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SearchThisVideo: Boyfriend Dungeon – Developer Demo Playthrough

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Watch video at 00:00
this is boyfriend dungeon this is our
dating simulator dungeon crawler mashup
where your weapons are into beautiful
people and you take them out on dates to
make them grow stronger
and as you progress you unlock new
skills and you
uh find out their backstories and you
date them and it's all good it's all
going to be fun
169 next easy go walk the plank
came here for you the game is just bonus
thanks maple thistles
demo can we play it no i'm sorry we're
not it's
not publicly available yet for numerous
uh if you see a bug in this
don't don't question it we're not it's
we're figure it's
fine it's fun oh
lexi how you doing hello um you can
see the game gets delayed by the
difference between viewers and 69 that's
just evil
okay okay okay we need a we need a we
need to play this game
oh my gosh
so that like small snippet of silence
was because i read what are your
pronouns and i looked at them and i was
what is this question asking me what do
these mean
gender is a social construct and it
means nothing
but we're going with she her because
those are my pronouns ah corporate
thank you for subscribing with prime i
didn't set the sub alerts oh
yeah we could the problem with the
custom inputting pronouns is that
a lot like the game will refer to you
based on like what you input
um so it needs all the permutations for
what it has
i don't know we'll we'll figure it out
on one monitor final fantasy 14 and
victoria starts to stream by destroying
the concept of gender thank you oh cool
oh you're judging me cool eagle i'm not
a pro streamer like you are so
i accept all judgment please please
immortal graves hello yes gameplay
um sorry let me just um i
should have done that i should have done
this before starting the stream
we are we are like 15 minutes into the
stream and i haven't started the demo
i am sorry i have been talking too much
i i said uh
i need to set up the not set up it's
already set up i forgot to put up the
streamlabs thing
so i'm going to do that right now
because we get notifications
you'll stay you will stream the [ __ ] out
of this game yes
steam lied to me and said it was almost
over oh
utrin our tren ah how are you doing
hello flag tv thank you for following oh
thank you for all the people who are
following okay
um wait i'm trying to
oh no you're see the okay so
the reason why i don't like streams that

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

is because you can see how actual like
actually chaotic i am when it comes to
uh streaming or my work because
am i like totally just doing this
very randomly oh no how to oh
you can see that can't you uh can that
test follow
dang it how do i do this how do i do
um maybe not window capture
media source nope that's not it
it should be browser right
i did it
um i guess i'll just put it here
okay oh
yeah you're honestly you are seeing my
my pure chaos energy when it comes to
um this is what oh thank you for the
bits oh this is so nice
15 minutes in the stream i haven't
started the demo hey clever rogue so
basically right on schedule when taking
into account the tech goblin that
sabotages tech demos
it's true just progress streamers things
play tv hey flag tv um
truly awesome you're here for this
energy thank you thank you ah boyfriend
yes yes tuckyzoy boyfriend that done
boyfriend bunjin oh
hey russian pure chaos energy will you
be recording and uploading the stream i
have terrible internet i can't really
oh no yes yes yes i will be recording
and uploading the stream
to our youtube page uh kid fox games so
you'll be good you'll be good um oh
gosh hello everyone why no boyfriend
sorry i'm like half reading and then
half just like answering
you want obs pro gamer kid fox is
following kit bots i know
you stream half as good as you meme
you'll have no problem thanks texter
how have you been it's been a while
since i've seen you um hey job again
thank you for subscribing you're very
um okay yes
thank you for answering that for me
okay so we are 20 minutes into the game
we should probably start playing now the
real question is
do we want to go on a date first or do
we want to
uh yeah sorry harmonix i don't have
look i'm not a pro streamer so i didn't
put the like command
things which probably would have been
snut 101 you want a date yes yes yes
um i am here for big waifu victoria
energy and boyfriend dungeon husbando
dates thank you thank you burbear
date okay do we want do we want isaac

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

the s
talk do we want valeria the dagger
or do we want sunder in the talwar
that's true i'm working and i'm uh and
i'm being paid to stream so
pro streamer valeria so which one are
you gonna date
yeah i'm gonna let you y'all decide for
me we also fight but
also so this demo like does have a
cutoff point and i'll probably just like
replay it again when that happens uh
it's all good okay everyone loves
valerio engage the stabbies
okay okay women women women women
i'm sorry i saw many i saw many valerias
and it's time to practice my voice
acting chops
you arrive at the park but you don't see
anyone at first
then you notice a small metallic
then you notice a metallic gleam on a
bench nearby
i love it i love every time i see these
transitions like i've seen them like
we've been developing this game for
years now and i still huh
i love it that's better
it is who i was looking for yes thank
you i'm glad you like the animations
yes in person dating it's 2019 2021
it is i it is not 20 20 that's for sure
i know the animations are great okay she
stops and gives you a piercing look
up and down hey i don't know what a
course to give her
i'm not a voice actor um hey wow
i really did get a proper look at you in
the dungeon
i'm not going to give her that voice
that's cute
yeah she thinks i'm cute no big deal
you too oh well to tell the truth i got
a little dressed up
so despite it being boyfriend dungeon is
it possible to just play being a lesbian
yes totally date whoever the heck
you want pick your pronouns date are
male female non-binary weapons you can
just be single if you really wanted to
because you don't need a relationship to
be happy
all the time she can stab me anytime she
wants i agree
i want her to step on me maybe that was
a little too much
em by the way thanks for meeting me in
public i know you're the one who rescued
me but
i still don't know how i got down there
how my blade got chipped in an ironic
twist someone's clearly backstabbed me

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

so i'm a little jumpy besides safety
just in case you're an axe murderer
though i suppose you're
more likely to just turn out to be an
axe not that it'd be a problem if you
that'd be hypocritical given my own she
leans closer and lowers her voice
situation sorry
situation i don't know if that did
anything is that asmr
is there an achievement for staying
single for the whole game i think that'd
be hilarious
i mean we haven't worked out all the
achievements but there is a cat there's
a cat in the game that you can befriend
uh it turns into brass knuckles and that
basically means you get to stay single
because we
there will be friendship options for all
the weapons but also like the cat is
like a genuine like
if you really don't care it's fine do
whatever you want live your
live your packing life
marcinella i liked you starting 20
minutes in felt like when you go to a
cool event and you think you're going to
miss it and you walk in and someone's
just talking about her inner chaos
this entire stream was a thinly veiled
to be able to talk about my inner chaos
and get paid for it
we are living in 2020
asmr means axolotl yes i agree
yes the music is great uh marsky who
also does music for a
cop uh is a part of it
all right so what is it you know your
you can tell me i won't judge you i just
prefer to know up front
before anything happens
so something something something's gonna
happen something's gonna happen
so here's the thing i actually try not
to play boyfriend dungeon very much
because i want to experience the game
that being said i had to play test the
entire like
i had to play test the game but i still
like try to not be
i try to forget i try to forget what's
in boyfriend dungeon so i can experience
i feel like this demo is going to run
out by the time by the time i finally
get through it um
so i still get like a little bit flushed
when i talk and also i'm not a direct
so when i i like to pick the direct
flirting options in dating sims but
i get embarrassed i get mentally
uh lexus is this game safe for work yes
it is safe for work
it will not have any nudity um we're
going to aim for
an er speed rating of t 14 so or
is that t14 yeah or pg-13 basically so
there might like be some like
insinuations of like
um sensual times but there won't be like
images or anything
despite your chaotic energy there's a
maiden hidden within
a chaotic maiden that that be me safe
for work

Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

sword friends wow yes it will not be ax
no it would not be not anyways
oh come on we both know why you came
here what you're hoping for
do we don't we aren't we
or sorry i'm confused now a man
approaches you
approaches eyeing you suspiciously hello
everything all right yeah everything's
peachy thanks see you later i can't i'm
not i can't do different voices i'm
the man stares you down a moment longer
before moving on
sorry that's a friend checking in to see
i haven't been axe murdered
yet anyway look don't take this the
wrong way
your story's too convenient you're from
out of town a newbie never dated before
yet you're also charming and apparently
great at combat
something doesn't add up nobody's called
me charming
that's sweet but i have trouble
believing it the truth is we barely know
each other
she stands you know you have to say
something else you'll never see her
get to know me then you feel a little
breathless at your own daring but
valeria's eyes warm a little
i suppose that is why i came to verona
beach new start new friends
so yeah so as you basically increase
your love rank
or your relationship with your weapons
they will unlock new skills and
abilities which will help you go deeper
and deeper into the dungeon fight more
monsters etc
so every weapon has its own like kind of
combat style of valeria
it's very into confusion which we will
i mean i could roll further oh
i didn't mean to press that it's fine
um sunder doesn't wear a shirt though so
it's already rated m
true hey jay brooks
um yeah i love rank two oh tom turtle
how you been um is that embryo crow
calling or part of the soundtrack it's
ambient crow con
well it's part of the game it's not part
of the soundtrack
so is this demo like after the intro
tutorial type thing
yes basically um
wait yes yeah it's basically after the
intro so this
puts you into like the middle of knowing
three weapons
uh normally you would start off not
knowing any weapons and you'd have to
get to meet them and all that
the man looked like me in the morning
she makes me confused i thought i was
gay until i saw her
right yo she's powerful c'est la vie
no i didn't really read what was on the
that's fine with one let's wear
a walk [ __ ] look she stalks away from
the park
you head home can you
oh my god
so uh this wasn't supposed to end here i
literally just
took so long that the game was like i
think she's done playing right

Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

we're just going to end this they're
just going to end the day
so we're going to speed through that one
more time so that i can
so i can just
i don't know how to feel about this we
shouldn't have put a timer on this
i just forgot uh we forgot to take it
off before i streamed and we didn't want
to break the game beforehand
um so there's more to this there's
dungeon crawling i swear to god
um can you go back and change which
option you picked
or are you locked in you can't you can't
uh there will be an option to change the
skills that you
picked uh not in this demo but there
will be in the game
time for minesweeper cj that's how i
know you're an og
uh watcher press f to start a demo i
you should always take your time when
flirting okay let's just let's just go
let's quickly do this let's just go
through this again
oh geez i'm gonna watch this again
yeah i know
it was a speed run
speed run dating let's just go hit a hey
haha how's everyone doing
i'm totally very good at
streaming very quickly we are 30 minutes
in i did one date
y'all yo
minesweeper except all the mines are
romance options i know right
okay come on come on i know we had a
great first date i guess
what is this this is like that that adam
sandler movie like 50 first dates or
you can hear the button mashing oh my
anyways right so after a date normally
you would be
where it's transported to your home your
little apartment that you're staying at
um and you have a phone you can have
gifts in an inventory
you get texted by a lot of people jesse
is your cousin
eric is
a person in this game that you will meet
valeria is the person you dated um
next time a real date one where i don't
like you of being a murderer
or an axe though i knew a nice one once
anyways i think my blade is mostly
glad to hear it thanks all right so
they'll probably text you more
i'll let you know when i think of a date
we can go on all right thanks valera but
very importantly i want to talk to mom
mom is very important
so jesse your cousin okay so she says
jessie says you're fighting monsters
i saw an article in the dangers of dunge
delving people die
i've always said you can do anything but
i hope you pick something less dangerous
like cobra wrestling or wreck diving
i have health care there's no reason to

Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

go get injured on purpose
if something happens to you i don't know
what i do of course i'd support you no
matter what
thanks mom you're growing up and making
your own decisions and you're smart so
don't do anything dumb
or do the dumb things that are safe at
least pray your emoji
oh god oh mom mom loves texting us jesse
says you went on a date they better have
treated you well you only deserve the
best you know
mom stop
i actually say that to my mom in real
life um
yes eric is eric is a character in this
oh god mom please okay sorry sorry i'll
let you do your thing but they hurt you
tell me mama will take care of it next
anyways so lots of texting um because
this game plopped you kind of like in
the middle of
the game you do have a lot of text to
kind of catch up on uh
but i just wanted to show you mom
because mom's actually one of my
favorite parts of the game
this mom is above all of them yeah this
mom like supports you
loves you it's great uh yeah so
uh this is your apartment shut up eric
sorry um so you have magazines and these
are basically going to be skills you can
use in the dungeon this is like a
this is like a fireball it scares things
you'll unlock new things
um these are boyfriend dungeon car
rooms and then you'll be able to dress
up change your name change your pronouns
change your look
uh craft things you get craft gifts
scarecraft maybe other items
secret secret yeah it's gonna be great
okay brook stove well look i we live in
canada we're from canada so we do have
health care
um i'm sorry for
for any other place that maybe does not
have it if you date someone enough do
meet mom and then she's a mini boss
faster and there's respect
look look i can't reveal too much about
the plot line
uh i can't say that happens either
though who's that handsome blonde lad in
her messages
look he is very handsome but he's also
fine you know what he's sort of a fine
this is eric
it's crazy jessie our cousin has a
cousin like
jesse has a cousin like you he was a
loser or was in high school
no offense you're the loser
can you can you tell my feelings about
eric right the entrepreneur a loser
ttyl hutty no
drag him end and eric
i know anyways we're going to
blow off some steam by fighting in the
big no for me i'm just saying that's why

Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

he got the pause
hunter hello hello there is swords in
this house there's some
swords in this house um certified
wielder uh wet
wielder action
uh pole arm i'm very bad at this
i that is fine look look i we're using
i i literally
so i literally met someone
not met someone like i was on a call
whatever a meeting thing and there was
who was literally the embodiment of
isaac like he had
like the like vest on he had to like
button it up
i was just staring and i was like
oh my god so handsome if
if he if we made a live action version
of this game he would be cast as isaac i
can't like
was i i was very distracted during that
hey oh gosh wielding axes precariously
perfect blow off some steam well that
reminds me i really should wish list
this game on steam right now
system chalk is better at my job than i
am clearly
um yeah so this is the dungeon
this okay i can tell the minute i die
this game so this demo is supposed to
let you go through the dungeon a couple
of times make sure you're on double
maybe um but i talk so much that by the
time i die in this dungeon it's just
going to end the demo and we're gonna
have to play it again that's fine
um okay yes hey clay
um i didn't really i should probably put
link in the chat i didn't set up again
so i have a very chaotic
way of basically doing my work
and that means i didn't set up commands
which would have been
really smart but here we are
there you go
yeah sure sure system shock okay
um all right
okay so every weapon has its own combos
has its own
kind of a way of combat i suppose so
isaac is very precise
you can charge up oh hello oh geez
not gonna lie i'm not the best with
but that being said it doesn't really
matter because
you can basically pick whichever weapon
suits your playstyle the best
and then go on dates with whoever else
you want
you don't have to date the weapon that
you are currently wielding
and the weapon will get stronger the
more monsters you defeat too so
yeah yes those the
so fun fact the healing items it's boba
uh because

Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

here at kid fox games inc incorporated
uh thing uh we are big fans of bubble
especially me i don't know who came up
with it it might have been me it might
have been someone else on the team
either way my go-to bubble tea order is
a roasted oolong milk tea
with 30 sugar
no ice and pudding instead of boba
now you know
i know yes i know i miss bubble tea i
miss it
um but also uh you can't see in the demo
right now but in the demo itself if you
don't like
boba you can pick like coffee or
yes so fun fact is that in the dungeons
itself you'll be fighting you know
doing all that fun stuff but there's
also like many date spots where you can
take your weapons because
it's a little bit of combat a little bit
of love it's all good it's all good
oh i couldn't possibly i don't know
anything about these kinds of games
i wasn't allowed near them as a child
and these days i don't have the time
i'll watch you though they look quite
exciting what do you want to play
street puncher chrono sight pinball or
dog walker
i'm gonna play dog walker because we
just announced paparazzi
what a strange contraption can you walk
a shiva
hmm it seems you can but what's the
purpose of points exactly
this is exactly like trying to explain
games to a non-gamer they are like
why do i do this what is happening here
oh isaac
i'll make you a nerd eventually video
games are surely a waste of time but i'm
glad you had fun
don't say that you feel an impulse to
give a gift but you don't have anything
like yours
alas back to it shall we yeah everyone
wants to play dog walker okay i need to
scroll up i've missed
uh yo new music oh yes there is music
and hello you're not late there's no
lateness here
you can watch the vlog i'll upload the
stream thing
ah i see victoria went with izak to
nobody's surprise it's true
i am very thirsty for isaac plus respect
for pinball yes
can take pictures of the dogs right what
a call out i know
give him a gift when he bath mouth your
fun nope ada love girls do you know when
the public gets a demo
not sure yet honestly we still have a
lot of bug fixes to do for this
um and also random other timing things
hello uh you can't see it because my
camera is covering it but there's
actually a uh let me just
a little mini map but i don't want to
block the dialogue so
that's where my screen that's where my
face is going
little mini map so yeah uh the dungeons
are different every time you play
they are procedurally generated
so there's that
we found wires strong but flexible like
i want to be
yes there is a whole lot of snap it will

Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

traversing the dungeon easier uh but
yeah you'll find like crafting stuff
um oh wait what am i doing there's still
more to this
okay okay okay okay ooh we found
a chest what up we're in plastic a
modern miracle
that's true you really think about it
plastic is some sort of modern miracle
i mean so it's transforming into people
modern miracle as well
but you know you know how it'd be
um let me make sure i'm not missing out
on any
okay we're good we're good okay we're
definitely going to oops
we're definitely going to need to replay
the demo one more time because
i didn't uh it's gonna end
it's gonna end before i can like do a
second date
that's fine oh my god stop it
okay so yes
um i should probably show you
i will go deeper one more actually um
oh god
anyways this is all part of pax online
because pax is now online okay so
when you uh traverse the dungeons
there's gonna be two different dungeons
by the way
nightclub and the small uh you can
change your weapons halfway through
not halfway through basically whenever
you go down
a deeper level the monsters will get
more difficult you can change your
um what's the lore to these enemies
is it small items gone broke sort of
so the dungeons itself are sort of
manifestations of
your own fears in its own way uh i can't
reveal too much because that's
that's going to be the plot i'm always
partial to sunder than emails i know i
know me too
so sunder has a like very wide sweeping
uh combat style also does bleed effects
but yeah anyways um yeah so so for
like the old flip phones mean something
you don't know what right now
because i don't want to spoil it but
you'll notice that in the dungeon
most of the enemies in here are very old
it's just you know just just oh what
could it mean
what could it mean oh i didn't use the
magazines all right so we also have
these magazine things
uh which is the right button and so this
one scares enemies away from you in case
they're swarming you
this would be more useful probably
future dungeons
but yeah so you'll have different combos
and whatnot
yeah i'm so glad people are like loving
the boyfriend dungeon emails if you're
not subscribed to our newsletter
please do so at
uh because you basically get to hear

Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

from the weapons
in their own voices and it's a fun time
found sugar because you're so sweet
cool what's in here found a gift recipe
check it out on your workbench so you
get to craft gifts give it to your
to your sweet loves you know with dating
since it's like people are
hunter thanks for subscribing with crime
when the cat kills meow it's true
okay i
thatch doesn't give a free stuff this
month thank you i appreciate i always
feel bad when people like sub to us
because i'm like we don't stream
regularly if ever
and that's because i am a one
i mean tanya helps to be clue uh ensign
helps out with art
when i need it uh but otherwise we are a
very small team we have a team of nine
and i have things to do so i can't
usually like stream
super frequently also honestly streaming
is like
tiring i do not know how people do it
in disappointing days it's true thank
you um
have any recent events inspired any new
weapons to date
uh not really um
mainly because it's like we can't add
any new weapons now or else that just
super increase the timeline but like
we have so many weapons we wanted to
make like so many
uh but because everyone has their
favorite weapons right you can't add
uh oh yeah so by the way what was i
gonna say oh so dagger so dagger's
combat style is more precise
a lot of backstabs some confusion very
get in and out um shooting is exhausting
hey rose um why isn't 80s radio shack
look i explained why things were so i
mean i kind of explained why things were
so old was that a bug
i shouldn't be showing you that no
that's not fine uh but there is a reason
why everything is so old coffee
oh killer bits yes um
yeah honestly i'm sure it is it's why
everyone keeps drinking those energy
drinks like monster and stuff
um because like
i always like was it like at twitchcon i
saw them all like drinking like monsters
and stuff and i was like ah i've never
actually drank an energy drink
well starvinger hello um
uh uh if y'all want to watch some good
wallstormer is a great streamer please
i look um unlike wallstormer

Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00
i am not prepared for anything so i
don't actually have
commands and stuff but you can you can
check this twitch out
you can you know how to figure it out
you you know how to use twitch just
click on his pro
whatever um
what 80s radio shack isn't haunted i
don't think do we have radio shack in
we had um
what did we have what was that old
canadians i hope we have canadians in
here because we had
something akin to a radio shack and i
don't remember what it is
she stabbed me i say thank you yes
because you always have such good energy
without the drinks thank you
um that's because i'm usually hyped up
on adrenaline
and fear so
the source yes it's the source it's the
um yes
thank you uh
oh future shop is future shop gone yeah
i got like
like best buy just got rid of it thank
you swelling you got it
um eb games is still around
mystic rook hello hello oh we have so
many friends here
hello oh my gosh sorry okay so
if you're if you're you just came in you
just came in
i'm a very slow like i will read all of
the chat things so
it takes me forever to get through this
demo as in the first time we played
through this demo
we didn't start until like 30 minutes in
because i kept chatting to chat
and then and then the demo ended because
it was like you're taking so long you
must be done right you're just sick of
this game
anyways adrenaline fear is the source
yes yo rip future shot i i like weirdly
love future shot
fear is the greatest drug um
okay anyways so we can buy bubble tea
hot healthy cold
or question mark question mark of course
of course i'm gonna click question mark
question mark for y'all
a hole opens up where the vending
machine used to be mysterious
because you know it's very safe it's
very safe to go into the stairs hidden
in the bottom of any vending machine
now you know the more you know kids
whoa where are we what could this be
i sometimes i don't know how to act
because i'm like clearly like look i
played through this game i've had to i'm
do i act like this is a new mysterious
thing that's not jen
um they allowed humans down here i
thought this place is exclusive
i gotta save up my money gotta save up
my money from the dungeon
stop getting defeated by the likes of
you now this isn't some
we're in like some nordstrom like

Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

chanel stuff get out of my face already
can't you see i'm shopping here
it seems you're worth it to shop at the
heart of verona
we can buy things you can buy clothes
you can buy lipstick you can buy camera
for cute picks not sex or maybe sexy
no this is a safe for work game don't
take the sexy pic
but you can if you want to just be very
safe about it uh
make sure you use a really secure
network um i think
yeah and also make sure your face isn't
in there you never know
just saying practice safe
maybe maybe should i be talking about
okay maybe i shouldn't anyways
so um yeah so you'll be able to buy
i'm trying to transition of that awkward
advice i just gave
um so you can buy a bomber jacket made
of 69
nylon nice and 31 cotton i wrote
i wrote that description by the way i
wrote as you can tell the 69
was me um okay i'm gonna read the chat
um i hope that's shut down due to energy
makes it to a final version yeah
i feel like you missed out on the hot
bubble tea i really do love hot bubble
honestly um but
look i had i wanted to show off this
it's true if pokemon has taught you
anything this is the team rocket hideout
this person is part of team rocket
thank you for staying for being around
hope you have a good night get some nice
um okay is this the mysterious place
that isn't implemented yes
um ah yes buying things a true source of
for the only swords oh it is it's for
only swords
the shopkeeper is very good looking is
he also open he's not a weapon i mean he
could turn into a weapon
um anyways
we love sex positive dungeon dating live
streams exactly
be safe don't make sure you trust the
person before you give them anything
okay i'm glad oh thank you for joining
i hope you have a good bobo with katie
bobo is so good
get that vpn it's true moving swiftly on
um but yeah look i'm just saying
just stay safe with your habits stay
stay safe
i care about y'all
s words take care
okay okay so
we have all right so you know ooh they
have red screen so the monsters
obviously get more difficult

Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00
as you oh jesus as you get through the
and liquid
hydration is important oh well
i mean if i'm going to be completely
honest with y'all i don't have to point
this out
but i will point this out that's a bug
your sugar should not be in top of a pit
yeah that's all right see this is why we
do not have it
for the public yet we're still working
on it we are still
working on it what's this mini boss
alright so that was play through two of
the demo
uh where we got to see the boss but i
really want to play again
because one we can go on a different
date but also
um you don't get to see what it looks
like when you die in the dungeon or like
faint in the dungeon because you
actually do get upgrades a lot
um so we're gonna quickly do that
uh look again
if if you joined we should have not put
an ending demo thing for
me but i we didn't have time
there's a team of four working on this
it's all good it's all good this is
this is true indie development
write a bug where's the ticket i will
send their community manager
an angry letter wait that's me
lady gaga's telephone yo that was
honestly it's a really good song
i was i've been listening to lady gaga
again um
it's so good okay i didn't realize
boyfriend dungeon was a soul's like yeah
just date faster forehead
pro gamer v has to play again to show it
looks like when players die
it's true david
thanks chubbigins thank you for the
stop gifting subs i feel bad because we
don't stream often so it's just
everyone say thank you to chub against
throw some
kid fox hearts if you have them i
suppose or just any hearts
thank you for the gift very kind also
hey hey there hey there friends oh this
this demo is going to run out it's fine
hey there friends do you like really fun
cooking games and
really chaotic times maybe you should
play cook serve delicious 3
which may or may not be chubby against
game and is very fun
and it's a really good time i'm just
saying cook serve delicious 3
hint wink wink anyways
yo there are so many lady gaga mash-up
songs that are so good
um i will promo you it's fine
boyfriend dungeons are transistor-like i
know right this is
pressure meters three more okay so let's

Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

just okay
let's go on a date first
i will not look at chat because i need
to get through this okay name i'm with
the bouncer unclips the velvet rope when
you step inside sunday's venting to a
woman next to him in the vip area
but i just can't feel connection you
join the club and without love what's
the point
i can't do a man's voice okay i am a
you can believe in soul mates
you want to sunder hesitates eyeing you
you wonder if you said something
damn it i never remember what to say to
him me too
i just keep getting so disappointed i'm
not sure anymore
dance floor do more damage when
surrounded or finishers have a larger
attack area
dance floor or swinger
swinger okay whatever they make it so
easy in the movies
romance has been dead at least 500 years
yeah the voices keep changing i'm not a
voice actor
yeah so play this is mandy she's my
business partner owner of the club
chimed i'm sure and what kind of sword
do you turn into again
no never wielder literally told you five
minutes ago are you listening at all
what'd you say you know never mind this
is a good song it's time to dance
feeling healed from my abduction and
and dungeon what about you let's dance
yes tonight we dance like we're gonna
die in 50 years
uh what we are whatever
idiot mandy kisses the bounty on the
cheek as she leads you and thunders to
the dance floor sunderer mostly sways
and sips his drink but
mandy dances with a man you can feel the
music bumping your chest
try some dance moves you take a chance
and put your heart into every motion
those are my dancers mandy takes it as
an invitation to dance
very very close to you
sunder smiles and leaves the dancer in
the direction of the bathroom mandy
leans in her breath
warm in your ear you should
really be careful little one
sunder eats up lovers one by one he
seems nice
but he's double-edged i know you said
you're looking for a soul mate so
believe me sunder isn't he lies and he's
sunder's using you part of his it's part
of his addiction but he's too selfish
and violent to be a good
boyfriend violent
yeah and in my experience no matter what
they say people don't change
but i like you you're sweet i'm just
trying to help
be careful anyway i'm gonna go good luck
mandy kisses you on the cheek and leaves
crowd parts around a sword that seems to
be dancing its way towards you
mandy left huh just two of us now let's
enjoy the moment when we can
she warned me away from you she what now
hold on we should talk about this where
i'm in human form i want to look into
your eyes
the blade begins to transform

Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

transformations okay i'm going to sort
of catch up on this
yes i know i love those abilities of the
it's true sanders love cannot be
contained by any archaic bonds such as
monogamy rose wants to date mandy yep
she has good style she's very look i get
mandy just
step on me
that's too much information um victoria
purposely didn't pick i'd rather be with
if sunder isn't sunday i am refunding
i can't say he smiles and leans
leech i didn't read i didn't read oh
well he just smiles and leads you back
you dance together lay in tonight you're
breathless and sweaty
eventually the night is over you head
home kick started anyway no take backs
does he get a discount the store for not
getting the shirt part of the outfit
i don't know where you're shopping at
but you don't get it you don't buy whole
i'm just saying okay so we're going to
go into the dungeon we're going to fight
a bit so i can show you
what it looks like uh and then we were
going a second date because
might as well get to know these weapons
just a little bit more
um also if you haven't checked on our
twitter account
you'll be able to see a schedule of all
the panels we will be on
including a panel today that i am
on about content creators there's also
some that tanya will be on is a lot of
panels are on hey girard
i'm very bad i'm very bad i'm sorry
second date
sweats and commitment issues i know
so many commitment issues me emotionally
attached to someone
in this economy not in my christian
minecraft server
uh but no mandy as you have all been
asking is unfortunately
not dateable but
oh hell are we reach by the way i'm
scrolling up sorry
a panel i'll be on my ass oh god yes
um panels
i forgot what i was gonna say there's
always self-insert fanfics it's true
live your
best god dang life you you date whoever
you want whether it's eric
the creepy dude that we got not creepy i
whether it's eric or mandy it's true
you are imagine you don't need you don't
need to be bound by the confines
of whatever we create you can live your
own best life okay

Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

don't let us stop you let's stop you
from living your life
oh god yes me someone will be
well modded pretty quick i think so
okay so this is what happens when you
so now we are level two wielder which
means we're a hobbyist wielder
uh valeria's love rank went up a bit so
again this is how you like
get your weapons a little bit stronger
after fighting
uh how many floors you've completed
bonus time spent together for more love
so this is how you like level up a
weapon that you want to fight with but
not necessarily date
and then enemy slain
sophia dev's streams have this level of
encouragement i love it
look i am here because i want everyone
to live their best goddamn thirsty life
okay as long as you're safe about it
you know again we had our talk if you
weren't here we had a little bit talk
about sending nudes basically again i
hope this isn't against
terms be safe about it i'm just saying
live date whoever you want
as long as they're treating you well if
they're treating you well and not
emotionally like you know that thing
where it's like
not respecting your time and you know if
they're if they if
you're confused about whether or not
they like you then there's some
you want to communicate you want to
sender's sorry i'm going off until like
i was going to go off into dating advice
and i was like this is not
this is not the time tour you need to
play this demo before it ends
hey cutie sorry if i'm too flirty you
can tell me to back off but
this is how i am you're a good dancer
back off a little okay okay i'll try
let's go again sometime look sunder is
respectful of you at least
uh i can't spoil her hey you up
he one of them he wanted boys who asked
you if you up
uh huh
i was feeling extra sharp
pics or it didn't
i wasn't expecting that i didn't play
this when they implemented that
i wasn't expecting him to actually send
a picture
i got a pick we got a pick
this is why this is why i try not to
play the game
too much like only when they ask me to
play tesla because i want to be
oh he's uncheated
i'm genuinely like kind of blushing
right now

Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

tanya she's not watching right now i
need to send her a message and you'd be
like how dare you
put this into this game
oh no come back actually
this is very accurate to how i would
normally respond to like something like
of just like seize the message is like
closes the phone throws it halfway
across the room it's like i'm not
dealing with that right now not today
not today yes i will leave him on red cj
uh tanya no tanya isn't on stream right
now that will be
she'll have a panel later on um i want
to kiss it
okay yeah who says a plus i need to give
some feedback let me get some feedback
about this writing
no one says a plus through these kinds
of photos i want to kiss it
i want oh
i want to kiss it
i want to say i'm blushing but it's more
than that maybe i'll show you more
look it's 20 20. we've been socially
distanced for months now
i live alone well i have my mermaid but
she anyways
i'm just saying i am not this is not the
correct mental state
to be sexily texting someone i'm already
thirsty all right
i'll admit it whatever freaking heck um
this is not okay i am already thirsty
is [ __ ] coming after me with his bold
and can i say i dislike it no
can i say this is a bad thing no he just
sent me a sword pick i'm just
20 20. this is very
i thought summer was over
i legitimately okay you know what it's
we're gonna move on we're not gonna text
him anymore he's bad for us he's bad
all right i was sad i said i wasn't
gonna fall for these games anymore these
and they're like texting
i'm done
i can't do this
should i just text tanya now no it's
fine i'll clip it someone highlight it
i'll highlight it
i'll send it to tyler i'll be like how
dare you how dare you do this oh wait no
we need to go on a second date

Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

we do oh hey twitch um we do have female
weapons there's actually
here i'll show you uh there's valeria
who you can date
she's a dagger uh we
yeah we'll have non-binary weapons too
we'll have a glaive and a scythe
their their name sawyer and rowan
respectively they're very cool
i love them rowan is actually created by
creative hat awful boyfriend the pigeon
dating sim
hot girl summer is never over it's it's
thotom now oh no
ah dang sorry uh how can i how can i
make it so someone can post
links um
i can't dang it
can someone like discord message me yet
sorry i like blocked links because i i
was very bad
i was very bad at moderating this myself
um did you put it oh okay here i'll put
constant look it's because we don't
normally oh we have quite a bit of
people um
we don't stream normally like this is
the first time i streamed in
ages so we do have moderators i just
didn't think we would need it
um yeah yep okay
links who says okay okay we got sweaty
we had our moments oh jf
hello hello from a fellow montrealer
no meteor tonic didn't make had a full
boyfriend um they
i think they published it to uh
america to north america but it was
originally from japan
and i think they probably just uh
there that translated it they did
something with it you know
yeah sunder needs some damn moderation
oh can we not go on a second date with
sunder i could have sworn we could have
i was gonna say we would because
uh i think i have to go to the dungeon
again to get to
sunder did i talk to him already
oh right yeah
it's a date okay i'm all yours
perfect okay so now we can go yes naked
is uh the weapon upgrade shop so think
about that
anyways uh question do you want to go on
a second date with sunder
or do you want to go to brooks
associates which is
isaac the s talk would you like to see
his first date
or would you like to see sunders a
second date
i will put this into your hands
can you speak to whether we'll see
another lucifer within his demo soon i
was looking to play it it was removed
actually so we'll be showing the demo

Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

uh game devs of color expo and that's
september 18th to 20th
and i think we'll have the demo up from
september 18th to 21st
so yeah you'll be able to play the demo
there second sender
one for sunder two for isaac wait do we
have one present
hot girls thunder part two let's go all
right i'm seeing some sunders
kind of tempted to see isaac super happy
to hear yay second date all right
let's we'll do a second date or the
second date
you spend time at la rosa with sunder
after a bit of dancing you both retire
to the vip section
hey let's get to know each other better
ask me anything gorgeous
so you're dancing skimmer time hey whoa
towers are completely different from
scimitars but sure
i dance plenty i own this place with
well she owns most of it i make do with
the scraps
oh he's so bad life is for living right
so why work i'd rather have a good time
anti-capitalist that's what sunder is
deep cut bleeding does more damage the
shepherd's child i'm excited for game
devs of color i know
game devs of color is amazing expo i am
i also have a talk there actually so
that'll be cool so i spend most time my
nights dancing i'm glad you're here i
only have
eyes for you you know oh yes the sweet
slender meets your gaze with an
intensity that makes you blush his focus
is broken by his thumb chirping which
he looks at briefly and puts away i'll
be right back
gorgeous don't go anywhere all right
he smiles and leads towards the bathroom
you wait
it's probably only been a few minutes
but it feels like it's been a long time
i feel an itch a hunch a suspicion
maybe made of nothing but jealousy
let's check you wonder if you should go
after him
your gut feels tight and hot with
tension you tell yourself not to be
let's go you decide to just take a peek
to calm your nerves
i'm nosy you find a back door propped
open outside you hear giggling you step
outside and find
sunder leaning into a girl whose eyes
are glazed
is that them cause someone like that's
watching us
sunder leaps away from her wiping his
mouth what uh
hey player so this is weird i'm gonna go
is he cheating on me i mean i guess
we're not in a relationship no
we're pollya
wait was her hand gone i didn't actually
check them
are you dating someone what no not
really not that you and me are exclusive
but i'm here for you
primarily just chill out a little okay
how dare you totally chill out this is

Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

going like every other man
we have so much fun together i want to
make sure you feel special because you
i like you a lot like a lot a lot
you also want to kiss other people
sometimes is that so surprising
i'm sure you do too
not going to come on at least apologize
there was no talk about polyamory this
is sus i know right this is very suss
i know we never say we were exclusive
ugh i know marshmallow just
get out of here fine sorry i won't do it
again i promise
i'll do right by you player trust me you
feel an impulse to give a gift
why would i give a gift you don't have
anything to give
it's your turn or stop those gaslighting
i know look look
they're not perfect they're not perfect
weapons but
we'll see you'll you'll see you'll see
how you'll see how it progresses
okay should should i'm wondering
do you want i feel bad because like do
you want to see isaac's
first date we can do a first date again
but you've seen the combat
you've seen double dates
yes no weapon is perfect so they have to
work on themselves you know everyone has
their thing
yeah okay we will quickly go through it
and then we will end
and we will end because i gotta go do
other things
okay let's do which one did i not pick
this one oh thanks tom
yeah all right so we'll do one last date
you've seen the combat
we've seen the dates and now we have
my my personal first trap
you're stopped at isaac's office by his
excuse me do you have an appointment
with mr brooks
i don't know i'm using that voice but
i'm doing it
yes player you made it christine player
is always welcome here
yes mr brooks the blade begins to
it's good to see you i was hoping you
would take up my offer
let's begin do you prefer foil saber or
epee so isaac
is a financier so he works with money
and investments and all that but he also
is a big fencer
i know the snap oh so stylish slap me
with that book and call it
i'm stealing that that's so good slap me
with that book
okay yeah yeah um
okay do i which one do i prefer can i

Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

wield you i can't teach well wielded
for now take up the foil will you be
quick enough
we shall see now ready yourself don't
mind the office equipment i do this all
the time
he shrugs on his fencing gear with
practice ease
now stand straight up with your blade
out towards my heart
also if you see in the background it
says cleaner driver
dunge it was like tinder
a tinder joke anyways this is the on
guard stance you're literally
you're quite literally on guard i didn't
i was broken by that i was broken by
that joke we will begin with the basic
looking into my eyes advanced towards me
front foot then back foot
lunge board hey one step at a time
this is an anger management class please
be patient trust me
now in foil you can only score by
hitting the torso and savor the upper
in the dungeons you don't need to score
points with any judges and suppose
i suppose that means we should use epi
rules any hit counts
let's try a lunge attack like the one
you attempted earlier extend your front
leg with all your weight keeping your
front foot flat no bent ankle oh god
isaac i am lost
you lunge heavily forward feeling a
little awkward not bad you have talent
uh yeah so he has a little bit more
precise movements uh very
lungy lungy movements very technical
game dev terms
oh it looks like we've reached a new
level of understanding so now you can
carry with me
more time we spend together the better
we'll be able to fight together this
something different for each weapon but
for me pairing is a friends only
to parry in the dungeon dodge just
before the enemy attack hits to
automatically counter
so now we can counter in the dungeon i'm
very bad at it
there's a special move only you and i
can do together so don't forget
you can also check out our pairing the
combo details in your phone later
so yeah you can unlock new combos and
makes them stronger as you fight weapon
or monsters
but for now shall we take a break he
his gloves and removes his fencing
jacket if you'd like to keep training
with me perhaps we should get to know
each other better
what do you do these days i'm an
investor they've been quite successful
with slicer
what about you you're dashing done shiro
now right what'd your parents think
about your dangerous profession
do they approve mom always supports me
i'm glad she respects your choices it's
hard to know that such parents exist
does your mother adopt isaac falls
silent for a moment
not full i do prefer life on the
straight and arrow
because he's n stock there's a knock
knock knock there's a knock on the door
one minute please isaac
what are you doing who is this shouldn't
you be working
i said one minute please you can wait in
the lobby
so you're just going to keep a guest
waiting while you faff about
vincent you're 20 minutes early for our

Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

thought i might have some priority in
the life of my only child
when you call your father by their first
you know you know you know someone's got
daddy issues
just go i'm terribly sorry player it
seems i am
occupied i'll text you to set up our
next appointment
you're texting now what's next to your
slumming schedule
will you drink water from plastic
bottles too
horrifying are there any dips you will
stoop to
i'm making him a anime villainous i
don't know why
daddy issues or daddy issues daddy she's
in money
he's daddy he dooby daddy
i do actually really like vincent you
slip out the door let's ease drop
you hear vincent yell about having low
standards and making disgraceful choices
my second response too quietly for you
to hear you head home
well seems like
it's got some problems in the family but
you know
what family doesn't have problems
anyways sorry we were interrupted
type faster but do you care for business
i love it
perhaps i advise you when i'm next
audited then i'm not a fan of myself
damn it
may i explain how i got into this
i'm going a second date with him too
anyways that's the game
i mean okay obviously there's more to
the game once it's out but
thank you ignoring mom's fear-mongering
before it's classic i know right
okay that's it let's just hang by the
some attack on titan vibes
oh i'm thirsty yes that's why we're next
to the ocean
get some water even though it's really
uh so yeah thank you so much for
oh thank you thank you for joining me it
was a lot of fun
i love talking to y'all um
always a good time game complete 100
speed run definitely didn't take super
long to get through
the game fan yourselves
you've learned so much about dating now
how to send photos
how to be not be sunder
and maybe a little bit and sketchy
uh yeah no thank you so much i'm going
to link the game i mean if you're here i
assume you already know the game
but i might as well link the website
yay thank you yeah no we are doing our
staying healthy staying socially distant

Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

miss the team but you know it'll be it's
uh yeah and we also are just staying
taking a lot of taking more breaks than
we normally do which is very actually
very good for our mental health
definitely didn't freak out at sword
picks we did not freak out at sword
we did not see unsheathed swords in this
have a great week too maple thistles you
are now well versed in the art of
photography it's true oh tom you can
you can play tommy stream has helped me
convert some others oh
thank you so much thank you so much i
wanted to talk to mom and not text eric
thank you cj let's just angel this oh
thank you alice that's so nice of you
this is a drawer to watch this i'm glad
all keeping will enjoy the rest of your
day thank you some chalk you too
you get bubble tea delivered to the team
no but now that you've mentioned it
i'm gonna
i'm gonna do that okay all right oh
clino dev you came just as we're
leaving so hello queen o'dub
i know we should get bubble teas over to
the team actually no i'm not going to
get into the story it's still really
it's a long story
uh but they basically saw okay i'm gonna
get into the story they basically sell
these instant
bubble tea pack things i've been trying
it out it's really good actually
okay but yes please wishlist boyfriend
dungeon on steam
um you can also get a nintendo switch
follow us on twitter at kitfox games
links are in the below times somewhere
down there
uh and yeah we will be at a bunch of
different packs panels so
also feel free to join those um
schedules on our twitter
scroll down a little bit maybe i should
retweet that
um yeah and maybe we'll stream again
because it is really fun i just need to
find more time to do it
because it's a time sync
thank you for being a part of the stream
and thirsting with me
links in the blow time from the before
time yes okay
see you on the discord see on twitter
stay safe

From our Twitch livestream! We play through the demo of Boyfriend Dungeon. Wishlist: Boyfriend Dungeon: ...


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