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    SearchThisVideo: CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS 4 SPECIALIST HQ CAMPAIGN Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (PS4 PRO)

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    our Chi is welcome to something that I
    really didn't even know existed so I did
    three videos for each of the zombie maps
    it's actually a fourth one that I have I
    may do something on that later on I
    think it's a remake from the first
    blackops game up I'm not mistaken but
    anyways you have actually a backstory
    and a story for each of these
    specialists in the game since there's
    ten I'm some kind of this almost looks
    like something that Rainbow six siege
    did with their operators I feel like
    that's kind of the same thing so I'm
    gonna do the first one or to see how you
    guys like it I'll kind of treat this
    like a typical I guess walkthrough so
    this would be technically part one I'm
    just gonna start at Ajax and just kind
    of work my way down the list so you want
    more of this just restore that like
    button I don't have a light goal for
    this but if we hit like 10 or 20,000
    likes on it I'll probably do more of it
    so about to see the backstory really
    quick for this character and then I'll
    start doing the exact the full thing so
    here we go guess
    are you can Savannah we wanted to make
    the world a better place I chose to do
    it from a lab and a boardroom but
    Jessica wanted to fight happy birthday
    mommy you have a beautiful heart you see
    just like your mother and that's what
    got her a table down
    the bleeding-edge [ __ ]
    sweetie here she'll pick them up
    definition breakup sweet
    you see you will live to see a better
    world she died for what she believed in
    she was my little sister I miss her
    every day
    your mom has uh she was very brave just
    like until we
    meet again
    you only make this Cana though on a pile
    of dead bodies
    lighten up she's the real deal

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    what are we getting into here we what
    she's paying anything she asked for me
    this kind of [ __ ] doesn't exist she's
    planning some bowel more like a war
    vision box and portable [ __ ]
    I'm thinking bigger than battles and
    Wars I brought you here to change the
    world what do you have in mind
    welcome to the immersion your instructor
    has been activated his methods are
    unconventional and often New Orleans but
    if you want to fight an invasive better
    be goddamn good woke me up sergeant
    Frank woods you look like hammered [ __ ]
    it's on your mind Mason the real world
    I'm pretty get the hell out of here I
    got this talk later
    all right like the lady said my name is
    woods friend of the family
    you don't know who I am tough [ __ ] you
    all right here's your deal you come
    equipped the special issue weapons and
    gear I will train you up and get you
    squared away now leave you feeling
    frosty I'm gonna get right into the [ __ ]
    fine by me
    select combat immersion we often mix it
    up with the bots come on pick something
    either way I got your back wait your
    callsign is Ajax of your parents Lincoln
    benign bang grenade the more you cook it
    the more times it goes boom stuns and
    blinds the enemy your ballistic shield
    comes with a gun slot and transforms for
    extra cover it's tough as nails still in
    knowledge your weapons master this [ __ ]
    your odds go way up
    Ajax meet your new BFF first name 9 last
    name bang the flash grenade blinds and
    stuns lesson number one the more you
    cook the grenade the more times it goes
    bang now you see that maggot right there

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    he's beaten like cook to level don't
    hold the button man it's my initial
    instinct is Doug duro gag he's now mr.
    stunned and blind dirtbag a temporary
    alright let's cook a banger to level
    three okay they're stun take him out
    legit it does remind me a lot of Rainbow
    six siege whose operations they have
    good round man you looking sharp
    next we bounce a banger off the wall
    it's good to kill an enemy who's hiding
    around a corner I would seem to stand
    right there
    it's funny I'd be some I think thing is
    nothing to do all that here smokey
    you saw the light baby go get him
    good news champ
    next up ballistic shield now get your
    ass over to the marker sometimes you get
    caught out in the open [ __ ] happens when
    you do you deploy the shield no big deal
    your shields been deployed but
    shoot-from-the-hip see for yourself you
    are showing big promise buddy
    now mount a major melee masterpiece on
    this dip one I did this a lot from the
    baby without backlash I love it you can
    keep a grenade cooked in to all your
    guests have arrived
    and then you serve it hi oh I see this
    then you took his eyes need i say more
    lack with a can of whoop-ass get to the
    next marker man you gonna love this
    definitely a weird thing shield and you
    get greater protection but it comes at a
    cost you lose mobility now fortify a
    shield to breach that rule see snug as a
    bug in a rug I actually use this during
    the beta when I was I think this is one
    of my favorite classes to use to defines
    me up the defense build in the division
    I was like my favorite class so make the
    shield into a fort man transforming you
    are a [ __ ] artist man
    that your ass
    makes a great room breech combo sauce in
    a nine bank and then bum-rushing with
    the shield
    yeah man kicking ass and leaving names
    for the losers time for a goddamn

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    scorestreak you hit the limit without
    dying you win you croak back to zero
    we'll start again go what
    so this is getting in scorestreaks the
    faceless don't die which this thing
    should last forever at least I think it
    does it has a health bottle on the thigh
    of there
    it was pretty straight for
    always keep replenishing the bullets all
    right so we just supposed to deploy this
    and I'm guessing that it's down these
    steps around the corner well here it is
    our dude you just earned a basic degree
    in badass well [ __ ] done alright now
    let's go put this [ __ ] to use it over to
    the combat [ __ ] you're gonna dig this
    just like old times pal what's out
    for people
    return to your homes
    drop your weapons and get on the ground
    hey stop did you do that just take this
    [ __ ] you don't do that
    are you with us or him
    [ __ ] you
    are you with em I'm not with you yeah
    piece of [ __ ] get properly
    all right Team Deathmatch do not
    overthink this man just kill the enemy
    do it fast you live or die as a team
    watch your buddy six you'll be watching
    yours reach to spoil em at first that's
    how you win
    oh it's like an actual match team

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    deathmatch this against bots eliminate
    enemy players forces are cleared to
    engage I'm kind of glad they did away
    with like the wall running and
    everything like I felt like that really
    took away from some of the games I don't
    know it just seems like they combined
    all the things people love in this one
    and it just seems like a great one so
    where are the enemy players huh oh I see
    some red hold on this is actually a cool
    thing land had I known this was in the
    game and will probably have posted it
    like before the game dropped and
    everything about I had no idea that this
    was even here that's a kill holy [ __ ]
    they just keep coming don't they
    so it's like almost like spent like a
    specialist campaign mode as to what this
    really feels like it's an ocean one even
    though some are for previous Call of
    Duty games it's like we get a little
    backstory you know oh man yeah when
    you're burning that radiation thing that
    character has is absolutely ridiculous
    what happens if we lose this I may just
    skip all this like because this seems
    like just a regular team deathmatch with
    BOTS probably not a whole lot of
    excitement here you know the game
    actually feels really really good like I
    said one thing I loved about when I
    played it like a month or so ago it just
    seemed like the the hit detection
    everything was just like perfect like
    they finally got it like polished off
    and everything
    oh dear a teammate's hahaha my robotic
    standing by this might get a couple of
    I don't know that this map structures
    not the best for that type of kill
    streak I feel like I'm gonna find out I
    gotta kill there I'll take it
    pilots actually going in right now the
    scope is ridiculous like what do I need
    night vision swap to just tighten this

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    is same scope all it's the same gun I
    don't know all the names of the guns
    right now it all keeps stopping
    everything could I tend to get a like a
    nuke or whatever it is it's still 25
    kills I know they have the like the Moab
    in the previous game I don't think I'm
    like doing that well though I don't know
    maybe not much time left on me
    we're short on time fight like you mean
    aren't they gonna spawn behind me yeah
    if there's another one kind of like this
    I may just like skip around it like I'm
    gonna die because I did this
    tell storm walk by what kind of
    killstreak I had I mean granted it is
    maxi kind of fun I was where we're gonna
    lose it for a minute
    of course I get play the game like it'd
    be crazy if the bots did you know that's
    to play the game really oh wait do I get
    the character see if I turn around take
    him out okay that I can see that maybe a
    triple it is out we will take care of it
    no I will take care of this she's my bro
    it's turret remember you came to us just
    try it
    alright so that's the end of the first
    character I'm tempted just to go ahead
    and do the first two in like a big video
    just to try it out so let's see what
    happens with a quick
    fully-charged man your callsign is
    battery the war machine launches
    bouncing grenades that perfect gift for
    concealed enemy the cluster grenade
    sticks to a surface and then Big Daddy
    explodes releasing all these little
    grenades simple facts soldier the more
    you practice the better you get take
    extra reps so Ranger likes to blow [ __ ]

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    up huh ha ha good I like the sound of
    so let's blow [ __ ] up then get to the
    marker all right so we got guys watch
    sir grenades thrown at a target he'll
    stick when it detonates a shitload of
    bomb let's fly out you want to hit that
    target you need to put some arc on that
    thing nah nah nah too low there we go
    they do not give a [ __ ] they will stick
    to everything and everyone watch see
    dipstick over there taking five give
    them one
    he's gonna run okay that's actually kind
    of sick [ __ ] campers playing I mean
    the room up ahead
    let's call room service to get a salt
    for our battery this is actually a
    really frizzy turn age like there's just
    a lot of damage what a mess
    that it's hit the housekeeper now think
    of all the cool [ __ ] you can do with a
    cluster grenade like killing [ __ ]
    behind cover ah there we go right there
    campers and a warship
    there we go alright alright John earned
    yourself a dip in the pond I was
    supposed to go under hurry here we go
    nice technique don't you love it water
    your boots and in your pants no do not
    get the pee in the pool
    okay spring break is over grab a towel
    hit the next OM class is back in session
    hey happy Earth Day we got you one of
    these war machine
    oh this is that a semi-automatic I used
    this one I remember this these [ __ ]
    bounce before they explode you hit an
    enemy square on instinct Chiba nice
    great grandpa the war machine has a huge
    blast radius huge is everyone be Riv
    like those fellas over there they have
    like that whole body parts flying
    everywhere take one shot
    Sam a few heuristic Lee speaking that
    [ __ ] hurts now bounce one off the wall
    see how the other half lives dies that
    bounce was with a F I mean boom
    what light through yonder window breaks
    that's what it is I don't need to get

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    the right Archon nice job Shakespeare
    you just [ __ ] up Lord Capulet smashing
    all right kid got a sweet piece of Intel
    for you here war machine takes out enemy
    gear to see that mantas might need
    multiple hits to do it let's bake it
    wasn't too bad controls remaining hold
    on Oh can I come out loud to go over
    are just three left but I don't really
    here's one
    I realize the grenade launcher was so
    good like I remember using it
    I just didn't know it was so good
    against enemies you know you just took
    out all the enemy mantises so they think
    it's a good idea to flood the area with
    troops Woods faced a good idea to turn
    into a [ __ ] sportsrack baby just kill
    these [ __ ] earn your points once you
    reach the score limit you get a goddamn
    lightning strike man everything we've
    learned guys which pretty much basically
    means we're not going to do anything you
    we're almost done okay you kill half
    these [ __ ] plus one climbs them [ __ ]
    [ __ ] this more than you kill
    lightning strike available for test I'm
    gonna think I got all those right there
    battery you're a badass
    demolition explains Thank You Todd for I
    blow [ __ ] up good no no you got skill he
    got intensity you're a top-notch soldier
    but we need you back at soda soon yeah
    that's right and going with you
    this time we do it was the [ __ ] out she
    was I need to know how she got if she
    goes on them there's no telling when if
    ever she'll come back

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    just too late yeah it's too dangerous
    she's weak she might not make it through
    if she dies we'll bring her back we'll
    fix her we fix everything even you
    you'll make it you will domination
    capture control and defend three zones
    in the map piece of cake doesn't matter
    what order you grab them in just do it
    having multiple allies on the zone is a
    great way to speed up capture time grab
    yourself a stone keep it occupied defend
    it longer you hold your turf the more
    points you earn for your team hold your
    ground at all cost but make sure your
    team reaches scoring at first what's the
    our guy this is the typical domination
    match nothing really crazy going on here
    I think we got a company after this I'll
    show you guys that that'll probably wrap
    up this first video but if you want more
    definitely just destroy that like button
    and I'll definitely I mean I could
    literally do probably like two
    characters per party probably like I
    guess a five-part series maybe just
    something short it's the least we could
    do with without any campaign this year
    which is kind of something I wish they
    did have but I understand why they
    didn't have it because a big black out
    with a pillar more people and it seems
    like it really has so
    finding something new and exactly
    working out after I got a quad they're
    destroyed left are made available that's
    a grenade going out it's just kind of
    fun though just got into getting to mess
    around you know without the pressure of
    getting maxed out by random that's one
    thing it's like if you hasn't played in
    a while I mean you just struggle if

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    you've never used those accessor class
    one is there anything
    but use these grenade Oh somebody behind
    that is hilarious
    they can't do anything
    are you gonna wait for it to go down
    there we go safe to say the attack
    chopper is absolutely wing wrecking
    losing see on this map you wide over I
    get no scope that would be so pissed
    losing feet I wonder if there's a mercy
    role in this game always sitting rounds
    - I forgot about that
    whoa all right I may just you know what
    I'm just gonna skip forward kind of want
    to see what happens
    like switching sides canopy has me
    untangle one said I feel like no one
    here you know about to get back down
    here we go
    I love it here the chopper teaming klutz
    right there
    destroyed this is not good I'm gonna
    kill myself
    all right just barely barely lift right
    now what a quad even on BOTS that was
    actually pretty sick the fact that I
    didn't like what it goes too far over
    battery authorizing attack chopper task
    I just realized the Box actually do a
    pullout like anti hair stuff a lot like

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    they are all about that objective I'll
    finally died that Auto wave will look
    too sickening
    oh my goodness what was that as the
    flames right under is like some kind of
    I know if it was like the actual ability
    or if that was just like a normal gun
    probably gonna play all of this and then
    I may do a blackout gameplay I really
    want to get like my first win I don't
    know if you can do solo or naughty
    circling I don't know if you get to a
    solo queue or if it's only in fours I
    really have no idea fire breaks nuts
    all right we should we're almost done so
    oh my god stay away from that
    nomads kill me I'm gonna die right here
    it is hey it's over all right go ahead
    and wrap up this first part shall we
    let's do it I think it's like a cutscene
    after this or that usually is
    firebreaks nuts how you thinking that's
    twice in one year
    what's up with that Hey
    Walsh what's wrong

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    done 9 something was off
    what night that night
    alright guys on that note I guess if you
    want more of this just destroy that like
    but not kind of see how this first video
    does just I don't know thank you guys
    raining I'll support you show it so with
    that being said take it easy yes

    Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review, Intro and Specialist HQ Campaign Gameplay Part 1 of COD Black Ops 4 on PS4 Pro, ...


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    1. I hate the fact that Savannah is in the mason family I hope one day they rettcon it and say that either bo4 is not cannon or savannah and Jessica’s were close friends almost like sisters like how in bo2 how David refers to frank as uncle frank


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