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    i ran

    out to get a pack of cigarettes but i

    left my wallet at home

    yeah that's me i'm getting old

    my name is sunny sonny featherland

    an investigator for 20 years and once

    the star of the predatory division

    of the clawville police department one

    half of the legendary

    chicken police but buying a pack of

    smokes is more than i can handle right


    maybe i should just lay low yeah

    i'll do that the most colorful place in

    the wilderness

    for all the gods what [ __ ]

    the last clucking color left this city

    years ago

    and slowly i'll turn gray too

    still what do i expect we're living in a

    vast experiment

    and don't even notice that everything

    got clucked up a long time ago

    we believe in this wonderland of

    peaceful coexistence

    wolves and sheep chickens and hounds

    yeah sure why not

    it's just ridiculous the dog eats the


    it's in our nature i'm not propping up

    the illusion anymore

    121 days and it's over


    what could possibly go wrong


    ah crap my office lock is a piece of

    [ __ ] if a dane can pick it

    she stood in the darkness the light

    painted stripes on her body

    it whispered secret little things that

    were never there in the first place

    but she was no zebra reality was just a

    light switch away

    elizabeth or charlotte i was sure she'd

    have a sophisticated sounding name

    she had a bygone look in her eyes older

    than this ancient building

    and perhaps the whole city itself

    or maybe i'm just drunk but she was the

    first womanly thing in my place for a

    long time

    so i had to give her a chance

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    books i'm never gonna read maybe nobody

    ever has

    i don't see colors anymore only


    everything faded i need another drink

    i don't even know where the key is

    whatever's inside is gonna stay there


    the wild gentleman those guys rebuilt

    the city after the great fire of 867

    my heroes when i was a little chick i'm

    starting to think they should have left

    clawville as it was

    burned to the ground

    we used to be star cops a few years ago

    tabloid press radio interviews and even

    a book series

    i don't miss those days of course marty

    my old partner

    would disagree he just loved the


    this is uh this is one of the most

    beautiful memories from my old life

    before molly left me and took our


    m.b davis the eternal king of jazz

    the photo is from the days of jazz


    i only heard the old man live one time


    i'll never forget that night and not

    only because i woke up at the harbor

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    without my gun

    my badge and my pants

    the good things in life don't last long

    the best ones always leave first

    i saw that in the window of a shoe store

    i never understood it or what it had to

    do with shoes

    it seems like a different life

    oh my god i'm becoming a sappy little


    it seems like he was a genius

    some say he's now a recluse living on

    the outskirts of the city

    but others say he's in an insane asylum

    after he chewed his own leg off

    he was a genius molly

    where do you live now and

    with whom god damn

    what an embarrassing headline

    if only i were half as gutsy as these


    maybe in another life in another story

    just a bunch of useless crap in there

    maybe i'm just old and while i'm

    clucking about nothing ever changing

    everything changes you've gone out of

    style old bird

    accept it and move on my wife took all

    the good ones

    she knew they'd only gathered dust here

    and she was right

    behind that door lies the kingdom of

    dirty clothes

    cigarette butts and empty bottles

    my bedroom sort of

    i wanted to travel the world when i was

    a kid

    but i think i'm gonna end up dead in

    here whether i like it or not

    maybe in another lifetime old bird

    my wallet and my badge the wallet is


    the badge ate chief blood boyle took

    mine so i got this one out of a pack of

    corn flakes

    just in case

    my last cigarette

    you're lucky i don't have a light pal


    she doesn't seem so dangerous that i

    need to grab my gun

    but you never know

    i promised myself i'd write a novel one

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    i can't even remember the last time i

    used this

    i don't even know what these papers are


    i need a secretary


    ironic but ever since i've been on

    furlough with only my fake badge

    sitting in my cabinet i feel more like a

    cop than i ever had before

    more like a claville cop anyway

    ironic but oh man i totally get you

    i haven't dusted you off in a while

    partner looks like i may be needing you



    every whiskey has the same color


    at least in this price range

    murky brown swell i should improve my


    who is this dame anyway and what the

    cluck is she doing in my apartment on

    new year's eve

    legs that go on for days deep

    dark eyes silky skin and voice

    you're in big trouble pal

    legs that go up

    let me introduce myself my name is


    miss deborah ibanez

    you're mistaken ma'am

    oh really please enlighten me

    mr featherland i'm not a private eye

    i'd recommend philip i mean

    mr filmar low instead of me

    he's a nice guy believe me mr


    it's not an accident i came to you

    look miss i work for the police and i'm

    currently on leave

    i couldn't accept private commissions

    even if i wanted to

    not even from a classy dame like you

    am i that easy to read

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    that's my job but tell me since you've

    invited yourself

    in would you like a drink i don't

    i don't usually drink well i've got to

    have one

    and it'd be rude of me to drink alone so

    maybe some sherry if you insist

    but bourbon please

    ah thank the wild ones that's all i have

    what a coincidence

    so come on spill it from the beginning







    legs that go on


    that's better now if i understand

    correctly your mistress is receiving

    threats what kind of threats exactly

    it's a very strange matter first

    there were letters then it came printed

    on a wine bottles label

    sent as a gift then carved into a brick

    thrown through the window and finally

    they painted it on the wall of the house

    in giant

    red letters

    i think it's time to dig a little deeper

    if you don't mind i'd like to ask you


    routine questions please

    that's why i'm here

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    i must be cautious and smart this dame

    seems shy which i can use to my


    but i must be careful about what i say

    to her or i can scare her off

    let's start gently and when the time


    we can go in hard

    who exactly are you ma'am

    um i'm not somebody important mr


    you're important enough to deal with

    such a delicate matter

    right i carry out the wishes of my


    nothing more this means simple paperwork

    most of the time you've been thrown into

    deep water sweetheart tell me can you

    even swim

    believe me this is just as unpleasant

    for me as it is for you

    if not even more


    tell me which part of the city do you

    live in calavera hills

    flowerville maybe look

    i i don't want to answer that

    i'm here on behalf of my employer and

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    not on personal business

    fair point deborah let's try a different


    why did you have to visit me this

    particular evening

    i have my reasons i may look like a

    silly little fawn and maybe i

    am but i still have common sense

    i don't doubt that for a second miss


    this day is essential to my mistress and

    she thought it's all so

    important to you

    a message in itself for sure but to be


    even you are you know what

    i'll just take that as a compliment even

    if it wasn't meant to search


    why did you come to visit me why not

    your employer herself

    my employer is miss natasha casenko

    she hasn't been leaving her home lately

    only if she really has to

    how so miss natasha is afraid

    she's scared because of those unwanted


    and everyone knows who she is

    so she's that kind of woman

    i don't know what you mean of course you


    deborah thank you by the way we're

    finally getting somewhere

    we avoided the point long enough

    deborah's hiding something no question

    let's focus on that

    how did you get this address you know

    my mistress has exceptional connections

    if they were so exceptional she wouldn't

    have chosen me don't be so hard on


    detective you are the head of the famous

    chicken police

    am i right was it a raccoon with a


    face called zip who recommended me he

    hates me

    no mr featherland i don't know anyone

    like that

    lucky for you deborah

    what do you want from me me

    oh don't be silly deborah i mean your


    i was just talking to myself out loud

    well miss katzenko thinks you're a great

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    and you're also reliable that's why i


    did she also give you the lockpick

    please could you let this go i'm really


    sorry sweetheart i'm just teasing you as

    soon as i saw you

    you were forgiven that's

    that's very nice of you it has nothing

    to do with

    being nice deborah but you're welcome

    have you ever felt truly vulnerable

    honestly very often mr featherland

    great because that's exactly how i feel

    right now

    deborah i'm sorry if it's too unpleasant

    for you

    but we had no one else to turn to you

    know i get that a lot

    and it never ends well do you like

    happy endings not in books or movies

    but in real life it would be nice for a


    but this is clawville not many happy

    endings around here

    i knew you were romantic at heart

    if what's between me and my whiskey

    could be called romance

    then yes maybe a little


    tell me deborah why should i believe you

    at all

    because my mistress trusts you

    should that be enough if you really like

    what she thinks you are

    then yes

    damn what can i say to that look

    i didn't mean to back you up against the


    you have a way with words sweetheart did

    you ever want to be a cop

    no not for the world


    smart answer

    be honest and tell me what you're so

    afraid of

    you know mr featherland my mistresses


    is hobart wesler or as most people know


    ibn wesler the kingpin


    feathery gods help me

    so you get it now the secrecy

    to put it mildly i think i understand it


    westler this little piece of the puzzle

    changes everything

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    legs that why don't you take it to the


    just go there and file a report photos

    flashing lights fingerprints

    you know the drill the evidence is very


    even a moderately talented detective

    could easily wrap this case up

    or just try the phone triple five triple


    please take a look at this

    well okay let's see


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    how can i help you uh

    nothing uh forget it

    i know molly very well please note this

    when deciding whether or not to accept

    my assignment

    miss ivanez is a trusted friend treat

    her as

    gentleman and

    i know molly very well please note

    i felt like i'd been hit on the back of

    my head with a blackjack

    reality tilted molly

    good gods what was her name doing there

    i glanced at the opposite wall with the

    well-worn picture frames

    like an eternally dark hole in the wall

    a missing piece

    she was wearing a light silk dress and

    singing a lullaby

    the waves caressing her beautiful long


    why molly why now

    mr featherland

    santino are you all right

    what the hell is this supposed to mean

    i don't know anything mr santino my

    mistress told me to give this to you

    she said you'd understand don't you

    oh of course i understand miss ivanez

    i get it very well but this case is

    becoming more and more confusing

    it's starting to look like blackmail

    blackmail don't play innocent with me

    but all right when can i visit

    visit me not you

    miss katsenko oh yes

    you can find her at the tsar club

    didn't you tell me she's not the social


    that she's especially unsociable or does

    she only like

    loud and crowded clubs

    no she's really not like that but

    she owns the place judging by the flyer

    it must be a very busy club especially

    on new year's eve

    right i'm sure you'll have no trouble

    finding miss katzenko

    but there's one small problem mr

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    let me guess mr wessler better not know

    about my visit

    exactly how did you know


    20 years experience ma'am oh and please

    call me

    sonny it was a pleasure to meet you


    i mean sunny i'll talk about the rest


    miss katzenko in person a good friend of

    mine would be happy to take you home if

    you'd like

    i'd appreciate that sonny









    legs thank you again

    mr feather i mean sunny

    don't mention it debra i had no other

    plans for today

    except drink but tell me do you have a


    i'm sorry i i don't smoke

    thought so

    just a phone call and a good friend of

    mine can take you home

    thank you sonny

    Watch video from 33:00 - 36:00

    just a phone call thank you



    hey louis am i bothering you


    of course buddies what's up

    could you come over i've got a favor to

    ask if you're not busy

    lewis arrived a few minutes later he

    lived in the rooms above so it wasn't

    difficult getting here

    not to mention that he's a rabbit it was

    a quick hop

    the atlas hotel was his inheritance it

    was once a well-renowned place

    but not anymore the last economic crisis

    ruined it

    and now besides me he was the only

    resident of this enormous place

    could i ask you a few more questions


    feel free sonny

    the good old rabbit i can always count

    on him even on new year's eve

    i hope the old bunny had nothing

    important to do

    i've already told you more about myself

    than i wanted to

    afraid you'll get your hands dirty

    i'm afraid i already did

    i've already told you more i'm afraid

    do you think my whereabouts aren't a


    do you think they ever were well i was


    clawville is a big city but not so

    big that santino featherlin can hide in


    oh please flatter me more

    so ibn wessler eh you know you could

    have dropped the bomb a little earlier

    if i started with that i'm sure he would

    have thrown me out

    you're right he's one of the most

    dangerous gangsters in the city

    i only know he's an influential


    isn't that the same not even you can see

    Watch video from 36:00 - 39:00

    the world

    is that black and white

    sunny i've already told you what i know

    i've never read the message

    my job was to give it to you and nothing


    you really are this innocent aren't you

    i'm not sure i get what you mean

    let me give you some advice sister leave

    the city and get as far as you can

    from the likes of eben wesler it's not

    so simple mr featherland

    my mistress needs me is she really that

    important to you

    that you drive around in the dead of

    night to questionable places

    to deliver messages you know absolutely

    nothing about

    i would do more than that for her

    i see you're smooth

    real smooth

    thank you mr featherland

    sunny please just sunny

    so this natasha dame look

    i'm just the messenger you have to talk

    to my mistress about the details

    miss katsenka was very clear on this


    i see but please

    sunny let's not make this even more


    okay understood let's drop it

    thank you


    why do i have the feeling these big

    bambi eyes would get me into trouble

    this dame is an iceberg 10 prettiness

    and 90 percent mystery

    this dame is a



    molly my ex-wife

    what do you have to do with all this



    oh man i


    thanks for being so quick louis can you

    drive miss ibanez home

    i have some things to take care of

    of course sonny you know anything for


    thank you for being so considerate sonny

    Watch video from 39:00 - 42:00

    i appreciate it

    don't mention it goodbye ben

    so long deborah before i visit the club

    i have to take a detour

    i've got a feeling that this case isn't

    going to be a one-man

    job and there's only one bird in this

    city i can trust

    my ex-partner marty he's going to be at

    the station

    i can only hope he'll be willing to talk

    to me

    i can always count on you thanks old


    don't even mention it my friend you got

    anything planned for today

    i thought i'd visit a nightclub it's

    new year's eve after all well i didn't

    mean to hold you up

    i'll ask a favor of you someday

    i owe you a lot of those don't i that

    that that's true i i don't deny it


    i can always count on you

    oh just uh one more thing

    yes sonny i don't want to sound

    indiscreet but

    uh this um fur removal craze

    do you uh to do this yourself or are

    there specific

    parlors for it uh

    well um

    would you like to try it

    well it wouldn't work as well with my

    feathers just professional curiosity

    you know it's uh yeah

    occupational hazard there are parlors

    yes but i do it for myself and i do it

    for my mistress too

    if you're interested that's uh

    good to know thank you very much

    you're one strange bird sunny


    well i've been called worse

    take care sweetheart you too


    i can always



    Watch video from 42:00 - 45:00




    hmm it was new year's eve

    and i was driving half drunk risking my

    whole life's work

    but still it didn't feel any different

    every day was the same and the 121 days

    i had left till my retirement

    seemed like an eternity when i look out

    the window of the hotel room i call home

    i see the same thing every day

    a woman in a red nightgown dances slowly


    circles to smooth music

    the nine o'clock show with a glass of

    cheap bourbon

    and the red gown with the silent music

    in the meantime the proud city of

    clawville is slowly

    eating itself alive and we're still here

    with nothing left to lose but our sanity

    while others

    the smart ones had already gone

    molly does her name really upset me this


    all those years of solitude and i still

    jump without question every time i hear


    and then there's marty my ex-partner

    who hates me but i know i have to speak

    with him

    no matter what why do i feel like the

    past is watching me

    on this goddamn night


    i knew where to find marty at the

    station we'd always draw

    straws about holiday duty marty never

    joined in

    he always took the new year's eve shift

    even though he had someone to go home to

    i understood ten years ago

    we survived the night the press called

    the bloody new year

    forgotten by clawville but not by us

    we both left parts of ourselves behind

    that night


    back in the day i used to patrol the

    city streets in one of these

    i don't miss it but it used to have its



    if you drive a cop car in claville you

    Watch video from 45:00 - 48:00

    can do almost anything you want

    until you've got the red and blue on

    nobody asks a damn

    thing maybe that's why cops are the

    biggest gangsters around here


    if you drive a

    did you miss me no same here


    we have a tough history you and me maybe

    it's time to forget about the past



    this happened when that old bloodhound

    blood boil was promoted to chief of



    the castilia clan thought this would

    frighten the old hound but

    they were so wrong

    retaliation came the next morning raids


    four warehouses a dozen bad guys dead

    and twice as many busted

    nobody messed with old blood boil after


    or chief merrow bone as they call him

    around here

    could have been fixed up ages ago but it

    was the chief's explicit demand

    not to they can say a lot of things

    about the old hound but

    he's got a sense of drama for sure

    could have been fixed up ages ago but it

    was the chiefs explicit


    every time this poster disappears good

    old blood boil puts it right back

    immediately i tore it down at least

    three times

    already actually it's a kind of passive

    aggressive game for us with the chief

    i'm sure it's blood boil himself taping

    back the torn off posters

    like some maniac you must have a dozen

    of those things in his bag for


    i'm sure it's blood boil himself


    phyllis and roy's two hedgehogs with an

    arrogance typical of novice cops

    they're as prickly as they look

    officious little [ __ ]

    but harmless


    the bullet hole in my crest is worth

    more than these two combined

    the bullet hole


    well look at that hey sonny

    what you scratching out over here i

    heard the big boss threw you out

    tough luck boys i may not be on duty but

    i'm still a cop

    Watch video from 48:00 - 51:00

    hey you don't have to be so picky sure

    bud by the way you're on luck blood

    boils not to end tonight

    the lawyer is in charge oh

    god that clumsy buffalo is here tonight

    if he doesn't end up in a cell again

    he's lucky

    you got it you're looking for marty

    i see you're still the brains around

    here phyllis

    yeah i'm looking for marty birds of a

    feather flock together

    i see you're still the funny guy around


    you'll find the giant feather duster at

    the shooting range

    as always hey royce

    i'm telling you this because maybe

    you'll be able to understand

    if this prickly [ __ ] makes another

    racist remark

    i'll strangle him with his own raincoat

    i'd love to see that

    whose side are you on you jerk


    by the way what's with the raincoats

    couldn't you find an umbrella

    why frank says it'll be rain and see

    it's raining he's a frog so he must know

    yeah well i'm a rooster but i hate

    getting up early

    raincoats are just fine okay you have a

    problem with that sonny

    no just uh you know the spikes sticking

    through and all

    are something wrong with our spikes


    yeah you know what just forget it

    oh don't you freeze boys

    it's cold outside yeah excuse me tooled

    i'll freeze to my bones sunny

    even through this jacket i'm completely


    really i don't know why


    don't listen to him roy's and you you've

    got nothing better to do

    bugger off okay okay

    just sometimes you two truly amaze me


    what why are you still sneaking around

    here sonny

    it always astonishes me how blockheaded

    you two are

    it always is stun the bullet hole in my






    Watch video from 51:00 - 54:00





    here we are again claudeville police


    i've never been good at history but if

    i'm not mistaken

    this place has been a church a hospital

    and even some insane cult secret hideout

    over the years

    anyway the place holds the secrets of

    the ages

    and some drunk pigs in the basement




    marty drinks this [ __ ] i've never tried

    it but i'm pretty sure it's gross

    and probably toxic

    today is not the day i'm gonna try this

    for me nothing beats the iron flavored

    turbid tap water

    today is not


    all it takes is one look and my comb

    starts to tingle

    which never means anything good

    all it takes is one look

    honor strength unity

    for the love of the wild gods i'm gonna

    be sick

    we used one of these as target practice


    not out of disrespect we were just too

    damn drunk

    we used one of these

    Watch video from 54:00 - 57:00


    we used one of these


    officer jardine they say she's clever

    smart and dangerous we need more of her

    kind in here

    officer jardi


    i'm really not in the mood to meet

    deputy malloy

    or any of my ex-colleagues from the

    predatory division

    i'm not here for this i just need to

    grab marty and get the hell out


    i'm not here for this

    monica rosen receptionist in theory but

    in reality

    she's doing literally everything around

    here like the beating heart of the pd

    she's too good for this place even for

    this city

    soft and ordinary but also somehow

    cold and distant be kind you'd like to

    invite for a coffee but you know would

    say no

    no matter who you are or what you do


    soft and ordinary but also somehow

    cold and distant be kind you'd like to

    invite for a coffee but you know

    would say


    hey monica hey boss bird

    what are you doing here shouldn't you be

    celebrating somewhere

    every day is a holiday since i got out

    of here

    i can tell but what are you doing here

    are you here for a file you know i'm a

    little busy right now

    yeah you could look after a few things

    for me but

    first i'd like to talk to mr big beak

    mcchicken himself

    those two prickly [ __ ] told me he's

    emptying the magazines in the hole

    like always and if he carries on like

    that he's going to use up all our ammo

    so it would be nice if you drag him out

    of there

    you know how this day is for him

    for him you know i didn't mean it like


    yeah i know okay

    so just sign here and you're good to go

    thank you darling

    don't mention it boss bird


    hey sony is everything all right sure

    everything's fine i'm just distracted

    that's nice life is best if you let the

    adventures take you with them

    geez mon don't read so many romantic

    Watch video from 57:00 - 60:00


    that was one of yours actually from the

    old sunny

    you used to love saying nice little

    things like that remember

    i try not to we can't erase the past

    because we are the past ourselves am i


    stop that right there okay

    okay i'm just joking


    yes boss bird nothing yeah carry on i'll


    i'll be fine just don't make a mess okay

    yes boss bird just don't make a mess

    soft and ordinary


    what do you know about the czar club

    nothing special i've never been there

    it's a famous place though

    expensive cigars unaffordable drinks

    pretty gals

    all the movie stars and politicians go

    there at least once a week

    and all the big shot mobsters too i've


    yeah i was saying the same thing

    still living in the atlas if something

    works why

    change it right well if you like it


    listen monica you could uh come by

    sometime for a drink or or two

    you know i didn't hear that and you

    didn't say that

    okay you got it sorry anything else boss


    do we have a file on hobart ibn wessler

    are you kidding me we have a whole room

    just for him want the key

    you can spend the remaining days of your

    paid holiday in there

    no thanks never mind you're a bit sassy

    today aren't you

    i'm sorry sonny but i'm starting to shed

    my feathers because of this insane


    you know new year's eve and blood boil's

    not here when he should be

    somehow i'm not sorry about that yeah

    i bet you're not boss bird


    natasha katzenko hmm interesting name

    is it real or just an alias it's

    supposed to be real but who knows

    good question we have nothing on her

    she's either clean or uses a fake name

    maybe both but i don't think so aside

    from that everyone knows what i know

    about her

    singer star the number one babe in this

    town so to speak

    thanks little bird it's something glad i

    could help

    yes boss nothing yeah just don't make





    Watch video from 60:00 - 63:00

    mort martigan a notorious deadbeat

    poor guy's been blind since his teenage


    but that doesn't stop him from running

    into trouble what the clock did he do

    this time

    poor old lizard you've seen better days

    haven't you

    poor old morty

    scabbiest beast what the hell did you do

    it's smarty to you sonny boy

    everything's fine there was just a bit

    of trouble in the barn and

    someone got knocked on the head with a


    it wasn't my fault i messed blind as a


    am i right

    did that ever bother you mori listen

    sunny boy

    go tell them to leave me alone

    it's new year's eve after all and

    i didn't even do anything wrong not

    that wrong

    where's your little lap dog to get you

    out of this mess

    is that little pimp of a [ __ ] still

    sniffing around you

    hey jesse is a good boy funny

    and he's good to me believe me

    oh god spare me the details when will

    you finally realize that little shit's

    been using you

    oh of course if you sing me

    what could a pretty boy like him want

    from this

    old monster it

    still is funny i have

    no one else do you understand that

    don't you even you deserve better pal

    by the way you look horrible even for


    are you feeling okay i'm not what i used

    to be

    but neither are you judging from your


    but i must seeing a doctor sammy boy

    i really am are you

    don't need to mort i'm fine anyway if

    bubo prescribed you something

    don't even think about taking it i don't

    talk to that insane owl

    damn right please say

    something on my behalf okay i really

    don't have time for this

    detective buffalo sheet

    hey careful with that buffalo malloy is

    the chief today

    like i care i'll try to speak for you

    but keep it down till then okay you

    don't need this [ __ ]

    and i don't need it either sunny boy

    you've always been a good friend

    more like a clock and pigeon

    Watch video from 63:00 - 66:00

    poor old lizard tell me

    sunny boy how's molly

    and the little tiki you really know how

    to hurt a guy

    he's something wrong they no longer live

    with me mort

    for a few years now and to be honest

    we're not really in touch

    i'm sorry pal i didn't want to reopen

    old wounds it's all right morty

    let's drop it

    everything all right lizard wizard yeah

    it will be as soon as i'm out of here


    poor old lizard


    detective chow hound bosco he thinks

    he's a real alpha

    but nah he's just a lap dog


    he's not a bad boy by the way

    he's not a bad holy wild ones look what

    the cat dragged in

    hello to you too bosco i see you're busy

    as always

    yeah i've been sniffing around one of

    the rundown joints

    you know how it goes and boom this son

    of a lizard comes flying out the window

    i didn't know the lizards could fly

    so mort was being a bad bad boy again

    nothing unusual and you

    still dying i'm still a cop for another

    121 days bosco

    it's as unpleasant to me as it is to you

    all right all right no need to bite

    wasn't trying to mess with you

    you have moses and plato for that and of

    course blood



    let's hope i won't run into any of them



    looking for marty eh ever since you left

    he's kind of lost

    he's trying to hide it but he's not the

    same bird

    well i don't think we'll have a teary

    reunion thinking about how we parted

    let me give you some advice honey let

    him rage

    he'll be the same after that anyway

    he was the one that shot you right you

    should be mad

    not him it's not that simple bosco

    but we'll see how he reacts thanks


    no worry spell


    how are the pups they're real

    monsters life's a living hell

    but it'd be even worse without him you


    yeah you're telling me oh

    right sorry and how's life without the

    chicken police

    Watch video from 66:00 - 69:00

    unfortunately the worst half is still

    here but

    it's good it's so uneventful

    what a coincidence want me to make a



    no i'm fine without it really

    listen bosco do you need this mess with


    like hell i do what can i do when he's

    almost beat a [ __ ] giraffe to death

    a giraffe never mind it's new year's eve

    there's a brawl like this in every joint

    of the city and you know that

    he's just a loser and also blind

    maybe someone just stuck that broken mug

    in his hand

    [ __ ] you know that's not what happened

    of course i know uh

    all right i'll let him go we don't need

    him yelling in here all night

    i'll write the report and throw him out

    but he better not end up back in here

    again tonight i'll have a talk with him


    just sign any [ __ ] testimony they

    shove in your face

    and you're free to go bosco also wants

    to get through with it just like you

    thanks sunny much

    obliged you owe me another one old man

    and i won't forget it you can count on


    sonny boy i'll help if i can


    just sign any [ __ ] thanks you owe me

    you can come


    poor old he's not a bad

    keep up the good work you're a good boy


    cluck off sunny


    keep out the good wolf


    one of blood boyle's favorites mainly

    because he's a dog

    of course one of blood boils

    yes boss bird nothing you just don't




    Watch video from 69:00 - 72:00








    this is gonna be a hard ride last time

    we saw each other he had a smoking gun

    in his hand and

    i was bleeding i don't know how we can

    get past that but

    it's worth a try


    long thighs and a big gun that's marty's

    idea of a perfect woman

    can't blame him for it

    hello cassandra i hope we'll meet again

    oh god i'm starting to sound like money

    that little note down there what can i


    classic marty that little note down



    that little note


    i was just about to go when you came in

    so if you want shooting practice

    maybe turn on the lights first

    you're right i'm gonna do that

    Watch video from 72:00 - 75:00


    i know her well marty calls her susie

    and i have to say this little she-devil

    pulled us out of many tough situations

    over the years

    marty has a dozen guns but susie's one

    of his favorites

    he got her from a fish we rescued from

    muddy waters together

    those were the days

    i was just about to go when you came in

    so if you want shooting practice you're


    i'm gonna do that




    Watch video from 75:00 - 78:00


    marty has a dozen guns but susie

    claudia tiny dark and angry

    and hits you where it hurts the most


    marty only uses her in very dark cases

    and on those nights she almost always

    Watch video from 78:00 - 81:00

    takes a life

    or maybe two marty only you


    i believe this piece is forbidden cops

    can't use it but this is marty's

    personal collection

    so it doesn't matter at least nobody has

    ever complained

    linda or maybe layla can't remember

    fortunately i had the displeasure of

    meeting her only a couple of times on


    she bites just like the women marty


    linda her majesty

    big bertha or rather a big birth of two

    because there was one before a sawed-off

    little broad but

    we lost her in a swamp marty cried for a


    but once he saw this giant lady here the

    balance of the universe was restored

    i still remember her kiss what can i say

    it's the experience of a lifetime

    i still remember her kiss


    marty looks good big and loud and

    angry as always

    marty looks good hey marty

    oh well look who's here hello boss bird

    where you lost this is the pd building

    you know

    cut this [ __ ] marty we're better than


    well at least you are better than anyone


    marty come on let's forget that what's

    past has passed

    uh easy for you to say sonny damn it

    marty you shot me remember

    i almost bled to death hell yeah i


    unfortunately my aim wasn't good enough

    i need your help okay that's what you

    want to hear

    well it's a start okay i've said it

    i won't do it again yeah right

    so are you in just for tonight

    small case we'll wrap it up in no time

    what kind of case a personal one

    how personal very the kind of case where

    if you come

    Watch video from 81:00 - 84:00


    oh damn sonny stop it right there i'm in

    that's that's it ah

    do you know how boring life is here

    without your

    stupid reckless [ __ ] soon enough

    i'll shoot all the ammo in here out of


    right so tell me what's it about

    i'll tell you in the car oh can i bring


    ah for the love of marty this is a

    routine case you can't bring your

    shotgun okay

    bertha stays okay okay

    but at least susie can come right

    all right susie can come that's what i

    want to hear



    marty looks good


    hey marty what about laura how come she

    didn't eat you yet

    yeah very funny we're good by the way

    mostly as good as we can be after all

    these years

    glad to hear it she asks a lot about you

    really yeah she always hated you for

    getting me into trouble all the time

    understandable but she also felt sorry

    for you

    ah well thanks that's uh much better

    if i'm honest with you she loved the

    chicken police marty better than

    this one well i think i'll take that as

    a compliment

    whatever sonny

    so uh sonny you still limping

    the pellets tore my right hip to pieces

    so yes

    the doctor says i'll limp forever ah

    good to hear that

    [ __ ] off


    can we go finally or are you waiting for

    a big warm hug

    let's get out of here before i get

    detained for gutting you

    ah lovely and peaceful as always

    welcome back boss bird can we go finally

    let's get out of here

    Watch video from 84:00 - 87:00


    still drink coffee yeah

    my only poison except for guns of course

    and women we could visit our old haunt

    what do you think oh a nice cup of zips

    coffee in the hop dog

    i'm in oh and maybe we'll get into a

    little fight too

    huh if it comes to that i'm leaving you

    without a blink

    well yeah like last time those were uh

    different times marty with a different


    well all right to the city then

    you don't have to come with me you know

    okay okay i know let's go

    ah sunny there's a little problem


    not so little and it smells too

    what the furry hell is blood boil doing


    ah well it seems we can't avoid speaking

    to him

    oh yes we can you have your rifle with


    right what

    just kidding sort of


    when you left when blood boil kicked me

    out you mean yeah so that affected even


    why because she can do her job in peace


    you know that's not what i mean yeah i


    an angel in the form of a fragile little


    yep that's her


    an angel yep that's


    we're leaving sweetheart stay safe boys

    i'm glad to see you two together again

    i'm afraid you're alone with that

    hey don't make me change my mind you

    won't marty

    i bet you can't wait to get mixed up in

    some serious trouble again

    yep that's true i'm serious boys

    be careful out there we're big birds


    we can take care of ourselves mostly

    okay but take care of each other too

    will do monica yes ma'am


    an angel in the full yep

    hey monica remember that invitation from

    the other day


    oh yeah i'm so sorry marty i'd love to

    but i've got a lot of work to do you

    know how it is

    please tell your sweetheart that i'm

    sorry okay okay i understand

    no problem we'll meet at the annual

    party anyway right

    yeah that's true i'll tell laura

    Watch video from 87:00 - 90:00

    i have a strange feeling that we'll meet

    again tonight

    strange i have that feeling too

    that's weird i was just thinking the

    same thing

    i have a strange feeling that strange

    that's weird


    do you still drink that garbage hey it's

    not garbage okay

    allegedly they've used it as medicine

    once if you must know

    yeah once they used to heal with

    bloodletting too muddy

    don't believe everything that's on these

    labels you're not a little chick anymore

    okay dad

    this is the future it is okay

    i'd rather drink the past then huh you

    mean a 12 year old bourbon

    hey i'm not uh but yeah that's exactly

    what i mean

    don't drink that [ __ ] marty sunny you

    are bad for my health

    don't drink that [ __ ] marty it's bad for

    you sonny

    you are

    do you remember when they changed the

    old coat of arms and we used it as

    target practice

    i remember blood boil catching us and

    almost suspending us because of your

    stupid [ __ ]

    my stupid [ __ ] i remember it was your


    and you were drunk as hell yeah and i

    remember you

    you got shut the [ __ ] up

    you know when i was a boy whose words

    used to enchant me

    i thought you became a cop for the guns

    well yeah that was the main reason

    this was the other the city's lucky to

    have you marty

    yeah isn't it and how lucky are you too

    join the force protect the crown serve

    the people

    get bribed get beaten by a hooker get



    nice words nice promises

    nice [ __ ]

    we used one of these as target


    did you ever notice how much bigger the

    line and the fox are than the other


    you know maybe all animals are equal but

    some animals are more equal than others

    huh so that's why our king's a fox and

    not a

    sheep or a bird right it's maybe a

    little late but you're starting to get

    it detective

    where are the insects anyway and the

    reptiles do you ever think about that

    many times i think they didn't fit the

    idyllic image so they've been left out

    simple as that uh that says a lot about

    this city

    it says everything monty

    Watch video from 90:00 - 93:00

    all it takes is one look and like


    we used one of these as target


    i gotta say good old bosco looks like

    [ __ ]

    yeah like a beating dog while you

    on the other hand you just got

    older way older shut the clock up marty


    maybe he's worth asking a thing or two


    that flea bag can be useful


    maybe he's worth asking i think yeah

    i see you're swamped buddy i've sent the

    old lizard away

    i don't need him to foul the air anymore

    i hate his kind anyway

    well because he's a reptile no because

    he's a good-for-nothing piece of [ __ ]

    no yeah that's true and you are you

    letting off some steam

    something like that we'll go and check

    out some cd joint

    where cops after all ain't we and this

    is still clawville

    that's true pal protect and serve

    got a room you two ah shut up marty


    i see blood boils here we're in deep

    guano for sure marty

    isn't it your lucky day huh are you

    thinking about some stupid [ __ ] again

    we excuse me sir but what do you mean


    wilderness just keep a low profile will

    you it's new year's eve

    we have enough dangerous lunatics

    running around already

    don't worry chow hound we know what

    we're doing

    yeah of course you do that's what i'm

    afraid of



    Watch video from 93:00 - 96:00


    hey listen bosco i wanted to ask you

    this for so

    long can i pet you

    just a little one more word

    and i'll bite off your arm oh hey hey


    i'm just kidding guys i'm really gonna

    miss this when i retire


    hey listen bosco one more

    guys i'm really good

    what have you heard about the hop dog is

    it still standing

    yeah it is but i don't freak with that


    you shouldn't either things have

    escalated there recently


    what do you know about ibn wesler what's

    the old rat been up to lately

    they say he's keeping a pretty low

    profile these days

    but he's been seen in the company of the

    attorney general

    attorney general hamtaro hey

    that's interesting thanks why are you so

    interested in that rat

    if you want another hole in your comb i

    could help you too you know

    it's just professional curiosity yeah

    of course and i'm a fluffy little


    whoa whoa whoa you forgot to mention

    this nugget about the case soni

    have been clucking westler what the hell

    did you get into

    far as i remember you didn't let me tell

    you in the first place

    well you're in now no way back

    you're a piece of [ __ ] sonny you hear me

    what's this all about

    easy chicken and i'll tell you

    everything soon enough

    let's just get the hell out of here

    first if i already told you it's a

    pleasure working with you again

    no but that's always good to hear


    cluck off



    why is it so quiet in here shouldn't it

    be a madhouse by now

    the midnight madness is yet to come

    sunny just wait for it

    my time's too valuable for that pal and

    you're trespassing

    rules of suspension remember i can see

    you're up to no

    good who was ridiculous

    if you say so but i advise you to keep

    Watch video from 96:00 - 99:00

    it low

    especially you sonny how many days do

    you have until retirement

    121 120 soon

    don't be a knucklehead and get yourself


    thanks for your eternal wisdom bosco i'm

    definitely coming to you again next time


    hey listen bosco one more way guys i'm


    don't drink that [ __ ] marty sunny

    maybe he's worth that yeah that flea bag



    i have a strip strange that's weird

    an angel yep


    the chief doesn't seem to be in a good

    mood but he never is actually


    honestly i have a really bad feeling

    about this

    honestly what a surprise

    the two pigeons back together and


    my permission of course chief blood boil

    damn what was that santino

    nothing sir what a lovely evening am i


    i don't want to hear your crowing

    santino what the hell are you doing here

    hey hey hey careful with the racist

    barking old hound

    oh it's getting hot in here

    can we just skip this part it's new

    years after all

    and you're on duty if i'm not mistaken


    where do you think you're going that's

    it boss to serve and protect

    sonny was in the neighborhood and

    stopped by to say hi

    he's a cop too right only on paper

    and you know that very well detective i

    don't want any trouble boss

    i just wanted to say hi to monica and

    then this

    feather pillow showed up i invited him

    to grab a quick coffee

    you can allow him that much can't you

    your coffee breaks usually end up in

    shooting or brawling chickens

    oh just a coffee boss i swear

    oh have a heart it's new year's eve and

    i haven't seen my old partner for so


    how touching you shot him with a shotgun

    if i remember

    family quarrel for all the marrow bones

    of the world

    get the hell out of my sight have a

    lovely evening boss

    you especially [ __ ] off right now


    what is it santino not nothing sir

    and you need something martin

    no sir then get out of my sight birds

    what is it nothing no sir then get out

    Watch video from 99:00 - 102:00






    look at these two simpletons


    they don't even realize their jackets

    are full of holes

    for the wild god's sake don't dare tell


    i already tried but nothing happened



    Have you always wanted to see how Zootopia would look like in a noir style? Then your time has come. It's time to uncover the mysteries, including whether ...


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