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    SearchThisVideo: CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE 2 REMASTERED PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 Campaign FULL GAME 4K 60FPS

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    Watch video at 00:00
    it's the fng sir
    what the hell kind of name is soap
    nikolai's in hell right now we're gonna
    walk him out
    we take care of our friends
    imran sakayam
    once their hands
    delta one x-ray we have a missile launch
    i repeat we have a missile
    the more things change the more they
    stay the same
    boundary shift new players step in but
    power always finds a place to rest its
    we fought and bled alongside the
    we should have known they'd hate us for
    history is written by the victor and
    here i am thinking we'd won
    but you bring down one enemy and they
    find someone even worse to replace him
    locations change the rationale
    the objective yesterday's enemies are
    today's recruits
    train them to fight alongside you and

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    pray they don't eventually decide to
    hate you for it too
    same [ __ ] different day you know what
    i'm looking for sergeant foley
    keep your eyes open got a new badge hit
    in the pit today sir
    i'll send you the best i find
    welcome to pull the trigger private
    allen here is going to do a quick
    weapons demonstration to show you locals
    how it's done no offense
    but i see a lot of you guys buying from
    the hip and spraying bullets all over
    the range
    you don't end up hitting the damn thing
    and it makes you look like an ass
    private alan show him what i'm talking
    about grab that weapon off the table and
    fire the targets behind you
    turn around and fire at the targets
    you see what i mean he sprayed bullets
    all over the damn place
    you've got to pick your targets by
    aiming deliberately down your sights
    from a stable stance private island show
    our friends here how the rangers take
    down a tug
    crouch first then aim down your sight at
    the target
    that's all there is to it you want your
    targets to go down
    you gotta aim down your sight aiming
    down your sights also works for
    switching quickly between targets
    aim down your sights then pop in and out
    to acquire new targets
    show em private if your target is close
    to where you're aiming
    you can snap to it quickly by aiming
    down your sights
    now that's how you do it you want to
    take down your targets quickly and with
    now if your target is behind light
    couple remember that certain weapons can
    penetrate and hit your target
    the private here will demonstrate
    last but not least you need to know how
    to toss a frag grenade
    private island pick up some frag
    grenades from the table
    toss the grenade down the range to take
    out several targets at once
    good note that frags tend to roll on
    slope surfaces
    so think twice before tossing one uphill
    thanks for the help private alan now get
    over to the pit
    general shepard wants to see you run the
    all right who wants to go first show me

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    what you've learned so far
    we're on a tight schedule here lte
    hey private welcome back to the pit
    our general shepherd wants to pull a
    shooter from our unit for some special
    anyway he's up there in observation go
    ahead and grab a pistol
    all right try switching to your rifle
    good now switch to your sidearm again
    you see how fast that was remember
    switching to your pistols always faster
    than reloading
    well smile for the cameras and don't
    miss shepard's gonna be watching
    the best shooter gets to join the prima
    donna squad if that's your thing
    okay head on in timer starts as soon as
    the first target pops
    i don't know why
    are you clear
    very impressive man you made that course
    you [ __ ]
    okay head upstairs and regroup with your
    team or you can go back in run the
    course again
    all right all hunter units we're headed
    everyone get to your vehicles we're
    moving out
    we are the most powerful military force
    in the history of man
    every fight is our fight because what
    happens over here
    matters over there we don't get to sit
    one out

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    learning to use the tools of modern
    warfare is the difference between the
    prospering of your people
    and utter destruction
    we can't give you freedom but we can
    give you the know-how to acquire it
    and that my friends is worth more than a
    whole army base of steel
    sure it matters who's got the biggest
    stick but it matters a hell of a lot
    more who's swinging it
    this is a time for heroes a time for
    legends history is written by the
    let's get to work
    get up private allen wagers lead the way
    grid 252-171 target is a white 12-story
    apartment building
    across the river under 2-1 this is
    solid copy i have uh devil 1-1
    flight of two f-15s
    sierra northwest holding area nice
    carrying two j dams and two horns over
    rolling it down
    move it
    which building is it sir it's that tall
    one at one o'clock and which building
    the 101 o'clock the top
    hey dave which one is it is it the one
    on the left or the right
    the one on the left hey isn't this
    danger closed for the task force come on

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    since when does shepard care about first
    all right we're oscar mike oh look look
    up the village going down
    unless they fire first scan the rooftops
    the hustles
    stay frosty you see anything
    i got nothing dude this place is dead
    overlord 1-2-1 we're passing tunnel
    crosby elizabeth roger that hunter 2-1
    proceed with caution
    all right stay frosty you guys this is
    the wild west right
    watch those alleys cover it
    balcony 12 o'clock probably malaysia
    are they are negative they're just
    watching us
    i bet they're scouting us but that don't
    mean we can shoot
    can you see him can you see him i don't
    see jack
    all hundred victors this is sergeant
    falling prepare to engage got a ton of
    they're moving around upstairs

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    have eyes on the school over squad
    two one we are combat ineffective here
    we are taking heavy fire for the school
    can you assist over
    one g classroom on the right
    heavy resistance
    keep moving we need to take the heat off
    i'll have to do three
    thanks for the assist we're leaving
    roger that two three
    i think i saw
    we just mop it up solid copy hunter 2 1
    actual proceed with caution to the
    rallying point
    epw's may still be in the area over
    roger that overlord thank you
    gentlemen good work on taking the town
    private allen you'll be taking orders
    from me from now on
    i'll brief you on the chopper let's go

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    so how do i look like one of the bad
    perfect for your undercover assignment
    so makaroth is the prize
    makarov's no prize he's a [ __ ] a mad
    dog killer for the highest bidder
    just remember your new identity it'll
    keep you alive
    welcome to the 141 best hand-picked
    group of warriors on the planet
    it's an honor sir when do i meet the
    rest of the team
    they're on a mission recovering a downed
    acs module behind enemy lines
    their feet wet imagine they're just
    about freezing right now
    brakes overwatch let's go
    stay here and spot me wait for my go
    all right the ice is good follow me
    you love me i'll see you on the far side
    hold on don't let go

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    approach check your heartbeat sensor
    you should be able to see me on the
    scope that blue dot is me
    any unrecognized contacts will show up
    as white dots
    approach these muppets have no idea
    about here let's take this nice and slow
    can you take the one on the left one
    three one
    two three
    nice work
    the storm is blowing up let's split up
    i'll use the thermal scope and provide
    overwatch from this ridge
    use the cover of the storm to enter the
    base you'll be a ghost in this blizzard
    so the guards won't see you until you're
    very close
    keep an eye on your heartbeat sensor
    good luck
    we may need to go to plan b if things go
    there's a truck

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    that's the viewing station can you find
    it approach go back to the fueling
    station and plant your c4
    i'm picking up more radio traffic about
    the satellite standby
    got it sounds like the satellite's in
    the barn hangar crazy
    let's go
    go upstairs and look for the acs modules
    i've been compromised keep a low profile
    and hold your fire
    roach go to plan b
    follow me let's go

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    come on
    i've got you covered
    take that snowmobile let's get the hell
    out of here
    go go
    keep going
    we have you on visual get your ass on
    board we're running on vm
    the rest of task force 141 brought in
    the acs
    allen two men took down an entire base i

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    asked much more from you now
    yesterday you were a soldier on the
    front lines but today front lines are
    uniforms are relics the war wages
    and there will be casualties
    this man makarov is fighting his own war
    and he has no rules
    no boundaries he doesn't flinch at
    torture human trafficking or
    genocide he's not loyal to a flag or a
    country or any set of ideals
    he trades blood for money
    he's your new best friend
    you don't want to know when it's cost
    already to put you next to him
    it will cost you a piece of yourself
    it will cost nothing compared to
    everything you'll save
    snarmy ball
    remember no version

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    let's go
    they're right on time check your weapons
    i've waited a long time for this
    haven't we all
    this way let's go
    take them out
    second floor

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    always clear
    attack knock it off
    that was no message
    this is a message
    when they find that body all of russia
    will cry for war
    the russians ain't gonna let this
    massacre go unanswered it's gonna get
    two right men now in the eyes of the
    world they're the victims
    no one's gonna say a word when the
    russians club every american they can
    makarov was one move ahead now he's left
    thousands of bodies at the feet of an
    we're the only ones who know it was
    makarov's up our credibility
    died with alan we need proof
    follow the shell
    alejandro rojas

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    you know him as alex the red he supplied
    the assault
    one bullet to unleash the beauty of a
    whole nation
    which means that he's our ticket to
    ghost the plates are a match copy any
    side row has right hand man
    negative they stopped twice already no
    sign of it
    wait they stopped again stand by
    got a positive id whoever these guys are
    they're not happy to see them
    ghosts we have a situation here
    get down get down
    getting away let's go let's go
    a driver's dead we're on foot meet us at
    the hotel rio and cut him off if you can
    rocha i'm on my wife
    lethal takedowns only we need them alive
    roger take the shot he's down
    roach this is going to take some time go
    with meat and rice and check out the
    favela for any signs of rojas
    that's where this guy is headed let's go
    remember there are civilians in the
    favela watch your fire out there
    me get these sippies out of here roger
    that keep searching let me know if you
    see him all right let's go

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    no i'm changing
    keep going and cut him off up top
    good luck
    this foreign
    but i'm still tracking

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    keep going
    across the roof
    him that way go go
    i wanna get out

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    no he's not
    frontrunner this is bravo 6. we've got
    the package i repeat we have got the
    command ready for dust off send the
    chopper coordinates to fog
    bollocks the skies are clear send the
    chopper now
    come on they read up their ass we're on
    our own
    san bravo we're reading 70 bogeys in
    your sector please verify
    very funny station that's a big negative
    yeah it might be a glitch in one of the
    acs modules san bravo be advised running
    diagnostics to scan for malfunction
    the skies are clear station you've got
    yourself some phantom dots
    over zulu x-ray 6 signs in your sector
    of some 100 bogeys please advise
    negatory station scope is clear i don't
    know what to tell you
    solar interference heavy sunspot
    activity today
    jira delta uh we may have a minor acs
    fault here do you have anything on your
    sierra delta repeat i'm looking at
    fighter jets
    how the hell did they get through stand
    by attempting to contact the nearest
    unit in that sector
    i read you this is battalion 75th ranger
    regiment sergeant foley acting commander
    of hundred two one do you copy over
    all stations be advised satellite
    surveillance has been disabled
    at this time
    we are caught off
    get out get out let's go
    overlord this is hunter 2-1 requesting
    air support over
    hunter 2-1 all air support is already

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    additional ground support is in route to
    your position but has encountered any
    resistance over
    roger that overlord be advised we have
    encountered enemy armor and are
    proceeding on
    overlord copies all good luck out
    hold your fire don't engage that btr
    they haven't acquired them
    i got a visual on the smoke coming from
    the parasite that's where raptor went
    we're spotted ramirez use your smoke
    grenade gun cover
    come to the alley
    12 o'clock
    on me go go

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    m5 sentry gun
    check out the supply drop
    get to the roof there's a maintenance
    ladder in the kitchen
    heads up ladies we got trucks to the
    they're using smoke to cover their
    incoming north side
    shift your fire door
    roger switch the thermal if you got it
    on the roof
    on the roof
    behind us

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    raptor is secure and stable roger that
    everyone check your weapons enamel
    they'll be back
    two one zelda advised two pcr's coming
    in from the north
    roger that
    i have a visual on an enemy uav operator
    remote piloting those missiles
    he's inside that diner to the west over
    get over here i'm sending part of the
    squad to help you out go
    nice work team regroup over here
    good kills 101 good kills
    he's down
    take your team and secure the burger
    town we're gonna move raptor over there
    this location has been compromised
    everyone else listen up
    we're moving raptor eighth now stack up
    by the south end of the stage
    we need to get the hell out of this
    building before those fast movers make

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    another pass
    we need to move
    squad be advised we're gonna move raptor
    from nate to the burger town as a
    that's group direct hit hunter two one
    keep up the fire
    on three one
    two three
    you got him good kill go go go
    five plus confirmed kills nice work
    hunter two one
    good kills hunter two one good
    15 plus enemy foot mobiles approaching
    north of your location over
    oh man that's at least ten more confirms
    hundred two one good shooting
    pay it by the predator is offline i
    the predator is offline

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    parking lot
    predator drone is offline
    attack helicopters headed for your area
    over copy overlords
    to the west
    nice work that heli is down
    hunter 2-1 this is overlord actual we're
    seeing a large group of enemy
    reinforcements to your north over
    take it down

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    [ __ ]
    nice work that helium down
    the convoy's here everyone on me we'll
    get the hell out of here let's go
    let's go
    ramirez the convoy is just to the south
    of burger town get your ass over here
    we gotta get back to the convoy let's go
    hunter two one this is overlord give me
    a sit rep over
    cargo is secure repeat precious cargo is
    for oscar overlord copies all good job
    now squad we still got two thousand
    cities in arcadia
    if you got a family there it's your
    lucky day we're gonna go save their
    we're sorry all lines are busy at the
    please hang up later on
    the conga anyone on the home has been
    drawn to the shores of the united states
    the russians must have copied the acs
    module got the key to every lock in
    and they're killing a thousand americans
    for every dead civilian in moscow
    looks like we're all our friends i've
    been harassed or denied i know a guy
    let's find a paper if they still exist
    all we got our rojas is that the only
    guy makarov hates worse than americans
    is locked up in a good leg that's all
    we've got
    this cons the beat to catch that
    psychopath let's hang him from a tree

    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00

    so the militias closing in almost 200 of
    them front and back
    we're gonna have to fight our way to the
    lz let's go what about rojas
    the streets will take care of him works
    for me
    okay my friend i am on the way
    on the roof
    watch out
    i have a target

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00

    let's go let's go through these streets
    of the market
    lay down
    heads up hallie on the left

    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00

    taking cover by
    on the right
    what are you doing
    enough i see more militia closing in on
    the market
    hit up the pace let's go
    this way
    let's go let's go
    it looks like the whole village is
    trying to kill you
    now tell me something i don't know just
    get ready

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    we're running that route
    there's too many of them out of there
    and find your way to the rooftops
    i must leave
    come on
    my friend just got into the summer
    someone turn off that damn tv
    my task force is out of the country i'm
    commandeering your unit sergeant foley
    yes sir bulliosa i've requisitioned a
    striker from the 8th armored
    honey badger is a mean [ __ ] sir she'll
    walk you in the russians are burning
    through our defenses and our intel
    can't let them take this corner just
    point it out on the map sir
    they won't take it
    so they can get the rest of the cities
    out of here let's go

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00

    fire on that house
    thanks for the assistance
    we got hospitals in that greyhound take
    him out
    let's go
    by the apartment
    all of your teams
    take out that sentry gun roger attacking
    your target
    target area suppressed

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00

    roger that i have new orders for you
    this comes down from the top over
    your team is to divert to four six seven
    seven brook mayor road after you have
    eliminated the
    aaa check back with me when you've
    completed your main objective
    overlord out
    target is out of range
    engaging your target
    target destroyed
    badger one copies engaging your target
    badger 102 target destroyed

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    ramirez use your laser designator to
    calm an artillery on those vehicles
    fire mission received
    coordinates confirmed firing
    overlord 1021 actual aaa has been
    we're heading to 467 brookman road
    interrogative what exactly are we
    looking for over
    sergeant foley this is general shepard
    your objective is to extract a high
    value individual from a panic room on
    the second floor of that house
    yes sir he'll be expecting you challenge
    is icepick counterside is
    phoenix get him out of there report back
    to overlord
    no sign of forced entry ramirez get that
    what's left of it
    sorry check out these tats not your
    average trooper
    get a couple of photos for g2 and check
    the bodies for intel
    what shepard's not gonna like this
    overlord the hvi is dead

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    it seems we're headed the wrong
    direction sir shouldn't we be coming
    back to the fight
    plenty of fight to go around mctavish
    glad you made it out of south america
    you're meeting up with the sixth fleet
    leading the counter-strike
    prisoner 627 we believe that's who
    makarov's got the mad arm for
    but we can't get to him
    oil links sir russians are using them as
    sites oil workers are human shields
    so we can't just blow up the rigs
    wholesale and this one is the least
    boys i know i'm sending you into the
    meat grinder on this one we're defending
    it so it means we want it
    especially if it gets us to six to seven
    uss chicago actual to dry dock shelter
    we have a go
    dds hanger flooded full pressure begin
    team one stv is away
    hotel six bearing zero one niner
    uss dallas deploying team two rv at the
    hotel six they have 20 meters
    team two at the objective
    a positive
    at the same time

    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00

    roger that hotel six
    keep it tight people
    go visual riding free to engage suppress
    weapons only
    we're clear civilian hostages at your
    watch your fire roger that team one
    moving the bridge
    we're clear hostage is secured in
    section 2 echo
    roger that hotel 6 team 2 will secure an
    evac continue your
    search top side okay move upstairs
    control with advancing detective
    eyes open watch your sectors enemy hilo
    patrolling the perimeter
    keep a low profile hotel six roger that
    enemy hilo get out of sight
    okay move
    hotel six more hostages are at your
    muslim group enemy radio
    i think we're gonna have company sir set
    up a plan b
    get some c4 on those buddies go
    get to an elevated position we'll ambush
    them when they discover the bodies
    there's a patrol hold your fire until
    they're closer

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    do it
    hostages and possible explosives
    asap so they can send in the marines
    roger i have a target can go down
    hotel six hostages from lower decks are
    being extracted by team two
    proceed to the top deck asap to secure
    the rest dover
    copy that we'll walk in on it
    come on
    i can't get a shot
    i don't have a shot
    the clock's ticking we need to get top
    side and secure any remaining hostages
    before we call in the marines
    12 o'clock i don't have a
    can go shot

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00

    let's go those hostages aren't going to
    rescue themselves
    hotel six be advised hostages have been
    confirmed at your location along with
    possible explosives over
    smoke screen copy that all teams check
    your fire you don't know what's behind
    these doors
    if you've got thermal sights that would
    be a good time
    12 o'clock
    clear room clear control
    all hostages have been secured i repeat
    all hostages
    secured proceeding to lz bravo
    good job hotel six marine reinforcements
    are inserting now to dismantle the sam
    get your team ready for phase two of the
    operation out
    hunter two two this is punisher actual
    go flat secure
    all eod teams are cleared for landing
    roger punisher
    punisher at all flights in vicinity of
    grid two five
    local air space is secure i repeat local
    air space is secure
    proceed on course to target area along
    route november 2.
    this is hunter actual 102 to secure the
    same site at the southwest
    corner of main deck 102 3 is proceeding
    towards the derrick building to disarm
    the explosives
    punisher actual to all strike teams all
    sam sites neutralized
    repeat all sam sites have been
    neutralized blue sky in effect

    Watch video from 102:00 - 105:00

    six fleets mopping up time to move in
    long history of this building not much
    of it pretty
    started out as a castle with an actual
    dungeon built to withstand any siege
    buildings survived every brutal winter
    the occupants
    they weren't so lucky the monastery
    didn't survive the pledges
    over the last century has played host to
    anyone the government didn't want but
    couldn't kill
    places filled with living casualties of
    the last war which
    i swear i thought we'd won i suppose
    it's holiday races
    he backed to losing a horse and this is
    where you end up
    67 is the piece of meat market off once
    so let's cut him loose
    30 seconds corner 2-1 this is chester
    1-1 flight of two f-15s for
    harms for the section stand by for
    seattle solid copy chester
    go get it good tone fox 3 fox 3.
    stabilize all snipers
    shift right shifting
    stabilized ready
    in the next hour
    doesn't mean much to the navy at this
    point bloody yanks
    i'll show that with a good guy frosty
    second wave going in standby
    solid copy on all

    Watch video from 105:00 - 108:00

    i got eyes on target
    man down
    cover me roger i got it
    tackle he's breaking free
    this is it we go in grab prisoner 627
    and get out
    check your corners let's go
    i don't have a shot
    duty follow me
    on the security cameras

    Watch video from 108:00 - 111:00

    see anything you like bad news mate i'm
    tracking three
    no four hostile squads converging in
    your position
    i can hear them coming let's go we're
    too exposed
    ghost open the door
    bloody hell they've locked you from the
    hard line i'll have to run a bypass
    too late they're already here
    be advised you've got more tangos headed
    your way
    we're gonna need more
    almost there
    go go
    i'll draw the fire with the right shield
    you take them out
    bypass the lower floors by rappelling
    out that window copy that ropes follow
    captain mctavish last floor clear we'll
    link up with you at the bottom
    the camera feed in solitary confinement
    is dead the power must be down in that
    of that squad switch them out

    Watch video from 111:00 - 114:00

    me now
    what the hell was that get the navy to
    cease fire
    the navy isn't in a talking mood right
    now stand by
    would you mention bravo's stick firing
    for now
    the wall to get in
    head on move quickly and hit them from
    the sides
    12 o'clock

    Watch video from 114:00 - 117:00

    12 o'clock i got it in my sights
    let's go
    hostile between the two showers
    old tunnel system heading south south
    west okay
    talk to me ghosts signatures
    one of them should be prisoner
    this belongs to you sir who's so
    come on
    get the hell out of there
    there's the jumper get ready good job
    go back go back
    this way this way
    i can't see you
    whatever you're gonna do so do it fast
    506 i see your player spy rig all the
    let's go

    Watch video from 117:00 - 120:00

    gonna be okay
    on your feet we're oscar michael two one
    natural out listen up
    this evening's getting hit hard and we
    need to buy him some time whoa
    on us snipers rpg teams and heavy arms
    fire all floors 12 o'clock us
    overlord actually
    uh negative one actual all available air
    units are currently tasked with multiple
    cast backs along the potomac
    proceed west to the target building and
    provide support
    roger brigade combat team one has
    already peeled off an lab to provide
    all right

    Watch video from 120:00 - 123:00

    be advised we're inside and proceeding
    to the upper floors
    roger overlord copies all
    what's up
    over copy that 2-1 good honey
    hospital suppressed in section two echo
    roger that two one
    on the southwest corner of the fifth
    floor are hammering the evac cycles
    overlord we're on the fifth floor
    proceeding to the southwest corner
    i got movement

    Watch video from 123:00 - 126:00

    all hunter units i have a visual on the
    enemy's crow's neck at the southwest
    move forward and clear it out just gave
    the order to abandon
    get your ass out of there
    overlord this is hunter21 actual
    we have secured the enemy crow's nest on
    the southwest corner overlord copies all
    the evac site at the washington monument
    reports several transports away
    but they are still vulnerable can you
    provide support from your position
    over roger that we're sitting on a
    stockpile of enemy munitions
    we'll dig in and burn through their ammo
    out ramirez
    get on the sniper rifle scan for targets
    to the south of the washington monument
    all call signs on this net this is the
    washington monument evac site we're
    holding our own but have blast enemies
    to the west
    and are taking fire from that direction
    stay frosty
    we are taking fire at the washington
    monument we're down to 80
    combat effectiveness request immediate
    sniper fire on targets west of the
    monument over
    southwest remember use some of this
    origins to take out the enemy vehicles

    Watch video from 126:00 - 129:00

    valuable time well done now get your ass
    to the roof after in danger of being
    roger that we're heading to the rooftop
    everyone move out
    atlas 2-6 is now away all remaining
    units execute level three evacuation
    urgent surgicals only we just lost atlas
    3 aaa from the capitol building get
    those timmy's back in their seats
    and are heading up interrupted had the
    washington monument siphon evacuated
    hunter this is dagger 2-1 we are in
    position at the lz
    on the rooftop what's your status
    negative 2-1 they're still pinned down
    by infantry and light armor from the
    world war ii memorial doesn't look good
    from here over
    copy overlord we'll do what we can from
    the air oh
    first wave of civilian transports is
    away river two
    proceed with second stage evacuation
    glitter urgent personnel only
    we're gonna have to leave
    we're losing attitude
    2-1 this is overlord do you copy over
    dagger 2-1 this is overlord how copyover

    Watch video from 129:00 - 132:00

    take this and stay down
    defend this position
    uplink nearly complete
    general shepard you're online with
    captain price
    back from the brink captain out of the
    frying pan it's more like it
    this world looks more like hell than the
    one i just left
    we thought we'd recover the acs before
    the russians could crack it
    we were wrong then makarov turned the us
    into a scapegoat next thing you know
    there's flames everywhere
    what's this image you're sending me you
    want to put out an old faster
    you set off a bigger explosion right
    next to it sucks away the oxygen
    snuffs the flame price you've been
    locked away too long
    better get your mind right son
    shepard are you willing to do what is
    necessary to win
    always we got ourselves a pretty big
    gonna need a huge bang you've been in
    the gulag too long price
    focus on taking out makarov no time sir
    we need to end this war today
    i'm not asking you price this is an
    like we lost our connection
    shooting my satellite feed too much
    interference do you see him
    over roger that soap i found roach
    he appears to be intact we're going to
    head north west to the sub base over
    copy that the rest of the team landed
    near ghost pretty far to the east
    development proceed with the mission
    we'll regroup if possible
    follow me and stay out of sight
    contact enemy patrol 30 meters to our
    five men automatic rifles frag grenades
    one german shepherd
    dogs i hate dogs

    Watch video from 132:00 - 135:00
    these russian dogs are like pussycats
    compared to the ones in pripyat
    it's good to have you back old man
    patience don't do anything stupid
    convoy coming get out of sight
    let them pass
    i'm ready let's take them all out at
    once you take the handler and his dog on
    the left
    so our intel's off the russians have
    mobile sands
    roger that he found us i'm working on it
    incoming look out
    slow down their vehicles can't follow us
    this far
    let them pass looks like they're
    searching for us

    Watch video from 135:00 - 138:00

    dog patrol three-man patrol dead ahead
    take them out or leave them be you're
    nicely done
    large patrol at 12 o'clock use a
    suppressed weapon
    we'll have to take them out at the same
    time take the two on the right
    well done
    if you've got another dog patrol take
    them out or try to slip past
    your call
    that time
    good work
    so what's the status of air support over
    a uav loaded with atms is on route to
    your position
    this ridge is perfect roach
    take control of the predator drone
    what just happened there's a mobile sam
    site in the village
    it just shot down our predator so we
    need another predator
    they know we're here

    Watch video from 138:00 - 141:00

    nice work on that sam site thanks but we
    better get moving
    those explosions are going to attract a
    lot of attention
    agm missiles online
    these things don't grow on trees
    watch for the flashing strobes that's us
    before that submarine dives we're moving
    atm missiles online
    agm missiles online i repeat agm missile
    is online
    direct hit
    agm missile is online
    good effect on target btr destroyed army
    army edm standby
    army agms stand by agm missiles online

    Watch video from 141:00 - 144:00

    arming agms stand by
    agm missiles online
    agm missile is online
    agm missiles online i repeat agm missile
    is online
    agm missile is online
    arming agm's standby agm missile is
    good head looks like at least
    all right i'm inside to stop cover me i
    need a few minutes
    army egms stand by
    multiple enemy vehicles

    Watch video from 144:00 - 147:00

    stand by agm missiles
    contact to the north on the dock next to
    the sun
    gentlemen of missiles vector puts it in
    route to the east coast we will lose the
    white house
    we've rebuilt it before we'll rebuild it
    casualties possibly 30 to 50
    000 depends on the exact location of the
    dead nation
    all systems will go down
    general shepard you warned us we should
    have listened
    when they speak of this moment we will
    not be the ones who stood guard while
    america died
    one man is responsible for all this
    makarov must be brought to light
    whatever you need general
    you've got a blank check
    dagger 2-1 this is overlord do you copy
    over dagger 2-1 this is overlord how

    Watch video from 147:00 - 150:00

    stay uh
    three oh left
    come in sap one this is iss control
    houston's requesting a feed from your
    helmet cam over
    uh they want you to look over towards
    the dark side of the earth
    it should be cresting the horizon about
    15 degrees east of the starboard pv
    there it is we're getting your feet set
    one come in houston
    uh are you getting this copy that iss
    video feed from saturn is clear
    sat juan keep tracking the bogey we're
    looking into it stand by
    houston we're not scheduled for any
    satellite launches today are we
    houston stand by we may have a problem
    houston this is
    what's going on
    just keep moving

    Watch video from 150:00 - 153:00

    our weapons still work which means we
    can still kick some ass huh
    they're here you going out there are you
    it's over come on we still have a water
    there's not even a street light for
    blocks all right
    we gotta regroup with whoever's left out
    there corporal gun take point
    i don't remember the damn counter sign
    all right i'm just a runner
    don't shoot the proper responses texas
    what do you got
    colonel marshall's assembling a task
    force at whiskey hotel you guys need to
    keep heading north
    so where are you going then tell
    everyone else get the whiskey hotel
    go you heard the man let's go
    done you're up
    clear i got our six

    Watch video from 153:00 - 156:00

    cover me
    what about
    it's clear
    i got our six go
    and you can get an idea
    feet dry
    cut the chatter ramirez take point
    whoa check out the seal on this door i
    thought the president's bunker was under
    the west wing
    no that's just for tourists this must be
    the real thing
    open it up

    Watch video from 156:00 - 159:00

    real or not man this place is history
    i hope they got all the time
    get more men moving on the left
    are you reading this that's where we
    gotta go now get the door

    Watch video from 159:00 - 162:00

    we got less than two minutes before they
    flatten the city we to get to the roof
    and stop them
    we got less than two minutes let's
    to weapons go 90 seconds we gotta push
    through move up go
    one minute go go
    go go
    counter side detected at whiskey hotel
    aboard a board we've got a countersign a
    poor mission
    aborting weapons release rolling out so
    when we're going to moscow not soon
    enough man
    i know we're gonna burn it down when we
    get there when the time's right corporal
    when the times
    it's been a tough week gentlemen we've
    lost more than we ever dreamed
    but we will recover
    i've got a blank check and we're going
    to use every cent of it killing makarov
    despite what the world may say we are
    not savages we don't kill civilians we
    use precision
    there's an evil man hiding in these
    shadows and we're going to bring him
    into the light
    once his face is revealed we will write
    these are the last safe havens left on

    Watch video from 162:00 - 165:00

    earth for makarov and his men
    sounds like we got to be in two places
    at once impossible
    not for the one for one 50 50 chance to
    take out macarovey
    captain price request permission to take
    the safe house with roach
    granted soap and i will take the bone
    yard in afghanistan
    very well we will cut off all avenues of
    this ends now strange
    got a swarm we ended this war yesterday
    sniper's in position strike team go
    engage mecca off on site surprise of
    solid copy let's go let's go
    left side left side
    go go
    we've got two trucks leaving the target
    don't let their trucks get away
    roger firing traveling danger trucks get
    back on the road
    bloody old
    moving vehicles have been neutralized be
    advised we have not i repeat we have not
    spotted marker off
    and no one else has left the house those
    trucks may have been decoys over
    stop reaching

    Watch video from 165:00 - 168:00

    don't go down
    off it's clear let's go let's go
    check the basement for enemy activity
    breach and clear go
    ozone make sure no one leaves for the
    kitchen right for that one
    i got you back
    sherpa this is ghost no sign of makarov
    i repeat
    no sign of makarov captain price any
    luck in afghanistan
    20 at least 50 height guns here but no
    sign of makarov
    press our intel was off well the quality
    of the intel's about to change
    this safe house is a bloody gold mine
    copy that
    ghost have your team collect everything
    you can for an operations playbook
    names contacts places everything we're
    already on it sir
    makarov will have nowhere to run that's
    the idea
    i'm bringing up an extraction force eta
    five minutes
    get that intel shepard out roach get on
    makarov's computer and start the
    ozone you're on real security i've got
    the front go
    on my way
    task force this is price more of
    makarov's men just arrived at the
    so cover me i'm going to stop that guy
    over there and use his radio to tap into
    their comms going silent for a few
    good luck up there in russia price out
    there's an armory in the basement better
    stock up while you can
    makarov's men are going to do whatever
    it takes to keep us from leaving what is

    Watch video from 168:00 - 171:00

    we need to protect the dsm until the
    transfer is done
    use the weapons caches and set up your
    claims if you've got any left
    defensive positions let's go ready to
    enemy first detect choppers coming in
    from the northwest i'm in position
    rush of that enemy hilo's approaching
    from the northwest
    we've got to cover the front line i'm
    moving to the main windows i need
    someone to mine and cover the driveway
    roach use your claymores on a driveway
    and pull back to the house
    moving in from the east roger that rpg
    team moving in from the east
    they're dropping in more troops west of
    the house they must be fired
    cover the west approach he's down we got
    two 40s and rpgs
    dining room window let's l86 machine gun
    roger that use them to cut down as they
    come out of the tree line
    get eyes on target
    10 o'clock
    moving in from the southwest sniper team
    one's a strike team be advised we've got
    enemy helos approaching from the north
    west and southeast
    enemy chop is in 15 seconds roger that
    15 seconds

    Watch video from 171:00 - 174:00

    he's in the old one
    you're gonna be without sniper support
    for 30 seconds standby
    the driveway
    be advised you have a large
    concentration of hostiles moving in from
    the south east
    they just reach the perimeter i'll try
    to fit them out before they get too
    recommend you switch to scope weapons
    over roger there
    everyone cover the field to the
    southeast move i got eyes on
    here they come they're in the fields
    roach the transfer is complete i'll
    cover the main approach while you get
    the dsm
    go to man down
    the bracket in our position with mortars
    keep moving but watch your back
    i got you covered

    Watch video from 174:00 - 177:00

    area sanitized all targets destroyed
    solid copy
    no movement detected 2-6 going into
    holding pattern
    get down

    Watch video from 177:00 - 180:00

    roots ghost kamingos you copy there's
    anyone copied
    they're dead soap shepard's cleaning
    i'm working my way back to you betrayed
    have to trust someone to be betrayed i
    never did
    nickel i come in do you have our inbound
    but i am not the only one you've got
    shepherd's men on one side
    macros on the other
    we'll have to take them all out then or
    let them take each other out
    either way i'll see you on the other
    side my friends
    no one
    i'm trying to get the situation under
    control before i get there okay
    right whatever you're saying if you're
    like just kidding i'm selfish
    so let makarov and shepard's men kill
    each other off as much as you can
    we can use their comms to listen in on
    their radio traffic
    i'm going to try and contact makarov
    makarov this is bryce shep is a war hero
    he's got your operations playbook and
    he's got a blank check
    give me what you got shepard and i'll
    take care of the rest
    i know you can hear me on this channel
    you and i both know you won't last a
    you ever hear the old saying the enemy
    of my enemy is my friend
    christ one day you're going to find that
    cuts both ways
    shepard is using sight hotel bravo
    make your way towards the runway

    Watch video from 180:00 - 183:00

    take out that gun
    behind us
    right side right side
    hold on
    coming in
    aim for the run
    we've got one good ump they've got a
    thousand we don't even know if makarov's
    intel's any good
    trace price
    the healthy human mind doesn't wake up
    in the morning thinking this is its last
    day on earth
    but i think that's a luxury not a curse
    to know you're close to the end is a
    kind of freedom
    good time to take inventory
    outgunned outnumbered out of our minds
    on a suicide mission
    but the sand and rocks here stained with
    thousands of years of warfare
    they will remember us for this
    because out of all our vast array of
    nightmares this is the one we
    choose for ourselves we go forward like
    a breath exhale from the earth
    with figure in our hearts and one goal
    in sight
    we will kill him
    i'll wait for you at the exville point
    three hours
    don't bother this was a one-way flight
    then good luck my friend slava burger
    if i'm picking up a thermal spike up
    ahead the cave must be somewhere over

    Watch video from 183:00 - 186:00

    the edge
    hold up enemy patrol ultra fire
    it looks like makarov's intel was solid
    this is it
    good they're splitting up let them
    this decryption code better be worth the
    price we paid
    go ahead alpha deliver that all clear
    over bravo
    sandstorm not much to see right now over
    zulu uh we're starting our patrol east
    along the canyon north side access road
    over focus on the group on the right
    directly beneath us let's take them out
    i'll take the two on the left on my mark
    three two one knock
    just like those times all right we've
    got to take out the other crew before
    they come back
    who knows
    quickly let's move up and take the
    i'm in position take the shot
    we don't have much time before they find
    the bodies let's keep moving
    here we go hold up here disciple 4 oxide
    what's your status over
    disciple 4 oxide do you copy over
    go hey i'm not getting anything from
    disciple 4 at the north ridge road
    could be a bad transmitter i've got 210
    goes down below
    let's go
    tango up ahead do not engage
    patrol coming our way go left quickly
    let them pass butcher 7 oxide we've lost
    contact with disciple 5.
    probably just the sandstorm that's
    rolling in or a bad transmitter
    sends a team to check it out over roger
    that oxide i'll send vincent
    and lambert butcher 7 out
    take out the guard having a smoke or
    wait for him to move along
    good night let's go
    easy though
    get two tangos in this corridor hold

    Watch video from 186:00 - 189:00

    your fire and stay to the left
    disciple five oxide give me a sit wrap
    so we've got two tangos with tank lights
    coming down the stairs
    under that red light dead ahead i'll
    take blood on the right
    on my mark three two
    one get knocked
    clear go
    disciple six we've lost all contact with
    disciple five
    check it out over the top of the
    staircase he's mine
    roger that oxide we're on the catwalk
    heading to the steam room standby
    disciple six go dark breaching clear
    here we go
    get ready door charge planted ready to
    it freezing breaching movement
    sweep left search pattern echo charlie
    door area clear checker corners
    go loud up fire they're here open fire
    we got a man down i got a runner
    disciple nine your rear guard just
    flatlined not possible we just cleared
    that area
    nobody's that good oxen it's price
    shield we'll need cover out here
    oxide avatar one we have unauthorized
    personnel on the catwalk i repeat we
    have unauthorized personnel on the
    down i see movement take part in the
    riot shield
    maintain aggressive oxide to 79. contact
    approximately 50 meters from the nest
    wait clear move in butcher 1-5
    rendezvous with the nest to prepare to
    escort gold eagle to the lz
    the gold eagle must be shepard we're
    running out of time let's go
    i got movement

    Watch video from 189:00 - 192:00

    i got a runner
    keep the professional
    get out of here
    gonna need 10 mics to get the trump rig
    and the ebc primed over
    negative gold eagle wants those charges
    hot in less than three mics
    bravo if you're still inside your
    service will be
    honored override the door controls use
    the keyboard
    override the door controls hurry
    run keep moving
    excalibur this is gold eagle fire
    target package romeo danger close that's
    within 100 meters of your position sir
    that's not a suggestion send it roger
    fire mission danger close get down
    since when does shepard care about
    danger close
    let's go stay close and follow me
    to the west so go
    sir sandstorm activity is picking up
    here it's too risky for flight ops
    understood head for the tunnel we'll
    take the zodiacs yes sir

    Watch video from 192:00 - 195:00

    headshots paint double keep your shots
    shepard mentioned zodiacs there must be
    river access nearby let's go
    this is for the record history is
    written by the victor
    history is filled with liars
    if he lives and we die his truth becomes
    and ours is lost shepherd will be a hero
    because all you need to change the world
    is one good lie
    and a river of blood he's about to
    complete the greatest trick a liar ever
    played on history
    his truth will be the truth but only if
    he lives
    and we die
    they're just around the corner come on
    so get on the boat
    those miniguns aren't going to stop

    Watch video from 195:00 - 198:00

    we're coming in hot rod you're dropping
    the hatch keep it above 30 knots to
    watch the vertical clearance storm at 12
    back up
    me we can't let shepard escape
    come on

    Watch video from 198:00 - 201:00

    five years ago i lost
    30 000 men in the blink of an eye
    and the world just [ __ ] watched
    tomorrow there will be no shortage of
    no shortage of patriots
    i know you understand

    Watch video from 201:00 - 204:00

    so so
    it'll hold for now come on get up
    i thought i told you this was a one-way
    trip looks like it still is
    they'll be looking for us you know
    nikolai we've got to get soap out of
    here nah
    i know a place

    Watch video from 204:00 - 207:00

    look out rpg

    Watch video from 207:00 - 210:00


    Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered PS5 Walkthrough Part 1 and until the last part will include the full Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Remastered ...


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    1. Billy Murray as Captain John Price

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    2. I do not understand why the volume of the background music of the missions and the volume of the radio decreased (you can see better in the missions "wolverines" and "by your own accord"), in addition to removing the secret dialogue when the combat efficiency of the monument Washington drops below 50%, immersion was much better.

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