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Sir David Cox – In gentle praise of Significance Tests – Significance tests (part 4)

Intermingled in today’s statistical controversies are some long-standing, but unresolved, disagreements on the nature and principles of statistical methods and the roles for probability in statistical inference and modelling. In reaction to the so-called “replication crisis” in the sciences, some reformers suggest significance tests as a major culprit. To understand the ramifications of the proposed […]

Off the Grid with Thomas Massie

Support us on Patreon: Winner of Anthem Film Festival’s highly-coveted Audience Choice Award. Off the Grid with Thomas Massie is an intimate look at a congressman’s quest for a self-sustainable life on his farm in eastern Kentucky. “My philosophy is live and let live: You don’t worry about what somebody’s doing in their holler, […]

5KL Transportation: A conversation on shipping and climate change

The Five Thousand Pound Life is the League’s ongoing initiative to rethink our collective future through design in the face of climate change. In the video above, recorded as part of 2018’s Five Thousand Pound Life: Transportation program series, Charmaine Chua, Daniel Aldana Cohen, Bryan Comer, and Jesse LeCavalier discussion about the relationship between air travel and […]

Mapping the Journey to Self-Reliance

Please join us for the first public discussion of USAID’s new metrics-driven approach. The event will include a brief presentation from USAID staff on the metrics and how they will help guide the agency’s approach to development investments under the new self-reliance framework. Following, a panel of experts will discuss the new metrics, the merits […]

Nilkreuzfahrt Reise Informationen / Nile Cruise travel guide (May 2018)

Nilkreuzfahrt: Reiseinformationen (Mai 2018) Das Video gibt einen Überblick über eine Nilkreuzfahrt im Mai 2018 gemacht mit Niltours, mit Hinweisen zur Reise und Reiseplanung. Zusammenfassung: Visa: Kauft man für 25€ am Bankschalter in der Ankunftshalle der Flughäfen Geld: Ägyptische Pfund, VISA Karte geht fast überall, es gibt Bankautomaten, Giro geht nirgends. Alles kostet Geld, sie […]

🍷 A 2021 Secret Guide To Tuscany Italy: Monteriggioni, Siena, San Gimignano in 4K

🍷 A 2021 Secret Guide To Tuscany Italy: Monteriggioni, Siena, San Gimignano 4K – Discover Tuscany with our 7 day Complete Guide To Tuscany Italy! Visit main attractions in Monteriggioni, Siena, San Gimignano! Only to be pictured with wine, excellent food and a slow paced lifestyle. 🎬Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: 🤝Connect with us: […]

Women and Girls: Catalyzing Change in the Climate Crisis | SkollWF 2018

Climate change deepens existing structures of inequality, including gender inequality. Limited access to resources, restrictions of rights, and exclusion from decision-making make women and girls more vulnerable to the effects of a warming planet. But, women can also be the strongest agents of change around mitigation and adaptation efforts if allowed to pursue education, control […]