Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War PS5 Campaign Gameplay Walkthrough, Part 2! (All Ending)

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Watch at: 00:00 / 00:00:20what's up everybody typicalgamer withyour daily youtube live streams andmore and today for you guys i got somemore call of dutyblack ops cold war that is right we areback with the walkthrough this is gonnabe part two and alsothe ending the story's not that long soit's gonna be uhWatch at: 00:20 / 00:40both okay it's gonna be both so we'regonna do that todayif you have enjoyed the walkthrough ifyou wanna see me play some zombies somemultiplayer let me know hit that likebutton real quickmake sure you subscribe to my livestream every singleday that's right every single day and uhyeah i just want to do a quick littleplugtypical dash store baby we dropped over15 newWatch at: 00:40 / 01:00things go get it hatsgaming glasses hoodies t-shirtssweatpantssocks mouse pads socksmore socks all right go get it typicaldie storelet's freaking go okay so let's get thisstarted by going to the evidence boardWatch at: 01:00 / 01:20and then we're going to go over to thenext mission called end of the linebro to me that kind of sounds like theend of the game buti assure you it's probably not the endof the game so let's go ahead and getthis started the team heads to cuba inorder to cometo commandeer the stolen green lightnukefrom perseus okay that seems seems aWatch at: 01:20 / 01:40little bit intenseand let's launch it you are about tohunt down perseus in cubaand will no longer have access to theevidence boardare you sure you want to continuehonestly this is sounding more and morelike the ending i don't know how longthe stream is gonna be but we're justgonnawe're just gonna jump into it bro we'rejust gonna jump into it hastings leftsalt lake city we tracked his movementsWatch at: 01:40 / 02:00all the way to cubawe have to assume percy is moving nukethere langley believes castro could helpperseus smuggle it into the u.sin exchange for a peek at the hardwareof course that isn't gonna happenwhat's the plan the last read we have onhastings came from 30 miles south ofhavana we suspect perseus is using anabandoned compound there to hold thenukethey're working on the narrator soWatch at: 02:00 / 02:20expect moderate securityi say we smash and grab parachute ingrab nukeskyhook and what if the nuke isn't thereit's there the only reason perseus needshastings in cuba is to prepare it forarming and detonationthere you have it that's an old range rxfill while we're in routeif everyone's ready let's move out ohWatch at: 02:20 / 02:40everybody's ready everybody's ready broeverybody's ready trust me yeah if thestream's too short i will do bothendings apparently there's two endingsi don't know if there is then i'll dotwo oh adler's latenow enough adler should be checking inright aboutWatch at: 02:40 / 03:00we're in position copy that we're movingto flankgood timing bro great timing oh okay sowe got a pistoland we got a sniper find hastings grabthe new get the hell outlight up this jointWatch at: 03:00 / 03:20wow okay seems like we're in anabandoned churchpossibly under renovations y'all goodoh y'all want to bust open that door youall y'all want me tobe honest all right uh let's open itnice and quietly oh shoot wait you goodyeah you good you're good all rightlet's go ahead and grab this ak-47Watch at: 03:20 / 03:40oh oh hey hey y'all don't seem nicey'all gonna get clapped y'all gonna getclapi should get like a medal bro for howmany people i take outoh smoked it wait i didn't smokeWatch at: 03:40 / 04:00i think you have to headshot him bopthere you go there's oneone and done there oh you got a snipertoo buddyhey ain't no more you do right in thenuts brohit him right in the jewels the familypridei see a bunch of people running overthere hey whoa nobody's going close on aturret without my permission all rightWatch at: 04:00 / 04:20move up move up people move up oh oh ohwhat are y'all doingare you oh i shot him through a statuemaybe nice littleoh what do y'all do oh oh oh oh y'allmoving likeunpredictable patterns over here we goodWatch at: 04:20 / 04:40oh this guy's getting smoked outright in the sirloin bro that's somefreshsirloin okay we goodlet's move up oh bro what is thishe's riding a donkey oh he's writing adonkeyoh [ __ ] i was looking at the donkey broWatch at: 04:40 / 05:00what's your problemoh shoot they got some big old guns overhereleave me alone please ohmy goodness right in the throat right inthe thoraxWatch at: 05:00 / 05:20and that's it for youthat's it playing like it's call of dutymultiplayer guys that's itoh i said that's it that's it cornerpeak corner peakthai peakwe're gonna throw it off the walls broWatch at: 05:20 / 05:40there you go there we go there we gooh boom boomluckily i had enough to do that anybodyelseyo you are still thereall right we good let's move i needanother akWatch at: 05:40 / 06:00this one's not holding up too well waitcopyokay okay they finished their job theylove a rewardhello anybody herethis is suspicious cameras we could usethem to locate the nuclear bombsharp as well very suspiciousWatch at: 06:00 / 06:20gotta check my anglesyou really thought that would get me broit's quiet all of a sudden stay sharpokay wait who's thatWatch at: 06:20 / 06:40oh that's a scientist oh mr oh mygoodness graciousbell sweepingwe got land mines everywhere brothere's some in the bushes we got to becareful ohany beepy things oh shootWatch at: 06:40 / 07:00what the flip dude bomb defusedthis is cruel and unusual punishmentno no there's bombs relaxrelax don't do wetWatch at: 07:00 / 07:20oh i messed up that guy goodbro there's bombs out of here chillbeep boop beep boopoh hey ain't no more bombs babyWatch at: 07:20 / 07:40wait is there more bombsi think we're good this is a little biton fire herethere we go okay we good you'rescientists you could ohno wait you can't come out yet hold onthere you go now you can come out ithink it's safe and clearWatch at: 07:40 / 08:00oh there's one morei ate one for the team i ate one for theteamain't no problem i did that for sciencefor the scientists did they stillexplode nowthey do still explode fancyyou having a bad day broWatch at: 08:00 / 08:20you having a bad day buddy what is thisi'd rather take this one all rightrelax don't do it you got sniped you gottonightanother one right through the fencingWatch at: 08:20 / 08:40again uh bro i'm sorry whatis that uh is that some new materialthat they made in cuba one that youcan't shoot sniper bullets through aflicking floorfloorboards wood wooding wood paddingWatch at: 08:40 / 09:00bro yeah stand up broyeah take that buddy all right budyou get smoked anybody else want someWatch at: 09:00 / 09:20oh you down in the down in the ditchover therenope anybody elseyou clear left to right you ready noticeWatch at: 09:20 / 09:40sometimes you're right to left thoughyou gotta switch it upkeep them guessing use cctv to locatenuclear deviceokay ohi see lots of men change feetmason you missed one behind the counterWatch at: 09:40 / 10:00wow you're super helpfulhonestly that was the lamest scene inthe game right there missed one behindthe counternope keep looking oh oh noall the scientists kind of got bodiednot even gonna lie therehold it adler we have eyes on theWatch at: 10:00 / 10:20nuclear devicesomeone's killing the scientists secondfloor roomwhere's that who is thatwait is there more cctv's upstairssorry you got it oh my gosh can't keepyour eyes off me huhWatch at: 10:20 / 10:40wow absolutely bodiedspell you 34 i mean you don't got to askme twicethere you go a little sticky stickypress the buttonwe're moving to the second floor fbiopen up we'll catch upWatch at: 10:40 / 11:00is there more ammo i'm good on ammoactuallyall right clear this roomyou good bronot today buddy i'm sorry well this is aWatch at: 11:00 / 11:20nice roomthis looks like royalty oh shootoh relax right in the nadsright in the dome take that nate backbrodisrespect yep there you gothat's a i think that's a double headWatch at: 11:20 / 11:40shot not even cappingright in the arm you don't need thatanymoreanybody elsea little too quiet in here y'all doingsome mathsome schooling an education maybeWatch at: 11:40 / 12:00oh i can't read that what language isthatit looks like russian to me but likewhat language is thatno it's not russian i don't think hmminteresting is it russiaWatch at: 12:00 / 12:20get me some cover i'm learning so muchwhat is thisuh hours of rotation right i'm movingyeah that must be russian because thatthat isspanish oh why can't i do those fancyWatch at: 12:20 / 12:40moves let's gomovei feel like i'm putting myself at riskyeah that's finestay away what is this can iy'all mother truck oh shoot he gotbodiesWatch at: 12:40 / 13:00there you go there you gothat's a lot of damage broanybody else cover me oh this is thisWatch at: 13:00 / 13:20place is wide openwhat a beautiful bookcaseWatch at: 13:20 / 13:40[Music]okay listen laseryou don't run in front of somebodythat's shooting dudewhat's that noisedid i just do an easter egg or somethingjesusWatch at: 13:40 / 14:00what was thatoh guys what is this is this a microwavei'm just kidding i'm just i'm old enoughto knowtrust me i'm old enough to know some ofyou might actually think it's amicrowave thoughmoving upWatch at: 14:00 / 14:20i think this i think this place needssome renovationsall right all right me and samara justwatched the crowni think it made me realize how much iwould hate to be likeliving in that like you know the palacelike it's cool it's cool and all butlike i don't like antiques at allWatch at: 14:20 / 14:40so it would just i would just bedepressed i would just be depressed27 feetoh well we know everyone's gone rightmiss the roomhastings stop talking perseusuh bro one in the chest one in the headWatch at: 14:40 / 15:00this guy is a trained assassin for sureperseus would never leave his presencebehind he forced us to reverse engineerthe detonation oh who's talking oh thisguy's talking give him full access togreen lightwhat are you telling me perseus candetonate multiple nukes in europesorry hastings stay with usWatch at: 15:00 / 15:20how many green light devices can perseusdetonate with those codeshe can detonate all of themoh he'll wipe out half of europewow we need to find that son of a [ __ ]perseuswell if you guys are anywhere in europeWatch at: 15:20 / 15:40if this game was real you guys are kindof screwedhonestly i'm from portugal so brono nukes in portugal let's go lads spaini'm sorry but at least like barcelonabarcelona will be finewhat's there is that madrid is madridis madrid in the middle let me grabWatch at: 15:40 / 16:00whatever until you can and let's gowhere is madridon a map there you go on a mapi think i think that must be madrid i'mright that is madrid okay let's goso uh madrid would be screwed barcelonawould be okayum portugal we gucci over here uh ukWatch at: 16:00 / 16:19london kind of would have got smokefine denmark germanyno bueno uh polandprobably not good news france is hugewell italy oh italy at least you don'ttake out the bottom of the shoe rightWatch at: 16:19 / 16:40that's what i'm saying grab on whateveron the table collect green light intelhold up is this a special ak we're notleaving without that intelall right all right chill joe we're notleaving without the intel i'll grab ittime to go no contactWatch at: 16:40 / 17:00what is this mp5 bro holy smokes thisthing isjack let me on the mgit was a bad idea wait yo give me asecond give me a secondWatch at: 17:00 / 17:20what y'all got y'all didn't think iwould come out here huhy'ally'all don't think i come out here huhthat's what i thoughtWatch at: 17:20 / 17:40yo mr scientist you all goodwhy do you all sound the sameWatch at: 17:40 / 18:00i'm why are youwe're friends why do you keep making thesame sound you're like a dogwhy stop why do you keep playing theaudioWatch at: 18:00 / 18:20Watch at: 18:20 / 18:40what are you doing[Music]why is it going fastergoodness gracious broWatch at: 18:40 / 19:00ohi hit the wrong buttoni'm back bro you goodWatch at: 19:00 / 19:20he's not good okayi'll leave you alone do you make adifference soundthis dude's losing it bro he's got anitchy butt look at himhe's out here with an itchy butt look athim oh that's kind of weirdWatch at: 19:20 / 19:40Watch at: 19:40 / 20:00oh shoot they're shooting me in the buttah psycho you all thought they blend inanybody else in two minutes hold up iWatch at: 20:00 / 20:20gotta helpmy boysanybody else we good oh look at this guyover herehe's like i'm aiming at my buddy frednow i'm dead another van coming inbet nobody's driving it there's nobodyWatch at: 20:20 / 20:40in that vanwhat why is he just why is he goinghe's going around the block what's goingon owthat's it bro like i ain't letting youguys just shoot mewhere's the guy bro camouflage actuallyworksWatch at: 20:40 / 21:00we good i think we goodis that truck gonna come back around doa little victory lap what's going onwhat's popping got a brand new whip justhopping what is thiswhat the hell is thisit's a balloonWatch at: 21:00 / 21:20don't be fooled by the rocks that i goti'm still i'm still jenny from the blocki used to have a little now i got a lotoh shoot get down manWatch at: 21:20 / 21:40don't tease me park but we're havingthat horse piss y'all wantoh shoot ow oh oh oh oh oh oh yeahWatch at: 21:40 / 22:00all right listen listen oh youh i really hopethat y'all do something that's it let meWatch at: 22:00 / 22:20get thislet me get this okayow owWatch at: 22:20 / 22:40oh yes alcohol am i rightoh shootuhWatch at: 22:40 / 23:00was that trophy everyone killed 25enemiesyou will not get another chance copythat skyhawk i can see the planepark we need to hook into the line nowWatch at: 23:00 / 23:20we gotta hook into the linebell you harness up first we'll cover goroll this thing oh no this thing oh thisthingno wait wait oh this thing all right[ __ ] okay ohWatch at: 23:20 / 23:40Watch at: 23:40 / 24:00[Music]oh wow okay that's not goodone hour later i think i just i think ipicked one to diethat was a goddamn fiasco you go in withWatch at: 24:00 / 24:20the intel you havenot the intel you want you paid the[ __ ] piper down there you think thisis belchvaulti don't know whose fault it is i justknow that perseus doesn't have a single[ __ ] nukehe's got dozens millions of people aregonna dieand the united states will take theblame youneed to find out where he's planning toWatch at: 24:20 / 24:40broadcast the activation signalwe'll say some stranger things musicbill knows where it isthis goddamn science project was afailure don't count adler out yetthe man has a deep bag of tricksoh a deep bag of tricks you sayWatch at: 24:40 / 25:00hmm why does it say i'm talking on mymic in the top left who am i talking tobro come on a little furthercia safe house[Music]adler just threw me on the ground i'mblacking out dudeone of my homies just gotWatch at: 25:00 / 25:20sims get the gurneya dude on the desk is just big chillingbro do somethingi think i might need a medicalWatch at: 25:20 / 25:40professionalyou look like [ __ ] oh were you alwaysthat uglyor i saved you come up with a betterlinethanks for back theresave my ass maybe you're one of us afterWatch at: 25:40 / 26:00allno matter what happens i never forgetthe people i ownsims get the dosages ready fat honestlyadler stop wasting our valuable timehe's of no use to us anymorestay alert though you're the key toWatch at: 26:00 / 26:20stopping personsthis [ __ ] giantthumb freaking guy we're doing anintracerebral injectiondirectly into the brain not sure i canwatch thisoh don't do that oh no noWatch at: 26:20 / 26:40no no no no sure about this doctorget the freaking guy back get thefreaking guy backoh that was in my eyeball bro you gotthis billbell listen to me i need you to rememberthink back to our time in vietnam onemore timeoh my god we had a job to doWatch at: 26:40 / 27:00[Music]we're going back to nom chat think billback the nam do you remember coming faceto face with perseus in vietnamno ekg is spikingWatch at: 27:00 / 27:20what did you put in my brain dude i needyou to relaxand focus bell your helicopter crashedyou made your way through the junglealone you found a bunkeryou remember the bunker bell we need toknow what's inside that bunkerWatch at: 27:20 / 27:40all right well we're going to figure outwhat's in the bum bumperbunker can't pronounce words today donot trust himdo notWatch at: 27:40 / 28:00during a mission to investigate reportsof a soviet bunkeryour chopper was hit by ground fireokay yes i remember thisaccording to your debrief you woke up inthe middle of a fire fightWatch at: 28:00 / 28:20oh the crash survivors were defendingagainst a vc attackoh waiti thought we already went through thisno no this is different picked upno no yeah i remember this oh no i don'tWatch at: 28:20 / 28:40rememberno no that's an mp5 that's an mp5 ohit was another weaponoh no it's not 16. it was an m64oh my goodness crazyWatch at: 28:40 / 29:00dudeowmy godWatch at: 29:00 / 29:20oh my goodness gracioustg you swore i don't think i did but ifi did who caresare you behind there oh shoot shot himWatch at: 29:20 / 29:40in the buttabsolutely bodywe got all this ammo nowwait is the m16[Music]the automatic vc fled into the tree lineWatch at: 29:40 / 30:00ah it's something really sus about thisstory it was then you realized you werethe sole survivoryou set off to locate the bunker okaywait hold up are they brainwashing mebecause i swear there was somethere was some more of the homies alivelike a second agoWatch at: 30:00 / 30:20yeah no i instead of fricking i saidfruckin which sounds a lot like theother thing butgo back and watch it i didn't say it notthat it matters if i didi'm playing call of duty i'm likeshooting people y'all like oh youswearing you swear i didn'tWatch at: 30:20 / 30:40not the trail to the lefthold up is this a decisionis it like left middle or centerWatch at: 30:40 / 31:00sorry what is wrong with my brain todayleftmiddle or rightwell it's definitely not middlei'm going this way what's down herei'm going left they said rightWatch at: 31:00 / 31:20they said right so i'm gonna go leftWatch at: 31:20 / 31:40eatingbill's hut what is this guy saying to myWatch at: 31:40 / 32:00ear dudethe zip line nearby was the best wayback to the gamehe wanted to get to that bunker as soonas possiblei'm gonna listen to the opposite of whatthey said brobell turn back and use the zip line toWatch at: 32:00 / 32:20reach the bunkerno i don't think so buddywhat the hell why is bell on scenario 11scenario 11. are theyi think they're brainwashing me a fewallies were pinned down on a ridge youreadied your sniper rifle to assistokay hold onWatch at: 32:20 / 32:39Watch at: 32:39 / 33:00wowi can't even see themWatch at: 33:00 / 33:20it's actuallyinside the house hit by napalm you wouldfind a hidden bunker doorhmmWatch at: 33:20 / 33:39interesting oh but if i didn't go thatwaywhat if i went through the treesi would have went through here yeah[Music]now you can't go there i don't want tolisten to himWatch at: 33:39 / 34:00what that's very convenientchrist what's happening to himi don't understand anything he's sayingWatch at: 34:00 / 34:20everything's very white oh the numbersmason what do the numbers mean masoncontrol programwe've got a job to dooh let's up the dosage and run 1b thisWatch at: 34:20 / 34:40timeready to gowhat according to your debrief you wokeup and the rest of your crew was missingthe vc were on the ground searching forsurvivorswhat you readied your bow to take themout silentlyWatch at: 34:40 / 35:00wow i really didn't like his kidney he'slike nope no kidney for you[Music]very interesting very coolWatch at: 35:00 / 35:20those two guys are kind of not splittingfrom each other ohbop goes the weaselstop goes the weaselWatch at: 35:20 / 35:40well they call me legolas in the painthow do you take out these two guyswithoutmessing upi think it's basically hit scan thisWatch at: 35:40 / 36:00rifle not this rifle this is thisbowlet's go over hereWatch at: 36:00 / 36:20[Music]i can't hit the shotyou think i could get a two-pieceoh oh is that what happened give me yourWatch at: 36:20 / 36:40gunoh i went in silent did i well guesswhat your boy's got an ak-47 nowy'all gonna get clapped upyo y'all gonna get clapped upcome get someWatch at: 36:40 / 37:00okay i i betrayed him a little bitwhat's up in herethey've got an ancient hoeinteresting all right we're goingthrough herei'm very interested where this go isWatch at: 37:00 / 37:20that a tvit's a little bit weird is that a camerawhatwhat the flip it's a gurneyoh no the path split near a ruinso he took the right fork not the trailto the leftWatch at: 37:20 / 37:40is this thing on we're going leftinstead of rightm16a1what are these pictures broWatch at: 37:40 / 38:00they're in the tree[Music]oh my gosh it's like they got snipersdudeoh they're they're likeWatch at: 38:00 / 38:20there you go you thought you thought youcould tell me which way to go huh budyeah you thoughtwe're we're going through the jungleright now we're going through it blindnearby was the best playbackwe wanted to get to that bunker as soonWatch at: 38:20 / 38:40as possible uhpark is going that way where you goingparkbell turn back and use the zip line toreach the bunkerno i think i'm goodi'm not going to do that i don't want tobe brainwashed being a firefighter youreadied your m16Watch at: 38:40 / 39:00light them uplight them upWatch at: 39:00 / 39:20give him hell boysottawa activationWatch at: 39:20 / 39:40how do we activateokay come on come on come on on the roofoh shoot it didn't workeasy light them up in the behindWatch at: 39:40 / 40:00all right let's keep pushing forwardWatch at: 40:00 / 40:20holy smokes holysmokesall right things are going downWatch at: 40:20 / 40:40they lit them upyes this was the bunker entrance youdescribed in the reportwhy y'all true why are you making metrip thoughis there a little bush back here what'sgoing on a littlelittle door little clown door all rightWatch at: 40:40 / 41:00i'm gonna trip out againoh shoot what the heck a lab thatdoesn't sound rightbell's in the lab the heck is thiswhat okay so that's the room with theWatch at: 41:00 / 41:20chair that i was justin interestingwhat's in this oneoh i'm getting a clear picture it'sgetting more and more cleargive me another windowoh hey that's adler rightWatch at: 41:20 / 41:40hi who's that in the chair this isn'tworkingmark's notes suggest adrenalinethat's it though that's what you werelooking for perseus wasin there whatbrought my what the flip happened toWatch at: 41:40 / 42:00this placewell that's meoh what oh[Music]Watch at: 42:00 / 42:20wowinteresting this is very spookythis is very spooky what is this it'svery spookyall right let's use the chair what dothe numbers mean mason let's goWatch at: 42:20 / 42:40another dose we'll keep re-runningscenario one bellwe've got a job to dowhat the heck according to your debriefyou woke up in the middle of a fightWatch at: 42:40 / 43:00crash survivors were defending againstthe btbro you really think that if you make merun this three timesi'm gonna stop taking what i picked broi'm gonna pick what i pickeduntil the day i die broWatch at: 43:00 / 43:20no this is brainwashed i'm not gonna dowhat they saythat's what they want you to do theywant you to give up after three triesi'm not giving upthis is gonna be the last one threetimes the charmWatch at: 43:20 / 43:40my accuracy kind of go hard though huhthe freak out of herelook it happens one more time no lookWatch at: 43:40 / 44:00it's differentchat they're doing this on purpose manlookat the right split you're ruined yeahleft baby what does it say trail to thelefty'all bro y'all think y'allthink stop i'm gonna go that way i'll goright i'm notgo back and take the right pathWatch at: 44:00 / 44:20[Music]just kiddingby the wayhe missed this by the wayWatch at: 44:20 / 44:40my guy you're gonna shoot me in the buttmore what is thiswhat the flip is this zip line downwhat's happeningi ain't taking those ziplines[Music]Watch at: 44:40 / 45:00with the flip oh my goshwhat the heck belt go back to the ziplinethe bunker is in the caves goi am not doing itWatch at: 45:00 / 45:20i have no choice do ii do i have no choicei can't go this way bro it's his headWatch at: 45:20 / 45:40there's only one way[Music]Watch at: 45:40 / 46:00suicide then what happenedi don't know bro you tell me ohi'm on i'm sure bell you committedsuicide do i have to go through itoh fineWatch at: 46:00 / 46:20what does that mean browhat is this[Music]Watch at: 46:20 / 46:40what is thiswhere the heck am ithat's when you discovered vc soldiersmeeting with soviet agentsokay buddyWatch at: 46:40 / 47:00[Music]yo yo johny'all should really watch out hope y'allWatch at: 47:00 / 47:20had some good insurancebanginteresting honestly the game lookslovely i'm gonna be honest the gameWatch at: 47:20 / 47:40lookslovelysloshing through the waterwhat's popping got a brand new whip justhopped inWatch at: 47:40 / 48:00[Music]oh [ __ ]what's that can i go out there pleaseWatch at: 48:00 / 48:20there's two guys over thereoh my god oh okay there it isWatch at: 48:20 / 48:40wow that was kind of something aboutthatWatch at: 48:40 / 49:00bang legolas they call me legolas in thepaint legolas legolaslegolasyes belle that was the door into thesoviet bunkeri want ladder give me a ladder give meladderWatch at: 49:00 / 49:20shooti don't care if the door was [ __ ]stuck open ithe said it swell would wait the doorwent away oh my goshWatch at: 49:20 / 49:40i hear russian music and or anthemgive bell another injectioni don't know if that's a good idea do itnow[Music]Watch at: 49:40 / 50:00um[Music]oh i feel like i'm in jellowait looks like bella is calming downthere's a video game over here we'reokay againWatch at: 50:00 / 50:20kaboom the heck is this drop bombsokay that's enough out of thatWatch at: 50:20 / 50:40okay let me throughoh don't go closing doors on me that'smessed upwhich door oh my goshWatch at: 50:40 / 51:00adler there's something wrong with yourheadi think this place is hauntedthere's lots of clocks i just keeprunning in circlesdid the hallway get smaller did i getbiggeroh my goodness it feels really tinyWatch at: 51:00 / 51:20oh my gosh i got a crouchoh boy oh it's really really tight inhereoh boy ohthere's like a mini room that was inthereWatch at: 51:20 / 51:40daddy like plays backwards when you goin there that's kind of weirdum okayyo i'm going for a run boys wasting mytime with this hallwayi'm going fast fast fast bro i bet yougot to turn aroundWatch at: 51:40 / 52:00around turnaround every now and then i get a littlebit strongerturn around there it isi knew it yeah turn aroundwhat the hell is bill doing in the lab iWatch at: 52:00 / 52:20don't know you tell me dudewell forget about the damn man i need toknow about the bunkeri don't know what's happeningi'm tripping outWatch at: 52:20 / 52:40what comradesthe united states and its allies slowlyremix the united states and south lieslowly becauseme me punch you in the d d dWatch at: 52:40 / 53:00d in the head in the airlet me punch in the codesoperation green lightWatch at: 53:00 / 53:20i cannot read russian operation greenlight againi'm gonna hit the law one lolbro i can't don't trust adler it appearsWatch at: 53:20 / 53:40i don't think i should try another roundyou're asking medo it we're not leaving empty-handedscript 17ready wellWatch at: 53:40 / 54:00we've got a job to do[Music]we've been over this alreadyskip ahead next onethe door was right there at the ruinsbellyou went in was that the ruinsWatch at: 54:00 / 54:20oh is that the ruin bell go into thebunkeror what's the left baby i think youstill left babyoh you think you can put doors in frontof me the door nono you can put as many doors in front ofme as you cani am not being brainwashed nopeWatch at: 54:20 / 54:40nope what happened in the bunker bill nono no no no no no no nobell perseus said something to you whatwas itthat's a lot of doors bro bell the doorWatch at: 54:40 / 55:00go inside yeah i gotta achieve it fordoing thatoh my gosh we're backwhere's the dude at am i perseus bromaybe i'm perseus this is chartWatch at: 55:00 / 55:20do you like typicalgamer yesgo to typical.story and cop fire merchyesis it high quality yes will you enjoy ityestypical dot store for your fire merchall rightWatch at: 55:20 / 55:40you're the only one who knows whereperseus isthe united states and its allies slowlyWatch at: 55:40 / 56:00consumethat which is dear to us our leaderscontinue to weakenunder this threatit is the moral duty of percy is to actwhen they will notsoon we will possess an american nuclearbombWatch at: 56:00 / 56:20the key to unlocking their entire greenlight arsenalonce we control the green light arsenalwe will detonate them allfrom the safety of zolowskiWatch at: 56:20 / 56:40you gotta admit i'm surprisedi didn't think they'd recover so fast wetriedeverything the normal forms ofinterrogation won't workbreaking a subject's will and erasingtheir mind is a difficult and painfulprocessWatch at: 56:40 / 57:00that's a small price today the cia'scontrol program has had a great deal ofsuccesslastly you'll need a command phrase totrigger the implanted memories[Music]Watch at: 57:00 / 57:20we've known each other for years foughttogether bled togetherbeen through the hell of vietnamtogether we got a job[Music]you just need to give the subject a name[Music]Watch at: 57:20 / 57:40bellafinallyWatch at: 57:40 / 58:00they think i'm not smart huh you thinki'll trust these guys broi don't trust adler for a minuterightwake me upWatch at: 58:00 / 58:20he's coming too i remember everythingbell no more [ __ ] around what didperseus say where is hewho am i you're disoriented bill we'llexplain everything laterright now we need to help each otherWatch at: 58:20 / 58:40no [ __ ] is what your whole life willamount to if you don't come cleantell us where perseus isno what did you do to me we gave you asecond chance when you were [ __ ] out oflucknow we just want some assistance inreturn bellyou are one of them we think percy hascut you out of the picture in turkeyWatch at: 58:40 / 59:00adler found you still alive[Music]oh reallywhen the plane leaves traps on hisstopping and dugothis you know here's what you don't knowWatch at: 59:00 / 59:20perseus would be there not these hiredguns are going to leave duke alivewe'll dump their bodies in the forestthen we will move the weapons to bulk ofin berlin[Music]from there we fly to solovetskyWatch at: 59:20 / 59:40oh this is way away this is when we getblastedfirst is thanks to highly oh he shootsmei don't want the competition ohoh oh i remember this i remember seeingthis i was on the other sidewe were there we found you aftereverything went downWatch at: 59:40 / 01:00:00okay that makes sensethat makes sense[Music]you're lying you put this in my head iWatch at: 01:00:00 / 01:00:20meanit it's possible he is lyingand that he did put it in my headbut what would be the point of him lyinghereright what would be the point of himlying hereWatch at: 01:00:20 / 01:00:40like they want to get information ofwhere perseus islike to me it seems likeWatch at: 01:00:40 / 01:01:00okay i think that this choice right hereis gonna be a pretty big one in thestoryuh whatever decision i make would youguys be down to see me run it backright after i make itWatch at: 01:01:00 / 01:01:20maybe we can do both endingsalright let's start off with your lineyou put it in my headthe c.i.a reinvented you bellokay maybe give you a new identity toreplace the oldWatch at: 01:01:20 / 01:01:40sims and i both wanted you to be cia youdidn't resist it as much as we thoughtyou mightinteresting and we were able to utilizeyour language and cryptography skills asan added bonushmm it was all in russian all alongyou were put through the cia's nk ultraprogram billWatch at: 01:01:40 / 01:02:00they gave you new memories thingsconstructed out of adler'sit's [ __ ] up but they needed you tobelieveyou were one of us that guy's kind ofconvincing he'she's actually kind of convincing meright nowWatch at: 01:02:00 / 01:02:20even what's that guys okay you guys letme know what you think i might do a pollshould i do a pollwhy do i have a cough okay before anyonesays anything i haven't gone outside forlikethree weeks so i just have a cough for aWatch at: 01:02:20 / 01:02:40different reason i just don't know why ihave a coughumokay here let me say what should i dofirst i'll doboth endings uh helpWatch at: 01:02:40 / 01:03:00adler not helpi literally haven't left my house forbro i haven't left my house in likethree weeks dude[Music]Watch at: 01:03:00 / 01:03:20um[Music][Music]Watch at: 01:03:20 / 01:03:40all right majority says to help adlerinterrogation didn't work with you butthanks to mk ultra's research we had abackup planif you believed you were someone else wecould lead you to a place where you'dgive everything upWatch at: 01:03:40 / 01:04:00what did i give you enough to get uswhere we are today but we're notfinished yetwe have a job to do all night we've gota jobgot a job you've got a job to do got ajobthe trigger phrase kept you in line butWatch at: 01:04:00 / 01:04:19it didn't get us everything we neededyour innermost secrets were alwayslocked behind a door[Music]bell i realize you probably hate usright nowwhat we've done to you yeah it's messedup i need you to fully understand thestakes herewhat you do right now is not about meWatch at: 01:04:19 / 01:04:40it's not about youit's about millions of other [ __ ]peopleit's about stopping someone who in theend has no true allegiance toanyone other than himselfso tell me where is perseusonce we control the green light arsenalWatch at: 01:04:40 / 01:05:00we will detonate themall from the safety of solovetskythis is your chance to define who youreally aregreat where is perseusWatch at: 01:05:00 / 01:05:19can i savedo i tell him the truth or do i lieokay i'm going to tell him the truthWatch at: 01:05:19 / 01:05:40because i feel like i would tell themthe truthlike i feel like why would they do thatrightbut i mean like they could implant it inmy head everything like they could bethe bad guysrightWatch at: 01:05:40 / 01:06:00[Music]hmmokayi'm gonna do both endingsWatch at: 01:06:00 / 01:06:19i need to tell the truth first you guysyou guys votedwe're a democracy herewe're not perseus over here and i'mgonna go with the democracyeven though i'd probably lie because iWatch at: 01:06:19 / 01:06:40think it would be funnyi'm gonna tell the truth and then we'regonna come backand we're gonna lie and see the twodifferent endings okaytruth it is solovetskysims get washington on the line everyoneelse gear up we're leaving nowWatch at: 01:06:40 / 01:07:00you made the right choice bell come onyou're still one of usbro would you i don't after i told himall thati don't know if it would be like so likechummy chummy you knowlike that's messed up i understand mydudeWatch at: 01:07:00 / 01:07:19from what they said is kind of the badguycia's analyst considers the singlelargest threatto the free world you've been given animportant taskprotecting our very way of life from agreat evilthe united states and its allies slowlyconsumethat which is dear to us we are hoursWatch at: 01:07:19 / 01:07:40away from perseus detonating nuclearbombs in every major european citywe'll do whatever it takessome of us across the line to make surethe line's still there in the morning[Music]Watch at: 01:07:40 / 01:08:00no one's gonna brand us heroes orvillains[Music]they don't know us as for mei've been chasing this ghost for 13years[Music]Watch at: 01:08:00 / 01:08:20that ends nowi've been trying to get fire merch for20 yearsthat ends now that i found typical dotstore for the most fire merch let's goWatch at: 01:08:20 / 01:08:40let's go coming up on youri think it's the last mission but we'regonna be replaying it and getting bothendingsbefore i do that i want to pause realquick one second i got to upload on tgWatch at: 01:08:40 / 01:09:00playsif you guys don't know what tg plays isthat is my other channel my secondchannel i started this yearand i appreciate all the support youguys have been showing on it all thelove umand i'm gonna go ahead and just quicklyset this file toupload thank you very muchgive me at least a maybe 30 seconds hereWatch at: 01:09:00 / 01:09:2030 seconds flat as i uploadreally quicklyas i take two secondsto uploadWatch at: 01:09:20 / 01:09:40i know it's a late upload my baduh for random exclusiveWatch at: 01:09:40 / 01:10:00okay guys i need your suggestion realquick before i continuein fortnite i did a random skinchallengewhere i chose the most like expensivelike consoleexclusive skins do you guys think whichWatch at: 01:10:00 / 01:10:20title is betterthe random expensive bossthe random exclusive bossthe random expensive skin which onesounds goodWatch at: 01:10:20 / 01:10:40apparently there's three endingslet's play this thing exclusive okay[Music]Watch at: 01:10:40 / 01:11:00all right let's continue this um ifthere's three endingshow do i get the third one when thatbaby hits we'll have 12 minutes maxbefore the radio towers come backonlineWatch at: 01:11:00 / 01:11:20oh my goodness graciousbro what's upWatch at: 01:11:20 / 01:11:40yeah i don't know if you guys shouldhave trusted this dude with the grenadelauncherget coveredam i alive am i deadWatch at: 01:11:40 / 01:12:00i'm alivehey gun straight aheadoh my gosh auto aim by the wayi don't even by the way i don't win bythe waycontrol the player by the way controlWatch at: 01:12:00 / 01:12:20the playeri control the player by the wayif someone tells me how to activate allthree endings i will do themas long as it's not too repetitiveWatch at: 01:12:20 / 01:12:40cover rightlet's go let's go let's goWatch at: 01:12:40 / 01:13:00oh i shot adler's bloodthis guy's on the a8Watch at: 01:13:00 / 01:13:20i like it smooth baby let me blow thisthing tosmithereensWatch at: 01:13:20 / 01:13:40yeah that's what i like to seedon't be fooled by the rocks that i goti'm still i'm stilljenny from the block i used to have alittleWatch at: 01:13:40 / 01:14:00we only got one shot at thisthis guy chasing mebro this guy's playingwhat bro did y'all see thatWatch at: 01:14:00 / 01:14:20did y'all see that what was thatWatch at: 01:14:20 / 01:14:40audio by the way[Music][Music]oh my god oh my god oh my godWatch at: 01:14:40 / 01:15:00losing timei'm sorry maybe if you shot somebody foronce adleryou useless slugWatch at: 01:15:00 / 01:15:20ohmy guy was playing hide-and-go-seek onthe reel for real bro oh what is thishey give him out boys give him hellWatch at: 01:15:20 / 01:15:40that'sWatch at: 01:15:40 / 01:16:00booting upi just finessed that one dude so hardWatch at: 01:16:00 / 01:16:20oh my gosh bro i got iti gotta do itoh my i just got the whole squadWatch at: 01:16:20 / 01:16:40oh nooh nothere was a minigun ah shoot i guessWatch at: 01:16:40 / 01:17:00we'll have to get in the other endingchatthey did it mr president they stoppedthe nukes[Applause]and a russian response nothing yetwe're seeing signs of confusion it'spossible this was all a rogue operationWatch at: 01:17:00 / 01:17:20perseus may not have been followingorders from moscowwell i'll be damned maybe we havesomething in common after allWatch at: 01:17:20 / 01:17:40what's your situation down therecome in before it continues give me onesecond i'm gonna make the tg playsvideo publici don't want to take away from theepicness that could be the ending sogive me a secWatch at: 01:17:40 / 01:18:00and the latest upload ever on tg playsgoes to this one let's gowhat's over heregive me a hint please[Music]Watch at: 01:18:00 / 01:18:20take my hand billwe did it this is a message to perseusand those that'll follow himwe don't just sit back and hope for thebestWatch at: 01:18:20 / 01:18:40we'll make the best happen this is howwars are wonbellwhy you all got that weird look in youreyes y'all gonna shoot me or somethingdo you have an update on kasim javadiyeah with both he and arash kava areWatch at: 01:18:40 / 01:19:00dead their terrorist network collapsedand surviving members fought for controlwith no clear leadership in place itappears the soviets have decided to cutties and clean up the messapproximately 72 hours ago the militantsprimary encampment was burned to thegroundnothing but ashes apparently the fewsurvivors that escaped have scatteredand gone into hidingWatch at: 01:19:00 / 01:19:20what about anton volkov after his deathelements inside the gdr saw anopportunity to reduce the russian mob'sinfluence in east berlintwo days ago in a large-scale midnightraid stasi swept through the homes ofanyone with connections to volkovmen women and children were all goneWatch at: 01:19:20 / 01:19:40before the sun rosethis will be a major setback tounderground soviet activity in europehow did the cleanup in havana go we wereable to recover agent park's body fromthe compound in cubapresident reagan personally reached outto her family and her caskets in transitto londoni've spoken to my sex they'reWatch at: 01:19:40 / 01:20:00understandably displeasedwe owe them one this isrecovering from his injuries in tel avivhe'll return to the agency in good timethe pursuit of perseusis personal for him now what about therest of the teamthey got off soloveski before thesoviets could send in forces toinvestigateWatch at: 01:20:00 / 01:20:20we'll take some time to heal up thatit's back to workwe may have stopped perseus but his ratsare still nesting all around usthanks to the help of one of our owntrue we failed to hunt down robertaldrich and his domestic network ofspies wehave to go to more extreme measures likeWatch at: 01:20:20 / 01:20:40broad domestic surveillancewhich of course we're not authorized todo but did i let that guy ohi thought i shot him in the nuts didn'ti shoot him in the nutswhat about europe we may have saved itfrom getting blown to kingdom comebut i swear i shot him in the nutsthere's more we could have done there ifwe'd had the timeWatch at: 01:20:40 / 01:21:00like right in the nuts and belland belloh no he's gonna push me off the cliffbroWatch at: 01:21:00 / 01:21:20clears the head doesn't it i don't knowyou put like memories in my brain bro imade two extraordinary sacrifices tostop perseusone was without your knowledge the otheryou made that decision in your ownaccordgreat what's your decision throw me inthe water buddyWatch at: 01:21:20 / 01:21:40i just want you to know this littlething that's happened with you and mei'm a spartan kick you off the ledge itwas always for the greater goodyou're going to be i'm here you knowthat kid why are we standing right herebeside the cliff legendhave to make sacrifices that's why wheni ask you for one more i hope youunderstandWatch at: 01:21:40 / 01:22:00nope who was no personaloh great ohi don't know maybe i shot him maybe heshot me me wearable shoti don't know it was never personalwho got shot did i get shot did he getWatch at: 01:22:00 / 01:22:20shot did we both get shotdid we grow old together did we holdhands we'll never knowwhat a stupid ending what a dumb endingwhat a stupid dumb ending what was thatWatch at: 01:22:20 / 01:22:40wow okay that just happened[Music]wow that just happened it was neverpersonal bro maybe with music it's likereally epic[Music]Watch at: 01:22:40 / 01:23:00we're going to the other endings bro idon't give a that ending wasall right then it was all right umwhere do i do the endingis it uh where do i have to go back tonot the final countdown rightWatch at: 01:23:00 / 01:23:20uh it's this one revealed the truelocation of perseus there you goand we were playing let's just play onrecruits all the guards are like ohno exit skip x's skip babyx skip baby xWatch at: 01:23:20 / 01:23:40okay everybody gonna get newnow everybody gonna get neweverybody get new now everybody goget nuked kinda messed upWatch at: 01:23:40 / 01:24:00but it's a game[Music]i'm awake aka i'm woke i'm awakeit could help no more [ __ ] aroundWatch at: 01:24:00 / 01:24:20what did perseus say i'll tell you buddyoh let me let me you're going throughwait wait for a chat okay wait wait waitwait wait wait wait wait startcooperatingwhere is perseus you tell us bell that'sWatch at: 01:24:20 / 01:24:40what this whole [ __ ] thing is aboutbelle you are one of them we thinkperseus cut you out of the picture inturkeyadler found you still alivei remember that i was messed uphe shot me you guys watchedWatch at: 01:24:40 / 01:25:00when the plane leaves strap zone isstopping in dugoutthis you know here's what you don't knowperseus won't be there none of thesehired guns are going to leave dubaialivewe don't have bodies in the forest thenwe will move the weaponsWatch at: 01:25:00 / 01:25:20to bulk of in berlinfrom there we fly to solovetskybut i have other plans for you pursesthanks to highlyi don't want the competitionWatch at: 01:25:20 / 01:25:40after everything went downWatch at: 01:25:40 / 01:26:00i believe you i'll be if i can't noyou're lying you put this in my head thecia reinvented you bellwe needed to give you a newtypical gamer first name typical lastname gamer alias bellWatch at: 01:26:00 / 01:26:20y'all really let this dude put that onthe forum you were able to utilize yourlanguage and cryptography skillsyeah y'all really let me put that on thefloor brothe bigger challenge the cia's mkultra program bill they gave you newmemories things constructed out ofadler'sit's [ __ ] up but they needed you toWatch at: 01:26:20 / 01:26:40believeyou were one of us one of usone of us google gobble googlegobble one of us one of usso i never went to namare your hands clean bellWatch at: 01:26:40 / 01:27:00no count yourself lucky you've only hadthose memories for a few monthsme i've been living with them for over adecadeboo frickity who man interrogationdidn't work with you but thanks to mki'm planting memories in my mind i don'tWatch at: 01:27:00 / 01:27:20feel bad for you but you put that in mymind someone elsewe could lead you messed up oh you'dgive everything upi don't think so you're still holdingback on usand we are gonna get it out of you yeahWatch at: 01:27:20 / 01:27:40the trigger phrase kept you in line butit didn't get us everything we neededyour innermost secrets were alwayslocked behind a door[Music]bell i realize you probably hate usWatch at: 01:27:40 / 01:28:00right nowwhat we've done to you i just need youto fully understand the stakes herewhat you do right now is not about meit's not about youit's about millions of other [ __ ]peopleit's about stopping someone who in theend has no true allegiance toanyone other than himselfWatch at: 01:28:00 / 01:28:20so tell me where is perseusonce we control the green diversity andwe resonate them allfrom the safety of the saviorWatch at: 01:28:20 / 01:28:40where is perseus i ami know where he's not okay nor perseusis nothe's not a typical diastolic because hedoesn't like fire merch but youthe good people at home you love fireWatch at: 01:28:40 / 01:29:00merch typical that store babyall right we went to truth ending lasttimethat was one of the endings we're gonnago with the lie ending this timeand that's another ending apparentlythere's one more ending after this tooso we're gonna try them all out lie todo and we're gonna say dugathe radar already near duga dugaWatch at: 01:29:00 / 01:29:20sims get washington on the line everyoneelse gear up we're leaving noware you really believe me like that'sthe right choice bill come onyou're still one of us he's like i justmade up a word i don't even know whereduga isWatch at: 01:29:20 / 01:29:40set up ambush at dugoutright okay so that's the third choicewe're not going to set up an ambush thistime we're going to set up an ambush forWatch at: 01:29:40 / 01:30:00the last one okayso that's going to be the third endpresident downmr president ohi'm in the deskwhat broi'm in the desk[Music]Watch at: 01:30:00 / 01:30:20oh this is different years ago natointelligence detected a powerful signalof unknown originthe new signal created radio disruptionsworldwidealiens and all kinds of conspiracyaliens nato quickly tracked it to thisfacility in the soviet republic aliensradar array it's an over the horizonWatch at: 01:30:20 / 01:30:40radar systembig and proven over their old missiledefense techit uses a lot of juice could be used tobroadcast any kind of long-range signalthey wantlike detonation codes to every greenlight nuke in europewhere exactly is this thing about 60miles north of kiaWatch at: 01:30:40 / 01:31:00between the cities of pripyat andchernobyl it's nothing but thick forestfor miles arounda perfect hiding spot for perseus we'llhave to drop you in a little further outno recon no heavy support just a lightinfiltration squad shouldn't be aproblem just point the wayspell came through for us in the nick ofWatch at: 01:31:00 / 01:31:20time i never doubted ityeah i came through buddy yeah i camethroughi haven't seen buddy all righteveryone converge on the gateWatch at: 01:31:20 / 01:31:40oh look we're over here with all theseradar dishes broit's a ghost town[Applause]you sure you're not forgetting somethingWatch at: 01:31:40 / 01:32:00thoughno 100 percent they are 100in here they're up at the this can't bethe rightno no this is right look up to the topon our sidelook up [ __ ] lied to us i would neverdo thatyou pull us out to the middle and knowwhere russia so perseus can detonateWatch at: 01:32:00 / 01:32:20those nukesyou're a fool to trust me typicalamerican ignorance unless stopped theunited states will harm the worldmore than those nukesi had no other choice but to trust youwhat a waste you actually could havedone something with yourself kidWatch at: 01:32:20 / 01:32:40oh okay those nukes were for defense notoffense you don't recognize thedifferencei'd listen to perseus but i think i'llspare you the regret insteadyou're just gonna shoot me huhWatch at: 01:32:40 / 01:33:00i'm sorry you won't be around to findout why am i not [ __ ] surprisedtime's up kidwait hold on it's this job myselfWatch at: 01:33:00 / 01:33:20oh my gosh broyou want to load up the body [ __ ] if icareleave it for perseus to find outall right that's ending number twoWatch at: 01:33:20 / 01:33:40wait you can kill adler in this missiongod how many green-like nukes did hedetonateall of them mr president oh boythe bombs were ours materials related tooperation green light were anonymouslyreleased an hour agopresumably by perseus calls arebeginning to come in from across theWatch at: 01:33:40 / 01:34:00globethat son of a [ __ ] you and vicepresident bush are to be moved to securelocations immediatelyi want any business related to thisthing erased forevereverything can you make that happenof course it's already begunWatch at: 01:34:00 / 01:34:20that's that's a pretty crazy ending thatone's pretty crazyall right next ending ohoh they're burning the little factorywatch europe burnwe will watch the empire of the unitedstates collapse under its own weightWatch at: 01:34:20 / 01:34:40this is a a world with two superpowerswill become a world with oneoh boy soviet unionand if the leaders of this new worldorder squander the opportunity we haveprovided themWatch at: 01:34:40 / 01:35:00[Music]then they too will be replaced creepydudecreepy bro kasim javadi killed by theciai like how it's perseus uh narrating theending nowit was always a weak link and the chaincannot breakWatch at: 01:35:00 / 01:35:20that's kind of funny bro that's kind ofcool how they recorded all the linesdifferentlyokay so we're going to lie and ambushnext to get the third and finalname we lost anton volkov he was ourWatch at: 01:35:20 / 01:35:40most valuable gdr assetbut perhaps with the fall of the west itwill not prove so great to blowyeah we're gonna do the ambush endingnext because we did the not ambushending this timeWatch at: 01:35:40 / 01:36:00ellen park perished in cuba she had beensniffing around the edges of our groupforyears one less western nuisance for usto deal withthat's kind of mean bro however arestill out therei will finish them all off myself if ihave toall right perseus chill bro chill we getWatch at: 01:36:00 / 01:36:20ityou have a russian accent all rightwith the western chaos our key agentswithin the united states are in placeand ready for the next phase of our planWatch at: 01:36:20 / 01:36:40now that europe is in disarray ouragents within their respectivegovernments can help craft europe'sfutureinterests completely aligned with theinterest of the soviet unionmy friends we are just getting startedWatch at: 01:36:40 / 01:37:00yes with your calculator watch i believeyou manwith your calculator watchashes to ashes complete ash the ashes incampaignon any difficulty interesting okaylet's skip thatWatch at: 01:37:00 / 01:37:20run it back one more time ohwait if i start this mission will it goto where i could do the ambush thinglet me see real quickWatch at: 01:37:20 / 01:37:40let me see no okay then i gotta go backto the startover herecome on buddy all right come on buddyeveryone converge on the cakeWatch at: 01:37:40 / 01:38:00okay we gotta do it the other wayidentity crisis it ismy favorite part about identity crisisis how long it takes to skip thingsWatch at: 01:38:00 / 01:38:20how is everybody's day in chat man canyou all let me knowi will tell you something you don't wantto make your day better if yeahit came down work or school yeahcheck the front door there's a packagetherefrom typical dot store where you get theWatch at: 01:38:20 / 01:38:40most fire merch chatthere we go get one of these get a hatget some glassessome sweatpants a water bottlesome socks a backpack apop socket typical dot store babytypical dot store babyWatch at: 01:38:40 / 01:39:00he's coming too[Music]bell no more [ __ ] around whatlanguagebro this is our pg streamall right who am i oriented we'llexplain everything latei'll explain your mama later ohWatch at: 01:39:00 / 01:39:20we gave you a second chance give it alike [ __ ] out of lucknow we just want some assistanceyou are one of them we think percy hascut you out of the picture in turkeyadler found you still alive poggies brothat's pretty poggy's not gonna lieWatch at: 01:39:20 / 01:39:40is there a button to skip nopenope when the plane leaves the trap zoneis stopping anddope this you know no ohhere's what you don't knownone of these hired guns are going toleave dugoutWatch at: 01:39:40 / 01:40:00nah we'll jump the bodies in the forestthen we will move the weapons to bulkoff in berlinnot that one there we fly to solovetskywith your exdon't shoot me please i've been throughWatch at: 01:40:00 / 01:40:20this three times please do not shoot meohgosh man it happens everythingwe were there we found you aftereverything went downwhy do you keep shooting me stopshooting meit hurts owWatch at: 01:40:20 / 01:40:40ouchyi'll believe you i'll help you if ican't rightit literally doesn't matter what youpickWatch at: 01:40:40 / 01:41:00yes i speak russian yesthe bigger challenge was your memory youwere put through the scene he's likeyour brain was sosmooth we had to put some wrinkles in itdestruct it out of adlersWatch at: 01:41:00 / 01:41:20it's [ __ ] up but they needed you tobelieveyou were one of us all right lazar isaved you why don't you shut up buddyokay i never went to knob i never wentto nobnoWatch at: 01:41:20 / 01:41:40okay we have a job to dowe have a job to do we have a job comeon we got a jobWatch at: 01:41:40 / 01:42:00behind the door all rightthird and final ending i realize youprobably hate us right nowwhat we've done to you i just need youto fully understand heyi'll tell you buddy who right now is nowwe're buddies right it's not about youit's about millions about buddies it'sWatch at: 01:42:00 / 01:42:20about lesbian buddies it's aboutstopping someone whoin the end has no true allegiance toanyone other than himselfshe's talking about my cat miku where isperseusonce we control the green light arsenalwe will detonate them allfrom the safety of zolavex from theWatch at: 01:42:20 / 01:42:40safetyof solomon it's very suspiciouswhere is perseus uh34th street uh you take the subway downto 16thmake a left two rights and then you goWatch at: 01:42:40 / 01:43:00ahead and do a 360no scope he'll be right there okayhe's in duke bro[Music]he's in miami dudei would never lie to you buddy thank youfor letting me freeWatch at: 01:43:00 / 01:43:20this is a good choice to make come onyes you're still one of uswell i made two choices so far this isthe third choice i thinkonly one you would really consider righti gotta set up an ambush at dugo i gottago to dugout i gotta go dugaset up an ambush hellotell percy as i'm bringing russell'sWatch at: 01:43:20 / 01:43:40teamthe new signal we're gonna skip thatit's the same that one's the sameWatch at: 01:43:40 / 01:44:00but nowoh now his name's red look i haven'tseen [ __ ] if the names are redall right everyone converted can theyhear me look at the top left yoi'm about to body y'all by the bodyevery single one of youabsolutely level you guys out first i'mgonna take out adlerWatch at: 01:44:00 / 01:44:20hated that dude woods you're next yeahsmokeum lazar saved you just so i can takeyou out nowhope you don't regret it sure you're notforgetting something thoughashes to ashes dust tothis can't be the right place we didn'tWatch at: 01:44:20 / 01:44:40see anything on our side eitherit's him [ __ ] lied to us no nothat true bell you pull us out to themiddle and nowhere rightso perseus can detonate those nukes thatwould besuch a good plan um signal ambush youunderestimate me goodbye edlerWatch at: 01:44:40 / 01:45:00oh wow i called the ambush and you shotan rpg on my feetget in the building is that perseusWatch at: 01:45:00 / 01:45:20wowWatch at: 01:45:20 / 01:45:40[Music]difficult to chill broin the buildingi feel like you know how you're alwaysthe americans i feel like this is likethethe only time in a game where you playis the opposite it's kind of crazyWatch at: 01:45:40 / 01:46:00good night babyoh mason reload your gun right in thenutsWatch at: 01:46:00 / 01:46:20wait are you good are you good or bad ohi mean he's bad goodadler where you at broare you a adler over here this is ityour friend went through here he is notWatch at: 01:46:20 / 01:46:40far come out and playyou are running out of time come out andplayi'ma no scope him i think he he's gonnaget the noscope for changing my memoriesand stuff broi'mma give him the businessWatch at: 01:46:40 / 01:47:00are you through this door that becomesthe mousehere mousey mouseyoh oh ohglad to see you still care what the heckmind giving me a lightWatch at: 01:47:00 / 01:47:20no hesitation i always love that aboutyouWatch at: 01:47:20 / 01:47:40uhis how call of duty ended broWatch at: 01:47:40 / 01:48:00all right what do you want from me ohokay you want me to talk to youyou remember my face don't you are itwas himsolovetsky stand by for the detonationorderWatch at: 01:48:00 / 01:48:20i think you deserve this moment comradeum oh my gosh brothe freaking captions are so badumWatch at: 01:48:20 / 01:48:40i like it's kind of weird he doesn'tactually see anything returned tosolovetsky to watch it all unfoldbut that chapter is closed now we beginthe next one togetheryou did welland to think after all this timethey still believe ohWatch at: 01:48:40 / 01:49:00what as ifperseus could ever be an individualworking aloneso americaninteresting we'll need a new home nowWatch at: 01:49:00 / 01:49:20the central committee will be moresurprised than the ciaeven if we made the best choice for thefuture of our homelandyet for humanitytheir eyes will be as clouded as oursonce werecome there is still much to be doneWatch at: 01:49:20 / 01:49:40wow okay well that's definitely adifferent endingthey're gonna play this is gonna be thesame though right how many green likenukes did he detonateyeah this is the same mr president doesanyone know the bonds were oursWatch at: 01:49:40 / 01:50:00materials related to operation greenlight were anonymously released an houragopresumably by perseus calls arebeginning to come in from across theglobethat son of a [ __ ] you and vicepresident bush are to be moved to securelocations immediatelyi want any business related to thisthing erased foreverWatch at: 01:50:00 / 01:50:20everything can you make that happenof course it's already begunshould i give him a lightis that the fourth ending if i give hima light[Music]Watch at: 01:50:20 / 01:50:40we will watch europe burn wait hold onwe will watch the empire of the unitedstates okay wedid all this wait collapse under its ownwho knewlet's just let's just let it play imight get another achievement the worldwith two superpowers will become a worldwith oneWatch at: 01:50:40 / 01:51:00whole world would like tense your powersfortnite babyand if the leaders of this new worldorder squander the opportunity we haveprovided themthen they too will be replacedWatch at: 01:51:00 / 01:51:20[Music]your former friends killed himno matter kasim was always a weaklinggot a changeout to jeremiah smith rolando labukinuh kaylee pretty on top uh we havecall of duty at last and vorpx gamingWatch at: 01:51:20 / 01:51:40thank you all for becoming membersappreciate that welcometo enjoy those emotes if you're enjoyingas well in the description belowit is a shame you had to kill antonvolkov it was our most valuable gdrassetbut perhaps with the fall of the west itwill not prove so great to blowWatch at: 01:51:40 / 01:52:00did i miss any ending guysyou say that helen park perished in cubashe had been sniffing around the edgesof our group foryears one less western nuisance for usWatch at: 01:52:00 / 01:52:20to deal withas for the rest it was a pleasureeliminating them by your sidedid you get all four i got three of themWatch at: 01:52:20 / 01:52:40with the western chaos our key agentswithin the united states are in placeand ready for the next phase of our planoh my gosh bro how many times do i haveto run these endingsnow that europe is in disarray ouragents within their respectivegovernments can help craft europeWatch at: 01:52:40 / 01:53:00one completely aligned with the interestof the soviet unionmy friend we are just getting startedum[Music]Watch at: 01:53:00 / 01:53:20okay let me see exit skipokay soum calculator watchyes give me one secWatch at: 01:53:20 / 01:53:40um you want me to give him the lighterreallyi don't think it'll change much bro iWatch at: 01:53:40 / 01:54:00mean okay we'll skipeverything go give them a lightall right let's give our due to lightWatch at: 01:54:00 / 01:54:20all right everyone converge on the gatei'm not saving park bro that change isprobably likeit literally just changes the namesthe light is the same ending all rightwe're about to find outonly three endings from what i see itrust the ether soall right this is gonna be the lastWatch at: 01:54:20 / 01:54:40ending you sure you're not forgettingsomething billyeah i forgot to get merch from typicaldot store the most fire merch ever andthen when it got sold out i got reallysad because i didn't get merch fromtypical dot storeyou see anything on our side either it'shim [ __ ] lied to usthat true bell you pull us out to theWatch at: 01:54:40 / 01:55:00middle and know where russia's soperseus can detonate thosenukes um you are a fool to trust metheir choice but to trust youwhat a waste you actually could havedone something with yourself kidwell um i bet on the winning horseWatch at: 01:55:00 / 01:55:20winner here belle you've just draggedeveryone into the loser column with youi'd let you walk back to perseus but ithink i'll spare you the regret insteadum you'll die here disowned andforgottenWatch at: 01:55:20 / 01:55:40oh ohbaby i love the way you hit that rocketWatch at: 01:55:40 / 01:56:00you can change your mindoh lazaris goneWatch at: 01:56:00 / 01:56:20oh bro that's like an impossible angleWatch at: 01:56:20 / 01:56:40oh shoot oh shootoh my goshoh oh my godWatch at: 01:56:40 / 01:57:00oh my goodnessoh shoot bro i thought i could killperseusit didn't work guysall right where you at broWatch at: 01:57:00 / 01:57:20i see youi see you buddy hello buddyhello partyhi buddy is hereWatch at: 01:57:20 / 01:57:40okay go go go go go shouty it's yourbirthdaygo party like thishe's invincibleWatch at: 01:57:40 / 01:58:00oh my gosh brocan't take him out he's too crazy withitall righthello buddyWatch at: 01:58:00 / 01:58:20glad to see you still care why did youdo thisokay give me a lightthere you go buddy here's a light ohshootah just kill me bro i deserve ithonestly yepnow you're good take out the other guytoo while you're at it thoughWatch at: 01:58:20 / 01:58:40oh oh[Music]oh gosh darn broi'd offer you a cigarette butyou don't smoke anymoreWatch at: 01:58:40 / 01:59:00we tried to help you with all your worstqualitiesi guess science still has its limitspleasejust shut him uplooks like you made a new friendi'm happy for you saudi he seemsWatch at: 01:59:00 / 01:59:20charming i'm sorry i shot him he'sreally growing on methat's persist you want a lighteryou okay you're gonna be all righti don't get bored easily kid you'rereally getting good at thisWatch at: 01:59:20 / 01:59:40me thankswhat are you seeing ohwe'll do a tea bag right hereoh that's a lot of blood you dropping alot of juice on the floorWatch at: 01:59:40 / 02:00:00what do you got for meoh boy there's something around thisroomjump on your headoh shoot i'm stuckWatch at: 02:00:00 / 02:00:20oh he's on his headstop i'm stuck i'm stuck wait i'mparkouring parkouringoh my god i'm parkouring i'mokay i got stand up stand upWatch at: 02:00:20 / 02:00:40ah shoot oh gosh i'm stuckdo a little park a little a little parkah i can do it i can do it i can do itoh i'm stuck i broke the game ohno i'm goodwait hold on hold on i'll do it in aWatch at: 02:00:40 / 02:01:00second on the chairon the chair on the toolbox i can't doitokay i'm just everybody calling wait hehad a different gunwhy is it floating all right oh ohare you a magicianWatch at: 02:01:00 / 02:01:20the heck was that bromy god bro all right here's the lighterWatch at: 02:01:20 / 02:01:40broi don't try to pull out at alloh stabby snappytime to go to sleep sweepy timeshreepWatch at: 02:01:40 / 02:02:00wow all right back to iti'm sorry buddy i had to get all theWatch at: 02:02:00 / 02:02:20endings i'm sorryi bet okay okayall right that's it that's it we talkedto adler missionsbro what is up with his ammo packs wheni get off the menu look they jiggleWatch at: 02:02:20 / 02:02:40yeah he's got a lot of work to himall right that is every single endingin call of duty black ops cold warladies and gentlemenwhich brings us to a wrapwhat the heck is this perseus todaywe reshape the worldWatch at: 02:02:40 / 02:03:00why is it playing this brofor decades we fought to keep communistpress exit skip there you goshould i play one round of multiplayerwe're going to play we're going to playfree for all that's it we're gonna playWatch at: 02:03:00 / 02:03:20one free-for-allum what else do i gotlet's read out some donuts herebro what is up i need to figure outwhere this startsuh mookie three dropped a hundredWatch at: 02:03:20 / 02:03:40dollars and said hihow are you bro is that legit wait whyam i talking on themoh shoot people can hear me[Music]cia team defend our freedomWatch at: 02:03:40 / 02:04:00i play on playstation now brosmoked smoked smoked againWatch at: 02:04:00 / 02:04:20i'm quitting i'm quitting i'm retiringi'm back into retirementon pc 100 i can't play unconstitutedconsole too hard for my smooth brainWatch at: 02:04:20 / 02:04:40dude my brain is movei'm the best grace of all timetold you guys to do it oh my gosh whohas a smoother vein mirroroh me or hurt him oh i got shot in theWatch at: 02:04:40 / 02:05:00backand you're too late owmamaWatch at: 02:05:00 / 02:05:20oh you really camp in that corner yourmother must be proud of youoh my goshoh my goshWatch at: 02:05:20 / 02:05:40you cheap hiding little guyokay that was kind of nuts bro mymovement was kind of insane oncontroller and i'm gonna lieWatch at: 02:05:40 / 02:06:00i play babyWatch at: 02:06:00 / 02:06:20oh there's a guy there the whole timemultiple enemiesowdid they did they nerfed the mp5 i thinkWatch at: 02:06:20 / 02:06:40they did multiple hostile spy planesdetectedenemy palm strike incomingWatch at: 02:06:40 / 02:07:00detectedchill with all the spy planoh they didn't nerf it i joined lateoh my gosh what score am i oh no oh i'mWatch at: 02:07:00 / 02:07:20no way catching upoh my gosh bro what i joined this solate i hate when they put you late intoa free-fall like what's the pointwhat's the point of putting me late intoa free-for-allWatch at: 02:07:20 / 02:07:40like there's no point yeah wait how isthat even defeat i joined and somebody'sup15 points already like lick a fat duckbroall right what i want to say before thisscreen wraps up is go to typical.orgyourself some fire merch uh the campaignwas all right uh the missions wereWatch at: 02:07:40 / 02:08:00pretty cool the ending wasokay uh i thought it would be moredramatic butum it was pretty cool uhshout out to mookie3 by the way he justabsolutelyum dropped a hundred dollars say how areyou i'm doing great mookie big shout outto you man thank you thank you thank youuh zeon hag shout out to you dancingWatch at: 02:08:00 / 02:08:20girl thank you carsonjust got the glasses and they're amazing10 10 quality thank you carson i knewyou enjoy it mango pick up a pair of gaming glasses guystypical dot storeum dancing girl again jian siem thankyou so muchralphie what's up gg your videos uh loveyour videos keep the good work i've beenwatching for over seven years youinspired me three years and i wish youand samara all the best please give me aWatch at: 02:08:20 / 02:08:39shout out shout out to ralphie the kidi'm glad to inspire you in any way manbig shout out to you and thank you forthe very kind wordstj gay max thank you signs drip shoutout to you it's wolf with the 20 you'remy best streamer shout out to you dudereally appreciate that uh shawnee ibought a 1997 pokemon mew super bouncyball and i had when i was five years oldWatch at: 02:08:39 / 02:09:00and watched it roll down a storm drainsaturday saturday ever glad i couldwatchuh stream on my day off do a 360 snipewhile you can bro big shout out to youshoddy that must have been a throwbackdude uh i hope you're enjoying the musesuper bouncy balluh thank you for the dono and i'm gladyou could catch the stream on your dayoff manuh big shout out to you shawnee uhisoballer glad you enjoyed the videosWatch at: 02:09:00 / 02:09:20alexerouh nettle king it's your boy joe thankyou for the five dominion scottappreciate the love you just got hackedthank you for the four levi ackermanglad you enjoyed the content man shoutout to youf2a zay thank you lee leighton huntthank you and then we have mike isflying shout out to you as welli'm not gonna do that but i'm sureWatch at: 02:09:20 / 02:09:39somebody did that on youtube bro youcould look that upuh he said try the interrogation uh butdon't go into the caveuh hey you kind of have to go into thecave at least from what i've seen sooh i guess you could go the other wayyeah you're rightthat might be neat ciao dude appreciatethe supportall right that's gonna be it for thisone guys uh we just finished upWatch at: 02:09:39 / 02:10:00spider-man we finished up cold warnow we gotta finish up avengers so staytuned for that but i will be tomorrowuh streaming some awesome stuff so makesure to stay tuned for thatif you guys haven't seen i uploadedliterally like an hour agoa brand new video over on tg plays so ifyou want to check that out link in thedescription below that's my otherchannelupload every single day on that channelWatch at: 02:10:00 / 02:10:20guys it's a grindto do streams and the videos but i hopeyou guys are enjoying them and if youdon't know what i'm talking about gosubscribe right nowlink in description below tg plays gosubscribe with the belt we're almost at3 million subscribers on that channeluh but that's pretty much gonna be it ihope you guys enjoyed this walkthroughwhyis it playing this oh i hope you guysenjoyed the walkthroughand uh don't forget to subscribe theWatch at: 02:10:20 / 02:10:39bell here if you want to see dailystreams and um yeah go copyourself some fire merch the stream'sover go watchgo go to typical last stormy gamingglasseshoodies t-shirts backpacks everythingtypical last store i'll see you guyslater thanks for watchinghope you have an awesome day and peaceWatch at: 02:10:39 / 02:11:00outyou

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  1. I'm mad at the people in the chat that they keep saying kill perseis when you cant and i saw that they said to shoot him in the beginning when you cant and i saw shoot him when you kill adler im mad at that a little


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