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    PEGI 7

    hello everyone this is Karolina Alberto

    I'm Carlos Mastretta we're a family of

    motorsport fans from Mexico and we're

    the founders of original fire games over

    the last few decades we have seen a

    fascinating evolution in racing games

    and nowadays you can drive almost any

    type of car on amazing recreations of

    the best tracks in the world however we

    believe it's time to try something

    different we want to do this by reviving

    a style that pioneered racing games

    decades ago our game mixes top-down

    racing with a classic sharp arcade look

    and tactile driving physics which brings

    together a whole range of styles and

    eras of motorsport we are delighted to

    share this moment with you and show a

    sneak preview of our game which Square

    Enix collectively publish in 2020 join

    us for the ride and see you again soon


    Enter the charming world of motorsport with Circuit Superstars! This dynamic top-down racing game travels through many eras of racing. Add to your Steam ...


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    Comment (2)

    1. I am really looking forward to this! This looks like it has the potential to be the best top-down in years! Apart from handling feel, the make-or-break feature of these kind of games is setting the controls correctly on console controllers. Please can I request that you allow full personalisation of controls for this game, or at least allow both digital and analogue control options. Because this is old-school in style, I like to play digital controls – eg D-pad for steering and A=Throttle, X=brake, B=e-brake: or on PS X=Throttle and Square=brake, circle=e-brake. Many, many thanks!


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