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BURNOUT PARADISE 2 IS COMING! (Spiritual Successor)

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Dangerous Driving 2 is releasing this holiday season on Xbox One, PC, Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch! Today, I give my impressions of how I'm feeling ...


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Comment (41)

  1. This game needs Crash fm and a crazy DJ like DJ Stryker (In the german Version he was called DJ Blackpearl) from Burnout 3 back. This Game also needs a Soundtrack, because Dangerous Driving 1 didn't have one (Sorry for my english).

  2. I can't wait to see some gameplay of dangerous driving 2 and I wish three fields entertainment the best,I really want this game to turn out to be good but only time will tell.

  3. I really hope 3FE make something great because i really miss Burnout games but i played Dangerous golf, Danger Zone 1&2 and Dangerous Driving and i enjoyed them but DD was good at the first of it (thank god they fixed the extreme rubberbanding and some collision bugs) but i stopped at the Formula DD because it was getting extremely frustrating

  4. They shouldn't make it open world because it's too much work for too little content, they should recreate the Burnout 2 style first, they already came close they just have hit that chillout vibe and make city environments on top of polish

  5. Open-world is what killed proper Burnout games dead, with such a small studio I don't know what they're thinking going for that rather than focusing on making it feel like an actual finished game rather than a proof of concept tech demo which so far all their games have suffered from. Burnout Paradise watered everything down to the point that it just didn't feel like Burnout anymore, you can't be doing ridiculous driving on the wrong side of the road and getting ready to fire off the boost while being threatened with failing the entre race by taking a wrong turn. At least with Forza Horizon they have the sense to close the tracks off once a races start, I pray that they do something similar with Dangerous Driving 2 or it could all be over before it's even begun.

  6. I know I’m late but Burnout paradise has beautiful handling, nfs most wanted (2012) has terrible handling on all the cars, it took me days to get used to the handling and when I came back to playing burnout it took me under 20 min to get used to it, I hope it’s not like nfs sadly I think it might be like nfs :/


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