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SearchThisVideo: CrossfireX Beta Gameplay Part 1 – Black Widow – (CrossfireX Xbox One)

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Watch video at 00:00

I don't know about y'all guys but I

literally just download the beta for

crossfire X this is an xbox exclusive

that it's coming to the Xbox I think

later on this year and it is it is

basically a multiplayer platform game

and reminds me of crossfire

I said crossfire Romney of

counter-strike that game used to be on

PC I used to play that back in the day

but not anymore cos I just transition

over to call of duty Nova of

first-person shooters but welcome to

crossfire X beta gameplay guys I can't

believe I'm actually pretty excited to

see this because I remember was

announced last year that blasters III

before got cancer this year from all the

day and emic that's going around but I

actually wanted to try this out the beta

starts today guys on the 25th and it

ends on the 28th guys the job can see at

the top left that's what the open beta

so all you got to do is go to the Xbox

Store and download this game right now

guys before the 28th is over and it ends

at 21 hours pts pts yet but I love you

I'll just keep doing it you're doing man

I can't wait to start this up you see

how it is I also don't wanted to tell

you I do have some more arm dayz and

bigger videos ready for y'all this

weekend so stay tuned for that and I

will be dropping some more gears 5

gameplay love you I'll just keep doing

and let's get into the X I'm pretty

stoked let's do this alrighty guys so I

came to the loadout section to see what

type of guns I can access so I got the

m4 anyone right now oh look at this oh


where we're gonna you know it I don't

know for now that's time I start off

with the m4a1 cuz I was looking at the

loadout section this is like Call of

Duty guys all over again now let's go

back to the home menu now they do have

what's up motor says classic I'll just

try this out black wood over laboratory

alright we're gonna try out the first

map guys a black widow so i'ma

transition to him get over there give me

one seconds

alrighty guys have only spawned in let's

do this oh snap

alright you said we can change load up

we load up well we bought ourselves

let's do this guy's wait are you um

so you don't even you can't even aim in

this game what type of what type of game

is this

alright let's do this guy's I can't

believe I'm getting it right now I'm

getting crisis vibes for some reason

alright so I'm not sure if you can aim

in this game cuz apparently I'll try to

hold down alt and it just did not work

is that wait reloading okay not bad oh


not every now every games gonna be the

same - oh snap let's go here you go Oh

God look at them guys - shoo now let's

try to see we can get a kill I'll freak

are you kidding oh this is about to be


what a teammate's go I'm just gonna go

down that way yes so far guys I did hear

that this arm is his name is Wallace

already all we were supposed to plant

the bomb all right wait there's no

regular like team deathmatch matches or

something all right so um I didn't get a

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

kill that time guys so let's see what

happens after this now unless um cuz I

was did I did hear that this thing that

this game is similar to counter-strike

so that's why oh snap

you kid come on get the kill let's go

yes sir got a kill guys let's go

I was shooting from the hip man

how do you aim in this game guys I just

I don't understand this I think you have

to have a scope when you're gone first

somebody plant the bomb oh snap

getting there getting again there

oh you kidding what I I got shot from

the window are using the scar-h okay um

I have to try a different game what

after this guys I'm gonna start up

another video all there it is

yeah this looks like Counter Strike so

much guys look at that man he look like

he's about to snipe oh look at me really

oh wow we lost are you kidding

come on man we were supposed to get that

Doug let's change the load out okay so

looks like already got the mg let's use

that oh man but I move so slow with it

though alright so we got this desert

eagle pistol almost all right okay so

you can use the knife - oh look at ya

this game is pretty different I'm not

gonna lie hold up let me turn the corner

oh you kidding what

come on now do this do that somebody

just like me man alright but it's all


I just want to see how would his first

probably do guys if yo if this first

part would do well drop the second part

to this we'll see how well it would do

oh snap get the kill man

really did you really just thought it

over Nate it's not in the window alright

so so far guys I have no pills I have

one at least let me see if I can change

my little now I can't I can't take my

wall right here so so there's different

game modes

I'm guessing this game will almost like

demolition like in Call of Duty we have

to plant the bomb on a certain site Oh

watch out watch out Brooke yes sir okay

I gotta try to survive guys don't look

like I'm half the time I'm just watch

other people play and I'm gonna be able

to get some kills so but hey this is the

first video so I got to get used to the

style and stuff cause it's not like Call

of Duty oh snap yes more nice going

alright now let's spawn it let me change

the loadout now we do have this sniper

rifle you know what let's try to sniper

guys let's try it okay so now you can

aim whit okay but you can aim with the

slab right foot oh that makes no sense

let's go

oh wait that's throwing a grenade I'm

Watch video from 06:00 - 9:00

just over grenade free it

I'm see Beckett you can't like you can't

click down a sprint like come on now all

right let me try to see I'm a sniper

behind here

well you have it oh he just got snobs

you saw him jump in midair that was


wait where you at oh snap almost had him

dang it

hold up are you kidding Wow all right

all right

I took that I took that L right there

dang man come on I was ahead there right

there guys are you kidding we lost again

so how many runs are there in this game

I mean oh wow look at that oh wow so

he's MVP oh boy

now what's with the size okay good all

right no problem

wait let me change my loadout let's

trade a k47 so there's two I think it's

five rounds each yes so four guys I'm

really unlikely this so far I mean it's

a it's a new type of style of shooter

which arm I got to get used to but other

than that I mean it's really fun so I

recommend you guys playing the game or

picking us up whenever this game

whenever you watch this video in the

future it's already else but uh what the

for those kills O&M I see a player but

up he's right over there too

well you ain't always camper guys I

think he's trying to smoke should I see

if I can ambush them from the side so

basically we gotta stop them to stop

them from playing the bomb now instead

of us planning it are you kidding man oh

yeah I got it I got they gotta have some

aiming option or something cuz I can't

just hoc far from it

oh we want but still say I'm sorry guys

if I'm not getting kills gotta get used

to this

wait what a play is that oh yay to go

another way now they need kind of rush

to uh to see I think a beat wait a

minute Dornan aid alright that's a smoke

let's go alright where they spawn in

this I don't know but a spawning I guess

this so hold up let me go down here

now the thing is though when you're

playing oh snap you scare me I was about

to shoot him I shoot at him the thing is

we all right and they're mine the thing

is when you're playing this game you

have to know where your uh the enemy

spawns are because you can't just run

out and open and the fact that you can't

sprint guys I just it just hurts my soul

like you can't sprint and in a in a

first-person shooter game like come on I

know it's different but I need to sprint

oh snap

ain't no way I should have got that kill

watch out what's up let me see if I get

Watch video from 09:00 - 12:00

up close to him well you had bit all of

you kidding

come on really uses an m4

alright let's switch to let's try the


yes sir guys this shotguns in black ops

2 if you didn't know damn 1216 oh why

look at that hold up

dang he got lit up oh what's come on

really a wall mate come on BAM wow I got

shot inside of a window of me I mean

it's not a window inside of a freaking

doorman and we want to get let's go what

type of alright so I could be zeti guys

it should be it I don't know why that's


I got one kill guys and we love it up so

anyway guys if y'all like in the series

may not definitely would she also more

gameplay in this I'm what I'm gonna try

to record another part but what a

different match but I love you I just

keep doing doing if you want to see some

more videos just let me know in the

conversation this is pretty fun I'm not

even gonna lie I just got to get some

more kills

I'm sorry if I got one kill I just got

to get used to this love y'all and catch

y'all in the next part peace

CrossfireX Beta Gameplay Part 1 - Black Widow - (CrossfireX Xbox One) CrossfireX Beta Gameplay Part 1 This video includes the CrossfireX Beta that is played ...


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