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SearchThisVideo: BURNOUT PARADISE 2 IS COMING! (Spiritual Successor)

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Watch video at 00:00

they're back we're back because we have

a nother game coming out of the guys

that made the original burnout three

fields entertainment so if you've been

following any of this kind of storyline

with the dangerous driving games it's

been a pretty mad journey so a few years

ago they launched this game called

dangerous gold it was basically burnout

but with golf balls from there they then

release a VR game which I personally

didn't play if anyone wants it worse -

don't name me a vo has ever research I'm

here then the first out of the driving

roulette games released called danger

zone it was basically a burnout but with

the crash mode very fun game I think I

was actually one of the best games that

three field Entertainment has made so

far the reasons that I'll be discussing

a little bit later then had the sequel a

cleverly named at danger zone - and that

takes us up to modern day with dangerous

driving this was supposed to be the

burnout spiritual successor you know

bringing you burnout three with burnout

one's budget was kind of a really

interesting title I saw I think on

Eurogamer or somewhere and about a few

days ago we had the announcement that

dangerous driving to a open-world

burnout style game is gonna be clothing

to a Nintendo switch Xbox one PC and

PlayStation 4 in 2020 holiday season

we're gonna be getting more gameplay

probably around about 72 hours and as

the team are actually going to PAX East

that's gonna be pretty cool too will see

gameplay of this later this week so stay

tuned to the channel if you want to see

actual gameplay and I'm excited and

worried for this game at the same time

so the reason why danger zone was one of

my favorite games in the franchise

because it felt dialed down it felt

focused and it was very polished it

wasn't an experience that was buggy

order problems like it was very dialed

in you know same with danger zone too

you know

even more so dangerous driving very very

mixed bag for me that was I really

enjoyed it but it just got really boring

really quick there wasn't much to do and

I bought this game of my own money on

day one didn't get given a code write

anything across those lines like I spent

my own money on it and it just got

really boring really fast it was really

glitchy really buggy but the core vision

of what they were trying to go for was

really really good and I can kind of see

where they were going with it but they

just kind of didn't hit the mark with

the polish and you know I mean when I

going in danger driving to and I'm

worried because it's an open-world game

if the the closed track racer was that

buggy they're now doing an open-world

game that has the potential to get

really messy unless they fix all those

bugs that was in the original game may I

remind you guys that dangerous driving

came out last year it's not like they've

had four years of development time and

this polished burnout success has been

in the works for years they literally

their last game came out last year so

I'm a bit worried at the same time

cautiously optimistic I'm hoping that

this is more return to what we saw with

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

danger zone where it was polished and

even dangerous Golf in that in that way

where it's very polished it's an all

around experience and there's nothing

really missing and it's not gonna be

kind of what dangerous driving wars but

I got boring and there's not much to it

I'm gonna support three fields it looks

like they enjoying themselves and I do

hope that they can manage to sort this

out either way a better open-world game

and burnout paradise - I'm looking

forward to that the spiritual successor

to burnout paradise that is an easily

I'm looking forward to but a paradise

one of my all-time favorite games of all

time ever so I think it's up there

probably with like midnight club la

forza horizon for and Need for Speed

Most Wanted probably an underground -

it's up there in like the best racing

games of all time for me you know the

fact that Forza you know just pauses on

nowadays which is basically free burn

challenges or me you can see that in the

influence is hard in every aspect of

racing games it's a bit crazy so

hopefully I'm not expecting that level

of you know innovation from this but a

good open-world Burnet game where I can

finally do stunt run again Oh

that's what I nearly stunt run back in

my life anyway I will be back in a few

days with gameplay you guys enjoy this

video I will be streaming tonight on

Twitch I be streaming on Twitch quite a

lot recently so yeah just check the

description for stream schedules and all

that kind of stuff will all be down

there as well as the landing page to

three fields entertainments website

there you can find more information to

endangered driving and where to follow

them and whatnot definitely support this

project even if it is a little bit buggy

I can forgive that because there's like

four people working on this I'm pretty

sure it's not a big team at all so yeah

definitely support the project I'm gonna

be buying this on day one anyway but I

do think this game is kind of really

important somewhere you know the whole

team and the whole direction of this

franchise goes in the future because if

this is a title which under-deliver this

buggy and it missing things on launch

like people won't be getting as excited

for announcements and I can see the kind

of hype train for this burnout comeback

kind of going down and that's sad that I

want that to happen so hopefully they

nail it I went on a complete tangent

there follow my twitch I'll see you guys

next when you guys I mean also stay safe

and peace


Dangerous Driving 2 is releasing this holiday season on Xbox One, PC, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch! Today, I give my impressions of how I'm feeling ...


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  1. This game needs Crash fm and a crazy DJ like DJ Stryker (In the german Version he was called DJ Blackpearl) from Burnout 3 back. This Game also needs a Soundtrack, because Dangerous Driving 1 didn't have one (Sorry for my english).

  2. I can't wait to see some gameplay of dangerous driving 2 and I wish three fields entertainment the best,I really want this game to turn out to be good but only time will tell.

  3. I really hope 3FE make something great because i really miss Burnout games but i played Dangerous golf, Danger Zone 1&2 and Dangerous Driving and i enjoyed them but DD was good at the first of it (thank god they fixed the extreme rubberbanding and some collision bugs) but i stopped at the Formula DD because it was getting extremely frustrating

  4. They shouldn't make it open world because it's too much work for too little content, they should recreate the Burnout 2 style first, they already came close they just have hit that chillout vibe and make city environments on top of polish

  5. Open-world is what killed proper Burnout games dead, with such a small studio I don't know what they're thinking going for that rather than focusing on making it feel like an actual finished game rather than a proof of concept tech demo which so far all their games have suffered from. Burnout Paradise watered everything down to the point that it just didn't feel like Burnout anymore, you can't be doing ridiculous driving on the wrong side of the road and getting ready to fire off the boost while being threatened with failing the entre race by taking a wrong turn. At least with Forza Horizon they have the sense to close the tracks off once a races start, I pray that they do something similar with Dangerous Driving 2 or it could all be over before it's even begun.

  6. I know I’m late but Burnout paradise has beautiful handling, nfs most wanted (2012) has terrible handling on all the cars, it took me days to get used to the handling and when I came back to playing burnout it took me under 20 min to get used to it, I hope it’s not like nfs sadly I think it might be like nfs :/


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