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    Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back Walkthrough – Part 1: WAIT, BUBSY'S BACK AND IT'S GOOD!?

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    BUBSY IS BACK! Yep! Welcome to the Bubsy The Woolies Strike Back walkthrough part 1! I can't believe it either...it's not actually that bad! But this is just the beginning. It'll stay good right? WHAT COULD PAWSIBLY GO WRONG!?
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    Comment (43)

    1. I can't believe he's back. I feel like a really heavy man that has been flying through the air to suddenly get punched and then kicked where the that second hit actually caused some damage and knocked me out of the air and land hard enough to shake the earth and maybe perhaps break somebody's skull necks in the process.

    2. Sonic fans expected Forces to be good and it's awful
      Everybody expected this game to be crap but it's actually good

      What timeline is this again ?

    3. I loved Bubsy when it was on Sega Genasis I felt like I was the only Bubsy fan out there and I'm glad this game was made giving him another chance (now the PlayStation game we don't talk about that it never happen)

    4. Simplistic animations, weird attack that goes annoyingly high up and over the tops of enemies, people complained about ridiculous hitboxes in the original games so now the hitboxes are actually smaller than the enemies, it really doesn't feel like a professional game at all.

      I'm judging this from being an Indie game dev for quite a few years, I've seen Indie platformers made by tiny groups, even 1 person in size that have higher quality everything!

      It's honestly not bad, but it doesn't deserve the kind of credit it's getting here in the comments… There are plenty of games that are far far better but will never get the recognition because they were never as bad as the old Bubsy games.


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