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SearchThisVideo: CARDACLYSM Gameplay Walkthrough Part 8 – I Wasn't Prepared | Full Game

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hi and welcome to score game and to
another episode of cardoclism
shards of the four before we continue i
just want to take a moment to thank you
guys for watching my videos
it really means a lot to me you want to
support the channel or the series even
a like and a comment is always welcome
let's continue our adventure

i guess here we go again
steals two whenever he deals damage the
two three that costs five
i'm actually gonna take the trade
this blair glizard is useless

and we're gonna put him in the deck as
do we
where is it there it is
i guess i'm gonna replace the portion of
energy i'm never using it right now

this is scary this is really scary
oh gods
oops why did i place him there dude i'm
but it doesn't matter


well these fights are hard that's for
okay i need to do something i need to
change my key for the other keep

because it's not nighttime anymore
there's damage to all enemies of them

let's see what we can do

really awkward i think i need to attack
a plant like this
i can't attack like this i can't attack
i need to kill this thing with the
cropped ranger
then i need to take with this guy
because if i attack with the
nurseries first he's gonna die


oh my god the knoll and the mountain
into other units
we are the box
yeah i think i'm gonna lose this one
okay we got double sorceress

we got this guy 38
perfect runes but can we even
win with this lineup

okay let's try something like this
then we can kill this wolf
and maybe we get to kill the archer as
well we still won

no no no flee give me the wrong first
european striker inspire archer
doesn't look that hard

oh let's go
um this is useless i can't kill anyone
okay let's see uh we're gonna kill you

and i can kill this guy and we're gonna
kill this guy
the level three arrows are insane double

nor archer
i have so many cars now so many useless
fingers okay we're gonna be able to buy
something from the token trader
scorpio striker do we want the scorpion
striker in the deck
only three damage um

yeah nothing else we can really do
one arrows not this ones the other
and the sorceress nice

i need to kill this stupid plant maybe i

i'm gonna ignore the plans for now
because if i attack it here it's gonna
retaliate and attack me
so it's gonna attack twice if i ignore
it it's only gonna attack once

this extra unit that i'm getting from
the cape is really good
voice room another useless card thanks
double buff i'll take it
okay we got the arrows we got this we
got this

i like this hand
i think i'm gonna play the goblin thief
attack this guy
then we can play the others
but he also poisons

paralyze again or this this spider is
insane versus uh
big units
so that's why the big dragon has evade
because if you have evade you can be
oh my god another upgrade for the arrows

but for now we just need to run
run for your life
i'm not prepared
the thrill of the hunt natural grocer
and well of poison
great job another bloke

come on guys that's some nice stuff you
got there you want my wooden stuff for
natural growth
are you kidding me
are you kidding me
oh you're a big one can i get the stone
you want my corrupted ranger in the book

nice joke greatest joke
take a look around what do we have here
fire spirit
allied creature gains plus for attack
and minus two health at the start of
turn yeah i don't like it the mountain
it's okay it's not nothing special
i like creature games plus 2 and -2
so it's the same thing as this one crash

was not a target enemy it can't
retaliate this turn
well that's decent
but for 12 i don't know

too many units
but as i said i don't really want to
discard them now
i'm just gonna place them here the ones
that i'm gonna discard later
natural growth
maybe i should get this in the deck and
fight the
boss does it even work on the boss

another night the night is pretty good
not gonna lie
whenever my is level two and that was

level one
oh this is maximum level
so that means this is not really useful
is it

gives another creature plus three health
is this useful in any situation
i mean it doesn't cost that much only
and we can give three health to the
i don't know i guess it's good in some

if we give it to the sorceress for
and she survives to take another hit
but i don't
not the best
yeah we can upgrade the arrows almost
l2 damage to all enemies 10 cost
i don't really like this warlord

that much
i don't really like this war cry also
for now
let's just head out i'm not gonna fight
the boss i don't think i'm strong enough

this fight is all crazy especially if i
get the
arrows but i didn't
it just damaged all enemies
and we can deal it back

you deal damage to me when you explode i
deal damage to you

nice another arrow stripe
what's this 40 cost crystal golem when
this dies
summon a 4-4 tiny crystal with evade
a p board and a boombox


when you play your first forest card in
battle draw card
nice let's go
ah this guy is dead
everyone is dead the heroes are way topy

hmm ranger and double sorcerers

but i i think i need to kill this spy
boar before it spawns whatever it
maybe we can kill the ranger as well
i'm gonna kill this

ranger and double sorceress too good
another for a sprite
oh he wants my assassin and he's gonna
give me what
35 damage rose by 3
for the final level up for the centaur
he has to attack twice though

i'm gonna take this trade one of these
two cards
i think i'm gonna go with ice storm
working cost
is the same cost as the plain arrows
i don't think this centaur is that good
because it costs a lot and it also costs
three orbs

i'm gonna go with ice storm
lee i want to put it in the deck
what is it it's the maximum level as
okay we're gonna replace
i don't even know why i had a fear in
the deck oh never mind it was because we
traded one car that was inside the deck
mystical dragon evaded generate 72 cost
oh my dear lord

is that the level for the dragon we
fought earlier
with that okay we have two buffs
the creature is someone has plus two

and your spills cost one less we can do
this i believe
i believe
null double sorceress
and then you spell

i guess we're gonna do this
that guy's dead
and i don't think i want to fire burst

yeah now we can walk right way better

i think i noticed something that i don't
really like at all
that's nice but gives plus street to
allied creature oh my god this is
trash i thought it gives to all my units
i don't wait i thought
it gives to all my units but it only
gives to one creature
no i then i don't want this i don't want

this at all
and we're gonna replace it with
another knight
hmm or even the potion
i'm actually gonna replace it with a
potion because i can
use the potion to i have three spells
actually i have four spells i don't need

the orbs to cast
spells but i need runes
oh my god i don't even know what we're
uh yes
we're gonna go like this nice
let's swallow armored seven two
and is that boom bug no it's not

if this thing has to die that's for sure
and we're gonna stun you

rolling bug so many bugs
i'm actually gonna try to beat let's go
let's go
let's fight

i guess we're gonna keep the warlord
warlord shaman
um i know i don't know i actually don't

let's see corruption when this attacks
its target becomes corrupted damage deal
to the targets increased
by corruption but we have to
we weaver is gg if it actually works
it works oh it's gg
we have uh only four runs left we can
play the shaman and the sorceress or we
can play this guy
i'm gonna play this guy

why am i even losing damage here don't
get it

oh he has another ability he has
corruption and also enemies lose attack
at the end of their turn
well i guess we lost
come on
it's so stupid what's this thing

i guess that's corruption
it was bad
i think i lost everything i acquired in
this realm

just kill me
this is going to be done for this
episode thanks a lot for watching
leave a like if you enjoyed it ask me
anything you want in the comments i
reply to
every single comment subscribe and hit
the bell for more cataclysm
and see you in the next one peace

My first playthrough of Cardaclysm Shards of the Four. My Cardaclysm Shards of the Four Gameplay Walkthrough will feature the Full Game Story Campaign.


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