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How To Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs ? Need Help ?

In today’s video I decided to share with you this video on how to incubate Bearded dragon eggs. It’s really easy to do once you got a hang of it so I give to step by step. ASK ME A Question on Instagram @_LORDELION *Follow me on instagram @_LordElion 1) Awesome Room Tour with […]

How to Groom A Maltese (Puppy Cut) – Do-It-Yourself Dog Grooming

This video covers everything you need to know about grooming your Maltese. Every tool, clip, and cut. A complete 42-minute tutorial video. Some similar products to help you DIY at home -Andis ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper -Andis UltraEdge Detachable Clipper Blade -Andis Clipper Attachment Comb 7 Piece Set -7″ Right-Handed Pet […]

How To Groom Your Pomeranian At Home

I’m sharing how I groom my Pomeranian Emma at home! I’m not a professional groomer but I’ve been grooming my two Pomeranians at home since I got them. Here’s how I like her groom her just as a pet not a show cut. Grooming your Pomeranian at home is not as hard as you think […]

How to choose a GREAT Fish Food [Live Stream]

There are thousands of fish foods on the market these days. Every breeder has their favorite, every fish has a different dietary need. Every year a no ingredient is found to be good or bad. What do I look for as someone who has been using and selling fish food over 10 years? ✅Join and […]

How to fix Cloudy Fish Tank Water. [Live Stream]

Cloudy water can come from a few things. Most commonly it’s from a dirty aquarium. Particulate matter is just floating around in the water column without filtration fine enough to catch it. The next source is a bacterial bloom. This happen when we kill off some bacteria. The final source of cloudy water is green […]

How to connect with a hard to catch horse

In this second episode of the Mystic Experiment, I talk about how to get a connection with a “hard to catch” horse using Mystic, a previously wild and “untrainable” mustang. I explain the concept using both negative and positive reinforcement, but emphasize positive reinforcement especially since I am training Mystic outside the round pen. Throughout […]

HOW TO GROOM YOUR DOG AT HOME | Cavalier King Charles grooming

Showing you how to groom your Cavalier King Charles at home today! This was my first time, so no judgement please! I really tried and think it turned out not bad for my first time. Get Cav in Pocket sweatshirt: Grooming kit used: Any tips are welcome! Thank you! Herky & Milton Our […]