Competitive Tutorial for Online Rankings 【 Project Diva Future Tone PS4 】

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Intro to Online Rankings: 1:02
Intro to Score attacks 6:46
Explanation of Holds 8:30
First method for maximizing points 10:33
Second method “Hold Switches” 15:33
Intro to Cools 17:41
Early/perfect/Late Cools 19:24
Comparison between score attack and perfect 24:45
Last tip for maximum hold points 27:23

Please check my controller tutorial if you are new to future tone mechanics as it is recommand you understand how to play before watching this tutorial.

Playlist where I will upload Future Perfects with hold switches instructions or score attack routes.

The Project Diva Wiki Facebook:

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  1. Cool. At least there's a new experience to try Future Tone with. Imagine if this game was TAS-able, I bet people'd be spending hundreds of hours just to get the "theoeretical" maximum score just on one of these songs.

  2. Wow, I had no idea about the Cools being split into 3 in Future Tone :p
    That was a nice tutorial, everything was clear. I don't know if I'm going to try that right away when I do get the game, I'll be focusing on getting the perfects before I consider doing score attack ^^

  3. So informational, I'm not an online ranking-person but had been wondering about some of the things concerning holds. And I didn't know that a Fine on a multiple-note counted for all of them scoring-wise, my Fine count already sucks as it is .' So, getting a Wrong is better than Worst I'm guessing? You didn't explain why though.


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