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    hey guys it's paradise and we've been
    playing call of duty war zone and it is
    so much fun I want to let you guys know
    all of the tips the beginners stuff that
    really really would have helped us when
    we first started playing the game so
    we're gonna jump right in with the tips
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    let me know in the comments what you
    think of war zone at the moment so my
    number one absolute do not skip tip for
    anyone starting out in war zone is to
    make a custom loadout jump in the menus
    edit that loadout pick your favorite
    weapons the ones that you know you
    perform well with add on all of your
    attachments pick the perks you like most
    the gear that you like most and you are
    not going to regret doing this now
    because it is definitely going to help
    you later on now on a regular Call of
    Duty you would spawn in with these load
    outs of course this is a VR mode it's a
    new game type you're going to load him
    with nothing and want to loot your way
    to victory but within the mode itself
    there are air drops that come down that
    allow you to loot them and pick one of
    your custom load outs onto your
    character you can actually buy this as
    well which we'll talk about a little
    more later on
    the mechanics of buying things but right
    now editing that loadout and looking out
    for those air drops that let you pick
    your loadout is going to help you
    massively the reason that this is super
    important and it's really gonna help you
    out is that it lets you wanna pick the
    exact weapons that you know you're good
    with and that you know you'd like to use
    and - it gives you perks perks are so
    big in this game and no one has them
    unless they actually edit a loadout and
    then get that loadout within the game
    through the air drops the reason that
    perks are so important is because they
    literally buff your character above
    someone that doesn't have them for
    example something like quick fix will
    let you immediately start regen health
    after you down someone so when you're
    taking on a squad you can down one of
    their players recover very quickly
    whereas a regular player wouldn't get
    that extra recovery another perk like
    overkill lets you actually add two
    primary weapons into this loadout so
    that when you actually put that onto
    yourself in the VR game mode you
    immediately have your two best and
    favorite weapons
    and you don't have to use a sidearm or
    whatever other random thing you've
    looted up to that point and then there's
    perks like tracker which are nuts in the
    VR mode they actually let you see your
    opponent's footprints so you know which
    corner there camping behind where people
    have been it's such an advantage over
    someone that didn't make this loadout
    and then use it within the game and it's
    just looting around like everyone else
    so definitely add in your favorite
    weapon hit it out with attachments pick
    your favorite perks and your equipment
    as well you will definitely have an edge
    over those people that didn't have their
    favorite loadout already set up so the
    next tip that's gonna really help you
    out is actually parachute controls
    obviously you spawn in jumping out of
    the plane and then parachuting to the
    drop location that you choose it is
    going to be really important to learn to

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    use this well because it's going to mean
    that you can get to a place before other
    people or land before other people won't
    pick that gun up first so the most
    important thing to know is that controls
    actually matter while you're parachuting
    you want to be looking towards where you
    want to go and using wsad or using your
    controller to point towards where you
    want to go as well if you just want to
    go straight down then look down and hold
    W or look down and hold forwards on your
    controller and that applies to pretty
    much every direction but if you dropped
    a little bit far away from where it is
    you want to go there's a little trick
    that you can do where after you've got
    that initial sort of boost from jumping
    of the plane you can open up your
    parachute and then cut it again and move
    in the direction that you want to go and
    this will give you almost like a speed
    boost in that direction for a few
    seconds while you're free falling and
    then you'll kind of taper off and you'll
    start going more down than you are to
    the side and you can just repeat this of
    pulling your parachute cutting it and
    moving in that direction and you'll be
    really surprised that you can actually
    gain a lot of ground in a direction by
    doing this and it really does let you
    get really far away from the path that
    the plane flew in so definitely try
    using these tips in your match to drop
    at the exact location you want to and
    remember if you drop before everyone
    else you're looting first and you might
    just get that weapon and be able to kill
    someone even while they're still
    parachuting down it's kind of crazy to
    kill someone before they even land but
    you can definitely do it so with that in
    mind let's talk about where
    is the best place to drop now at the
    moment from everyone that I know that's
    been playing it and from all of my play
    testing myself loot seems pretty well
    spread around that doesn't seem to be a
    condensed area of high tier loot or a
    area that just has trash to it seems
    like it's pretty evenly spread so what I
    really really recommend to you guys
    doing is drop to the area of the map
    that you know best from the regular call
    of duty modern warfare maps as an
    example if you've played the new modern
    warfare before and you are a fan of
    ground war that you might have played a
    lot of Tversky district this is actually
    within the war zone map as well you can
    go to the downtown Devil's district area
    and it will be a very familiar set up
    for you you're gonna know your way
    around the buildings you're gonna know
    what rooftops to look out for and it's
    gonna really give you an edge over an
    area that's completely new to you and
    this applies to several different maps
    within the game as well so obviously if
    you haven't played the new modern
    warfare before then you won't know these
    areas but if you have all you've been
    watching videos or gameplay of it then
    you might have a rough idea of some of
    the areas to go to and what are some
    popular choke points or areas that
    people like to camp and it's gonna
    really really help you out when you
    first start off the game and you jump
    down and you're getting to grips with
    picking up your loot and trying to
    survive so my next big tip is to
    actually really look at the loot I know
    this sounds like a kind of stupid and
    obvious tip but let me just explain it
    for a second when you run across loot
    you will Auto pick up some things but
    not all things and when you kill a
    player that had a lot of stuff it can

    Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

    get jumbled and a little bit messy
    especially when you're talking about
    squad wipe sit within the same room if
    you run over ammo if you run over cash
    you are going to pick it up
    automatically but some things like your
    lethal and your tactical grenade as well
    as your field upgrade slots as well as
    your kill streaks as well as your
    weapons will not be picked up
    automatically and when you have a game
    that does have stopping power rounds in
    it as a field upgrade that will
    literally give you a flat damage boost
    on your entire magazine so in a 1v1
    scenario with the same weapon you will
    win because you have stopping power
    rounds it's really important to pay
    attention to everything that's dropped
    and everything that's lootable and to
    not just run over it and assume that
    picked up everything you need the same
    thing applies to your grenade and your
    tactical grenade slot just running over
    it even when you don't already have that
    equipment will not automatically
    equipped it to you you have to look at
    it and equipped it so you could be
    running around without a grenade without
    a flashbang because you simply missed it
    and then you're gonna run into a squad
    that all have grenades and all her flash
    bangs and it's going to be bad for you
    so definitely do pay attention to that
    loot on the floor and make sure you know
    what equipment you have and what
    equipment you can still pick up so next
    we got to talk about settings because
    there are a few settings that you don't
    want to miss that will give you an edge
    this does applied to both keyboard and
    mouse and controller players as well if
    you're a controller player you can
    actually use the technical loadout over
    the default loadout and this will let
    you have much more control over your aim
    while you're doing the classic Call of
    Duty drop shot as it applies those
    things on to your analog sticks rather
    than any buttons so you can aim while
    drop-shotting still and there is a
    little setting for controller players as
    well that you want to change an enable
    contextual tap this will allow you to
    simply tap the X button for most things
    rather than hold it down it lets you be
    more free on your controller lets you be
    more aware and easy to react to things
    because you're not having to hold down a
    button and for PC players you really
    want to increase your field of view this
    is a straight-up advantage if you can
    get used to it it will let you see more
    on the screen it will let you see more
    around you so definitely increase that
    field of view slider as far as you can
    or until it gets in the way of your
    the next thing to talk about is going to
    be armor as this is really really
    important for every engagement you have
    within warzone in traditional Call of
    Duty you don't have these kind of armor
    mechanics so this is something new and
    it has actually made the time to kill
    longer if you have full armor so you
    have three bars and you can find these
    armor plates when you activate them it
    gives you a bar or it refills a bar
    that's been damaged obviously to a
    maximum of three and you can carry five
    armor plates with you at one time you
    100% want to be having full armor for
    every engagement it makes a difference
    it's a straight-up advantage it's like
    having a bigger health bar than the
    enemy and it really does make a
    difference when you're shooting people
    that being said headshot damage is still
    big in this you can one tap people with
    a sniper rifle regardless of their armor
    but for things like assault rifles or

    Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

    SMGs it's going to make a massive
    difference and that moves us on to the
    next thing to talk about which is
    actually the by boxes where you can
    spend the cash that you've got from
    playing to actually buy things such as a
    full stack of five armor I think this is
    the most underrated thing here that not
    a lot of people are doing and everyone
    on your team should always have five
    stacks of armor so you can immediately
    heal up during or after a fight there
    are other things of course within the
    buy box as well super important like
    buying your team members back or buying
    kill streaks which are super important
    I really recommend people use the
    precision air strike
    you can literally wipe whole squads you
    can see in this footage I just deleted a
    squad that was camping a rooftop without
    really having to try just by dropping a
    precision airstrike on top of them and
    that being said you don't want to be
    camping in open areas like rooftops for
    too long because these kill streaks are
    quite cheap and they are really going to
    destroy you if you get hit by them there
    are other things in the box as well such
    as self reviving this is really really
    important and actually can win you games
    a lot of people towards the end of the
    circle seem to be focusing on wiping the
    squad out rather than finishing you off
    when you go down because it's a very
    small area they know that your teammates
    are close by if they've shot you down so
    as soon as you go down you can just
    immediately start self reviving he's
    moved on to one of your teammates and
    you can just shoot them in the back or
    just get straight back in the fight and
    potentially win the round even after
    you've gone down so definitely be on the
    lookout for these by boxes get those
    kill streaks keep your armor stacked at
    5 and be looking to use that self revive
    as soon as you go down so next we need
    to talk about the goo lag when you die
    within warzone you actually have a
    one-time chance to come back by winning
    a 1v1 with a random loadout within the
    goo lag it's literally just a tiny
    little arena where you fight the other
    player and whoever wins literally just
    starts to drop back in on the actual map
    if you lose then that's it you're out of
    the game unless your teammates buy you
    back but something that's really
    important about the Gulag that I don't
    really see many people doing is throwing
    while your spectating other people doing
    their 1v ones and this even works if you
    have a squad wipe and your other squad
    members are currently fighting to come
    back you can actually throw rocks at
    people inside and you can also
    communicate with your teammates what's
    going on and what they can't see for
    example say that you just had a squad
    wipe and you and your friends are now
    all in the gulag and one of your friends
    has just started his 1v1 while your
    spectating you could literally just
    watch the enemy player feed him the
    information of where that players going
    always going to the left he's going to
    the right is coming down the middle you
    can actually throw rocks at them as well
    which will flinch them and believe me
    it's so annoying when you get hit by one
    of those rocks it can really tilt you
    and make you lose that 1v1 so make sure
    that you're communicating with your team
    make sure you are throwing those rocks
    while you're in the gulag to give you a
    team your squad that edge to get back
    into the game so my next tip for you

    Watch video from 12:00 - 15:00

    guys is on how to get money and what
    these icons that you're seeing on the
    map are so basically there's a thing in
    this game that is bounties and contracts
    a bounty is literally a bounty on
    another player where it sort of gives
    you a direction of the player and as
    time goes on it more refines the circle
    around them on the map and you literally
    just have to go and hunt them down and
    you get a big cash payout obviously
    their squad will be defending them and
    they are alerted that they're being
    hunted when that happens then you also
    have scavenger contracts where you have
    to go out and open a series of foxes
    when you get to the last box you get the
    payouts and the bonuses and a nice bit
    of loot as well then you also have the
    Recon contracts which are where you are
    told a location of a flag you go over
    there it launches a flare into the sky
    so it's a little bit dangerous it does
    give you away and it alerts other
    players that you're there and you have
    to hold that location for a set amount
    of time and then you get some loot at
    the end as well as the cash payout and
    these are really really important to do
    if you want to build up a lot of cash
    especially at the start of the round in
    the sort of early game where everyone's
    out there looting you can do some
    contracts back-to-back and really rack
    up the cash to buy that self revive
    those kill streaks and those armor
    plates and everything else the more that
    you do back-to-back the bigger rewards
    you get as well which is quite nice so
    my final and
    tip for you guys is for what particular
    types of weapons to be looking out for
    and using of course it all comes down to
    personal preference but for me the
    weapons that I have been seeing really
    good results with is the DMR style
    weapons or the burst fire style weapons
    and these work really really well
    because ammo can sometimes be an issue
    so if you're spraying with an automatic
    weapon you can go through a mag very
    quickly whereas if you're using a burst
    fire weapon like the FAMAS you can
    really control those shots better
    conserve your ammo and down people
    quicker and on top of that the LMGs are
    really shredding people it goes against
    what I just said about a low
    conservation but with an LMG that does
    not matter you have a giant magazine and
    if you are spraying people down with an
    LMG they really do drop fast so I would
    keep an eye out for DMR burst via an LMG
    star weapons of course you want to have
    a sniper as a secondary as well this is
    a PR mode it's a giant map snipers are
    gonna play a big role but if you get
    within kill range with a DMR or a burst
    weapon or an LMG I definitely see those
    outperforming other things thank you so
    much for watching guys I hope all of
    these tips helped you let me know in the
    comments down below if they did help you
    and what you are currently using for
    your custom loadout as well subscribe
    for more content like this drop a like
    if you didn't already thank you so much
    for watching guys I'm jumping back in
    war zone and you can always come over
    and watch me at twitch.tv forward slash
    paradise central as well have a great
    day everyone and I'll see you next time
    I really hope you guys enjoyed that
    video remember to hit that subscribe
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    forget you can check out to 69 and
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    Twitch 6 days a week you find a link to
    the multi stream in the description box
    down below be sure to weigh and get
    involved thanksgifting take it easy
    catch you next time peace out

    Here we have a bunch of Tips, Tricks and Guide Information for you guys about the new Call Of Duty Warzone free to play battle royale mode! We go over ...


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    Comment (26)

    1. I have been playing Warzone on PS4 since the start. Im going to be honest, Im an average Warzone player. I play quads with strangers and me not having a mic. But I do everything for the team. Still, I won around 5 games when Warzone just released. I took a break an l returned to the game 3 months ago. Ever since then I have never won a game!! And played almost 300+ games. And the problem is that I have a huge backlog of games I want to play, but it upsets me that I still havent won in such a long time. Only a handful of 2nd places and thats it. Someone has tips for me?!

      Does it have to do with me leveling up and ending up playing against tougher opponents? So that could maybe a reason Im struggling more now?

    2. won one out of thirty or so gulag matches and think I might possibly be the worst player in this game. Never felt this bad at a game before, only way I kill someone is if I shoot them in the back otherwise I always lose a firefight. Does not help that I started yesterday and have not played a fps since bf1 and get called a fuckup pendejo by some toxic nerdboy in one of my first matches.


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