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HOW TO GROOM YOUR DOG AT HOME | Cavalier King Charles grooming

Showing you how to groom your Cavalier King Charles at home today! This was my first time, so no judgement please! I really tried and think it turned out not bad for my first time. Get Cav in Pocket sweatshirt: Grooming kit used: Any tips are welcome! Thank you! Herky & Milton Our […]

How to groom a Poodle puppy

Welcome to My Favorite Groomer LLC on YouTube! Hit Subscribe! Tools I Use: Clipper- Clipper Guards – Nail Trimmer – Brush – Shop at for all your pet needs! Follow Our Facebook Page Here- But, if you insist on shopping on Amazon, click here first: Support your Favorite […]

How to Breed Shrimp – A full guide

How to breed shrimp, whether it is cherry shrimp or neocaridina shrimp, crystal shrimp or caridina shrimp. This is a full guide on how to master shrimp breeding. If you want to breed for profit or just breed to keep. This video will explain PH, KH, GH, TDS, Temperature as well as reverse osmosis water […]

How To Make Plate Resetting Target

Welcome to Tiffany Outdoors! today I will show you how I made a plate rack target for my pellet gun. I got the idea from Brain Exploder check out his channel for all things airsoft. he also makes 3D target holders so check out his store. to see me shooting full sized steel targets check […]

How to Train a Spooky and Unpredictable Horse, Part I

Hi, I’m Caroline Beste of the Tao of Horsemanship. This month’s Holistic Horse “Ask the Expert” Q&A is about developing a confident, brave horse, both on the ground and riding. This month’s viewer has inquired about her flighty horse and how typical desensitizing methods seemed harsh, making her horse more scared. She asked me about […]

Learn How Baby Kittens Grow: 0-8 Weeks!

In this adorable and information-packed video, I’ll teach you everything you need to know about how to determine a kitten’s age, what developmental milestones to expect, and how to care for kittens week-by-week from birth to adoption age! Check out my instructional videos here: Follow Kitten Lady on social media! FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: […]

How to Speak Guinea Pig – Guinea Pig Whisperer!

Guinea Pig Noises – Explained. Guinea pigs make a lot of noises. But what do these guinea pig sounds mean? Los Angeles Guinea Pig Rescue Scotty explains what some common guinea pig noises mean, and how to make those noises yourself so that you can properly communicate to your guinea pigs in their language! T-Shirts: […]

How To Incubate Bearded Dragon Eggs ? Need Help ?

In today’s video I decided to share with you this video on how to incubate Bearded dragon eggs. It’s really easy to do once you got a hang of it so I give to step by step. ASK ME A Question on Instagram @_LORDELION *Follow me on instagram @_LordElion 1) Awesome Room Tour with […]

How to Groom A Maltese (Puppy Cut) – Do-It-Yourself Dog Grooming

This video covers everything you need to know about grooming your Maltese. Every tool, clip, and cut. A complete 42-minute tutorial video. Some similar products to help you DIY at home -Andis ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper -Andis UltraEdge Detachable Clipper Blade -Andis Clipper Attachment Comb 7 Piece Set -7″ Right-Handed Pet […]

How to connect with a hard to catch horse

In this second episode of the Mystic Experiment, I talk about how to get a connection with a “hard to catch” horse using Mystic, a previously wild and “untrainable” mustang. I explain the concept using both negative and positive reinforcement, but emphasize positive reinforcement especially since I am training Mystic outside the round pen. Throughout […]