeah this thing would clap going
    down that pistol round wait what if it
    levels with you under forty one forty
    one twelve when you keep a close eye on
    those numbers
    because of this gun levels up with you
    while for starters that would be
    basically game breaking so I doubt
    that's the case but if it did it would
    be pretty cool it's like a monitor
    weapon at that point I suppose now we
    got to go back in the town get a grenade
    I have a melee attacking it hurts 500%
    and you're oh no no no I'll probably end
    up getting rid of these pretty soon
    though they are they're both 500% well
    actually that the melee one you can you
    could save that and just use it cuz like
    I'll late-game you know if you go melee
    builds your melee weapon is essentially
    just a stat stick you don't even really
    give a [ __ ] what the other stuff is on
    it as long as it can long as it can and
    toss out a sign oh I can Berggren eights
    I could get down on that that sounds
    better percent critical hit damage
    before or 1900 though see
    there were 300 god I kind of want to buy
    and I belong here something that

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    increases reload rate JIT
    I just noticed I'm almost out of ammo on
    this bad boy I'll have to use that one
    ganas I'll probably buy some ammo before
    I leave it's because I know I knows has
    those crazy dogs that are like water
    line invincible
    when Borderlands 2 is a lot of fun but
    honestly I think I enjoy the setting we
    got in Borderlands 1 more I don't know
    yeah it's just the quest I don't know
    something about Borderlands 2 certain
    parts of it just kind of like yeah it's
    noticed when I'm shooting guns volume is
    shooting way up let's knock this down a
    notch we're gonna now alright excuse my
    yelling that was literally that's how I
    do an audio check we're just going with
    that Oh
    basically after this episode I can go
    back look at that that scene see if my
    voice is coming through over the sound
    of the gunfire and then use that as a
    baseline before we go into episode 2
    and back when I played this too I think
    I was on xbox360 so I mean one you know
    it made the swap tube pretty much just p
    ck me these days I mean I still
    something's on a console I'll play it
    obviously but you have a 2080 TI you
    don't take the console version over the
    PC version for just about anything and
    that best ability in the game love we
    get a more actually I'm pretty sure he
    calls blog Wingham boy and Borderlands 1
    but in Borderlands 2 they call blubbing
    a girl it old lady finger 100% critical
    hit damage
    it's actually really riff this is like
    the starter pistol you're supposed to
    get but we'll just just hold off for a

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    second here I mean you know we got we
    got the two crazy guns
    let's until a tutorial once the tutorial
    is done I promise
    you are about to face your first real
    I hope you've gotten up enough oh I
    think so it'll crash thrust and beat it
    oh sorry dog goes oh [ __ ] oh [ __ ]
    purple yo they must have really really
    increased loot chances here
    that angry dog Oh at all it's stuck poor
    digit oh my god dude got the Clipper
    drop off in a second purple dude when I
    did this but I was like doing the first
    episode before I got a I came out of all
    this with like a blue two purples and
    the name the gun oh I mean the name one
    it might be a guaranteed drop but Jesus
    talked about just loot bucket city I
    think I'm gonna enjoy this and I think
    the biggest the biggest thing here is uh
    if we're seeing loot like this it's like
    their update I would bet that you know
    the same style of loot the same rarity
    levels and whatnot are probably going to
    be in Borderlands 3 which is honestly
    like the best [ __ ] thing possible
    because I love loot and right now this
    game is ramping up to just give you lots
    and lots of loot so just looking at our
    tree we're probably gonna go Swift

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    strike all the way and then out for
    then aerial impact and then bird of prey
    which is goofy lets them just like boom
    boom boom boom and kill everything which
    is awesome but anyway with nine toes
    dead let's go ahead and wrap this one up
    here I want to check the audio levels
    and all that in terms of how frequently
    you guys can expect this I'm thinking
    probably like two episodes a day
    something like that you know I'm not
    gonna bombard you with episodes the way
    I did was suck hero obviously but anyway
    thanks for coming on by hope you guys
    are excited for this one should be fun
    to go back in especially seeing as I
    never covered it on the channel and I'll
    catch you guys next time with part 2

    Borderlands: Game of the Year Enhanced OUT NOW! If you already own the original Borderlands on Steam, you're all set! Borderlands: Game of the Year ...


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    1. the remastered version is the first version that I have played of the whole borderlands series and it is by far one of the best games that I have ever played. also don't make the same mistake that I did by going into jackobs cove without better equipment or you will be running around dying and losing all your money XD

    2. My 20 year old bro would play this game when I was lil and I would watch and love it and it’s great to have it now to accrualy play it ima prolly get 2 next for 360


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