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    SearchThisVideo: Cartel Tycoon | How To Start Your Empire? (Tips & Tricks for Beginners)

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    Cartel Tycoon is now available

    as Uncut Earliest Access

    at CartelTycoon.com

    For a price of $19.99

    you will get lifelong
    access to the game

    and all of its future updates

    all the way until version 1.0

    and beyond.

    You know, you don’t
    look like a simple thug

    Everyone is mortal,

    and sometimes
    unexpectedly mortal,

    especially in our business.

    So please listen
    to the wisdom of El Capo.

    Something tells me

    that it might become
    useful to you very soon.

    To kick off your business,

    you have to decide on what
    you want to supply to the world,

    and then start setting
    up your production lines.

    Let’s start with Opium

    it is very easy to produce,

    so you won’t screw this up

    Now opium has
    to be moved out from the farms.

    For this,

    you have to build
    a warehouse the way

    the farms would
    stand inside its radius.

    The warehouse trucks
    will start transporting

    the product from
    the farms automatically.

    when connected by roads

    Our warehouse is filled
    with the product

    and it is even overflowing
    with the product which is a problem.

    We have to hurry up
    and arrange the sales.

    There is an aerodrome nearby.

    Let’s bring our opium there

    Oh well.

    We have not succeeded
    in clearing up the warehouse


    We can turn off some
    farms or build another warehouse

    in that case

    there won't be too much
    excessive product produced

    But don’t be overly zealous

    your production line
    would never be perfect.

    Look, the plane has
    returned with cash.

    Money is the blood

    that runs in the veins
    of our empire.

    Even though it is dirty,

    It will teach you how
    to get rid of their smell:

    let’s start laundering!

    With that, you can
    help me personally,

    I trust you.

    Go to the aerodrome,

    take the money and move
    them to the Taxi Station

    it is a legal cover-up
    for my real business.

    After some time has passed,

    the laundered money
    will arrive to your bank account

    In the meantime,

    let me order the other
    guys from my Residence

    to start bringing the money
    to the Taxi Station too.

    This will make our laundering
    much more efficient.

    We will use legal money to pay upkeep
    costs for buildings and lieutenants,

    to research the new types of buildings,

    also for building construction

    and for leveling up.

    Going bankrupt
    means going dead

    Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

    Bring me your questions
    while I am still alive and well.

    Or you will have
    to figure it on your own

    when it is your
    time to rule.

    You can get Cartel Tycoon Earliest Access at https://carteltycoon.com If you need more tips, we are hanging out at our Discord server!


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