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SearchThisVideo: CrossfireX Single-Player Campaign Preview: Remedy Goes Full Call of Duty

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luis torres i've seen your future

remedy fresh off of winning ign's 2019

game of the year with control

has finally shown off its other project

a single-player campaign for crossfire x

the upcoming xbox exclusive first person

shooter that updates the 2007

game that's long been popular in the

east i got a look at pieces of one of

its missions

and i came away with one immediate

thought while the multiplayer is a dumb

fun facsimile of counter-strike

the campaign is the call of dutiest

thing that's ever

call of duty

not that that's a bad thing it looks fun

to play

and there's a definite remedy vibe here

from the use of red lighting and other

brighter colors

the crossfire campaign is using remedy's

same in-house north light engine that

control and quantum break did

to the implementation of slo-mo bullet

time dubbed

combat breaker here but yes even just

watching it and not

playing it crossfire x very much looks

like a call of duty campaign

from both its moment-to-moment gun play

to its over-the-top action movie plot

and characters

here the multiplayer's two factions

global risk and black list

are pitted against each other in some

kind of world threatening conflict

but it's just you no co-op nothing it's

you versus the ai the campaign is

divided up into operations which can

take place on either side of the fight

another call of duty style element

within each operation are three episodes

which sound like the actual missions


i saw a slice of an operation spectre

mission which drops you into the boots

of blacklist operative luis taurus

handcuffed and on a prison bus and route

to a correctional facility in a

fictional south american city

the bus gets intercepted by a drone

which flies under the bus explodes and

your blacklist buddies pull you out of

the wreckage

as your global risk pursuers close in

the bus stunt was an attempt to kill you

not rescue you you duck into a hospital

conveniently cleared of doctors nurses

and patients due to an incoming


and meet nicholas kamara a blacklist


it's all call of duty from here on out

gun battles through the hospital


crashing into the basement after a vtol

fighter jet fires a missile through the

window of the upper floor room you're

standing in

getting in the back of an ambulance with

your buddies and blasting the bad guys

as they chase you at high speeds

and finally rolling oxygen tanks out of

the back of the van and shooting them in

order to blow up a heavily armored apc

in pursuit of you

triggering the collapse of the cliffside

tunnel you're in and forcing your fellow

blacklist soldier cora

to yank the wheel and send you all

plummeting over the cliff's edge and

into the water below

faked black remedy's goal with the

campaign is a quote

best of east meets west kind of mashup

they told me after the demo

Watch video from 03:00 - 6:00

and even though there's an undeniable

call of duty vibe here

it's still a remedy game and thus it has

an air of mystery to it too

quote we have orders to protect you at

any cost cora says when you meet her

midway through the operation

why torres replies you wouldn't believe

me she says

remedy also insists there's a lot of

variety to the campaign

which was definitely on display during

my demo quote

it's got a bit of that old schoolish

level design in a good way a remedy rep

told me

i don't disagree and it'll be fun to see

if remedy's crossfire x campaign can

out call of duty call of duty itself

when it releases this year across all

xbox platforms including

xbox series x for more on crossfire x

check out my hands-on preview of the

recent multiplayer beta and for

everything else in the world of xbox

stick with ign

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Check out our impressions from a new demo of CrossfireX's single-player campaign, which is being made by Remedy (Control, Quantum Break, Alan Wake).


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  1. Taking about single player campaign it can't beat modern warfare (2019) and black ops cold war but crossfire x is billion times better than call of duty infinite warfare , advance warfare , black ops 3, black ops 4


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