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    hey what is up heroes and welcome to

    bravely default to the demo just dropped

    right now and if you follow the channel

    for a while you'll know bravely default

    and bravely second are two of my

    favorite games of all time I think they

    are the best free DS games you can get

    and bring you to fall - it's come out

    the switch now demo is available right

    now free on the eShop if you want

    download it so we understand your game

    and play for it because I am so so

    excited for this game and when it

    launches later this year we are

    hundred-percent you begin a play from

    the channel but thank you so much down

    in the demo this is a special version of

    freely default - designed to allow you

    to get to grips with how everything


    the story is separate from that the main

    game and the battle difficulty level is

    also just a little higher so you can

    enjoy the challenge of the various jobs

    and prepare buildings available learn to

    work with the brave and default commands

    don't be afraid to experiment and most

    of all have fun so in case you didn't

    know the bravely bravely second had a

    demo as well and that was like a

    completely different story and it's

    kinda like a I guess you could say like

    a prequel to bravely second so I guess I

    play for the champ you wanna watch it

    but this isn't probably like a prequel

    sort of thing to bravely default to

    which I'm so excited dude I could just

    highly contain myself fire water wind

    and earth for crystals to keep the world

    on the even keel their guardianship the

    sacred duty of the royal family of Musa

    but then one day the kingdom is overrun

    and reduced to ruins the crystals taken

    by force things have not been the same

    since the nations of the world have been

    beset by countless odd occurrences


    it was not lost princess Gloria was able

    to flee the destruction and has since

    resolved to restore all four crystals to

    their rightful place in so doing fulfill

    her duty as the sole remaining silent of

    her ill-fated line her quest has been an

    arduous one but she is a made some

    friends along the way the hero of our

    tale a sailor washed up on the shores of

    this world from parts unknown the name

    said cool the name of this young

    wanderer Zek a scholar seeking to

    unravel the mysteries of a book

    bequeathed to him at by his mentor her

    principal Elvis and a young mercenary

    hide by always to help him find

    mysterious stones known as asterisks

    beep delightfully at dangerous a bell we

    join this motley band of adventurers as

    they arrive at last in City arms savoir

    after an exhausting trek across the year

    searing sands till the music is so nice



    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    so this is seven

    crossing that desert was pretty tough

    going you okay Gloria oh I've been

    through far worse and besides it's not

    me we should be worrying about to see

    dear old Savile on half-submerged like

    this is well it's a shock

    to say the least it's because of one of

    the crystals great it would seem so

    yes the water crystal is here I'm

    certain of it

    so we've had sweaty roadies Parsi I

    could do it allow something to wet the

    old whistle Oh a little something from

    the tavern you mean no there's a faint

    suggestion you know women after my own


    we don't Lassie the first rounds on me

    I hate to break it to you but we have

    more important things to be getting on


    just think though the first drink will

    taste all the sweeter once we've done

    something to earn it ah I suppose you're

    right now let's take care of business

    first then we can get down to some

    serious pleasure

    he really does make it too easy

    hey guys so you find anything out our

    honored chatty local who was more than

    happy to spell the beans in exchange for

    a few coins huh seems a place suddenly

    started filling up with water about two

    years ago everyone was delighted at

    first and they thought it was a blessing

    in fact but then the water level just

    kept rising and rising and as you can

    see now half the city is submerged the

    Uni fish and waterfowl will be able to

    live here if this carries on it would

    seem that Sava longs troubles began at

    around the same time the crystals were

    stolen from my kingdom one of them was

    brought here there is no doubt about it

    sure seems that way huh all right then

    let's split up and try to find out some

    more about what's been going on

    okay listen the character like designs

    of really cool like Adele looks so

    amazing man I love a little scarf she's

    gotten to ask looks like orbiter

    controls okay so move around Tobey X

    kept the menu up and the kids person

    you'll need to talk to nor too advanced

    for the main story if you're stuck trap

    is an art again overview of the area in

    case there's someone nearby who can help

    you as you proceed for the story you

    occasionally have come across people who

    are in need to help these people will be

    indicated by the cloud eye corner and

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    talk to them in order to offer your

    services okay all right so Chris are we

    can bowl let's move over there have a

    menu different though nine for

    freelancers got them jobs who can change

    them to yes we have okay right let's go


    I feel like you would pretty basses in

    monk maybe Oh looks so cool oh she kind

    of cool man

    so we keep looking all the different

    help you can get


    okay so let's put you as mom

    and then sub with its and then you

    probably have as White Mage Alex who

    cool man I love the outfits see you I

    feel like maybe forgot your best we have

    you as a black mage actually suits you

    pretty well they offer great reminds me

    of them I wasn't what's the guy the bad

    guy from pharmacy 15 are Arden anything

    Darden how much of that little bit do

    she look sick let's go with that


    equipment I sure go other recommended



    daggers staff okay I think we'll be fine

    bilities as well we're gonna be a month

    all passive sent

    can't send I guess guess what's got

    level of a little bit that's fine yeah

    let's go dude man the help is looks so

    good so like in the bravely series like

    can I know this were the same but

    usually when you find like a boss and

    they're like a certain certain job class

    for example if we find on a locker so

    I'm talking my head right now Valkyrie

    beat them you can think at their job

    plasma sometimes hope you'll be the same

    I don't if it will be though for like

    bravely default in second had this thing

    where like so you get into it like a

    double battle you beat both for me to

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    choose one of their job classes but when

    you go back in time you can redo the

    boss again and then the second time you

    do it you can get the other job class

    kind of like that I can I can we can do

    the same here with chest and grab that

    nice wondering 20 PG yo you are here yes

    I would be happy to offer you a special

    rate for the night oh no thank you

    I don't need a room I was just hoping to

    ask you a question or two have you heard

    any rumors about a glowing blue stone I

    do not think so

    no my apologies I guess it was kind of a

    long shot never mind sorry to bother you

    oh but wait it may have nothing to do

    with anything but I did hear one

    intriguing little tip it

    everybody here good I just heard

    something pretty interesting from the

    innkeeper so apparently there's some

    ruins out in the desert where people

    said they saw some kind of strange stone

    interesting but how do we know it's not

    just idle gossip in the absence of any

    alternative avenues of Investigation we

    have little choice but to at least go

    and take a look

    wouldn't you say did she tell you where

    exactly these ruins are to be found she

    said to plot a course south of the city

    but we need to be careful the way I hear

    it the place is crawling with monsters

    you guys ready to do this

    what or Sadoff already be up shall we

    well first I I'm still check out after

    that trek across the desert you put your

    feet up if you must I for one will be

    heading for these ruins without delay I

    merely wish to strike while the iron is

    hot if our trip to the ruins proves

    successful I shall be the first to buy

    you a congratulatory beverage you're

    even better at pulling your strings than

    I am all right let's make sure we're

    well prepared

    there'll be no beverages for anybody if

    we don't make it back in one piece

    Gloria's voice actresses just she sounds

    so familiar but there are five jobs

    already available to try to be another

    demo version okay yeah so we've done

    Matt don't you worry about that

    actual job level increases you'll

    require new active passive abilities

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    it's all good

    you can keep activated passive abilities

    until you run out of points to a sign so

    that so be sure to make the most of them

    mister mother total customer

    possibilities cannot seed free new

    weapons and armor can be found in

    treasure chests for in shops in a quiet

    bar that means as well you don't cook

    them if you want to enjoy the benefits

    they offer any character can equip any

    weapon or piece of armor but be aware

    that everything you equip will weigh you

    down the attributes will suffer if you

    exceed your carrying capacity okay I

    don't mean the weight was in the end and

    the game before since a new mechanic

    okay that's gonna be interesting right

    so we're gonna be heading south

    is there a shop I should wear you go to

    first down here okie dokie

    and I'd know I think of her glorious

    voice somewhere before

    what have you got for me now we've got

    800 PG that is foundering 10 that's a

    lot thinking the wizards abroad will be

    really good for what's-his-name the

    Scottish guy I'm gonna get it

    purchase an equip we can't get much more

    by sword

    which is a wait a bit

    was an actor actually

    let's get the axe for Adele


    get this worth it you just leave any

    more money

    all right we are going this way oops up

    in need of supplies okay

    holla pelts like five will pass the a

    potions for it okay yeah sure get that

    sub quest this mister could obtain Kido

    keys at any good


    yeah it's not quite a bit sorry drink

    like a monk

    they usually we want to get like oh no

    suddenly this like nook with docile song

    to attack if you ever lost you can use

    these markers to work out we need to go

    next okay that's on the safety of towns

    and cities the world isn't fitted in

    monsters couldn't contact one of them

    and battle with at all commence friggin

    monster from behind it as a prize it and

    strike first

    okay so the encounters on randomized

    well like you know like random encounter

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    we just walk it's like dudududududududu

    you know I have press are you out in the

    field and you're in a dungeon to swing

    your sword makes fun of a monster you're

    into a battle in a more and on teachers

    position than usual okay that's cool

    that's new got pie Chaz well

    ah you are unusually quiet Elvis is

    everything okay

    it's alright for you youngsters yeah

    it's my age this kind of a heat really

    takes it out of you stop being


    why are you 45 I think you were a

    hundred that way you're going on well

    when your prayer life down I suppose

    there might be some life in the old dog

    yet I have a new trick or two to learn

    yet and one or two to teach you to

    Lassie he's right though its water

    around here you all right huh me sure

    I'm fine little hop isn't a big deal

    already I shipped Gloria and Seth

    reminded me of that

    Anya sand and tis I mean this is a walk

    in the park compared to the three days

    on the open sea gosh you've really spent

    these freehold days at sea how terribly

    heroic you sailors are not bothered by

    the he eh sounds like your share of the

    waters going begging then dibs

    absolutely not

    that won't be fair at all fine yes your

    highness free bags full your highness

    see you know Oh hoo Elvis you're the

    biggest kid of all of us Hey

    all right I wonder if I can do it like

    in the old games which was really good

    let's see I'm not too sure if mr. as

    farce actually um

    I'm not sure we can do it maybe in the

    demo but there was a way you could speed

    up but you can turn encounters to like

    you know 200% to grind will be really

    easy or if he struggled female

    encounters off oh okay okay so the brave

    in diff'ent commands are key components

    of the burn a default battle system

    whose default to build up power and

    brave to unleash it the default command

    allows a character perform a build up BP

    the points required to perform actions

    during battle it also places them on a

    defensive pudding up to free @bp can be

    accumulated but at any time cool

    brave command allows a character to

    spend the BP they've Doha you can borrow

    against future turns selecting it will

    consume one BP will grant that character

    an extra action up to a maximum of four

    enough to complete turn the tide of

    battle be aware however that a character

    who borrows BP were attacked again until

    their deficit has been paid off making

    good use of these two commands is the

    key to a successful battle strategy when

    certain conditions are met during battle

    powerful special moves to be performed

    the music will also change in all four

    characters attributes will be boosted

    while this special song is playing our

    dinner can remember that the conditions

    in question are based on party members

    for meticulous a certain number of times

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    for example freelancers can work toward

    special move simply perform in regular

    tanks or monks will need to use martial

    art moves not message to how message is

    telling you the conditions for each job

    should be displayed now only set can

    perform special moves in the demo

    version arcane right so let's see

    let's follow

    oh we're quick okay then like lon HP

    with seven starfish parade heal up it's

    a social that we definitely at the four

    times which is nice

    oh right let's see let's go

    black magic fire Oh your vulgar to fight

    a nice

    I'm gonna miss great gonna shoot me get

    everyone yeah nice enemies there you go

    mice in robux shield back time to shield

    Goblin a fire usually when I consider

    the Goblin delete fire or doesn't like a


    and go for again like missing a lot if I

    brave use two cures


    so I for everyone left fully healed


    this is a tech fire there we go

    put tough but nice sweet my little bit

    grind the hair next indeed said the

    demos I'm a little bit tough often a

    challenge which is nice we want to go

    this way to go to the side quest get the

    wolf pelts hit him with a sword nice

    but maybe just put that back to

    freelancer maybe right

    and then what's the technical base in

    there for the

    fire an early


    you nice hrbp spine

    our denominator use that many but let's

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    go bend it all of this whose critical

    chocolate is enough for two turns and

    Picasa 30% of users physical defense

    nice and we missed great just here for a

    fire than the fine

    which is great oh man let's go kill

    these for the wolf pelts then come in

    fights feeling brave intellectual VP


    okay gonna go what tough and I fought ok

    ok you're vulnerable

    - that's just wait if we go brave our

    defense our paws anyone ok it's fine

    let's do us keep us alive fire

    I'll go we to fight great news on KGC

    get all passive abilities right so to

    fuel the wolves get the village out guys

    and then we go back to hand the SciQuest

    and get the potions and i'll heal up and

    maybe we'll they the money we'll get

    from doing this we can buy some new

    stuff the funder is well now nice

    yes it's my turn now okay right uh right

    I'm gonna get a huge deficit just right

    and some help

    the guy loves worth it also worth it

    your type of poison blends and saw okay

    nice bye official one wolf pelt at least

    come here Michael I was only one so the

    drop rate seems like adi kind of

    terrible so we're gonna fight a lot okay

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    right I am going to that's really risky

    but I want to just take the orc out I


    Seth and Elvis could easily take our

    balls I'm gonna NP oh snap

    okay must have like a cloudy heal up


    okay did we get anything else from that

    battle I don't know

    so what I might do is because I felt

    like we might be grinding here for a

    little bit I just like to fight meals

    grow the levels cuz I don't mind exp and

    stuff and then a cut to once we get the

    bull pelts


    we spinning kick have we got a will cups

    motovun okay no wolf pelt alright sound

    a little bit grind and I'll catch you

    guys well we have enough wool pelts and

    okay ayyyy there we go wolf help so that

    took a very long time got all five so

    even the drop rate is really really low

    on a French guy so you have really

    really low or my luck is just incredibly

    bad and Seth learned the ability now

    that night when he's unarmed he does

    more damage which is great soft seats

    not even sort of or like you know local

    dusters or bare fists we've good monks

    any when you go down and heal up because

    that was gonna impede if we're just like

    you can see like I do a lot of damage


    you know it's been a pretty got a new to

    new abilities I should probably add on


    cuz when I add them on earlier Elvis

    didn't have any now he should definitely

    have one will out like your're fire

    we've got so much good stuff so let me

    quickly go to hoodies yeah go revenge

    which does 20 hubsan shots under one BP

    whatever damage received know you've got

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    still need that deuce nice oh and

    Elvis has to the everyone now still does

    not only passive abilities which is fine

    we pretty good so you almost maxed out

    this fear fury next


    you need or you're raised now it's great

    one more level and Bundoora we got bliss

    all right now as well sweet all right so

    let's go hand this in get my eight

    potions go difficulty one star there

    wasn't difficult at all it just it was

    just long I wasn't legit grinding for

    about 15-20 minutes and the only things

    that spawned there were wolves so every

    single fight I got into I was at least

    seeing two or three wolves and just yeah

    I forgot that one I didn't get one for a

    very long time and then at one time I

    got to drop into that one you just saw

    there - it took a while so if you're

    doing that just don't hate I recommend

    doing it cuz even if like things a long

    time like it for me

    you're still getting a lot of XP a lot

    of like money so it's all good and I

    should probably go in and so if I can

    buy more equipment before we go so I

    bought a few more

    a lot of money now let's see we probably

    one get that for you

    get that I've really bought haven't I

    and I shouldn't say never mind it's fine

    it's fine I'll quit anyway now there you


    I think we also have there's just some

    new stuff that's not good that's better


    Kevin's better than well not the whole

    stuffing which is great

    nobody knew tunings I'm hacking okay I

    think we're fine we're fine we are

    looking mighty powerful now I'm not

    worried although I did want to quickly

    save it autosave is enabled not sure

    when it water saves oh I can I save it

    wherever your psyche can I think so game

    nice so far I'm really liking I think

    they've done the demo so you can give it

    give developers feedback so they can

    like improve the game what they do with

    octo path traveler which was very good

    sure have a great not playing on the

    channel sure done I felt like I just

    want to sit back and relax and play when

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    I go on trips and I did but um yeah the

    nought says I think the battles like

    coming into the bout is a little bit

    timing a grindin there's not really


    I'm just like go into deficit here just

    because there's like capping super fasty

    have to worry about really focusing too

    much to make sure one nice and healthy

    keep our HP mp3 high so saving your game

    save points when you're in a dungeon

    your game can only be saved when you're

    standing at a save point it's good idea

    to save your game every time you see

    this symbol

    mmm-hmm always ready to save your game

    whoa you look kind of scary all right

    and they're bumping - nice oh that's a


    okay Oh


    good double attack on the rabbits


    it's good for these and

    nice okay generally the other week - I

    feel like they might be weak to blizzard

    fire as well just in case it's not I

    would you fire


    kind of scary right I think I'm going to

    do this small NP but these guys

    okay I'll go a lot of Enki that was


    oh oh oh go away go away go away go away

    go away let me go and heal up and then

    we'll come back here and listen oh those

    big like wasp things to be very careful

    of alright let's make away fruit here

    again and this time be very careful okay

    break these pots can break pots you took

    you all got quite fast better plan

    it's a little a bit all right so it was

    dude God

    fire on you like no gonna rub it that

    quite easy so I'm gonna just take the

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    best and then frost but you just what

    attack that thank you that's a lot


    alright so much better how we get in

    going this way are we going this way go

    for this crack in the wall nope oh it's

    a hole here sure this is the way I

    supposed to go it's quite big just try

    follow the marker can we not gap here no

    ok so we need prague around

    it's cool here oh nice turn end okay so

    we're not going in here this is not the

    right way but I've got to go all the way

    around gotta fight these guys

    what's the exterior we could as well so

    she's gonna

    everyone then one finally go for its

    spinning hits everyone

    yeah finish you off

    good good good because oh we can go

    across they okay Ronnie


    oh that's a lot of enemies all right so

    definitely default I have to do this I

    know I am hit everyone a couple of times


    so much damage okay right freesia

    so everyone


    oh wait no before I would stop okay am i

    I messed up I messed up bad I'm trying

    to get one out nice

    okay good I fought collect like one too

    many mm I love nice

    I clicked one too many Braves

    I for just click Add to fold like get

    rid of it no okay howdy that'll do you

    those vests man they are kind of scary

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00


    oh wow okay you just look as scary let's

    finally take all these out save my hands

    my nice let's go Liz a piece of cake

    you'll love to see it

    nothing disappear we might be to beat


    big snake like they're brave that's fine

    a guess I am going to

    what I'm going to do actually is because

    we master all these jobs now we need to

    switch their jobs put their sub cook

    jobs as these jobs they can still use

    the stuff this

    a little bit sketch to change the jobs

    at the moment in case I might just do


    later on we uh just my friends easily go

    back into the start so I think we need

    to go okay I think we see that dude

    chasing me okay I don't want to find

    these rabbits they've really easy to be


    the best scary

    one fire let me beat this even now bit

    of MPs begins like a tough bowel which

    way do we go then

    was there way to go left up here you

    might be no way to go left I was right

    to go explore things did I



    thank you

    okay concept you can take this out there

    we go 15 long with Elvis not bad

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    yeah a kanga left okay you have to fold

    open fight that dude just get past him

    oh let's try to fight it I'm a bit

    scared but we're trying to fight the

    snake oh okay all right we are going to

    fold this 1x in so I want to go by I

    don't like I like from saris are keeping

    thinking they're like sand snakes or

    some sand enemies are weak to ice don't

    know artistic for me but it is I'm just


    this okay then white we go

    blizzard yes all right

    this makes we dice

    sorry always scared right now but you

    are Elvis

    and then




    it's fine it's fine it's fine

    no you're weak oh I see so you are going

    to cure everyone up

    worried about things are definitely

    scary like let me go for an ephah disco

    plays strong them too but right this has

    gotta be enough to take it out please


    okay this is what we do


    these snakes are slow tough


    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    fine it's fine to must do this button

    I know it's like it's goodbye more

    dog what's the plan


    there we go okay did not appreciate

    those guys ow


    alright so I felt like we were a little

    bit under leveled so I did a little bit

    of grinding before we continue on some

    snakes were quite tough also why doesn't

    grinding I switch the jobs around a

    little bit so Gloria and Elvis can both

    now to do white and black magic and

    Adele I did a bit freelancing so now

    we've got an extra ability where we can

    earn the next extra XP not all of us but

    everyone or just her but we get 1.5 x

    amount now which is just really good so

    I recommend level up the freelancer a

    little bit but we should be alright now

    what a try a voice and battle still

    because these snakes are can be a little

    bit scary so what we do now is if we go

    black magic pyro

    I'm going to hit you then I'm gonna get

    you twice I should take out the rabbit

    and the best clothes and possibly pull

    out nice good seconds pretty talking

    then we can scope for and it's good for

    no reason

    that's fine


    these snakes just never die do they play

    risk game right there he's got a little

    more attacks on take it out hey Elmo was

    17 as well nice ok so let's get to

    explore a morning down here it's blocked

    off so I recommend at least 16 go

    through these parts just the snakes are

    really tough Oh save point nice

    definitely was saying some guessing up

    bosses maybe gonna be showing its face

    which if that's the case then yeah

    don't be gonna finally chest down here

    is a big empty area up we go

    oh it looks like someone got here before

    us well anybody has come all this way

    wouldn't be here for fun whoever dies

    must be here looking for the same thing

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    as us just look at you you exquisite

    little creature and not only are you

    beautiful you're going to make me rich

    beyond my wildest dreams sorry to

    interrupt your little lovin pal but you

    have a moment for each art who are you

    you don't know much like fellow treasure

    enthusiasts are you really lost hey the

    thing you're carrying is that a

    connoisseur I see yes my young friend it

    is indeed

    an asterisk the strange stone the locals

    were talking about you couldn't see your

    way to letting us have it could you but

    something tells me he's not just going

    to hand it over

    adele indeed not perhaps if you were to

    offer me an utterly obscene amount of

    money or failing that you'll just have

    to try and take it from me by force

    although Bernard's the name dreaded

    master thief and all-round

    criminal genius and this asterisk dish


    leave persuading of that very well a

    boss - I'm assuming we beat him we then

    provide all of the chief class I love

    the boss area looks great

    who are you ok alright what we're doing

    we are

    I want to do what I wanna do


    like gonna go for this


    then we are then to vote with Gloria


    let's go fool or try this out five

    nights cost free BP never mind never


    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    Hey and what does if you'll week to

    anything I doubt it is kind of risky I

    want to try it if you have one of

    everything okay lightning is weak

    lightning there you go so now we're

    having the Thunder with them

    Gloria boots super fund early stage


    sorry what we do

    I missed great right again to stop and

    got pain

    well the nice a good plan I



    I'm packing twice forward we're gonna

    let's get in there probably need to heal

    up bad

    sure and then

    guess it's my turn okay nice


    and it's going to cure you and protect

    you at the same time

    right back ok right this is again kind

    of risky for horses

    and we'll do a lot of damage right so

    what we do first is we go for this has

    to push down your magical defense

    okay gonna wait a turn then I'm gonna

    fall in


    that's fine


    like one of the first again just

    now he's done great okay

    what okay that did a lot of damage its

    finest 501 there seems down

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    what Elvis would

    fewer everyone and then I need to

    protect you tries again you might have

    been single holder from Daraa Daraa and

    Daraa from Daraa

    you ready ready four thousand damage

    he's gotta be so weak if our special

    might as well


    very well

    he's still going dude no scaring on a

    lie oh my still going we've done a lot

    of damage

    one wall attacker might just


    I might gonna get to set go proper in

    let the music ends my turn

    this there's a lot of HP man almost gets

    back we good


    back I feel like it's going so weak so

    once we get one I might go in again put

    you down again

    although we ever much and piece of what

    I do and I will go pure everyone and

    then I'll go back


    what's the plan

    see who's bad

    25 50 75

    I purchased

    put your technique

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00


    oh yeah okay it's fine we got times with

    tons things down

    Noorie he's really scary


    pushing it's gonna


    by now scores don't like being quite low

    and then

    to protect her time Clinton has not much

    but okay


    I might just

    right Tec Tec


    see next sure

    under damage she's not


    gonna have to

    okay it's fine it's fine it's fine


    you have to be deformed in your glory

    don't make yourself

    one week he has to be


    I'm enough and he right now

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    I'm gonna go

    my question are these far as how much

    think bees go like when I did that like

    4000 damage in eggs like number four

    thousand it's just like how are you

    still alive after all that it's crazy

    you've done it


    this week the forward smile at me okay

    so now boss Phoenix down

    plan is I am going in


    oh you still alive my dude


    put you down again

    back to go for another crucian

    you thought I needed much great now all

    this is gonna go fat fund our against

    run finish more so I have to go before

    we miss the thing which is annoying

    through some damage but too much like

    cure everyone will fully heal


    you get one more

    so fun then I love

    guess it's my turn

    do it a little bit alive of one I want

    to devil to just weaken him but I

    thought I should say why should save it


    one left one dollar but keeps me alive



    great okay


    have to go for a trip to this Scotland

    lost Eva

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    here we go

    you're gonna raise

    please final attempt to try finish you

    off pretty much

    I stopped going dude




    rights Feinstein is fine thing you're

    right we do have to do something go in

    it's going

    this is it

    and then I have to

    sure everyone therefore man this is do

    or die right now


    cadre else


    nice okay


    ah he's gobby so leisurely

    lost cure yes

    if you're liking a full-out attack

    anything I can do after this set

    here we go


    exit embassies don't do much there be no

    helps now yes or do down so talk was so

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    dirty that was literally our last if we

    did not kill him that we lose 100

    percent that was a fun battle man I

    think maybe I should be a little bit

    American like if you get everyone level

    at least 18 may be out here comfortably

    that was fun I like that oh do you look

    so as a thief blasted dickerson oh maybe


    so can II cannot Taylor most of it but I

    thought the asterisks were supposed to

    help us crack the code when are we going

    to be able to work out what it says no

    need to panic lasse

    slow and steady wins the race we just

    keep doing what we've been doing the

    mysteries of the universe will reveal

    themselves soon enough

    I suppose you're right

    besides another asterisk is nothing to

    be sniffed at

    I must confess to feeling rather

    disappointed I had thought that we might

    have found the crystal no need to get

    down about it Gloria it's like Adele

    says an asterisk isn't a bad reward for

    day's work I suppose not but our quest

    for the crystals must continue fire

    water wind and earth all must be

    restored to their rightful place if our

    world is to be saved and time is fast

    running out

    oh noes into the demo man that's still

    oh yes so like post demo things you can

    do it is time to choose accept your fate

    and await oblivion or make a stand and

    fight for survival

    step into the light young hero be brave



    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    I do I cannot wait for this game to come

    out and bravely default and second were

    amazing games I've others gonna be a

    Braley furred because in a bravely

    second I feel like leads to Kalyan to

    like another I'm a champ who maybe this

    will link in I don't know or if they're

    gonna make like you know how fun and see

    for example fantasy like seven is

    nothing to have fun I see eight bravely

    default who could be like you know the

    new like Final Fantasy is just bravely

    default which I am super okay with but

    100% when the game launches in 2020

    whenever guys also note when 28 black

    you know some point in 2020 hardened

    percent we're gonna go and don't play

    for a bit it's gonna do everything and

    just I'm so excited dude I love this

    demo but yeah hope you guys enjoyed I'll

    catch you guys next time have a great

    day peace

    Bravely Default 2 Demo Part 1 Thief Boss Battle Gameplay Walkthrough REVIEW https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6HHrxInpfWdXlsv2Rkb2qw/join ...


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    Comment (45)

    1. Thanks for posting this man! I have been watching your BD 1 and 2 walkthroughs and replaying them. Tried this out today too and it definitely feels different from the other 2 games. I can't seem to get connected or interested in these characters like I did with Tiz/Agnes/Ringabel/Edea. Hopefully its just because its the demo and not the full game experience.

    2. Thief boss Hp is 20,400 or somewhere around there. you should've examined him at least once to get that info. Also Freelancer has an ability called lucky charm where you can return MP to a character using BP points. Would've helped alot against him.

    3. My only complaint with the demo is that it's a bit too hard and there's no way to change the difficulty. The boss has way too much health for this point in the game but I'm certain those things will be fixed in the final release.

    4. Did someone did the Worm Boss Quest after this Thief Asterisk boss in Demo?

      Just want to let you know if you still want to fight extra boss.
      Go back to the inn after thief boss and talk to the guy on 2nd floor.

    5. I managed to beat the boss at level 19, maxed level jobs, with 3 vanguards and a white mage, was very challenging but I assume the base game won't be as difficult only because the developers are just gauging what players can do with the different jobs.

    6. Personally I don't like the way they changed the encounters and battle system.
      It used to be random encounters which worked really well and that way you could change encounter rate.
      And the battle system now is character after character rather than deciding everyone's actions before the turn starts.
      It completely changes combat and personally I like the old style better.

    7. Like most other Final Fantasy games – my advice is GRIND until you can one shot all of the enemies in the dungeon, then you're probably at the right level to take on the boss. Bravely Default series seems to be more in line with older FF games in terms of difficulty which means trying to overlevel or "break" the gameplay.

    8. Well, they already said it.

      "The story is separate from that of the main game".

      I was hoping I'd see some action from our old buds, Tiz and Yew, but I guess they can wait for now. I don't see the harm in them trying out a fresh new story, which could be the reason why it was called Bravely Default II for starters.

    9. Wow I love how they blend the 2d and 3d. I wish they keep the way BD and BS battle where we decide all party's action before executing it. A bit nitpick is that I want the voice to have more accent especially between Gloria and Adelle since their voice is in close tone to each other so it is hard to differentiate the two.

      Well, the rest of presentation is good and the track feels like coming home with Revo. Ryo is a good talented composer but for BD series, Revo is a 'home'.

    10. The voice acting is kind of a mixed bag for me. I like Seth voice the most but the rest range from passable to bad especially Elvis.

      Also the graphical style they went with is not that good i much prefer the style from the first bravely default and bravely second. Still im excited for the game and will be a day one purchase for me.


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