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SearchThisVideo: BRAVELY DEFAULT II – Nintendo Direct Mini 3.26.20 – Nintendo Switch

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Watch video at 00:00

[Nintendo Switch Snap]

[waves crashing]
[Seth] -Ugh. Where...
Where am I?

Can't believe I survived.

[noble orchestral music]

[male narrator]
-Fire, Water, Wind, Earth,
nature's masters,

The great stones' power
exceeds the hand of man,

And if unleashed,
would bring down death,

calamity and blight
upon the land.

Heroes of Light,
may the Crystals guide you!

-This is the
Crystal's blessing.

-Don't sweat the details, eh?

-And don't stand on
ceremony either.

-If I've helped even one person,

then I've done
the right thing.
[music ends]

[lighthearted orchestral music]

[male narrator]
-This tale unfolds on the
continent of Excillant,

home to five mighty kingdoms.

The saga begins when our hero,
Seth, a young sailor,

washes up on the shores
of one such kingdom.

-Well, at least I'm alive.

[male narrator]
-Here, he meets Gloria of MUSA,

a princess who was forced
to flee her kingdom
when it was destroyed

by evil forces
bent on stealing its Crystals.

-You dare claim the Crystals?

You do not know their worth.

[male narrator]
-He also encounters
two travelers

determined to decipher
a mysterious and magical book,

Elvis and Adelle.

-I've a certain special
book to be decipherin'.

-We're not friends or anything.

I'm just here
because he hired me.

[male narrator]
-As if guided by fate,

our heroes join forces
and set off together
on a grand mission,

each filled with
a sense of purpose.

[intense orchestral music]
But there will be those
who stand in their way,

those who have
gotten hold of special items
known as asterisks.

These stones allow their holders
to take on jobs,

such as thief or black mage,

becoming infinitely
more powerful in the process.

-OK, let's do this.

-I shall steal it all!
Every last treasure
in the Empire!

[male narrator]
-During battle, you must decide
when to use Brave Points, or BP,

the lifeblood
of the game's turn-based system.

The key to victory lies in
knowing when to use the Brave
and Default commands.

Choose “Brave” to spend BP
in order to allow characters
to perform additional actions.

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

Strategically hold back...
or take multiple actions
in one turn.

To make the right choice,

you must consider
your characters' roles
and statuses at all times.

Should you manage to
fell an asterisk holder,

you will acquire their asterisk,

allowing you to take on
the associated job.

Jobs can be combined at will,

greatly expanding
your strategic options

and influencing the development
of your characters.

[Seth] -Heh heh, I'll take that.
[music ends]

[royal orchestral music]
[male narrator] -Now for a
little announcement.

A demo version of the game
will launch today.

And in the near future,
we'll conduct a survey

to gather feedback
and incorporate what we can
as we finalize the game.

We hope you'll participate.

The latest entry
in Square Enix's beloved series,

Bravely Default II,
will release this year.

Four new Heroes of Light embark on a grand and glorious mission guided by the elemental crystals in BRAVELY DEFAULT II. A free demo is available now!


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  1. Generic JRPG with a silly looking character design.

    Looks ridiculous and i can't really take the game seriously. There's genuinely better looking Indie games available, this just looks like an upscaled 3DS port.

    Won't spend close to even £30 on this. You can get tons of generic JRPGs these days for a lot less.


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