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    Crossfire X Gameplay and First Impressions

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    Crossfire X gameplay - This is a brand new game attempting to replicated the success of Counter-Strike on console. Let's play and take a look! Leave a LIKE and ...


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    Comment (42)

    1. I am confused I don't remember Crossfire looking like this unless it's because it's "Crossfire X" not just "Crossfire" or it's because ur not showing a Crossfire gameplay

    2. specter was my personal favorite game mode when I played crossfire pre-2015. I didn't have a PC capable of running steam games very well so crossfire was how I got my first fps fix outside of halo combat evolved. Originally called ghost mode, specter mode can be really intense and a lot of fun if you have a lobby full of players who more or less know what they are doing since a lot of the maps have vents that you can crawl through and take short cuts.

    3. God I remember playing Crossfire for an easy 7 hours a day as a kid during summers, seeing Crossfire X – it looks amazing but apparently console only? Sure-fire way to kill your original community :/

    4. Trust me, the Ghost mode (that's what this "invisibility suite" thing is actually called in CrossFire) is super addictive. At least it was for me back when I played CF.


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