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    SearchThisVideo: CALL OF DUTY BLACK OPS COLD WAR PS5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO (COD Campaign)

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    so i'm gonna tell you guys right now i'm
    really excited for this campaign black
    ops cold war uh let me tell you
    i'm low-key nervous because i know
    everybody right now is wanting
    this game all right i understand it
    but i uh i'm playing both today i'm
    gonna be uploading this
    and spiderman i'm supposed to be back to
    back everything so right now this is way
    too many games the ps5 is hot the xbox
    series x is hot
    uh there's so many games i want to cover
    and i do everything by myself which is
    why the
    i guess the support on my content means
    a lot to me so when i see like
    when i saw spiderman part one get like a
    hundred thousand likes in like eight
    hours i was like what in the world
    like what did i do to deserve this
    that's like unreal
    so uh i mean i don't expect that for
    this i know that that's
    that's kind of that's probably like a
    one-time thing because that doesn't
    happen often but
    uh if we had like half of that in 24
    hours i will go crazy all right
    uh i plan on uploading this quickly and
    alongside of spider-man miles morales
    right now
    and then i'll get back to the other ps5
    stuff after all this is done so
    but yeah with that being said i do have
    two copies of this game one for ps5 one
    for the series x if you want a chance to
    either like the video leave a comment to
    your favorite call of duty
    and uh with all that being said guys i'm
    gonna jump into it
    and just kind of see what happens here
    we go this is uh
    without any editing loading up the game
    kind of just seeing what it's all about
    i feel like uh the load times are
    usually pretty fast now
    on everything look at that we're already
    on the menu
    well not really the menu the intro thing
    connecting to call of duty online
    services will it work
    the hope is there guys nice oh
    i was a little i was lowkey nervous all
    right we got the campaign multiplayer
    war zone is back
    which i think it's just doesn't it just
    start up the other game kinda
    i don't know how it actually works
    zombies and of course
    the main one store all right guys let's
    get this
    all right guys i think i'm gonna play on
    you know what's funny recruits actually
    auto selected
    not sure if like ps5 remembers that i'm
    a scrubber or what
    is this like the brand new technology at
    work what's going on here
    realism i'm just gonna go regular
    you sure we can trust the police adler
    this guy's done more for less
    he'll look the other way
    glad you could join us hans you remember
    we cleared a move on the target kasim is
    in his apartment but he's well protected
    can keep my men out of the area for 15
    i hope he brought an army we brought
    pleasure doing business with you hugs
    come on woods is itching for a dust stop
    we don't want to let them down
    now these graphics are something else

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    happy new year 1981
    adler looks just like uh brad pitt from
    once upon a time in hollywood
    hey mace party favors are in the trunk
    all right uh what we got here
    milano eight eighty-one a talon reflex
    what else we got ak-4 oh yeah i'm not
    gonna aksen for you all right here we go
    here's my jam oh yeah
    [ __ ] probably thinks he's safe that
    piece of trash is a lot of things
    it's safe ain't one of them
    all right press to view current
    objectives do we really need to take
    this son of a [ __ ] alive adler
    this even has info we need everyone else
    can take a powder
    this game runs like a dream it's just up
    hard and fast let's go
    good thing i got a laser sight you know
    so they can clearly see me
    oh my god the
    the controls oh my goodness
    yeah this haptic feedback is crazy on my
    i didn't think it's gonna be like this
    it's gonna take some getting used to
    hold on let me yo i i wish i could
    explain this to you guys
    so yeah when you press on the trigger
    it's like it it stalls you for a minute
    i don't know it's almost like are you
    sure you want to do that so you can kind
    have it ready like right now
    i got everything like
    yeah i mean this feels crazy i wish i
    could describe it to you better but
    find him god the haptic feedback or
    whatever this is technically called is
    i've like the other games i've played so
    far haven't used this feature that much
    let's go
    this is insane oh my goodness
    i was just to capture this guy
    take down system initiated brutal melee
    kill or grab as an enemy human shell
    uh all right
    sorry dude
    yo it feels so good to be playing a cod
    game on ps5
    i was actually gonna get this on series
    x as well but i don't know i mean
    they're both get like both systems are
    really good right now
    oh i gotta be careful

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    it always takes me back to my roots
    because i started out my channel on call
    of duty videos
    modern warfare 2 is it oh that's the
    woods my bad
    i was like he's getting away
    yes story is i mean it's got a lot of
    hype to live up to man i've seen the
    trailers and it looks awesome
    easy take it easy
    where's this guy at all right they are
    they already pushed up or should be fine
    watch it
    come on dude guy in there somewhere
    uh should i try this out
    oh i killed him no jesus
    all right so note the self don't throw
    grenades right now because i might kill
    the wrong person
    we need him alive go through here maybe
    yo this controller i'm gonna tell you i
    i had read about this but i didn't
    realize what it actually did
    until now it is insane
    come on i don't know if that's the
    capture guy or not yeah
    that's what i killed last time back
    come here buddy he's bolting where are
    you going
    go go hello
    okay i got two of them
    you're up mason
    you actually get to choose in this game
    i just handle the money i have no idea
    where arashi is
    i don't think you understand the
    you americans have rules you have rules
    you took hostages
    the rules changed
    i have told my friend something around i
    can't stop him from throwing you over

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    wait wait he's in turkey
    he's meeting someone in traps on
    airfield tomorrow night
    i like how you just throw the guy oh oh
    i swear i swear i don't know they only
    communicate with coded messages
    all right release yo is there gonna be
    multiple endings to this game
    capture you're coming with us
    i'm gonna get i'm gonna capture this guy
    all right let's load him up he'll find
    his voice soon enough let me know if you
    need some help looking for it
    hudson we're bringing you a present
    he's in trabzon turkey
    18 hours later here we go kasim is out
    of the picture
    how long before we get a rush
    the team arrived in turkey a few hours
    ago they should be in position shortly
    airfield's just up ahead let's go find
    this [ __ ]
    and these graphics are insanely good
    like look at the lights
    you already hear like the plane noises
    man oh my goodness
    check it out
    any sign of a rush
    what are they loading up over there
    it's not him uh
    i feel like a spy right now
    truck that's gotta be a rush
    hold fire we need a positive id
    that's our man
    i shot the wrong guy
    i thought i killed him i swear that was

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    on top of that guy's head too
    i think that's i know it's supposed to
    yeah i aimed right at that dude's head
    and it just said it said you know what
    we're gonna go down
    that sniping is so cool
    that was supposed to happen there's no
    way it wasn't
    oh this game is crazy good
    controller also changes vibration
    patterns it's
    i don't know man this is crazy
    hold on
    oh god
    like bad boys too over here
    whoa hold on
    really use this what is this
    like what why is this a thing right now
    yeah i mean i know what this is it's a
    kill streak normally but hold up the
    we didn't use it much in the campaign
    are you kidding that's twice though
    yo i'm getting like here we go
    you got to dodge everything
    in case you forgot
    don't mind me
    shooting a rocket launcher at it
    low key what's going on
    hurry before it takes off
    got him
    this game is legit man this uh
    console and everything is just awesome
    yo is this game i mean it's just
    non-stop i love it

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    it was never about the hostages
    his plan is already on the way
    you won't be able to stop him this time
    stop who
    perseus [ __ ] percy's death
    all this time that you didn't even know
    precious will watch the what
    hutson don't want to hear about this
    let's sweep the tarmac for survivors and
    get to langley
    who the [ __ ] is perseus
    1943 detailed information from the
    manhattan project was stolen from los
    by the russian spy known as perseus
    1968 vietnam war
    vietcong soldiers orchestrated by
    attempted to steal an american-made
    nuclear bomb from a u.s
    firebase five days ago while on a
    we acquired intel that perseus is in
    play again
    and planning an attack on the west
    purses the cia's analysts consider him
    to be the single
    largest threat to the free world
    mr hudson we're all aware of perseus
    we're also aware he's more myth than
    fact i mean
    personally i think he's nothing more
    than the russian boogeyman
    general hague allow me to introduce the
    i suited to respond to that cia
    clandestine special officer russell
    he's one of the few people even come
    close to capturing percy's
    uh mr adler why should we take this
    perseus threat seriously you don't have
    to sir
    yeah then a lot of innocent people are
    gonna die why do you say that
    sir every time perseus has come into
    play it shifted the balance of the cold
    after 13 years of silence if he's active
    something big is gonna happen something
    that will affect the free world
    so sir mr president sir mr president
    mr president this is jason hudson and
    russell i
    know their names who do you think
    approved their
    last mission
    is the threat real yes sir we believe it
    can you stop perseus we can sir i've

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    already submitted the requisition for my
    sir their requests are highly irregular
    most likely illegal if the press gets
    old what the hell are you talking about
    you know who we are every mission we go
    on is illegal
    sergeant woods plausible deniability is
    the backbone of our work
    am we're talking about preventing an
    attack on the free men and women of the
    give mr adler whatever he wants
    gentlemen you've been given an important
    protecting our very way of life from a
    great evil
    there is no higher duty there is no
    higher honor
    and while few people will know of your
    rest assured the entire free world
    will benefit i know you won't fail us
    this is hudson how long until we have a
    lead on perseus
    they're about to get started adler's in
    west berlin he should be at the safe
    house soon
    do you trust him i'm not the one you
    should be asking black
    what about his team it's a strong group
    he chased down sims
    as alay even pulled some strings to get
    helen park from mi6
    we'll get the mason and woods soon i'm
    not so sure
    about park she and adler have that
    business from before
    of course he wants you there and the new
    bell well don't get me started that's
    the one we need to keep our eyes on
    all right central intelligence agency uh
    it says select oh i get to pick
    last name i mean do i just do my own
    name oh i get to actually do everything
    uh all right here we go
    we'll do brad
    nice little uh my middle name a lot of
    people don't know this
    people are actually surprised for some
    reason all right uh
    place of birth i'll go with north
    skin tone i am pretty pasty but i'm
    going to give myself some sunshine hold
    i'll go that one uh gender uh i'm a guy
    military background let's go with uh cia
    hold on
    actually they'll serve with mi6
    xkgb i'd like cia it sounds cooler right
    can i go classified let's keep it
    uh psychological profile violent
    lone wolf that's me i like it hold on
    let's see what else we got
    uh lawnmower professional
    oh my goodness

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    yo you actually you get like a a loadout
    passive traits for these let me read
    them really quick aiming speeds
    increased by 100
    ads time half oh my goodness
    aiming speed so that's like snapshot all
    right here we go uh
    bullet damage increased by 25 that seems
    good lone wolf
    yeah i see i like the name lone wolf
    or the the title of it but i don't like
    that that perk
    full movement speed when adsing okay uh
    receive explo yeah i'm not gonna do that
    no lethal and tactical equipment no i'm
    good on that one
    reload speed increase aggressive
    behavior that's not bad
    the health increased you die on like two
    shots anyway it's not going to matter
    uh payne flinch reduced by 90 percent
    methodical oh nice stability
    rate of fire increased 25 percent
    you're gonna be cooking through some
    bullets on that damage taken with
    station reduce so if he's just like some
    afk attack
    stand still and shoot uh hit firing no
    thanks okay i think the one i'm gonna go
    is the 25 overall damage
    yeah 25
    is insane all right movement speeds nice
    all that other stuff
    we're gonna have to do this one all
    right uh
    oh i get two two traits well the other
    one i did want to do
    is reloading
    sleight of hand pro let's go baby
    uh yes i'm good
    that was just the prologue
    bell welcome to west berlin
    we've got a job to do that's my name
    adler hell
    let's get started
    it's been a surge in russian chatter in
    the last 48 hours
    cia and the dod have tapping their
    inside sources for anything substantial
    so far there are no leads on perseus mi6
    has come up empty-handed as well
    and we'll have to start somewhere
    so we're going back here vietnam
    1968 one of our closest encounters with
    [ __ ] some part of me always knew that
    mission wasn't done with us
    pull up everything we've got on the
    attack in da nang and run it past park
    she'll cross-reference it with mi6 we're
    looking for code names encrypted
    brush and activity with nva anything
    that could be a lead
    bell this is where you come in someone

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    high up wanted you with us and no
    i didn't think i needed you then but i
    did now i need you again
    head to the evidence board we'll retrace
    our steps through da nang
    anything that could give us a lead on
    all right let's use the evidence board
    you know what the thing is they've never
    had a call of duty like this before like
    this feels like one of those things
    i make my own character i mean it's got
    i mean i wouldn't say it's a creative
    character but
    it kind of is like perk wise
    it's like the next mission replay
    previous missions or examine evidence
    so this is the central hub of the game
    gotcha oh before anybody asks
    you can actually increase the fov on
    this by the way it has a slider i put it
    it was like on default 80 i put it to
    90. i didn't want to overdo it
    i use high fov on most games on pc but
    i'm on ps5 and i don't want to like
    it does look weird to people that aren't
    used to it
    all right next missions right here we
    also have
    one of one items collected okay yeah
    this is the next one
    i like how it has my name on there brad
    bell lamar
    examine evidence what we got
    photos of camp haskins eight thousand
    miles from home
    okay taking a rare day without any rain
    uh shared joy if you guys don't read
    these for deposits i will read these
    uh just in between videos i do a lot of
    editing so
    us army calendar 1967
    delta deployment looks like that
    fracture draw memo
    fracture draw plan
    fracture jaw nuclear device okay
    lawrence sims survival knife
    well let's get it
    all right belle we're going back to
    first time perseus pinged our radar it
    was late january 68.
    we were a joint caa sub task force
    embedded within the third marine
    regiment near danae
    zog was there to sniff out soviet
    activity ward had it russian operatives
    were active in the region
    perseus had no known presence in vietnam
    that changed at the nag
    somehow perseus knew about operation
    fracture fracture jaw
    that one sure went sideways we launched
    out of camp haskins
    yeah i'll never forget that [ __ ]
    good we want those memories no details
    too small a face
    a name we're looking for anything that
    can lead us to perseus this feels like
    looking for a needle in a haystack
    in a field of haystacks maybe put that
    needle somewhere
    remember we had a job
    fractured jaw that one sure went

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    bell it's time to wake up
    it's great time
    all right fracture draw here we go
    just get this like this game already
    looks incredible i don't know what we
    welcome to another day in the life of
    camp has been oasis
    whatever was god for sick and shitstorm
    you're pretty safe here
    hey butcher how's the arm still hurts
    like hell but at least i can move it
    i'm just surprised by how well the ps5
    controller fills in your hands man
    this plus the way the game plays it's
    it's awesome experience all around and
    it just feels fresh and new as well
    which is what we needed you know
    i'm playing this in 4k 60 frames
    obviously the video
    you know i'm working on getting a 4k
    going one of these days
    i'll be by 2021 i'll have it all set up
    hey sims you know reading that shit's
    gonna make you go blind
    yep that's why i want it all up here
    belt you're with sims usually bring out
    the best in each other
    we got a new assignment fob4 ripcord is
    holding a vital asset
    charlie wants real bad what kind of
    asset are we talking about
    the kind you don't ask about ripcord has
    been taking a hell of a beating
    so it's our job to secure the asset and
    get the [ __ ] out
    relax we got fast players providing
    combat air support for this mission
    it'll be a walk in the park
    headsets on
    all birds check in when ready badger
    niner one good to go
    imagine nine or two clear to go niger
    niner three
    rotors up all birds go go
    go crank up and pull pitch all birds are
    in the air
    you all sitting comfortably oh man adler
    why do i get the feeling you about to
    give us some bad news
    because you're a smart guy sims the news
    isn't bad in fact it could be very
    very good the asset at ripcord is gonna
    have to wait a little while
    we're breaking off from the armada
    taking a detour and
    that's good because a source tipped us
    off that there may be a heavy hitter in
    a soviet operative known as perseus oh
    [ __ ] appreciate the enthusiasm sims
    if our source is right we could be
    looking at an intel
    gold mine

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    first time perseus pinged our radar
    approaching the village now roger that
    moving to establish an lc rpg
    the way the the vibration the
    insane right now
    i'll be safe
    hold on
    man i wanted to do that forever let's do
    all right nice let's take it easy
    this is why i wanted this uh
    reload speed to be faster that 50
    bump you can actually feel it man
    it feels very snappy i think if you had
    the sleight of hand type thing
    i call it sleight of hand it's the other
    thing but the 50
    reload that plus the ads speed increased
    that would be nuts what we got over here
    sorry about the soviets
    let's go easy now i mean i guess i could
    get this
    i can have both of those yeah okay we're
    that smell that felt crazy
    i think we're good let's move in [ __ ]
    i'm exposed
    i don't play shooters much like call of
    duty's like a really fast-paced shooter
    and i feel like
    i don't know i can't wait for zombies
    and everything else i'll definitely
    cover zombies as well if you guys want
    get ammo oh yes yo is that the rpd
    hold on oh it's a shotgun what was the
    other thing rpd
    man i used to love this gun
    you don't even have to reload half the
    time well i'm gonna do it

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    hold on i'm glad i got the 50 reload
    because without that i'm actually
    let's just try it out here we go
    yo that was that was quick
    hold on
    i usually play on tactical but i don't
    know i just felt like playing
    like normal
    i feel like maybe the health would have
    been better
    i think we're good
    yo how did they get over there hold on
    oh back here
    has to be through here yeah here we go
    i'm right behind you
    oh push it in if you're gonna do that
    yo this i mean the gun plane is insane
    everything's so snappy and it feels nice
    i feel like
    it's doing exactly what i want it to
    i'm proud of myself for not reloading
    every five minutes
    and like letting the clip actually run
    there we go looking for a needle in a
    you hear that it's on you bell open the
    adler we confirmed it soviets on site
    you sure
    well i'm staring at two bodies that sure
    as hell don't look vietnamese to me
    bell grab that comms log let's see who
    the [ __ ] they've been talking to
    mission accomplished we have the intel
    let's bug out
    good work hang on to that intel we're
    coming in to pick you up
    all right let's go rejoin the armada and
    get this [ __ ] asset
    part of me it feels like getting out
    here is gonna be tough oh
    we good
    oh my goodness badger niner one this is

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    we are still under heavy fire vc you're
    preaching the perimeter what is your
    we're inbound now ripcord get that asset
    ready for transfer
    something tells me there's like a hidden
    thing over here every
    oh i wonder if you can actually does it
    show anything on here
    other than my net type being moderate
    oh well let's get going
    badger niner one in the air yo i'm
    actually the one doing it you're all
    over the mountains
    no sense here all targets are valid
    oh my god
    not every day you get to control the
    chopper well unless you get the kill
    streak chopper gunner but
    you know
    they did a really good job making it
    feel like the uh the time period the
    cold war and all that
    let me reload really quick oh my god
    i don't know if it's the controller or
    what but
    everything feels so responsive it could
    be the game though
    there we
    sent that hide go us they're pissed we
    got the intelligence
    we gotta go we gotta go we gotta go
    this thing is smoking i'm not going to
    make it
    i didn't do that wait there's there
    yo where's everybody at
    yeah we gotta get moving
    i'm gonna say it man on the road
    this has been a probably one of my
    favorite campaigns they've ever done
    don't mind me

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    you need to push back the vc
    reinforcements before we're overrun
    be advised we have multiple birds
    no keep it up
    this is crazy look at this
    i you know what i right when i shot that
    i saw the american flag i was like [ __ ]
    keep it up okay
    i got a little happy with the uh the
    missiles there for a minute i saw the
    flag i was like no
    no i'm blind let me get over here
    can't wait to see the comments from that
    is that one right there
    yo it's kind of tough to see everything
    oh hold on
    you can see all that though hold on
    there's a game i grew up playing uh
    desert strike and jungle strike
    this kind of reminds me that a little
    i i can't destroy that one because it
    says like friendly fire or whatever
    there we go
    man i don't want to land this is awesome
    i guess we'll have to though
    about i hope it lands for me it's not
    about the crashing bird
    the base is still hot so watch
    yourselves roger that rip gordon
    you adler mac v sugg yeah yeah just
    hurry the [ __ ] up already
    yes sir thank you don't thank me thank
    he's the one who just snagged us a
    [ __ ] phone book full of soviet intel
    let's go now godspeed commander
    a [ __ ] nuke are you [ __ ] kidding
    me adler it's a fail safe that's all you
    need to know
    we that desperate already not yet
    our return to camp haskins
    it's like especially a war zone down
    oh my goodness
    and we have a nuke on us that's not good

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    oh my god
    oh my god guys
    it's like if the crash doesn't oh percy
    is new
    i don't like fire everywhere okay
    we're okay
    well let loose with that goddamn turret
    before we're overrun
    don't mind me upside down
    i mean i see them but like the arrows
    are pointing further
    we up air support well call it in
    grab a weapon keep it on the [ __ ] off us
    mind if i do man what does it say m60 oh
    it is
    this thing is going to take a weekend to
    reload anyways
    even with the uh
    oh my god we got near an m16
    give me that thing
    no no no where's the thing yet oh no
    there it is m60 wait here it goes
    what oh oh that's supposed to happen
    still with us
    you think we can call this a success
    at least the nuke didn't go off
    more importantly we got intel on perseus
    told you we had a job to do it ain't
    done yet not by a long way
    four hours later let's get it yeah how
    did the memory exercise go
    well to hear it from adler it's working
    bell remembered finding that encrypted
    intel in vietnam and is almost finished
    decoding it
    anything useful in there some names
    possible leads park is trying to connect

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    the dots
    we don't have much time does the team
    know about our
    mishap in berlin yet no but if it's
    connected to one of those names from
    they'll find out soon enough you won't
    let that happen hudson
    don't say anything more than necessary
    that's never been a problem for me
    we finished analyzing the names bella
    quiet at da nang
    one in particular stands out anton
    he's a russian arms dealer working out
    of east berlin
    admittedly his connection to perseus
    comes as a surprise
    we've got killer capture orders on
    so if we can't get to perseus we'll get
    to his men
    close off his resources force him out of
    mason and woods are still wrapping up
    business in kiev
    which means volkov is ours gear up
    and we'll move out
    so it's like we just go back to the
    board again
    mi6 has been tracking volkov for several
    it is my strong preference that we
    attempt to capture rather than kill him
    he holds answers to a great many
    your preference has been noted agent
    yo i'm gonna tell you this campaign so
    i'm about to do the next mission i want
    to check out everything
    change channel i kind of don't want to
    so this game does have a lot of
    copyrighted music in it by the way
    like i've actually i actually got an
    email from them and said hey
    certain missions are going to have songs
    and you just have to do your best
    so if the video has parts where it's
    like randomly quiet
    that's probably why so otherwise my
    video gets removed i don't think any of
    this stuff actually matters electronic
    this is the email back in the day what
    is this
    basically everybody's stuff on here
    yo look i love the graphics on that too
    february 12th
    two days after my birthday how
    oh yeah kind of getting used to
    everybody's names
    mason alex or alex mason
    yeah i'm telling you like i'm just gonna
    do this so you guys can see it if you
    need to
    another february let's go
    march 20th that's what i'm talking about
    uh i think i'm good i don't really know
    what the point of this is other than
    just it's a cool thing to have
    all right let's do another mission i
    wanted to make this first video as long
    as possible
    uh i'll do one more mission and then

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    after that i'll probably stop when we
    get back to this area and that'll be
    like a long part one
    then the rest of videos would be like a
    good length as well so all right let's
    get it
    so in addition to next mission the
    optional side missions have
    operation red circus and operation has
    been unlocked
    now available on the evidence board
    what is this hold on now are these side
    missions are these like
    can i do these at any point i kind of
    want to do the next story mission then i
    might try out these
    i mean there's not going to be many in
    the game anyways the fact that you can
    redo the missions is kind of cool all
    right uh let's just do this one
    uh examine evidence let's see what we
    got there's a photo
    what's a puppet master from abroad anton
    you can bring it closer that's kind of
    trailing the middle man
    just kind of doing this so you guys can
    pause the screen if you need to read it
    some people like being able to see
    which is why oh a checklist again that's
    what we're about to be using it looks
    all right we go here we go baby
    bulk off heads the russian mob that
    moved into east berlin once the wall
    went up in 61.
    this guy has connections to cartels
    throughout europe and the americas
    neutralizing him will not only hurt
    perseus but the global syndicate
    he's a big fish and here's our little
    franz krauss according to mi6 he's one
    of volkov's information careers
    he has a drop with volkov scheduled for
    tomorrow night
    we'll infiltrate east berlin via the
    u-bond a ghost station on the other side
    of the wall has the access point we need
    from there we'll watch krauss as he
    enters the city once falkoff shows his
    it's killer capture
    we just
    is it me is every mission titled like
    the name of the old 70s and 80s song or
    whatever or 70s songs

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    as soon as the train slows down you and
    i'll jump
    part lazar wait till the next station
    bell and i'll track down krause all
    train slowing down let's go to work all
    right here we go
    all right here we go
    i like how that's the plan jump off and
    hurt yourself
    careful east german guards still patrol
    these abandoned stations
    patrol ahead we can use a train to slip
    kind of worried about getting killed by
    a tree
    careful i can't even see this guy's head
    can i just take the surprise no it
    wouldn't work obviously it wouldn't work
    like that
    come on this is the way out
    nice work let's clean this up
    i already have an mp5 but this one
    different side it looks like maybe i
    missed the same one i don't even know
    that's saying there's something
    carry body i mean what's the point of
    drop them right here i guess
    crowd should be coming through the
    checkpoints soon let's get to the root
    god so dark in this game bizarre we're
    almost in position
    copy that come on
    this way i have to add some brightness
    to this video

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    careful of the spotlight i'm staying
    right behind them just in case
    they know how to lock a place down i'll
    give them that
    keep an eye on that checkpoint kraus
    will be coming through anytime
    look for krause with your camera
    that old-fashioned camera though here we
    go security is even tighter than usual
    if they detained krauts he could miss
    his meeting with volkov
    not our guy i'm just taking a picture
    let's get the checkpoint man with the
    briefcase is that him
    negative where's the guy with the
    wait that's not cross
    that's a guy with a briefcase i don't
    see anybody like right there over the
    checkpoint but
    that's not him what is back there some
    who just has a bunch of pretzels oh here
    we go good job that's our man
    that's kraus
    on me
    this guy climb up where did he go oh we
    went over here
    i was confused i it's so hard to see in
    this game
    apart krause just crossed the wall
    what's your status
    lazar and i are at the expo point
    awaiting your arrival
    roger that
    our intel says kraus and volkov will
    meet at the bar across the street
    meet hudson's contact inside shall have
    a blue umbrella
    i'll stay out here and watch the street
    all right so he's gonna stay there i
    gotta go in by myself something tells me
    about to get jumped or something i don't
    hold on let me check something really
    there's a song that's supposed to play i
    have music off bar after the rooftop
    city streets okay

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    i don't see anybody yet unless they're
    back here
    no all right
    let me i mean i don't really know uh
    yeah i mean
    here we go look for the blue umbrella
    be sure to see us
    yo that's legit
    hudson didn't reveal much he said you're
    after volkov
    all right we get a bunch of questions
    that we can answer like i mean that's
    kind of cool that you get choices
    how long okay
    who knows demands like a ghost i would
    guess no more than a day
    krause is extrazy so don't let his
    wholesome appearance fool you
    the man is a killer
    i guess we're gonna ask all of them that
    really matter one of my informants was
    picked up in abandoned sweep just two
    blocks from here
    the must assume there are more nearby
    i would ask a favor of you he will not
    hold up under torture for long
    we need him rescued
    rescue or silence the informant heads
    i guess i'll try to rescue but we'll see
    i'll hold enough
    i don't have a reflection what in the
    uh i can't leave the
    bathroom let's like go right here
    i didn't even see this up here how
    that was perfect timing i almost got
    spotted all right so remain hidden to

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    avoid detection
    uh all right
    rally up with the dark part without me
    i'll update you when
    nice we got that was kind of loud brad
    god it's just it's like the game has
    very good lighting and all that but
    i'm struggling with uh all the nighttime
    missions it could also be the monitor
    i'm playing on i don't know
    keep it low profile we already have
    enough trouble
    there's a camera to tag enemies
    trying to see like the best way to do
    this because
    everybody's just distracted right now
    all right whatever let's go
    worst case if they see me
    i think we're all right i think i'm okay
    oh on where's this guy at
    or the informant i mean uh let's see
    this is where i'm having an issue
    because i cannot see
    please don't come over here don't do it
    oh come on dude
    well catch up

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    i mean the good thing is i can just pick
    out everybody
    but then it won't really matter i won't
    have anybody to actually spot me hold up
    watch out for civilians though
    are we good
    i hope we are oh we gotta go back up
    hold on let me try going through here
    our guys are picking this lock i've
    already pretty much got everybody
    there's the first one nice
    you i've seen no picture
    are we good let me get this
    extra ammo there
    uh what happened i've been monitoring a
    nearby kgb
    field house i i don't know how they
    found me
    i've done everything by the book uh
    shoot layla will be in touch what about
    this one
    orkoff he's awful speakable if you find
    you should just kill him on site please
    sir have a friend
    release me
    thank you for saving my life i'll be
    waiting to hear from you
    all right we did the little side thing
    there we didn't have to even do this i'm
    pretty sure
    the thing is already taking out
    everybody out here it feels like
    a big hardest challenge completed okay
    okay we're good that's your low profile
    god help us all follow me yeah i didn't
    quite have a good one today
    parks in the electronics store right
    across the street from kraus's place
    i was gonna pick her up some networks
    from the brown bob
    this game has been flawless so far to me

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    i haven't seen any frame drops or
    i will do all the side missions too
    those seem bad probably short as well
    a car pulled up near across this
    building a few minutes ago but i didn't
    have a good angle too
    just a moment crosses on the telephone
    belt get eyes on cross
    yo what is this
    i don't want to play it because i'm
    worried it might have music and that's
    that's a shame
    at youtube in 2020 though
    all right where's the stairs at dwight i
    don't go out the front door obviously
    sounds like volkov wants krause's
    we should place a tracker in it that
    case will lead us straight to vulcan
    one of us can sneak into krauss's
    apartment avoiding kraus and his wife
    might be the greater challenge
    bell volunteers while he's doing that
    i'll check around the exterior for any
    unwanted guess part you can keep an eye
    on us from here
    i'll try to give you my best angles
    lovely okay uh now we can leave
    maybe i can just walk through the door
    right here
    that's not good
    uh i'm worried now they're going to see
    you can drink the wife if you have to
    but krause must go to the meeting
    i'm about to phone his apartment
    don't mind if i do
    got one
    got you nice work now find the briefcase
    who's this hello
    really quick

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    uh carry body
    stage body like she's taking a nap there
    we go perfect
    put a blanket over
    perfect all right let's find this
    wait he said find a briefcase right kind
    of looks like one that looks like a
    purse also
    never know
    just gonna look around until i get it
    it's saying
    it might be hidden as well i don't know
    where would it actually be though
    [ __ ] we missed the kid
    oh no
    i mean it's not in this bedroom it's not
    out there in the living room i don't
    i gotta go upstairs though don't i
    there goes nothing man
    i got the dart gun still out so
    i don't know where they are like is it
    safe to leave
    i want this door
    okay i really don't know anymore
    i to go this one in the end right
    man i feel like i'm about to get spotted
    every time he enters
    i can actually see stuff now
    we got something just now evidence

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    maybe it's like hidden somewhere
    oh fingerprints there
    oh wait interact oh
    confused why that
    it's almost like there's a puzzle in
    all right maybe you've yeah flipped that
    and then oh what is all this
    plant tracking device there's the
    bell have you briefcase the briefcase
    uh understood
    just plant the tracker and get out of
    what in the world
    oh no
    but i brought him too that makes this
    much less unblessed
    has been looking for this one that percy
    we have greater killer as well her own
    colleague gratitude
    your spineless piece of [ __ ] uh i'm
    sorry glitter the
    kgb's pockets are deeper
    perseus has a large bounty on your head
    i don't care about your questions
    uh unfortunately for you it seems these
    friends of yours have other places to be
    but you are damaged goods only a grave
    can cure a
    i was wondering if that was going to

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    all right kill or capture i'm gonna
    capture the best i can
    feel so free now i can shoot
    come on
    this gun feels so responsive
    i need suppressing fire
    man open up look like there's something
    back here
    no i guess not
    hold on
    is getting away let's go
    there are enemies everywhere
    oh come on
    so here we are you and i
    at last belle
    on behalf of mi6 thank you
    volkov is ours more than he deserves
    now let's get the hell out of east
    the information from volkov confirms
    their worst fears
    first you smuggled a nuclear device
    through east berlin
    we can't be certain of it yet he has it
    i'm sure of it
    we found encrypted geo coordinates with
    folkov's nuclear intel
    an unpopulated region within the soviet
    republic of ukraine
    an aerial recon run revealed this
    i want to know everything that's going
    on inside this building

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    we'll need the others for this one mason
    and woods will join us from kiev
    bell yield info here with woods mason
    and i will be standing by for an extract
    sparkle handle comms
    we have no idea how large you're
    prepared their forces will be so use
    discretion if you have to engage
    it's time we took a peek behind the iron
    alright guys that is it for now thank
    you guys so much for all the support on
    this game
    so far i know it's one long video but uh
    i'm gonna tell you right now so
    some of the cutscenes and stuff had
    music i don't know what i can have in
    there or not but i'm gonna try to have
    as much stuff as i can if i have to mute
    the audio it is what it is but
    thanks so much for all support and again
    thank you activision for the early
    and i hope you guys enjoyed this it
    should be a short series we're flying
    through these missions like super quick
    not trying to rush through it but it
    just seems like uh
    every call of duty is like a four to six
    hour campaign type thing so
    this one's really awesome all right guys
    i love you if you want more this game
    quickly you know what to do
    i'll see you guys soon take it easy

    PS5 Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a PS5 Review, Campaign Intro and Story Campaign Mission 1 for Playstation 5, ...


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    4. All appreciation to Hack_master11__ on !ñstagr@m, unbelievably got my account recovered. He’s the best hacker alive. I assure you he can retrieve any account you had as fast as mine..


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