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    SearchThisVideo: CALL OF DUTY MODERN WARFARE Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 – INTRO – Campaign Mission 1 (COD MW)

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    so guys before we begin I wanted to try
    something with this part one I haven't
    done in a while I was just gonna see how
    many likes we could potentially get in
    24 hours on this video I have really
    high hopes for this game Activision gave
    it to me earlier so thank you to them
    and I was gonna give away two copies of
    the game one for Xbox one for ps4 if you
    want a chance to Lindsey don't like the
    video leave a comment of when you fell
    my youtube channel but I did want to say
    I was looking the other day and my most
    viewed part one on my channel is Call of
    Duty World War 2 thank you to all of you
    who have been with me just throughout
    this 9 9 plus year journey on YouTube I
    really just can't thank you guys enough
    so anyways but that being said about to
    start it up I have really high hopes for
    this campaign the fact that we didn't
    have one with black ops for this one
    hopefully just blows me away so alright
    guys love you you want this series fast
    you know what to do
    and let's get this
    we fight to remove all foreign power
    from our soil we are Alcatel we are the
    we fight without sorrow
    we wage war without sympathy
    the only way die
    echo 3 1 2 Charlie to actual go for
    actual LZ is in sight I got boys around
    that time Colonel rod 4 3 1 hitman teams
    are locked and loaded for assault you
    are green to go Colonel we may have a
    - lately as well alive not until I say
    watch it a 3:1 how copy cheaply as well
    then traffic general barkhov has sent a
    new shipment of chlorine gas to his
    Depot but his mercs are prepping to move
    the cows indoors extend via convoy
    tonight you're still clear to engage but
    live fire on Russian military is
    prohibited we cannot have an
    international incident
    no guarantees Russian army won't respond
    on this case understood just locate the
    gas comment here broadcaster can get off
    the applicant or the tiger copy watcher
    will handle it

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    all hitman teams push to yourself oh we
    need to keep this on a tight loop or
    cause men are moving the gas tonight
    what are the odds huh
    Russian general would be caught dead out
    here you forgetting this game s
    cross-play which is insane I'm looking
    forward to the coop and the multiplayer
    and stuff like that
    okay dropo well they got our place post
    up on the ridge and let's get the ladle
    a put it on full auto for the occasion
    probably long part one thank you guys
    through one to Beasley where you drop on
    a call for fire standby for target
    let's ricky the area make sure there's
    no russian army down there vehicle
    coming in the main gate targets in the
    loading depot eyes on copy checkpoint
    that's the entry vehicles only move
    movement in the rail yard that's how the
    gas comes in also the trucks moving
    right there
    I'm sure if we're supposed to follow it
    the whole way or what no Russian
    military presence call it in CIA what
    blue Viking 5 this is right no troops in
    the open south gate you are cleared hot
    target acquired three and five seconds
    five seconds
    oh wow good gracious
    that go 3-1 good effect on target Viking
    is our TV much of Lodge Viking we'll
    take it from here so I'm playing this on
    a ps4 pro with the solid-state drive I
    plan on playing on PC quite a bit as
    well but I've just blown away by how
    smooth this game plays like already I
    don't think this has a support that does
    have a suppressor never mind clear for

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    some they pretty much do it for you
    looks like someone was playing with fire
    serves them right Hawking this chemical
    [ __ ]
    I have a film this is gonna be one of
    the best campaigns we've ever gotten for
    call of duty I just have a feeling the
    commercials made it look amazing
    oh wow
    put them out of their misery
    having to kind of get used to the
    controls again because tactical loadouts
    I have played that inverted because I'm
    crazy I guess nice then a surprise is
    not on our side boys stay frosty is kind
    of watching the booby and counting stay
    sharp blind on this bridge casually
    controlling my character
    good surprise take him out for sound we
    need to secure the gas before they move
    it did I get him
    I'm gonna go around this way I'm
    supposed to flank them apparently unless
    I can't can I go this way they're
    pushing with you oh well you die so fast
    what in the world good and gracious men
    you gotta be careful man
    you die so quickly like I'm kind of

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    surprised how fast you die in this gift
    you gotta be careful
    you just got to be like they come from
    got to be vigilant man let's go back
    here and just see if there's anything
    back here I felt like you kind of need a
    chunk point I can't see anything
    Check Point restart we're getting
    definitely no rushing empty down see if
    it comes back to me
    now all the ways kind of different I'm
    trying to get like used to it again I
    played the beta quite a bit actually
    they gave this video force I didn't have
    any crazy good games you know röszke
    going to the side it's like the amount
    you just exposed I feel like that's
    definitely not the way to go
    gas must be inside unless we're too late
    can't believe how fast I died I'm just
    playing Oh like the normal difficulty to
    Claire where I felt like I was playing
    on veteran for a minute so Jim's from
    inside messed up
    they killed the power go me it's pitch
    black in here I think I put that on
    first I just had a feeling you'd have to
    use it kill the powers in here I'm
    telling you could have been the air
    strike who runs like that Oh sits like
    some Hal Halloween type vibes right here

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    probably the boogeyman that's who we're
    after I just kind of surprised him I
    guess I don't know Mel enough but it
    really doesn't matter right now never
    it's been a pretty cool first mission so
    far let me try that again
    oh that scared me I'm almost dying from
    it some light find this gas find the
    power locate the gas and let's hit the
    road lights coming on right you got a
    problem it's got the Russian army
    presence we wouldn't watch you barkos
    hired guns or Spetsnaz
    we got Russian army hey we need to vote
    now jackpot the idea in the gas Roger
    that let's move out
    feel like it's not going to in here
    there's no way
    like I thought we're gonna get attacked
    on the way out got a feeling all
    stations we are Oscar Mike to the RV
    watch your sectors good work Alex rally
    is the hub Point free
    my bad I had a feeling
    Wow Oh stay down buddies I'll make that

    Watch video from 15:00 - 18:00

    nice Amidala
    I go 3-1 watcher terrorist attack
    multiple Marines ki-yay gasps stolen we
    need evac now
    Roger tracking multiple Russian forces
    headed your way sit tight we're pushing
    to you for a fast exit I'll watch her
    separation is now compartmentalize what
    the hell does that mean it means you no
    longer have clearance colonel
    those are my Marines we need a QRF in
    there right now
    that's not advisable and that is not
    your carnal last well general my man
    give us a minute yes ma'am we've got a
    situation the Kremlin has suspended all
    deconfliction channels the sixth Fleet
    is pushing into the Black Sea and
    chemical weapons are now in the wild
    your fingerprints are all over this last
    well fix it general right now
    intelligence is our best weapon we've
    tried intelligence get me a better
    John as well where are you
    occupied I've got a problem Russians
    we're Turtles fast chemical weapons fun
    it's terrorist hands they could be
    anywhere in Paris New York London
    what can you breathe
    we just did
    dajin gallery to runner up go through
    garret terror threat level is now
    critical possible multiple attackers
    vomit or something where we have snipers
    in position
    negative sergeant Cantone journey along
    the public terrorist alert ooh sir
    Garrick you dipped in London into a
    hoarder yeah yeah crystal out looks like
    we're on our own
    lads we land on it let's get it done
    yeah a phone sergeant
    it's up why fine
    weapons in view a stem saber - rayvin
    white van multiple military age males
    weapons visible moving to accept what
    that's I know this is a nation of

    Watch video from 18:00 - 21:00

    Piccadilly Circus shots fired
    officers down what do you medic you down
    there now
    jealous crazy
    okay never why every go where this guy
    yes is this vicious tough man
    while shooting fighting this edison
    don't like police training yourself
    on the fight penetrate the
    I'm the police not shoot me like
    like everything no I'm not like woman
    shot I don't know plenty of weapons on
    this map that's for sure y'all this
    mission is so good
    we're the world oh my
    where's this person at how the wives
    are you
    that was a 70 for you back there I think
    are they inside the bus

    Watch video from 21:00 - 24:00

    let me get over here all together
    all right into the building oh my god
    Raven stay put two three here we go
    I'm going going to Linda's Oh God price
    captain price sergeant Kurek with me
    it's been a long time man those Kaunas
    oh my god they got bombs on them no
    consoles this is gonna be a disarm oh my
    goodness Oh bull spices
    warm is clear Brook medical coming up
    everybody stay calm we're gonna get you
    Ali Baba good
    you save lives today sergeant this
    shouldn't have happened in the first
    place sir
    they said it's in how fast so everyone
    can just keep pretending with all war
    your ally the [ __ ] century that is
    why if we got our hands tied let's just
    take the bloody gloves off and fight sir
    we don't stand a chance in hell with
    these rules of engagement captain they
    can't tell us where they can tell us
    when don't tell us how my men were
    tracking that cell for weeks
    you were the actual insert on this quite

    Watch video from 24:00 - 27:00

    this up
    I got it with me
    Alcatel is claiming responsibility
    orders the noble forensic stunts
    alex is on the ground there looking for
    the stolen camps you only need the
    liberation force on his side so have him
    concert to see on you know commander
    Kareem blue Quentin use my name or don't
    kill him what is your message from
    Captain Price made a Corrine call me
    I'm listening Alex this is classified
    hello not them jaws what helical 48
    hours ago terrorists or a shipment of
    Russian gas only I'll khattala will do
    Russia's make no distinction between
    Alcatel are your people
    and I make no distinction between
    alcohol and the Russian army they're
    both terrorists we would never use these
    poisons then help us track it before you
    before they what take it to Europe what
    America we live like this every day
    commander it's time to go who's this
    Alex this is my brother and my penance
    are there you're CIA
    he works with Captain Price then you
    killed Russians yes I have friends you
    can help us but your sister decides
    what's next of course my sister is in
    command and the Russian army is still
    this occupation must end that we can all
    agree on
    yes no general barkos men control the
    city we are plans to change that we have
    no missiles but we have our ways
    if you stay we can help you but if you
    stay to fight
    you go on our tour Marhaba Leo's
    ecstatics follow me
    these tunnels are our lifeline we have
    Intel Russian troop commanders are in
    town today we going to wash them how
    explosives I will get their attention
    and pull security away from the Russian
    base leaving it open to an attack we
    must hold nothing back too far on that
    path and give us ourselves get set for
    the air base attack be safe
    Alex take these charges c4 with remote
    detonator Thanks
    watch my sister good luck you two go

    Watch video from 27:00 - 30:00

    ahead and say it when Captain Price
    flipped that guy thought it was gonna
    channel like save him real fast but when
    I saw that I just couldn't hold it in
    there is a boss move in a boss decision
    these missions have been fantastic so
    far nice variety you know how do I look
    it'll do pathetic what's the report
    Russians are just outside if they see
    your weapons they will shoot what
    happens our plan fails before it starts
    Alex our guns give us away keep it
    hidden alright concealed weapon here we
    hey buddy what kind of dirty work the
    work line where's the work line up it's
    right here no we're supposed to split up
    this is such a good game so far guys
    like I can't even stress it enough I'm
    sure this guy goes oh my goodness yeah
    oh my goodness oh yeah that was gonna

    Watch video from 30:00 - 33:00

    need a suppressor will filter it gotta
    be back here right this one's empty all
    right let's go check the engine well
    obviously that was not gonna be you
    probably in here I had to guess
    yeah just definitely gonna be this one
    here we go
    what game that'll do it
    that's so cool I can't imagine it makes
    it too quiet
    that's so funny though
    i propagate a half's over but whatever
    should I grab one of these I feel like I
    should and what gun is at pp19 the audio
    that's about to be a big magazine do you
    have a shot yes take clear good way
    Manny's mission subtends good explosives
    will not be rolling knife let's get it
    hide the gun we're going back outside
    if I turn
    an example
    oh wow
    that's a terrible please she's just
    gonna stand down I know what you
    understand why we hang because they
    killed our soldiers no look at them

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    peacefully not only if we help each
    other this is a goddamn war crime
    reminds me of spec ops the line a lot
    the game is pretty dark that's pretty uh
    like that's a very dark thing back there
    like the whole like scene or whatever
    Bhargav is sending in helicopters we
    take them out forces from the base
    become brother
    plant explode
    goddess get in your way
    take them up fight back kid when you're
    through looks like a go I got to go down
    for you to one obviously I'm gonna go to
    the right first see what's in here
    nice not that I really good I like how
    the silencer kind of blocks it Oh God
    school what school school I need to take
    out this guy so let me get in here and
    kind of get a shot from the side if I
    can go through the window that is Oh
    hold on hold on oh this might be a good
    one I guess this is an alternate path to
    take I got to get in there man
    all right let's figure this out Oh like
    I thought I went to a new area I just
    circled back around can I shoot like do
    the walls
    I'll be honest man like what is this I
    hold on that's why you're rocking
    oh it's for that I'm gonna guess this is
    uh for the other gun now I can switch
    guns still looking for a way out no it's
    good the game is like Oh where'd that I
    picked up three other ground you know

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    it's two guys here I'm gonna grab a
    cinder block and walk by these guys some
    camouflage don't mind me I also have the
    throwing knife if I need it or two of
    them now the thing is I could go up that
    ladder right there helicopters right up
    there I wonder what's in here though
    we're gonna go up here instead guys
    scared me I want this game has any kind
    of like Intel type things like remember
    the it was cod for had the collectibles
    and stuff see how far away it is okay
    it's right to in front of me this one's
    also right above me is there a ladder I
    can take charge on the entry that's
    right there
    hmm I have to take these guys out your
    controller vibrate oh here we go
    you control the vibrates a lot when you
    do that to down
    hey so far so good
    I'll take it Zenon good I'm worried
    about these helmets I'm at the target
    that kind of calls a bunch of people
    come over here
    charge set this will make one hell of a
    distraction these games always have to

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    have a stealth mission in it I always
    liked that about these this side is
    gonna be probably about the same a
    couple of guards up top maybe I just
    send a block I feel like can I take one
    of these no can I let the dog out let's
    go this way and search it sir she said
    stop I like froze oh [ __ ]
    okay she just told me to go back the
    other way I wonder if I can just go this
    side I got TVs everywhere never want to
    miss the broadcast I guess never got to
    go back the other way
    I would like hop up this way but your
    character can't jump that high I don't
    know if this person's still there or not
    please don't bark okay I got like
    you know that was sick I thought they
    shot at me for a minute
    charges set wait okay yes let's go down
    there and we let the dog out but the dog
    might kill me sorry dude
    no this way

    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00

    they get under the truck no this feels
    familiar nice everything other mission
    kind of like this
    yeah who's in the I think it was in call
    of duty for you do a mission kind of
    like yes I'm pretty sure [ __ ] I don't
    know how she didn't get shot right there
    oh my god
    think fast think fast where did she go
    okay we go Wow father what the hell is
    this yo this is crazy man we're gonna
    shoot a few of the bodies ever
    this game definitely pushes the
    boundaries as far as like like the story
    being pretty dark you know I bought
    black ops 3 was pretty dark but this has
    just been
    [ __ ] worst hurricane
    he would never abandoned his post hmm

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    let's head out get to a deer you lost
    good people today it is the cost of this
    war now let's take Perkins air base so
    that it deaths are not in vain we're in
    for a hell of a fight so what are they I
    D it has a plan you're in my house now
    at ease I set up on the edge of my
    keep those [ __ ] dogs in check friends
    close enemies closer
    I told you we have our ways no grenades
    so we improvise not burn if we fight
    just water sticks and stones city he set
    up an army yesterday the Russians only
    understand violence so I showed them by
    this Markov has an air force so we have
    1/2 hour see planes loaded with c4 but
    that the pairs to anybody man food and
    we ready yes commander
    let's fly RC time baby let's get it
    they look the head of a to the head you
    know this is crazy man who think to this
    a mister hellicksen oh hold on
    yes let's go anywhere
    flying babies let's get that second team
    would covet us with the kind of I go 3-1
    to watch it local forces are moving out
    of archives air base requesting close
    air support to your position stand by
    Roger that get ready we take their
    weapons and take that arrows Amy
    why is it everywhere I aim that happens
    let's get moving
    this game is nuts and they definitely

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    this makes up I feel like for black ops
    for not having a campaign
    Tours right here
    but is there more I can pick up Allison
    interaction with that person might have
    had some
    I get it
    go home get to hanging
    keep doing this
    hey no spinach and I'm out all I got
    hold on
    we'll be aiming at now mr. dammit I was
    trying to hit that tower when you start
    speeding up you can't undo it
    their loan slowly into this one even
    there's nobody even there maja
    interacted the map is
    all set of p90 let's

    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00

    oh let's just stay back hold on probably
    that's the best gun for that there's
    multiple enemies on all sides tactical
    no scope this guy hi I'm so hurt what is
    what good is he have hold on
    this looks like a DMR single burst I'm
    gonna guess
    oh it's 20 not bad
    how the object like sites and stuff when
    you go over them got eyes on the armoury
    red building sucka LMG I don't know
    oh [ __ ]
    things kind of hard to control it's got
    some serious kick to it
    I thought this gun hits hard man lace
    doing serious damage like one or two
    shot if they're dead you know that's our
    yeah that's us back up back up back up
    all right so we got some more planes but
    let me just secure the armory hold on
    first armor is clear I don't need this
    sniper anymore I'm gonna use uh I guess
    I'll go the shotgun him in this I'm

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00

    going to ram it move Alex what everyone
    it's all hype that's all it is
    get it back
    like I should have probably stay with
    that sniper
    this mission is every single mission has
    been unique they've had a lot of wild
    woman you know that second mission
    though man let me tell you like that was
    unexpected it reminds me of the first
    Acharya movie and that's how you say it
    when they were like all in that vehicle
    that armory is far away

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00

    unavailable I just had some available
    Oh God
    wait did he kill me with the door hold
    on that's funny no I think I just died
    from getting hit by the
    is that everyone going in last armories
    resupply on me I need ammo hold on we're

    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    going to get boxed in
    I can't see anything everything from red
    on approach ready forecasting what's
    your position
    friendly than the hang taking fire from
    troops on the tarmac you're cleared hot
    oh my goodness this bug be sick
    - a c-130 from warfarin see you
    chopper gunner let's get it
    ready I'll let the last cue live
    so you do kill Russians only the bad
    ones today was a great victory for a
    sixth thank you
    we make a good team yes we've both time
    but Barker will retaliate so will we all
    right guys that is it for now thank you
    so much Activision for hooking me up
    early and as well you guys just I hope
    to see this video blow up so you guys
    are awesome
    I love you all and I'll catch you on the
    next part take it easy guys

    Call of Duty Modern Warfare Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 includes a Review, Prologue and Campaign Mission 1: Piccadilly of the COD Modern Warfare 2019 ...


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