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    Crysis 2: Walkthrough – Mission 3 – Road Rage – Let's Play (Gameplay/Commentary) [Xbox 360]

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    Crysis 2 Walkthrough Part 1 (Gameplay & Commentary) Let's Play / Playthrough with live explicit Commentary. I'll be doing the full Walkthrough of Crysis 2 so please leave a comment and subscribe if you enjoyed it!

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    Comment (19)

    1. the guns in this game was great but i played this game when i was 10 or 11 and it was scary/violent for me so i never played it again. found this game weird at that time…but this is a great game

    2. I have played Crysis 3, but my friends say that Crysis 2 is better than Crysis 3…. And I can't say which is better till I play Crysis 2.

    3. You worried about running out of ammo beside the portapotties. On your way up you missed an ammo cache. When you climb the first set of stairs there's a ledge with some boxes and an explodeable fuel canister on the left. Follow the ledge around to get some ammo. Easy peasy. When no one is shooting at you, have a look around. You miss a lot when you let the game lead you by the nose. I like this game better than Crysis 3.

    4. I love watching his vids. He has been consistent for all these years!
      2011 – Brad: I am gonna be all stealthy here and take these guys out.
      Brad: Well, looks like my cover is blown!

      2020: Brad: I am going in all stealthy here
      Brad: oh well, my cover is blown!


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