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    Bravely Default II – Player Feedback & Developer Update – Nintendo Switch

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    Thanks to all who played the demo version of Bravely Default II that released earlier this year! Watch this video to see how your feedback has helped shape the ...


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    Comment (46)

    1. I was pretty turned off by the demo. Glad they addressed some issues. Characters still seem kind of bland tho. May still give it a shot. What other 3d turn base rpgs are out there other than dragon quest 11(which im not a big fan of aesthetically)?

    2. I'm still sad that BD2 apparently has no relationship to the previous games storylines at all. Never shall the Dimension Cop Ringabel storyline be resolved~

      I'll be sad if BD II doesn't have a goofy naming/meta twist like its predecessors.

    3. I just don't know why they're using the hideous chibi art style for the characters now that the series is off the 3DS. The character art shown at the start is fantastic!

    4. I think IGA's work on Bloodstained was the bridge between the user feedback format on crowdfunded games and big companies. Catering to the target audience is certain to get people interested in the product. I also commend small producers who do justice to "early access" games.

    5. Bravely Default is my favorite game. Period. Seeing this game be announced and seeing these improvements makes me so excited. This kind of transparency makes me very optimistic for the final product.

      My Pros:

      – I'm definitely glad they addressed the UI issues because those were sorely needed.
      – ATB is an interesting choice. It ought to be a nice shakeup to the combat of the other Bravely games, and one that I'm excited to learn how to play around.

      My Con(s):

      – (This one is a bit biased since I liked the artstyle of the originals so much, but…) I'm still not a fan of how overly-flashy the graphics are and the character models being so detailed is super off-putting. Makes them look like walking, talking figures. Like, I get that it's Unreal engine, but the bloom and reflection on EVERYTHING is just… distracting. And unless they fixed the issue where Specials tank the framerate cuz of all the visual effects, I'm really not convinced that stepping away from the "less-is-more" approach to character design and overall aesthetic in the other Bravely games was a good idea.

      SO stoked for this game.

    6. The game looked good in the Demo version but looks even better when they put the retail version next to it. The developers really showed their worth by adding all the small tweaks to enhance player usability and enjoyment. I wasn't planning to buy the game cause it didn't seem to different from the old bravely default game but now I definitely will.

    7. Final Fantasy used to be my favorite series but I always enjoyed the older turn based titles more than the new ones. This is basically what final fantasy should be now but I guess it just has a new title, this game will be awesome, playing through the first one right now and it's great.

    8. I'm pretty sure the previous games already set the Default command to the L button. This seems like they are just intentionally reducing the quality of the demo just to make it look like they are listening to player feedback

    9. I never felt the difficulty of the first demo bad. Made me strategize for the Asterisk Battle, and, when I executed it correctly, I utterly crushed the guy with the class combinations I used. Every other change is a joy to see however.

    10. All of these changes look very welcome and worth the wait. Thank you for including difficulty options instead of just making the easier overall.

    11. Thank you so much for considering the feedback and adjusting so much! Looking forward to the game, the demo was so much fun already!

      And please be sure to balance work and rest! <3 Take care of yourselves too.

    12. So in battle, you select actions and then your character goes immediately? A big part of why I like BD is that you plan out your entire party’s actions and then start the turn. This feedback is great, but the gameplay at its core seems off to me.


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