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    SearchThisVideo: Bullet Age – Nintendo Switch Interview

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    hi I'm Orion from live games

    aurilla what are you showing here at PAX

    we're showing our game bullit age what

    is this game all about bullit age is a

    two-player co-op platformer action RPG

    it's a nice long adventure you got a

    little bit of Metroidvania in there you

    got a little bit of contra in there a

    little bit of metal slug it's a great

    adventure to kind of play and we think

    that people really like it how old are

    the bullets and bullets age they're five

    they're three because that's how long

    the games been in production also the

    age of bullets yes the title of the game

    why'd you call boolean age the world is

    post-apocalyptic and basically bullets

    were scarce they're like really hard to

    find you have to figure out a craft um

    well there's tons of different bullet

    types that go into the gun so it's a

    really cool platformer where the idea is

    the guns do a lot of damage but the

    bullets are scarce so talk about what it

    was like working with the Nintendo

    switch hardware we actually retooled the

    whole game force which we think it's

    perfect for the platform because it has

    single joique on support you could play

    it anywhere and it's been great working

    with Nintendo so talk about some of the

    challenges when because you had to

    retool your whole game that could have

    been an easy task

    no it wasn't too fun originally the game

    start production 2015 and they run into

    some issues so we basically picked it up

    and retooled the whole thing to make

    sure that it works perfect on the switch

    you guys take advantage any of the you

    know waggle or touchscreen controls for

    this which is full HD Rumble and you can

    use touch screen to select weapons so

    yeah we're trying to use as many

    features as we of course single joy can

    support that was fun because you can

    have it's single screen co-op so you can

    just take the two joy guns off and give

    one to your friend and keep one right

    absolutely and it's really cool because

    unlike most adventures like you actually

    go through like a two-player RPG we're

    actually going to towns talking to NPCs

    and sharing that experience with someone

    else we thought it was really cool

    so talk about like what do you think

    this which is bringing couch co-op back

    I absolutely do

    towerfall just got announced that's one

    of my favorite games so absolutely when

    is your game come out of attendance

    which look for it this holiday season

    we're shooting for November so maybe

    November but don't hold you to it I'm

    just gonna quote my emote on that one

    The world of New Haven is a wasteland. The ARC empire destroyed it with a single Mutagen Bomb that transformed its creatures to mutated monsters. Join the ...


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    Comment (3)

    1. Home boy said November and this was posted in 2018. Now we're in 2020 and nothin. Lol !! Don't get me wrong. I can not wait to play this game. I've been chomping at the bit for quite awhile. Nintendo's website says July. I really hope so.


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